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Archived Papers for Journal

Science Journal "NovaInfo" >>

Vol.1, No.97

Publisher: Dolganov Aleksey

Publishing Date: 2019-02-15

  1. Automation of water treatment system for medical needs

    Authors: Palatkin Andrey Anatolevich

  2. The role of teachers in effective language learning

    Authors: Bakhronova Maftuna Farkhodovna; Muratova Dilorom Makhmudovna

  3. Educational features of children of secondary school age

    Authors: Minakhmetova Albina Zulfatovna; Khadiullina Alsu Railevna

  4. The role of trans-cultural communications in translation of diplomatic documents

    Authors: Sokhibova Ugiloy Nuralievna

  5. The role of psychological features in the application of technical means of education

    Authors: Teshaboeva Zumradkhon Vokhidzhonovna

  6. Verbal language development of children with medium and hard mental retardation by fairy tale therapy

    Authors: Burukhina Svetlana Igorevna

  7. Problems and prospects of investing in agriculture

    Authors: Gubanova Arina Viktorovna; Chekhovskaya Irina Aleksandrovna

  8. Practice and analysis of emergencies

    Authors: Donskoy Valeriy Valerevich

  9. National innovative system as stimulus for the development of high tech industry

    Authors: Pogosyan Shoger Petrovna

  10. Major criteria of quality and accessibility of medical services to the population in the Russian Federation

    Authors: Epanov Viktor Vladimirovich; Laptev Oleg Egorovich; Samortseva Vera Nikolaevna

  11. Monitoring the quality and safety of food products in the Kabardino-Balkar Republic

    Authors: Zhamukova Zhaneta Machrailovna; Paritov Anzor Yurevich; Sokhrokov Khauti Khazritovich; Shipsheva Madina Zaurbievna

  12. Management of risk of accidents at hydraulic structures

    Authors: Ivanov Vitaliy Evgenevich; Sinelnikov Andrey Vladimirovich

  13. The diesel engine, its main indicators

    Authors: Vlasov Sergey Vladimirovich

  14. Multi-party system as a guarantee of the implementation of the constitutional principle of ideological diversity in the Russian Federation

    Authors: Golovinov Aleksandr Viktorovich

  15. The development of the cyber resilience of the personality of children and adolescents

    Authors: Simakova Tatyana Aleksandrovna

  16. Introduction of organizational and managerial innovations in sales

    Authors: Amineva Kristina Rinatovna

  17. To the question of the concept of quality of medical services

    Authors: Burdinskaya Kseniya Albertovna

  18. Features of financial planning in modern brewing companies

    Authors: Vasilevich Valeriya Vladimirovna

  19. Improving the nutritional value of cereal bars by adding flax seeds to sprinkling

    Authors: Afonina Irina Alekseevna; Afonina Natalya Evgenevna; Dzyubina Anastasiya Andreevna; Nikiforova Tatyana Evgenevna; Smirnova Nikol Eduardovna

  20. Development of automated control system of technological process of production of sulfenamide T

    Authors: Tikhomirov Vladimir Olegovich

  21. Calculation of the mathematical model of the control object, one section of the roller furnace

    Authors: Trofimov Vladimir Yurevich

  22. Netflix: Strategic Analysis

    Authors: Balushkina Anastasiya

  23. The fish fauna of a small river Kenzhe the Kabardino-Balkar Republic

    Authors: Karmova Sataney Osmanovna; Lvov Vladimir Dmitrievich; Yakimov Andrey Vladimirovich

  24. Synthesis of silver nanoparticles using extract of chokeberry

    Authors: Nikiforova Tatyana Evgenevna; Smirnova Anastasiya Andreevna

  25. Translation of English somatic phraseological units into Uzbek

    Authors: Maksumova Umida Abdurakhimovna

  26. On the efficiency of the use of labor resources at the enterprises of auto services

    Authors: Zaytseva Anna Leonidovna

  27. Childrens difficulty in learning homonyms

    Authors: Sobirova Komola Abdunabikhuzhaeva

  28. Anomalies in the early development stages of brook trout (Salmo trutta caspius Kessler, 1870)

    Authors: Karmova Sataney Osmanovna; Lvov Vladimir Dmitrievich; Yakimov Andrey Vladimirovich

  29. Peculiarity of the ideas of J.-P. Sartre's play "No exit"

    Authors: Bandura Aleksandr Petrovich; Ipatov Konstantin Igorevich

  30. The importance of games in teaching learners

    Authors: Mamatkulova Fotima Ashirkulovna; Suyarova Kamila

  31. Cultivating Intercultural Communication Competence

    Authors: Okilov Oybek; Prenova Gulsara

  32. The role of interaction pattern and integrated skills in teaching at secondary school

    Authors: Okilov Oybek; Prenova Gulsara

  33. Effective language teaching in EFL classroom

    Authors: Okilov Oybek; Prenova Gulsara

  34. The types of morphonological alternation in different system languages

    Authors: Khasanov Makhmudzhon Abdurakhmonovich

  35. Problems and development of analytical support of banking activities

    Authors: Vasileva Raisa Sergeevna; Kucherova Ekaterina Petrovna

  36. To the question of the application of modern technologies in the process of fire preparation of Russian Federation cadetants

    Authors: Tikhov Vladislav Valerevich

  37. The participation of a psychologist and a teacher in the production of cases of crimes committed by minors

    Authors: Zhansakova Saltanat Sagidullovna

  38. The ways of implication in the text

    Authors: Egamberdieva Nodira Khamidovna

  39. Using ICT in Teaching Reading at academic lyceums

    Authors: Teshaboeva Zumradkhon Vokhidzhonovna

  40. Phraseology of the English language

    Authors: Gabazova Firuza; Mamatkulova Fotima Ashirkulovna

  41. Creating english environment in the classroom and its impacts on learning process

    Authors: Khusanova Shokhsanam Erkinovna

  42. Trends in the development of additional educational programs for adults in the field of information technology

    Authors: Veksler Vitaliy Abramovich

  43. Tax burden on small business from the state structures in modern Russia

    Authors: Isaeva Iraida Evgenevna; Tsarenko Mariya Igorevna

  44. Phonetic aspect of communication

    Authors: Ashurova Feruza Lutpullaevna