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Archived Papers for Journal

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Vol.105, No.1

Publisher: Dolganov Aleksey

Publishing Date: 2019-06-15

  1. Neuronopathy technology extension of the individualtion of human life

    Authors: Shaov Mukhamed Talibovich; Pshikova Olga Vladimirovna; Gubzheva Oksana Lionovna; Bozieva Ayshat Magomedovna; Beslaneeva Asiyat Nikolaevna; Azikova Diana Zaurovna

  2. Influence of variable magnetic fields of low frequencies on plant test systems

    Authors: Shibzukhova Alesya Khazrailovna; Khandokhov Takhir Khamidbievich

  3. Analysis of viability of red currant in vitro

    Authors: Zavarikhina Ekaterina Alekseevna; Sitnikov Maksim Nikolaevich

  4. Development of automated workplace emergency room

    Authors: Mikhaylenko Oleg Vyacheslavovich

  5. Preferred schemes of conversion of the diesel engine to methane for land vehicles of a certain purpose

    Authors: Vlasov Sergey Vladimirovich

  6. Expediency of transfer of distribution electric networks on tension 20/0,4 kV

    Authors: Ismagilov Shamil Galyavovich; Miniyarov Ilmir Ilgisovich

  7. The problem of measuring capacitance characteristics directly on printed circuit boards without dismantling them

    Authors: Shreder Aleksey Aleksandrovich

  8. Characteristics and purpose of mobile systems for inspection of tanks

    Authors: Kharyushin Nikita Sergeevich; Moiseev Yuriy Igorevich

  9. Influence of sowing time on the yield of spring wheat grain on the black soil in the steppe zone of Western Transbaikalia

    Authors: Tsydypov Bulat Sodnomovich; Batudaev Anton Prokopevich; Arbotneev Yuriy Arnoldovich

  10. Agrarian policy of the Bolsheviks in the Soviet historiography of 60-80 years

    Authors: Ivanova Dariya Aleksandrovna

  11. De-Stalinization and the main directions of the new economic course N. S. Khrushchev

    Authors: Ivanova Aleksandra Aleksandrovna

  12. Christian doctrine in Japan

    Authors: Makarova Yuliya Vladimirovna

  13. The “reform policy” of Nicholas II after the social upheavals of 1905-1907

    Authors: Vasikova Yuliya Maratovna

  14. New services in real estate agencies

    Authors: Boktikova Klavdiya Zhanatovna

  15. Accounting of stocks of medical goods in the pharmacy

    Authors: Subbotina Kristina Konstantinovna

  16. Enterprise Profit: Essence, Analysis Approaches

    Authors: Dikan Igor Ivanovich; Aleksandrov Aleksandr Vladimirovich

  17. Internet marketing, basic tools and concepts

    Authors: Bogdanov Dmitriy Romanovich; Sazonov Sergey Petrovich

  18. Prospects of development of innovative policy of modern commercial Bank

    Authors: Ezangina Irina Aleksandrovna

  19. Comparison of business analysts and data scientists

    Authors: Dzhumagaliev Erlan Adylgalievich; Lomakin Nikolay Ivanovich

  20. Features of using off-balance accounts of budget organizations

    Authors: Ivanova Natalya Andreevna

  21. Selection achievements as an object of intangible assets

    Authors: Yanberdina Yuliya Albertovna

  22. Historical aspects and foreign experience of the process of analyzing and controlling cash flows in accordance with IFRS

    Authors: Mbankua Samson prins

  23. The problem of the effectiveness of the organization of the process of accounting of inventories in enterprises

    Authors: Savina Darya Tikhonovna

  24. The concept of accounting policies and its importance for the organization and accounting

    Authors: Ukhalova Oksana Vladimirovna

  25. The use of the software ARIS BSC in the enterprise

    Authors: Tsaran Darya Dmitrievna

  26. International currency market and currency transactions

    Authors: Avetyan Nelli Vardanovna; Kemaykin Pavel Vladimirovich

  27. Family policy in the regions of the Russian Federation

    Authors: Khatipova Lyaysan Rinatovna

  28. State anti-crisis regulation of credit institutions

    Authors: Khalilova Regina Anilovna

  29. Systematization of approaches to the definition of "institution"

    Authors: Kruppa Anna Dmitrievna; Magazeyshchikova Diana Aleksandrovna; Abramova Lyubov Andreevna

  30. Reducing the loss of working time of staff of a tourist enterprise through the use of the program "My tourists"

    Authors: Lepeshkina Anastasiya Aleksandrovna

  31. The structure of the discount rate for the purposes of assessing business

    Authors: Vechkanov Artem Sergeevich

  32. Social service of the Church in a changing state-confessional relations

    Authors: Geranina Galina Aleksandrovna; Soloveva Ekaterina Sergeevna

  33. Cultural specificity of phraseological fusions in Russian, English and Karakalpak languages (on the example of V. Vinogradov’s classification)

    Authors: Seytimbetova Aykumar Pulatbaevna

  34. juvenile legal psychology: problems and development prospects

    Authors: Abdullin Ayrat Azatovich

  35. Prevention of recidivism of women released from correctional institutions

    Authors: Latysheva Lyudmila Aleksandrovna

  36. Author and copyright holders of intellectual property

    Authors: Yanberdina Yuliya Albertovna

  37. Problematic issues of election campaigning in the electoral system of the Russian Federation

    Authors: Panasenko Vladislav Mikhaylovich

  38. Legal bases of relationships of state institutions and religious associations in the Russian Federation

    Authors: Minchenko Andrey Andreevich

  39. Yoga

    Authors: Shaymardanova Lyutsiya Sharifzyanovna

  40. Physical education is the basis for the education of children of preschool age

    Authors: Shaymardanova Lyutsiya Sharifzyanovna

  41. Formation of favorable climate in a teenaging group

    Authors: Trofimova Galina Yurevna

  42. Improving the cooperation of teachers and parents in the education of younger students in modern conditions

    Authors: Garifullina Regina Vasilovna; Yusupova Elena Mikhaylovna

  43. Formation of the moral qualities of younger schoolboys in the lessons at the elementary school through the personality of the university

    Authors: Miroshnikova Polina Vadimovna; Yusupova Elena Mikhaylovna

  44. Evaluation of the functional condition of the muscular basic system of basketball players 12-13 years of different temperature types

    Authors: Glukhov Lyubim Yurevich; Maksimikhina Elena Vladimirovna

  45. what is walking for?

    Authors: Khuramshina Ilina Nafisovna

  46. Health-saving technologies

    Authors: Akhmedova Sabina Timur kizi

  47. Algorithm for teaching children of younger school age to solving composite text tasks on the price, quantity, cost

    Authors: Voronkova Anastasiya Aleksandrovna

  48. Recurrence of uterine body cancer

    Authors: Mkhitaryan Viktoriya Gamletovna; Obezyanova Anna Sergeevna; Klimov Aleksandr Vasilevich

  49. Self-assessment and the requirement of motivational sphere of the personality of Junior schoolchildren

    Authors: Mikhalets Irina Viktorovna; Vasinkina Yuliya Andreevna

  50. Prevention of mental diseases in students by means of physical culture

    Authors: Permyakov Oleg Mikhaylovich

  51. Some aspects of emotional burnout in parents

    Authors: Shamis Vitaliy Aleksandrovich

  52. Analysis of regulatory legal acts governing the implementation of the program "Housing"

    Authors: Klyanchin Ivan Aleksandrovich

  53. Characteristics of the scope of the state program "Housing"

    Authors: Klyanchin Ivan Aleksandrovich

  54. Modernition of modern library

    Authors: Gushchina Anastasiya Yurevna