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Archived Papers for Journal

Science Journal "NovaInfo" >>

Vol.116, No.1

Publisher: Dolganov Aleksey

Publishing Date: 2020-06-15

  1. The application of the absolute interferometer in laser trackers

    Authors: Golubnichiy Andrey Vitalevich

  2. Development of the design of the device for performance of repair and maintenance of fire vehicles

    Authors: Kiselev Vyacheslav Valerevich

  3. Development of a lifting device for repair and maintenance of fire vehicles

    Authors: Kiselev Vyacheslav Valerevich

  4. Development of a mobile complex for maintenance of DASV cylinders

    Authors: Kiselev Vyacheslav Valerevich

  5. Modernization of the tower dryer tower dryer

    Authors: Kiselev Vyacheslav Valerevich

  6. Development of a post for maintenance and repair of fire equipment

    Authors: Kropotova Natalya Anatolevna

  7. Features of climatic operation of fire trucks in the Kaluga region

    Authors: Kropotova Natalya Anatolevna

  8. The functioning of fire-fighting vehicles

    Authors: Kropotova Natalya Anatolevna

  9. Solutions for maintaining the functionality of a fire truck in combat mode

    Authors: Kropotova Natalya Anatolevna

  10. Modern foreign developments of cars for rescuing people from multi-storey buildings

    Authors: Kropotova Natalya Anatolevna

  11. Process of production of detergents

    Authors: Kudryavtsev Artem Yurevich; Trushnikov Maksim Alekseevich

  12. Features of economic interaction with various suppliers of fuel and energy resources

    Authors: Listratova Nadezhda Aleksandrovna; Stroganova Darya Yurevna

  13. Three-dimensional model of the stand for the repair of engines of fire engines

    Authors: Pokrovskiy Arkadiy Alekseevich

  14. Transition of state authorities to domestic software

    Authors: Shishov Nikita Vladimirovich

  15. Basic problems in fire fighting at theater and performance institutions

    Authors: Maltsev Aleksey Nikolaevich

  16. Extinguishing production buildings by using “dry water” (novek 1230) in automatic fire extinguishing installations

    Authors: Maltsev Aleksey Nikolaevich

  17. Application of the combined water fire barrel SRP-50r for extinguishing fires in shopping and entertainment centers

    Authors: Maltsev Aleksey Nikolaevich

  18. Unconventional raw materials in the technology of sugar cookies

    Authors: Mukhamadeeva Veronika Rafitovna

  19. Sulfur Recovery Process

    Authors: Shipovalenko Ekaterina Pavlovna; Silaeva Elena Yurevna

  20. Development of forms of budget financing of the healthcare sector as a factor of improving the quality of medical services

    Authors: Avdeeva Sofya Evgenevna; Zbinyakova Elena Anatolevna

  21. Budget revenues from the use of state and municipal property (on the example of the Oryol region)

    Authors: Bashkareva Viktoriya Yurevna

  22. On the issue of object accounting audit methodology fixed assets

    Authors: Kasyuk Elena Anatolevna; Rusina Elena Vitalevna

  23. Contextual advertising. An effective tool for increasing sales

    Authors: Bogdanov Dmitriy Romanovich; Sazonov Sergey Petrovich

  24. Improvement of methods and mechanisms of management of the regional health care system based on improving the availability of medical services

    Authors: Lashko Svetlana Ivanovna

  25. Optimizing the use of food resources in the penal system

    Authors: Nikolaev Kirill Vladimirovich; Tedeev Khetag Uruzmagovich

  26. Analysis of the investment climate of the Volgograd region

    Authors: Alikova Anastasiya Petrovna; Sazonov Sergey Petrovich

  27. Large investment projects as a factor in the growth of the economy of the Volgograd region

    Authors: Alikova Anastasiya Petrovna; Sazonov Sergey Petrovich

  28. The effectiveness of the tax potential management of the municipality on the example of Volgograd

    Authors: Malsagova Ekaterina Aleksandrovna; Sazonov Sergey Petrovich

  29. Ways to increase the revenue base of the municipality of Volgograd

    Authors: Malsagova Ekaterina Aleksandrovna; Sazonov Sergey Petrovich

  30. Selection and development of a marketing strategy for the territory

    Authors: Lopatkina Elena Sergeevna

  31. Budget policy and socio-economic development of Volgograd

    Authors: Malsagova Ekaterina Aleksandrovna; Sazonov Sergey Petrovich

  32. On the difference between love, amorousness and love addiction

    Authors: Stroganov Dmitriy Aleksandrovich; Trifanova Anna Aleksandrovna

  33. Abbreviation of computer terms in English language

    Authors: Akhmedova Nodira Dzhavadullaevna

  34. Scaration world in romanah J. Apdika «Kenavr» and A. Kima «Seduk centarov»

    Authors: Zhindeeva Elena Aleksandrovna; Armyaninova Anna Vladimirovna

  35. Functional and pragmatic analysis of small-format public texts on the Instagram network

    Authors: Ishmuradova Elena Mikhaylovna

  36. The concept and significance of the forensic characteristics of environmental crime

    Authors: Spitsyna Anastasiya Vitalevna

  37. The content and structure of the year-round training of gymnasts of the I category

    Authors: Miftakhov Almaz Faridovich

  38. Biomechanical structure of complex acrobatic exercises in the learning process

    Authors: Miftakhov Almaz Faridovich

  39. The level of sex education in modern Russian schools

    Authors: Yakovleva Anastasiya Vladimirovna

  40. The influence of music on the formation of motor skills in rhythmic gymnastics

    Authors: Miftakhov Almaz Faridovich

  41. The development of speed and accuracy of the complex motor reaction of young boxers

    Authors: Miftakhov Almaz Faridovich

  42. Sleep and nutrition as a key factor of health in the modern rhythm of life

    Authors: Uminskaya Marina Borisovna; Salganov Artem Andreevich; Klyueva Nadezhda Aleksandrovna

  43. The study of the derivational potential of word-formation units at the syntagmatic level

    Authors: Sultonova Mukhlisa Nurillaevna

  44. Implementation of e-learning on labor protection and safety basics

    Authors: Kropotova Natalya Anatolevna

  45. The importance of teaching strategies in ESP groups “on the basis of business”

    Authors: Sokhibova Ugiloy Nurillaevna

  46. On the content of research activity of students in the network project “oh-ah, recursion!”

    Authors: Makarova Nina Petrovna

  47. Creation of a favorable sociocultural educational space through art pedagogy in an inclusive education system

    Authors: Bibarisova Anastasiya Maksimovna; Shaykhlislamov Albert Khanifovich

  48. Psycho-emotional state of the staff of the penal correction system: diagnosis and correction

    Authors: Arbuzova Ekaterina Aleksandrovna

  49. School anxiety in teenagers

    Authors: Sergushkina Sofya Sergeevna; Osipova Polina Dmitrievna

  50. Psychological support for prisoners who are prone to addictive behavior

    Authors: Nikitin Denis Vitalevich

  51. Psychological diagnostics and prevention of professional burnout of penal correction system employees

    Authors: Ayusheeva Yana Danzanovna

  52. Gender aspects of emotions

    Authors: Surovtseva Anastasiya Vladimirovna; Vaskovskaya Natalya Vladimirovna

  53. What is ADHD: Tips for Parents

    Authors: Makarova Yuliya Vladimirovna

  54. Analytical review of the fire situation in the Vladimir region and solutions to improve public safety

    Authors: Kropotova Natalya Anatolevna