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Archived Papers for Journal

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Vol.122, No.1

Publisher: Dolganov Aleksey

Publishing Date: 2021-02-15

  1. Investigation of the possibility of improving the drainability of co-sludge of oil-emulsion and acid-alkaline wastewater during freezing

    Authors: Nikolaeva Aleksandra Nikolaevna

  2. Methods of copper pipes connection used in gas supply, and their prospects

    Authors: Pikanerov Dmitriy Yurevich

  3. Ways to combat corrosion of metal ducts

    Authors: Pikanerov Dmitriy Yurevich

  4. Modeling of the air separation process control system

    Authors: Egorov Kirill Vyacheslavovich

  5. Modeling of the control system for the technological process of ethyl acetate recovery

    Authors: Chereda Aleksey Petrovich; Savchits Artem Vyacheslavovich

  6. Information technologies in education

    Authors: Alibaev Buranbay Sagitovich

  7. Development of an automated process control system IIF

    Authors: Magda Evgeniy Vasilevich

  8. Improving the quality of tube temperature regulation in the furnace

    Authors: Zadneprovskiy Maksim Nikolaevich

  9. Advantages of creating a website using the Joomla CMS

    Authors: Karavka Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

  10. Development of an automated control system for the technological process of heating workpieces in a ring furnace

    Authors: Suvorov Ivan Viktorovich; Silaeva Elena Yurevna

  11. The process of dissolution of sodium hydroxide

    Authors: Tatarchenko Pavel Andreevich

  12. Development of an automated control system for the technological process of impregnation and drying of cord fabric

    Authors: Shitov Dmitriy Aleksandrovchi

  13. Development of an automated control system for the technological process of hydantoin synthesis

    Authors: Solovev Denis Alekseevich

  14. Influence of cultivation technology on the suitability of potatoes for processing

    Authors: Spiridonov Anatoliy Mikhaylovich; Bronshteyn Pavel Markovich; Racheeva Anna Ivanovna

  15. The russian raid on Amastrida in 907

    Authors: Fedchenko Oleg Dmitrievich

  16. The economic essence of innovation as a factor in increasing the efficiency of enterprises

    Authors: Velieva Lamiya Akhad Kyzy

  17. The role of social investments in increasing the company's value on the example of PJSC LUKOIL

    Authors: Pakhorukova Aleksandra Aleksandrovna; Kharlamova Ekaterina Evgenevna; Chekhovsaya Irina Aleksandrovna; Lukyanova Kristina Artemovna

  18. Mproving the efficiency of work in GAPOU Kumertau mining college by implementing an effective contract

    Authors: Dunyushkina Elina Ryapkhatovna; Demyanova Olga Vladimirovna

  19. Intangible assets evolution

    Authors: Gvozdev Anatoliy Vladimirovich

  20. Regulatory and legal regulation of accounting of goods in retail trade

    Authors: Subbotina Kristina Konstantinovna

  21. E-commerce program organization activities

    Authors: Torgushin Ivan Vasilevich

  22. Features of tax accounting of inventories

    Authors: Savina Darya Tikhonovna

  23. Current issues of payroll accounting

    Authors: Krasnoselskaya Anastasiya Igorevna

  24. Features of taxation of non-profit organizations on income tax

    Authors: Ukhalova Oksana Vladimirovna

  25. Features of the organization of the system of accounting and taxation of small businesses

    Authors: Peksheva Anastasiya Igorevna

  26. Recommendations for improving the productivity of the enterprise by motivating employees (on the example of the consumer society "Saidam" of the Gorny district)

    Authors: Grigorev Semen Mikhaylovich

  27. Motivation system as a personnel management tool (on the example of the Kolmi Nissan Yakutsk car dealership)

    Authors: Grigorev Semen Mikhaylovich

  28. Demotivation of personnel: causes, factors

    Authors: Grigorev Semen Mikhaylovich

  29. Problems of employee motivation

    Authors: Grigorev Semen Mikhaylovich

  30. Dynamics and structure of regional and local taxes (on the example of the Samara region and Tolyatti)

    Authors: Moiseenko Ekaterina Alekseevna; Inozemtseva Elena Yurevna

  31. Media text in a functional and pragmatic aspect

    Authors: Ubaydullaeva Shakhnoza Orynbaevna; Atkamova Sumanbar Askarovna

  32. Receptive lexic unit recognition process and product while reading texts in english

    Authors: Bazarbaeva Albina Mingalievna

  33. Difficulties in reading texts in english

    Authors: Bazarbaeva Albina Mingalievna

  34. Paremiological picture of the world and proverbial concepts

    Authors: Yunusov Anvarzhon Shukhratovich; Dalieva Madina Khabibullaevna

  35. Proverb is the value of culture

    Authors: Yunusov Anvarzhon Shukhratovich; Dalieva Madina Khabibullaevna

  36. The language picture of the world as a national and cultural image of reality

    Authors: Bazarbaeva Albina Mingalievna

  37. Manifestation of the picture of the world in the prism of word formation

    Authors: Bazarbaeva Albina Mingalievna

  38. Paremiology and national and cultural mentality

    Authors: Dalieva Madina Khabibullaevna

  39. Paremiological units — a mirror reflecting history

    Authors: Dalieva Madina Khabibullaevna

  40. The picture of the world as a conceptual system of knowledge about the world

    Authors: Bazarbaeva Albina Mingalievna

  41. Concrete productivity as a word formation method

    Authors: Zakharyan Anastasiya Andreevna

  42. Some peculiarities of idioms in uzbek and their role in translation

    Authors: Atanazarova Shakhnoza Sherzadovna

  43. Approaches to the interpretation of the phrasal verbs as phraseological units

    Authors: Ubaydullaeva Shakhzoda Shukhratovna

  44. Alter ego writer on the pages of the novel by mr. Bukowski "Bread and ham"

    Authors: Zhindeeva Elena Aleksandrovna; Zhelvakova Mariya Olegovna

  45. Protection of the rights of the debtor when executing executive actions

    Authors: Berezhnaya Yana Sergeevna; Trusov Nikolay Sergeevich

  46. On the causes of juvenile delinquency in rural areas

    Authors: Efremova Anna Aleksandrovna

  47. Personal characteristics of minors who have committed crimes and live in rural areas

    Authors: Efremova Anna Aleksandrovna

  48. Criminological characteristics of the personal characteristics of juvenile criminals

    Authors: Chernykh Konstantin Viktorovich

  49. Withthe Left Of Crime: Concept, Meaning, Species

    Authors: Zaidova Manarsha Usmakhanovna; Kurbanova Saimat Seyidmetovna

  50. Information law in the space of cross-cultural communications

    Authors: Balashova Elena Sergeevna; Dias Sanches Khayder Alberto

  51. Tasks and basic principles of organizing extracurricular work in physics

    Authors: Devyatkin Evgeniy Mikhaylovich

  52. Socio-psychological aspects of labor motivation in the organization

    Authors: Mukhametyanov Samat Ruslanovich

  53. Statistics of the distribution of all kinds of vehicles collisions in summer time on the roads of Russia

    Authors: Andreev Igor Vasilevich; Gats Sergey Yurevich

  54. Ecological factors of evolution and environmental transformation into biotechnosphere

    Authors: Akhmadiev Gabdulakhat Malikovich

  55. What is a land survey project and in what cases is it necessary to develop it?

    Authors: Menzhikov Pavel Vyacheslavovich

  56. How to change the type of permitted use of a land plot

    Authors: Menzhikov Pavel Vyacheslavovich

  57. What is a garden non-profit partnership?

    Authors: Shlychkova Yuliya Evgenevna

  58. How to create a garden non-profit partnership?

    Authors: Shlychkova Yuliya Evgenevna