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Archived Papers for Journal

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Vol.124, No.1

Publisher: Dolganov Aleksey

Publishing Date: 2021-04-16

  1. Technical and forensic support of activities for counteracting teenage substance abuse

    Authors: Stepina Irina Vasilevna; Zavyalova Anna Aleksandrovna

  2. Synthesis of zinc molybdate in system melts (Li₂MoO₄ — Na₂MoO₄)evt — ZnSO₄

    Authors: Cherkesov Zaur Anatolevich; Kalyakova Rina Khusenovna

  3. Development of an optimized method for the synthesis of lead molybdate in the NA₂Mo₂O₇-NA₂Mo4O₁₃-Pb₃O₄ system

    Authors: Cherkesov Zaur Anatolevich; Ekhtanigova Karina Mukhamedovna

  4. Information portal of authorities

    Authors: Shvets Sergey Anatolevich

  5. Methods for determining the needs of the population using the information portal of authorities

    Authors: Shvets Sergey Anatolevich

  6. Improvement of methods and technologies for improving the fire resistance of field camps of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

    Authors: Seredenko Ilya Igorevich

  7. Improving the organization of workplaces for management personnel

    Authors: Kolov Egor Pavlovich; Chikina Svetlana Yurevna

  8. Improving the personnel motivation system

    Authors: Kazakov Aleksandr Nikolaevich

  9. Strategic directions for improving the personnel policy of the enterprise

    Authors: Maksimov Maksim Valerevich

  10. Using of simulation software AnyLogic for modelling business processes on railroad

    Authors: Kopytin Dmitriy Vasilevich; Korableva Anna Aleksandrovna

  11. The concept and meaning of revision

    Authors: Mandrygina Alena Aleksandrovna

  12. Internet possibilities

    Authors: Zokirova Nilufar Zokirovna; Dalieva Madina Khabibullaevna

  13. The history of Russia in the mirror of Russian satire

    Authors: Koptilova Anzhelika Vladimirovna

  14. The importance of listening

    Authors: Temirova Nigora Alimkul kizi; Minnikulov Islom Urol ugli

  15. The evolutionary causations of text and discourse

    Authors: Abduvakhabova Makhina Azatovna

  16. Speaking as a productive skill

    Authors: Abdizhalolova Shakhzoda Ilkhomovna; Boltaeva Durdona Bakhadyrovna

  17. The function of english songs to improve listening skill

    Authors: Asatova Madinabonu Maruf kizi; Dalieva Madina Khabibullaevna

  18. Defining and conceptualizing writing

    Authors: Rakhmanova Zulkhumor Aybergenovna; Dalieva Madina Khabibullaevna

  19. Lexical-semantic and methodological features of white and black

    Authors: Shakirova Madina Bakhriddinovna

  20. Semantic features of colors in Uzbek language

    Authors: Shakirova Madina Bakhriddinovna

  21. Color analysis methodology in literary text

    Authors: Bazarbaeva Albina Mingalievna

  22. Analysis of color semantics

    Authors: Bazarbaeva Albina Mingalievna

  23. The role of a teacher in classroom

    Authors: Kurbanova Zarina Botir kizi; Dalieva Madina Khabibullaevna

  24. The Effects of Lullabies on Children

    Authors: Khusanova Shokhsanam Erkinovna

  25. Teaching speaking through interactive activities

    Authors: Saidova Nargiza Shukhrat kizi; Dalieva Madina Khabibullaevna

  26. Using interactive communicative activities in speaking class

    Authors: Aliakbarova Mukhlisa Akhror kizi; Dalieva Madina Khabibullaevna

  27. Communicative approach in teaching speaking

    Authors: Toshmukhamedova Mukhlisa Sulton kizi; Dalieva Madina Khabibullaevna

  28. The theories of teaching vocabulary in context

    Authors: Tashimova Ziedakhon Zhamoliddin kizi; Dalieva Madina Khabibullaevna

  29. Direct instructions of vocabulary

    Authors: Yuldashev Ulugbek Vokhidzhon ugli; Dalieva Madina Khabibullaevna

  30. Research on vocabulary growth and development

    Authors: Khakimova Gulchekhra Abduraim kizi; Dalieva Madina Khabibullaevna

  31. The use of student-centered approach at English lessons

    Authors: Khusanova Shokhsanam Erkinovna

  32. Material selection process for reading class

    Authors: Khasanova Maftuna Sherali kizi; Dalieva Madina Khabibullaevna

  33. Discursive analysis of "conceptual metonymy"

    Authors: Bazarbaeva Albina Mingalievna

  34. The contribution of the Lullabies to mother and baby relationship

    Authors: Khusanova Shokhsanam Erkinovna

  35. The role of a teacher in the process of teaching children

    Authors: Khusanova Shokhsanam Erkinovna

  36. Psychological beginning in I.S. Turgenev story «Living Relics»

    Authors: Tsygankova Nina Borisovna

  37. Up-to-date content using authentic listening in language classes

    Authors: Tursunova Gulchekhra Norboboevna

  38. Linguistic studies of color names

    Authors: Bazarbaeva Albina Mingalievna

  39. The problem of studying color in linguistics

    Authors: Bazarbaeva Albina Mingalievna

  40. Features of the style of Kazuo Ishiguro

    Authors: Begmatova Sokhiba Mustafoevna

  41. Criminological characteristics of a convicted minor

    Authors: Shakhbanova Khadizhat Magomedovna

  42. Problems of Criminal Liability for Illegal Timber Trafficking in Connection with Changes in Forestry Legislation

    Authors: Usatova Valentina Pavlovna

  43. Specialist as a subject of criminal proceedings

    Authors: Temirkhanova Milana Temirkhanovna

  44. Legal regulation of state registration of legal entities during their creation

    Authors: Pogosyan Eduard Muradovich

  45. Running in the winter season

    Authors: Stepina Irina Vasilevna; Bychkov Vadim Mikhaylovich

  46. To the question of psychological preparation of basketball players-students for the games of the ASB championship

    Authors: Kalita Mikhail Viktorovich

  47. Systematization of the workflow in appraisal activities

    Authors: Subaeva Aliya Zufarovna

  48. Dramatization as an effective method of increasing speech activity of younger schools in speech development lessons

    Authors: Imanbekova Akzhan Bakytzhanovna; Koryagina Olga Vasilevna; Vlasenko Svetlana Viktorovna

  49. Diagnostics of the professional formation of college students

    Authors: Sharipova Gulnur Meyramovna; Vlasenko Svetlana Viktorovna

  50. Study of the formation of elements of self-consciousness

    Authors: Moiseenko Aleksey Sergeevich; Kukubaeva Asiya Khayrushevna

  51. Formation of spelling literacy and basic principles of writing

    Authors: Shevtsova Anna Olegovna

  52. Assessment of the distribution of road and transport accidents committed in populations and on public roads in summer time in the territory of the Russian Federation

    Authors: Andreev Igor Vasilevich; Gats Sergey Yurevich

  53. Processing and analysis of student questionnaires using IBM SPSS

    Authors: Yakovleva Natalya Anatolevna; Yakovlev Vladimir Nikolaevich

  54. Practice of involving businesses in the implementation of state programs on the example of the omsk region

    Authors: Gvozd Maksim Vyacheslavovich

  55. Models of interaction of the state and business

    Authors: Gvozd Maksim Vyacheslavovich

  56. Formation of land plots through redistribution

    Authors: Kovshova Anna Andreevna