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Archived Papers for Journal

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Vol.132, No.1

Publisher: Dolganov Aleksey

Publishing Date: 2022-06-15

  1. Software environment R as part of the methodology for studying statistics using information technology

    Authors: Korolkova Lyubov Alekseevna

  2. The practice of using algorithms on the example of solving numerical problems

    Authors: Korolkova Lyubov Alekseevna

  3. The contribution of Chimgan and Nurata mountains to ecoturism

    Authors: Khamraeva Khakima Akhmadzhonovna

  4. The unique nature of Japan

    Authors: Muydinova Muyassar Gulamzhonovna

  5. Distribution, landscape locality and habitats of the southern hedgehog (Erinaceus roumanicus Barret-Hamilton, 1900) in the North Caucasus

    Authors: Kanukova Valentina Nikolaevna; Senova Fatimat Zaurovna; Arsamakova Maret Kazbekovna; Khulamkhanova Marina Magomedovna

  6. Analysis of the 185delAG polymorphism of the BRCA1 gene in patients with oncopathology in Kabardino-Balkaria

    Authors: Zharashueva Dzhamilya Vladimirovna

  7. SQL or NoSQL — database types, differences and applications

    Authors: Chertushkin Danil Alekseevich

  8. Digital transformation of education

    Authors: Chertushkin Danil Alekseevich

  9. Serverless computing

    Authors: Miroshin Danila Yurevich

  10. SMED system or quick equipment changeover

    Authors: Gubarev Andrey Viktorovich; Rubtsova Aleksandra Aleksandrovna

  11. Aspects of preparing teams for the WSRj championships in the "Mechatronics" competence

    Authors: Makarevich Albina Vyacheslavovna

  12. Design patterns for secure serverless applications

    Authors: Miroshin Danila Yurevich

  13. "Avesto" in the interpretation of historical sources witnessing religion, science, spirituality and culture

    Authors: Khamraeva Khakima Akhmadzhonovna

  14. Avesto — a unique source for studying the ancient history of Uzbekistan

    Authors: Khamraeva Khilola Akhmadzhonovna; Khamraeva Khalima Akhmadzhonovna

  15. Relevance of forming a personnel reserve

    Authors: Chistyakova Anna Vladimirovna

  16. Balance of receivables and payables of enterprises

    Authors: Selina Kristina Andreevna

  17. Intrigue as a trigger for product promotion

    Authors: Rovneyko Margarita Aleksandrovna

  18. Typology of the figure as a factor of consumer choice of women's bathing cuits

    Authors: Rovneyko Margarita Aleksandrovna

  19. Possible ways of investment cooperation between Russia and the EU

    Authors: Plakhov Yakov Vladimirovich

  20. The main directions for improving the efficiency of the use of the company's property

    Authors: Kim Viktoriya Yanovna; Starkova Anna Petrovna

  21. Innovative activity of commercial banks of the Russian Federation

    Authors: Selina Kristina Andreevna

  22. Greed as an effective selling trigger

    Authors: Rovneyko Margarita Aleksandrovna

  23. Recommendations for improving the musical design of the shop

    Authors: Rovneyko Margarita Aleksandrovna

  24. Analysis of the Russian banking sector

    Authors: Pivneva Anna Aleksandrovna; Vorotilova Olga Aleksandrovna

  25. Trading channels of distribution of women's bathing suit in the Republic of Belarus

    Authors: Rovneyko Margarita Aleksandrovna

  26. Action plan for improving the personnel management system

    Authors: Maslovskaya Anna Sergeevna

  27. Analysis of the budget of the subject of the Russian Federation by income

    Authors: Ruchko Anastasiya Denisovna; Polyanskaya Alena Aleksandrovna

  28. Overview of state support measures investment attractiveness of the region (based on example of the Volgograd region)

    Authors: Panasyuk Yuliya Sergeevna; Sazonov Sergey Petrovich

  29. Analysis of the investment attractiveness of the Volgograd region

    Authors: Panasyuk Yuliya Sergeevna; Sazonov Sergey Petrovich

  30. Analysis of investment activity of commercial banks (on the example of the Russian Federation)

    Authors: Selina Kristina Andrevna

  31. Development of a tool for collecting primary information in the study of women's bathing suit as a consumer goods

    Authors: Rovneyko Margarita Aleksandrovna

  32. Aroma marketing references

    Authors: Rovneyko Margarita Aleksandrovna

  33. Implementing the "crowd effect" in trigger marketing

    Authors: Rovneyko Margarita Aleksandrovna

  34. Application of simulation modeling methods in management

    Authors: Pilnik Natalya Borisovna

  35. The banking sector of Russia and its analysis

    Authors: Bogatyreva Yuliya Sergeevna; Sazonov Sergey Petrovich

  36. Development of enterprises activities in modern market conditions

    Authors: Bashkhaeva Anel Veniaminovna; Vorotilova Olga Aleksandrovna

  37. Agro-industrial complex of the Volgograd region. Development prospects

    Authors: Bashkhaeva Anel Veniaminovna; Vorotilova Olga Aleksandrovna

  38. Development of information systems in the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation

    Authors: Meleinova Darya Yurevna; Vorotilova Olga Aleksandrovna

  39. Methods of personnel management in the organization's activities

    Authors: Onoprienko Kristina Sergeevna; Vorotilova Olga Aleksandrovna

  40. Modern trends and ways to improve the personnel management mechanism in the organization

    Authors: Onoprienko Kristina Sergeevna; Vorotilova Olga Aleksandrovna

  41. Investment activity of commercial banks of the Russian Federation

    Authors: Selina Kristina Andreevna; Polyanskaya Alena Aleksandrovna

  42. Philosophy of the common cause N.F. Fedorova

    Authors: Vakhrusheva Elizaveta Evgenevna

  43. Pragmatic function of metaphor in political discourse

    Authors: Anvarov Abdulkhamid Akmalzhonovich

  44. A brief description of scientific fraud

    Authors: Chepurnaya Alina Igorevna; Shamsutdinova Ayya Rinatovna; Sabirova Lilya Andreevna

  45. The reasons for the prevalence of faith in astrology and fortune telling

    Authors: Bobyleva Rusalina Andreevna; Sabirova Lilya Andreevna

  46. Verbalization of the frame “shopping” with phraseological units

    Authors: Khudaykulova Zarifa Zhumagulievna

  47. The comparative analysis of english and uzbek phraseologies representing human intellectual + abilities in semantic field

    Authors: Tukhtaeva Dildora Zokirovna; Tursunova Gulchekhra Norboboevna

  48. Teaching grammar with interactive ways

    Authors: Davronova Munisa Alizhonovna

  49. About Yuz Aleshkovsky and his most famous song

    Authors: Stroykov Andrey Vladimirovich

  50. Word Formation and its realization in newspaper style

    Authors: Ismatova Madina Inomzhonovna

  51. Characteristics of involving current abbreviations in english language

    Authors: Khuzhamurodov Mirzhalol Isomiddinovich

  52. Stylistic features of newspaper style in english newspapers

    Authors: Ismatova Madina Inomzhonovna

  53. Features of the representation of the frame "shopping" in literary text

    Authors: Khudaykulova Zarifa Zhumokulievna

  54. Methods of implementation of modern terminology of the automotive industry

    Authors: Fazliddinova Farangis Fazliddinovna

  55. How to avoid plagiarism?

    Authors: Edenbaeva Khurliman Sultanmuratovna

  56. General linguistic features of advertising discourse

    Authors: Usmonova Khusnida Akhrorovna

  57. Structure and types of negation information in english texts

    Authors: Ergashev Tulkin Tukhtamurodovich

  58. Metaphors in Cognitive Linguistics

    Authors: Yarashbaeva Ikbola Ulugbekovna

  59. Language and political compatibility in linguistic research

    Authors: Abdullaev Bakhodir Shukurulloevich

  60. About touristic lexis

    Authors: Muratova Dilorom Makhmudovna

  61. Linguistic features of architectural terminology in English and Uzbek

    Authors: Eshboev Mukhammad Bakhodir

  62. The international touristic lexis and its origin

    Authors: Muratova Dilorom Makhmudovna

  63. Grammatical analysis of stylistic devices by the examples of W. Shakespeare’s plays

    Authors: Safarova Zarina Giesovna

  64. The touristic industry today

    Authors: Muratova Dilorom Makhmudovna

  65. Civil legal protection of the rights of the parties under a loan agreement under Russian law

    Authors: Akhmedzhanov Kuat Tazhdenovich

  66. Instructional strategies for student in online classroom

    Authors: Radzhabova Gulnoza Giesiddinovna; Abdurakhmanova Firuza Izatullaevna

  67. Learning styles and strategies in modern education system

    Authors: Reymbaeva Nargiza Mamanovna

  68. The significance of the application of computers for professional activities of chemistry students

    Authors: Zachinyaev Yaroslav Vasilevich; Zachinyaeva Anna Vladimirovna

  69. Training seminar as the basis for the development of the professional activity of a coach in the Youth Sports School

    Authors: Kuznetsova Tatyana Alekseevna; Frolova Polina Ivanovna

  70. Management of innovation processes in an educational organization

    Authors: Kistner Tatyana Dmitrievna

  71. The sports school's educational space  as a factor in the formation of younger adolescents's the anti-doping culture 

    Authors: Kozyreva Darya Andreevna

  72. Collective creative work as an effective form of pedagogical work with children of primary school age

    Authors: Korosteleva Natalya Aleksandrovna; Galynskaya Yuliya Sergeevna

  73. Development of listening skill with the use of internet resources

    Authors: Mamatkulova Dilafruz Ashirkulovna

  74. Problems of adaptation of first-year students in a student group

    Authors: Pashina Anna Andreevna; Sabirova Lilya Andreevna

  75. Traditional and communicative methods of teaching a foreign language

    Authors: Sattarov Otabek Dilshatovich

  76. Teaching and approaches

    Authors: Muratova Dilorom Makhmudovna

  77. Features of the manifestation of aggressive behavior in convented depending on their social status

    Authors: Feshchuk Yuliya Ivanovna

  78. Features of interpersonal conflicts of male convicts serving sentences in correctional institutions

    Authors: Zakaryan Elena Pavlovna

  79. Psychological rehabilitation of convicts with drug addiction

    Authors: Zhegulskaya Evgeniya Olegovna

  80. The influence of burnout of employees of correctional institutions on the socio-psychological climate in the team

    Authors: Rykova Anastasiya Vyacheslavovna

  81. Motivation as a way to stimulate the professional development of personnel employees

    Authors: Astanina Alina Alekseevna

  82. Psychological support of convicts at various stages of serving their sentences in uis institutions

    Authors: Makarova Karina Alekseevna

  83. Psychological characteristics of those convicted of mercenary and violent crimes

    Authors: Martysheva Tatyana Spartakovna

  84. Features of psychocorrective work with convicts prone to addictive behavior

    Authors: Yanysheva Viktoriya Alekseevna

  85. Diagnostics of emotional states of employees entering the service with weapons

    Authors: Kashapova Chulpan Ramzievna

  86. Psychological prediction of behavior newly arrived convicts

    Authors: Kornilova Ekaterina Sergeevna

  87. Stressful conditions of men sentenced to imprisonment for the first time

    Authors: Tabaeva Madina Rustamovna

  88. Psychological features of the motivational sphere of convicts

    Authors: Salykova Arina Alpanyshevna

  89. Psychological adaptation of first-time convicts with dependence on psychoactive substances to the conditions of correctional institutions

    Authors: Kopteva Ekaterina Aleksandrovna

  90. How the pandemic affected the personnel management in the bank

    Authors: Baulina Anzhelika Vitalevna

  91. Psychological features of the personality of convicts with alcohol dependence

    Authors: Korneva Darya Dmitrievna

  92. The influence of the prison subculture on the behavior of convicts in isolation

    Authors: Kozhemyakina Valeriya Yurevna

  93. Theoretical analysis of aggressive behavior of convicts during long periods of imprisonment

    Authors: Kaytuev Saydibek Ruslanovich

  94. About personal autonomy

    Authors: Pestrikov Denis Viktorovich

  95. Psychological diagnosis of suicidal risk of personnel employees

    Authors: Zemlyakova Anastasiya Evgenevna

  96. The soft skills model of future state and municipal managers

    Authors: Pshenichnyy Dmitriy Konstantinovich

  97. Penitentiary and psychological studies of the peculiarities of adaptation of young employees to various conditions of official activity

    Authors: Tolstoguzova Marina Aleksandrovna

  98. Psychological characteristics of convinced for crimes of extremism: theoretical aspect

    Authors: Kulniyazova Evelina Gadilbekovna

  99. The problem of cognitive distortions in the professional activity of the individual

    Authors: Ivanyuk Ilya Sergeevich

  100. Presentation and presentation skills

    Authors: Daminov Sardor Utkirovich

  101. Stress, quality of life and professional mental health

    Authors: Pamukchi Ekaterina Nikolaevna

  102. How temperament type can influence your career?

    Authors: Reymbaeva Nargiza Mamanovna

  103. Approaches to the study of archaic vocabulary in english and uzbek linguistics

    Authors: Uzakbaeva Rano Anvarovna

  104. Modern approaches to the formation of competencies of the personnel potential of civil servants with the use of continuing education

    Authors: Segizbaev Damir Alimzhanovich

  105. Assessment of marriage and divorability of the North Caucasus Federal District

    Authors: Gandaloeva Asya Batyrovna

  106. Hazardous meteorological phenomena on the territory of the KBR and economic risks creating them to economic structures

    Authors: Shagin Sergey Ivanovich; Autlov Akhmed Akhedovich

  107. Domestic Tourism in the KBR

    Authors: Makkaeva Albina Eldarovna

  108. Pollution. What can we do against it?

    Authors: Davronova Munisa Alizhonovna