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Archived Papers for Journal

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Vol.135, No.1

Publisher: Dolganov Aleksey

Publishing Date: 2023-01-16

  1. Methods for expressing the concentration of solutions. Solving simple tasks

    Authors: Zachinyaev Yaroslav Vasilevich

  2. Comparative analysis of methods for measuring the concentration of harmful substances in the air of the working area

    Authors: Gubarev Andrey Viktorovich; Sadovskaya Olesya Romanovna

  3. The role of the chemical laboratory in the process of catalyst regeneration of the catalytic reforming unit

    Authors: Gubarev Andrey Viktorovich; Sadovskaya Olesya Romanovna

  4. Interaction of carbethoxyhydrazone of pinacolin with thionyl chloride

    Authors: Zachinyaev Yaroslav Vasilevich; Zachinyaeva Anna Vladimirovna

  5. Molecular genetic studies of type 2 diabetes mellitus

    Authors: Kardanova Fatimat Mulidovna; Gugova Milana Shalikhovna; Paritov Anzor Yurevich

  6. Network technologies in education

    Authors: Frolov Sergey Aleksandrovich

  7. Analysis of principles and methods for ensuring the reliability of spacecraft at the stages of the life cycle

    Authors: Gubarev Andrey Viktorovich; Kotyaeva Anastasiya Dmitrievna

  8. Local network of educational institution and directions of its improvement

    Authors: Frolov Sergey Aleksandrovich

  9. Regional policy of small business support in the Chelyabinsk region

    Authors: Murygina Larisa Sergeevna; Azarochkina Alina Aleksandrovna

  10. Color semantics as the basis of color design in sensor marketing

    Authors: Rovneyko Margarita Aleksandrovna

  11. Tolling and  ways to increase the efficiency of foreign economic activities in modern conditions

    Authors: Osipov Artem Viktorovich

  12. Analysis of the brandbook of ojsc "Belavia "Airlines"

    Authors: Rovneyko Margarita Aleksandrovna

  13. Shop fragrance as a sensor marketing tool

    Authors: Rovneyko Margarita Aleksandrovna

  14. On the issue of the formation of a controlling system at enterprises

    Authors: Kasyuk Anatoliy Vladimirovich; Kasyuk Elena Anatolevna

  15. Gamification, storytelling as the basis of interactive economics education at school

    Authors: Azarochkina Alina Aleksandrovna

  16. External debt of the Russian Federation: current status and development prospects

    Authors: Kuzmicheva Irina Olegovna; Solodkova Polina Maksimovna; Mozhanova Irina Ivanovna

  17. Investing as a way to fight inflation

    Authors: Asadullina Elmira Maratovna

  18. Guerrilla marketing — what is it?

    Authors: Melnikova Anfisa Viktorovna

  19. Innovative brand promotion tools

    Authors: Babenko Anastasiya Sergeevna

  20. Evolution of theoretical approaches to project management in economics

    Authors: Babenko Anastasiya Sergeevna

  21. Accounting of cash and non-cash cash flows of the organization

    Authors: Elistratov Andrey Dmitrievich

  22. Anthropic cosmological principle: essence, meaning

    Authors: Imamiev Khabir Zabirovich

  23. The concept of Gaia J. Lovelock: advantages and disadvantages

    Authors: Imamiev Khabir Zabirovich

  24. Pragmatic Functions of Gender Oriented statements

    Authors: Gulboeva Nasiba Bakhromovna; Saidova Mamura Suleymanovna

  25. Principle of economy in the word-formation

    Authors: Bazarbaeva Albina Mingalievna

  26. Principle of economy as a significance of communication

    Authors: Bazarbaeva Albina Mingalievna

  27. Abbreviations in virtual communication

    Authors: Bazarbaeva Albina Mingalievna

  28. Clippings from one word prototypes in the Enjlish language

    Authors: Begizova Madina Karimovna

  29. Linguistic aspects of expressing emotions in the English language

    Authors: Sobirova Gulzora Sattorovna

  30. Abbreviated units as a language universals

    Authors: Bazarbaeva Albina Mingalievna

  31. Classification of abbreviations and shortenings

    Authors: Bazarbaeva Albina Mingalievna

  32. The enhancement of abbreviated units

    Authors: Bazarbaeva Albina Mingalievna

  33. Shortenings derived from multiword prototypes in the English language 

    Authors: Begizova Madina Karimovna

  34. The problematic issue of grammatical gender arabic as a foreign language and grammatical differences compared to english

    Authors: Safarova Zarnigor Zokhidovna

  35. On the question of Polands hydronymy

    Authors: Fedchenko Oleg Dmitrievich

  36. Problems and prospects of the theory and practice of law enforcement of the legislation on the protection of honor, dignity, business reputation in the Russian Federation

    Authors: Lushchay Ekaterina Sergeevna

  37. Legal nature of the legal relationship of the representative office

    Authors: Kudaev Roman Alekseevich

  38. General characteristics of civil legal relations

    Authors: Kudaev Roman Alekseevich

  39. Concept and grounds of invalidity of marriage under russian legislation modern period

    Authors: Miroshnichenko Elena Aleksandrovna

  40. Mediation as a modern way of settlement of family legal disputes: concept and problems of legal regulation

    Authors: Miroshnichenko Elena Aleksandrovna

  41. The concept of «service» and obligations to provide educational services in Russia

    Authors: Zhugov Azamat Askerovich; Kalazhokova Diana Ruslanovna

  42. The main aspects of the legal regulation of the contract of paid provision of educational services

    Authors: Zhugov Azamat Askerovich; Kalazhokova Diana Ruslanovna

  43. Supply contract

    Authors: Popovskiy Igor Aleksandrovich

  44. Refusal of the defender: procedural consolidation, legal consequences

    Authors: Borisova Valeriya Evgenevna

  45. Involvement of minors in the process of sale of narcotic drugs

    Authors: Bogush Olesya Vladimirovna

  46. Juror: interrogation or interrogation?

    Authors: Kolmogorova Yuliya Evgenevna

  47. The historical path of the formation of the defense institution

    Authors: Borisova Valeriya Evgenevna

  48. Evolution of the institution of a witness and testimonies in domestic and foreign criminal proceedings

    Authors: Kolmogorova Yuliya Evgenevna

  49. Prenuptial agreement

    Authors: Poblaguev Aleksandr Grigorevich

  50. Health care of schoolchildren as the main task of an educational organization

    Authors: Karaulova Tamilis Nurlanovna

  51. The concept of cognitive interests in russian pedagogy

    Authors: Zaichenko Olga Segreevna

  52. Bases of english teaching methodology

    Authors: Akhmedova Nodira Akhmedovna

  53. Information computer technologies and features of their application in the educational process of the school

    Authors: Frolov Sergey Aleksandrovich

  54. The main activities of the management of the education system in an educational organization

    Authors: Ualieva Aygerim Fayzullaevna

  55. The development of the educational system as a managerial problem

    Authors: Ualieva Aygerim Fayzullaevna

  56. Research of the information and communication environment of an educational organization

    Authors: Manulenko Viktoriya Vladimirovna

  57. Research on the effectiveness of innovation process management in secondary schools

    Authors: Kistner Tatyana Dmitrievna

  58. Study of quality management of educational services

    Authors: Zykova Natalya Yurevna

  59. Intra-school monitoring as an educational quality management tool

    Authors: Zhusupova Saule Asymbaevna

  60. Research of social partnership management in an educational organization

    Authors: Albekova Zhanar Suygumbaevna

  61. Analysis of the motivational sphere in the teaching staff

    Authors: Kozka Asem Kaldybekovna

  62. Interaction of the school with parents as a component of social partnership

    Authors: Kondrateva Yuliya Aleksandrovna; Kondratev Stepan Alekseevich

  63. Formation of social cooperation skills in preschool age

    Authors: Rasulova Zulaykho Ravshanovna

  64. Development of pedagogical ideas in Uzbekistan during the years of independence

    Authors: Kurbanova Ulmas Usmanovna

  65. The Educational system of the Russian Federation as a common environment for the formation of civic identity among students

    Authors: Sabitova Viktoriya Levonovna

  66. Types of testing of motivational stimuli in teaching children with autism spectrum disorder

    Authors: Sabitova Viktoriya Levonovna

  67. The role of tutor support in the education of children with autism spectrum disorder in general education organizations

    Authors: Sabitova Viktoriya Levonovna

  68. The life and unforgettable unique creation of uzbek people's poet Zulfiya Israilova

    Authors: Goyibova Khurshida Sodikzhonovna

  69. Fundamentals of the organization of independent work of a student with the use of information and communication technologies

    Authors: Sabitova Viktoriya Levonovna

  70. The use of information and communication technologies in mathematics lessons

    Authors: Redkina Vlada Vitalevna

  71. Features of managing the development of the educational system of the school

    Authors: Ualieva Aygerim Fayzullaevna

  72. Game as one of the effective forms of learning

    Authors: Doshlakieva Zalina Bashirovna

  73. The essence of environmental education in preschool and school institutions

    Authors: Doshlakieva Zalina Bashirovna

  74. Psychological and pedagogical characteristics of primary school children

    Authors: Doshlakieva Zalina Bashirovna

  75. Interactive methods in developing speaking skills for a2 level leaner

    Authors: Shomirzaeva Barchin Lochinboevna

  76. Formation of cognitive interest of younger schoolchildren in the lessons of the surrounding world through interactive teaching methods

    Authors: Gayfullina Dina Khalilovna

  77. A wide celebration of the 110th aniversary of the birth of the brilliant poet, transltor and playwright Usman Nasir

    Authors: Goyibova Khurshida Sodikzhonovna; Karimova Khatira Khabibullaevna

  78. The educational importance of using interactive methods in primary school lesssons

    Authors: Karimova Sayiba Saidmurodovna

  79. Methods of teaching english and the role of integral education

    Authors: Safarova Zarnigor Zokhidovna

  80. The importance of use of modern interactive, fun gaming methods in history lessons

    Authors: Khamraeva Khalima Akhmadzhonovna; Khamraeva Marguba Mukhammadzhonovna

  81. Applied behavior analysis: Ethical aspects

    Authors: Sabitova Viktoriya Levonovna

  82. Forms of organization of reverse inclusion

    Authors: Sabitova Viktoriya Levonovna

  83. Physical culture as a means of combating overwork and low performance

    Authors: Samigulov Artur Sabirovich; Khasanov Ruslan Temurovich

  84. The role of therapeutic physical culture in the treatment of scoliosis

    Authors: Dzhanoyan Izabella Armenovna; Khasanov Ruslan Temurovich

  85. Physical education is a means of prevention and treatment of various diseases

    Authors: Malko Veronika Anatolevna; Khasanov Ruslan Timurovich

  86. The role and place of physical therapy in the system of medical rehabilitation and life of disabled people

    Authors: Levina Valeriya Vladimirovna

  87. The role of the competitive method in teaching students physical culture

    Authors: Kravtsov Evgeniy Alekseevich

  88. The influence of physical education classes on the performance of students with health abnormalities

    Authors: Kravtsov Evgeniy Alekseevich

  89. Advantages of the genetic model of preventive physical training for adolescents and students with scoliosis

    Authors: Kravtsov Evgeniy Alekseevich

  90. Factors determining the lack of satisfaction of modern schoolchildren with recreational conditions

    Authors: Zubtsovskaya Nina Aleksandrovna; Podzolkina Ekaterina Sergeevna; Maslova Anna Andreevna

  91. Somatic diseases as stress outcomes

    Authors: Madoyan Margarita Anatolevna

  92. Psychological support for the adaptation of young employees at the enterprise

    Authors: Davlyatova Zebunisso Abdualimovna

  93. Psychological and pedagogical conditions for the activation of speech activity in non-speaking young children

    Authors: Goncharova Elizaveta Vadimovna

  94. Psychological deformation of the leader and its overcoming

    Authors: Ovchinnikov Denis Valentinovich

  95. Influence of the personality of the leader on the organizational culture

    Authors: Ovchinnikov Denis Valentinovich

  96. Information and analytical support for management activities

    Authors: Masterova Olesya Vyacheslavovna

  97. Satisfaction of Student Management Services in Universities

    Authors: Tumanova Nilufar Abduzhalilovna

  98. Corruption is the bane of national development

    Authors: Sharipova Ozoda Orifovna

  99. Students problems in the use of vehicles and solutions to them

    Authors: Solizhonova Sekhrie Davronzhonovna

  100. Problems of family and marriage relations during the COVID-19 pandemic

    Authors: Bondaruk Irina Dmitrievna

  101. Military-patriotic education as the basis of a healthy lifestyle of teenagers and young people

    Authors: Smirnova Anna Vladimirovna

  102. Using the regional component in geography lessons

    Authors: Shabarov Anton Valerevich; Shamgunova Roza Yansarovna

  103. Permafrost. Consequences and risks

    Authors: Aushev Aslan Musaevich

  104. Tropical cyclones: consequences and risks

    Authors: Aushev Aslan Musaevich

  105. Depletion of natural resources

    Authors: Dzaurova Deysi Ruslanovna

  106. Mountains located on the territory of the Republic of Ingushetia

    Authors: Dzaurova Deysi Ruslanovna