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Archived Papers for Journal

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Vol.137, No.1

Publisher: Dolganov Aleksey

Publishing Date: 2023-05-16

  1. Synthesis of 4-para-tolyl-1,2,3-thiadiazole

    Authors: Zachinyaev Yaroslav Vasilevich; Zachinyaeva Anna Vladimirovna

  2. Application of the domestic software cataloging system to improve the efficiency of the import substitution process

    Authors: Oleksin Ivan Viktorovich

  3. Deploying quality functions base oil SN-100

    Authors: Gubareva Svetlana Vladimirovna; Gubarev Andrey Viktorovich; Morozova Irina Aleksandrovna

  4. Investigation of the flash point of the base oil using control cards

    Authors: Gubareva Svetlana Vladimirovna; Gubarev Andrey Viktorovich; Bobkova Elena Romanovna

  5. Investigation of the causes of defects in the manufacture of base oil

    Authors: Gubareva Svetlana Vladimirovna; Gubarev Andrey Viktorovich; Chernetsova Yana Romanovna

  6. To the application of the method of analogies in the problem of forecasting changes in the defining parameter of the measuring instrument

    Authors: Ershova Kseniya Aleksandrovna; Isaev Yuriy Alevtinovich

  7. 1C Universitet

    Authors: Frolov Aleksandr Vladimirovich

  8. Formation of the depreciation policy of the enterprise and analysis of its application

    Authors: Korovina Yuliya Leonidovna

  9. The attitude of the consumer to tasting as a sensory advertising of the product

    Authors: Rovneyko Margarita Aleksandrovna

  10. Ways to improve the financial resources management system of the organization

    Authors: Abidov Timurbek Shavkatovich; Vorotilova Olga Aleksandrovna

  11. Product placement (pp) in products of the soviet and post-soviet film industry: impact of advertising on the visual channel of sensory perception of the consumer

    Authors: Rovneyko Margarita Aleksandrovna

  12. Development of domestic tourism in Belarus

    Authors: Kravtsova Valeriya Valerevna

  13. The impact of artificial intelligence on marketing

    Authors: Kondratyuk Yuriy Sergeevich

  14. New technologies and their impact on the event

    Authors: Baranov Kirill Sergeevich; Murygina Larisa Sergeevna

  15. Ways to improve the work of a commercial bank with problem loans on the example of PJSC Rosbank

    Authors: Semina Ekaterina Igorevna; Chekhovskaya Irina Aleksandrovna

  16. Manifold of Idealism and peculiarities of the quantum idealism

    Authors: Popov Mikhail Alekseevich

  17. Modern Society: Toward the Problem of Forming an Environmentally Responsible Personality

    Authors: Vakhrusheva Elizaveta Evgenevna

  18. Proper names in the structure of English idioms

    Authors: Kudiyarova Gulirano Madiyarovna; Begizova Madina Karimovna

  19. The overview of the term "A discourse marker"

    Authors: Sultonova Nilufar Isomiddin Kizi; Bazarbaeva Albina Mingalievna

  20. The functions of discourse markers in the text

    Authors: Sultonova Nilufar Isomiddin Kizi; Bazarbaeva Albina Mingalievna

  21. The specific features of newspaper texts

    Authors: Sultonova Nilufar Isomiddin Kizi; Bazarbaeva Albina Mingalievna

  22. Semantic fields of fashion vocabulary

    Authors: Orinbaeva Saodat Abdulla Kizi

  23. Thematic subgroups of footwear

    Authors: Orinbaeva Saodat Abdulla Kizi

  24. Linguacultural characteristics of English and Uzbek phraseological units with cooking utensils

    Authors: Mamatkulova Fatima Ashirkulovna; Mirzaeva Zarinabonu Ilkhamzhanovna

  25. Celtic basis of Scythian theonyms

    Authors: Fedchenko Oleg Dmitrievich

  26. The role and classification of context in interpreting implicit meaning aspects

    Authors: Umarova Gavkhar Uygunovna

  27. Discriptive analyses of the types of neologism

    Authors: Zhumanazarova Shakhzoda Zafarovna

  28. Using of the neologisms in different spheres of human activity

    Authors: Zhumanazarova Shakhzoda Zafarovna

  29. Colour as the one of the fundamental areas of cognition activity

    Authors: Bazarbaeva Albina Mingalievna

  30. Psychological effects of the colours in the focus

    Authors: Bazarbaeva Albina Mingalievna

  31. The methods of phraseological unit translation using colours in uzbek

    Authors: Bazarbaeva Albina Mingalievna

  32. The anthroponyms of the kings confirm the Celtic origin of the Scythian language

    Authors: Fedchenko Oleg Dmitrievich

  33. Pragmatics and its impact on understanding of language and communication

    Authors: Shakirova Madina Bakhriddinovna; Khoshimova Fotima Rakhmatullaevna

  34. Improving reading skills among intermediate level students

    Authors: Solizhonova Sekhrie Davronzhonovna

  35. Municipal district: problems and prospects of the organization of local self-government

    Authors: Vedrov Sergey Yurevich

  36. Void wills in the system of void transactions

    Authors: Sukora Mikhail Aleksandrovich

  37. The essence and signs of recidivism of crimes

    Authors: Ergali Dana Muratkyzy

  38. Essential characteristics of information technologies in civil and patriotic education of schoolchildren

    Authors: Sarkisyan Lyudmila Muradovna

  39. Methodology for the application of information technologies in civil and patriotic education of schoolchildren

    Authors: Sarkisyan Lyudmila Muradovna

  40. The process and results of the experimental research on the application of information technologies in the civil and patriotic education of school students

    Authors: Sarkisyan Lyudmila Muradovna

  41. Elements of theatrical pedagogy in English lessons in elementary grades as a means of developing sustainable motivation to learn foreign languages in the conditions of the digital educational space of the school of the XXI century

    Authors: Babkina Nadezhda Viktorovna

  42. The significance of the English language

    Authors: Kenesova Zhazira Bauyrzhanovna

  43. Adaptive physical education in the lives of people with limited tastes

    Authors: Sosedov Aleksey Petrovich; Isaev Ilya Andreevich

  44. Features of the continuity of GEF DO and GEF IEO

    Authors: Iskhakova Raliya Sabirzyanovna

  45. Student's personal rating as a factor of his well-being

    Authors: Ivanova Viktoriya Sergeevna

  46. Student publication activity as a factor of professional growth

    Authors: Nikolaeva Anzhelika Vladimirovna

  47. Critical thinking of students as a consequence of their personal and social development

    Authors: Kupriyanova Anna Sergeevna

  48. Students research activities and challenges of the present

    Authors: Kirillov Sergey Vasilevich

  49. Teaching Listening to the Intermediate Level Learners of English

    Authors: Turaeva Madina Sultanbekovna

  50. Conditions for effective interaction between the school and the socio-cultural environment in the education of the personality of a younger student

    Authors: Ryazapova Arina Igorevna

  51. Effective ways to encourage children to read 

    Authors: Kenesova Zhazira Bauyrzhanovna

  52. Optimistically-oriented model of professional and personal self-improvement of a teacher (based on the pedagogical ideas of A.S. Makarenko)

    Authors: Andreeva Yuliya Vladimirovna

  53. Cognitive need in puberty youth

    Authors: Avlyakulov Aziz Yusupovich

  54. Digital environment as a reality of the modern educational system

    Authors: Khudayberenov Rovshen Annaseyidovich

  55. Study of the level of continuity of preschool and primary general education

    Authors: Iskhakova Raliya Sabirzyanovna

  56. The role of the class teacher in the education of schoolchildren

    Authors: Sharifullina Regina Viktorovna

  57. The essential characteristic of UUD in primary school children

    Authors: Gayfullina Dina Khalilovna

  58. Listening to English as a foreign language

    Authors: Kenesova Zhazira Bauyrzhanovna

  59. Healthy lifestyle

    Authors: Ivanova Elizaveta Sergeevna

  60. Psychological technologies for optimizing the socio-psychological climate in the staff of the penal system

    Authors: Politova Sofiya Aleksandrovna

  61. Professional factors of the development of addictive behavior among employees of the UIS

    Authors: Roshchin Nikita Andreevich

  62. Psychological features of the personality of convicts suffering from gambling addiction in the process of serving sentences

    Authors: Korchagina Mariya Sergeevna

  63. Psychological and pedagogical support for children with autism spectrum disorder

    Authors: Sergeeva Natalya Sergeevna

  64. Psychological characteristics of convicted women with children: diagnosis and correction

    Authors: Andreeva Anna Andreevna

  65. Psychological support of young employees of the UIS at the initial stage of official activity

    Authors: Leshcheva Yaroslava Sergeevna

  66. Some aspects of terminology and classification of autoaggressive behavior

    Authors: Kozbanenko Diana Sergeevna

  67. Features of psychological support of employees of the penitentiary system on the way of their professional development

    Authors: Zaytseva Oksana Mikhaylovna

  68. Analysis of psychological research in the penitentiary sphere of activity aimed at studying the personality of convicts in the process of their adaptation to the conditions of correctional institutions

    Authors: Matyushin Maksim Alekseevich

  69. Professionally important qualities of correctional officers: diagnostics and development

    Authors: Fedukina Aleksandra Vadimovna

  70. Psychological characteristics of female convicts employed at the production sites of the correctional institution

    Authors: Mikhaylova Olga Yurevna

  71. Motivation of professional self-improvement of employees of the UIS

    Authors: Ivleva Irina Andreevna

  72. Causes and types of aggressive behavior of convicts with drug addiction

    Authors: Yablokova Oksana Viktorovna

  73. Features of the psychological preparation of juvenile convicts for release

    Authors: Kosobokova Liliya Stanislavovna

  74. Psychotechnologies in the prevention and correction of post-traumatic stress disorders among penitentiary staff

    Authors: Dolgarova Zhargalma Sayanovna

  75. Psychological support of the employees of the UIS enrolled in the reserve of personnel for nomination

    Authors: Kizeev Anton Mikhaylovich

  76. Cognitive sphere of the personality of drug-addicted convicts as penitentiary theory and practice

    Authors: Tyurbeev Bair Vladimirovich

  77. Features of self-control in communication among male convicts

    Authors: Belova Angelina Aleksandrovna

  78. Psychological stability of employees of the convoy department. 

    Authors: Usikova Sofya Sergeevna

  79. Emotional states of longterm prisoners

    Authors: Suleymanova Anastasiya Olegovna

  80. Psychological prevention of suicidal risk of UIS employees

    Authors: Lushpaeva Elina Konstantinovna

  81. Peculiarities of psycho-correctional support for the formation of emotional intelligence in convents serving sentence again

    Authors: Saburova Darya Vladimirovna

  82. Deviant behavior of convents in the process of serving the punishment of psychological diagnosis and correction

    Authors: Konkova Alina Aleksandrovna

  83. Analysis of the problem of personality discipline in psychology

    Authors: Maksimov Maksim Andreevich

  84. Correction of aggressive behavior of convicts with different social status

    Authors: Derr Sofya Aleksandrovna

  85. Features of overcoming negative emotional states by employees of the criminal-executive system female

    Authors: Kolosovskaya Polina Mikhaylovna

  86. Theoretical approaches to understanding the psychological characteristics of repeatedly convinced women

    Authors: Maksimova Raisa Vladimirovna

  87. Psychocorrective influence in the correction of convicts and the prevention of recidivism

    Authors: Butko Yuliya Vladimirovna

  88. Analysis of penitentiary and psychological studies of the peculiarities of psychological support of penitentiary staff, depending on the length of service

    Authors: Osin Roman Sergeevich

  89. The relationship of successful adaptation with personal qualities of cadets of the penal system at the beginning of university education

    Authors: Madoyan Margarita Anatolevna; Vinogradov Evgeniy Sergeevich

  90. Education as a factor of women's leadership

    Authors: Olekhnovich Viktoriya Nikolaevna; Savitskaya Anzhelika Yurevna; Danilyuk Darya Borisovna

  91. The role of blogging and bloggers on the Internet

    Authors: Takiullina Azaliya Rifovna

  92. The role of public holidays in the formation of civil identity

    Authors: Pastushenko Pavel Vladimirovich; Zachinyaev Yaroslav Vasilevich

  93. Prospects for the development of the tourism industry in modern society

    Authors: Mashtakova Violetta Sergeevna

  94. Mathematical anthropology of Edmund Leach and cultural surgery in transforming societies

    Authors: Popov Mikhail Alekseevich

  95. Healthy lifestyle as a factor in improving the quality of life of the population

    Authors: Demina Evgeniya Dmitrievna

  96. The influence of industry on the ecology of Chelyabinsk. Prospects of the city

    Authors: Suktubaeva Liliya Yumadilovna

  97. The problem of pollution of drinking water sources in the urban agglomerate (on the example of Chelyabinsk)

    Authors: Murygina Larisa Sergeevna; Suktubaeva Liliya Yumadilovna

  98. Reclamation of disturbed lands on the territory of the Dyurtyulinsky district of the Republic of Bashkortostan

    Authors: Gerfanova Valeriya Valerevna

  99. Biological reclamation of disturbed lands in the Dyurtyulinsky district of the Republic of Bashkortostan

    Authors: Gerfanova Valeriya Valerevna

  100. Technical reclamation of polluted lands in the Dyurtyulinsky district of the Republic of Bashkortostan

    Authors: Gerfanova Valeriya Valerevna; Abdulmanov Rustam Ilgizarovich