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Archived Papers for Journal

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Vol.138, No.1

Publisher: Dolganov Aleksey

Publishing Date: 2023-07-16

  1. Linear programming methods in the problem of optimal loading of railway cars

    Authors: Shpika Aleksandr Gennadevich; Korotenko Tatyana Nikolaevna; Shilkov Matvey Olegovich

  2. Some passages from quantum brain studies in Russia

    Authors: Popov Mikhail Alekseevich

  3. 1C: Platforms

    Authors: Frolov Aleksandr Vladimirovich; Frolov Sergey Vladimirovich

  4. Deployment of quality functions on the example of a washing machine

    Authors: Morozova Irina Aleksandrovna; Gubareva Svetlana Vladimirovna

  5. Modeling of the artificial leather manufacturing process using statistical methods

    Authors: Bobkova Elena Romanovna; Gubareva Svetlana Vladimirovna

  6. Statistical analysis of glass quenching temperature

    Authors: Chernetsova Yana Romanovna; Gubareva Svetlana Vladimirovna

  7. The relevance of the impact on the audio and visual channels of sensory perception in the internet commerce environment

    Authors: Rovneyko Margarita Aleksandrovna

  8. The influence of marketing strategy on the solvency of the enterprise

    Authors: Khvan Vladimir Sergeevich; Vorotilova Olga Aleksandrovna

  9. The main problems of the development of the insurance market of the Russian Federation and ways to solve them

    Authors: Morozova Elena Igorevna; Chekhovskaya Irina Aleksandrovna

  10. The factor of tactility in contact with the product: consumer opinion

    Authors: Rovneyko Margarita Aleksandrovna

  11. Current trends in the development of trading operations

    Authors: Nikiforova Lenara Aleksandrovna

  12. On measures to improve the financial resources management system of the enterprise

    Authors: Abidov Timurbek Shavkatovich; Vorotilova Olga Aleksandrovna

  13. The role of bank lending in increasing the solvency of the enterprise

    Authors: Khvan Vladimir Sergeevich; Vorotilova Olga Aleksandrovna

  14. Experimental psychology as a basis for applied developments for sensory channel marketing

    Authors: Rovneyko Margarita Aleksandrovna

  15. Theoretical and methodological aspects of corporate cost management at the present time

    Authors: Sabieva Mira Muratovna

  16. The use of neural networks in marketing activities

    Authors: Kushnirchuk Margarita Nikolaevna

  17. Taxation of small business in Russia: specificity, problems and development priorities

    Authors: Guba Alina Aleksandrovna

  18. Analysis of the oil and gas industry of the Russian Federation

    Authors: Shchelchkov Yuriy Evgenevich

  19. Improvement of measures to support small business in the Ryazan region

    Authors: Bliznov Matvey Vitalevich

  20. Development of student entrepreneurship in the Ryazan region

    Authors: Bliznov Matvey Vitalevich

  21. Risk management in crisis management of small businesses

    Authors: Turikova Anastasiya Yurevna; Matushevskaya Elena Anatolevna

  22. Economic sustainability of business as a component of corporate sustainability strategy

    Authors: Krasitskaya Kristina Andreevna; Vorotilova Olga Aleksandrovna

  23. Marketing in tourism

    Authors: Kravtsova Valeriya Valerevna; Nadeina Nadezhda Grigorevna

  24. The Evolution of Copywriting: how neural networks are transforming the world of content creation

    Authors: Kushnirchuk Margarita Nikolaevna

  25. Universe and Man in the Philosophy of Russian Cosmism

    Authors: Vakhrusheva Elizaveta Evgenevna

  26. Uniform. Is it really important or not? What is the advantage and disadvantage of? 

    Authors: Ozodova Durdona Ruslanovna

  27. Working with text in teaching Russian as a foreign language

    Authors: Slobodyanyuk Tatyana Nikolaevna

  28. The importance of project-based learning in ESL classes

    Authors: Zakirova Zulkhumor Zoirzhonovna

  29. Pragmatic and communicative aspects of texts of official documents in English, Uzbek and Russian languages

    Authors: Abdurakhmanova Aliya Yakubovna; Saidova Mamura Suleymanovna

  30. Semantic and Linguistic features of color idioms to describe people

    Authors: Shakirova Madina Bakhriddinovna; Mamurov Islom Kholboevich; Zokirova Zarina Elmuradovna

  31. Theory and methodology of speech growth

    Authors: Shakirova Madina Bakhriddinovna; Rakhimzhonov Islom Olimovich; Ismoilova Madina Nabievna; Numonov Zhakhonbek Bakhtierovich

  32. Speech impact and manipulation in advertisement

    Authors: Sadieva Sevara Anvarovna; Saidova Mamura Suleymanovna

  33. Problems of invalidity and non-conclusion of transactions

    Authors: Sabieva Mira Muratovna

  34. Using the global internet for illegal trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances

    Authors: Baymukhanova Dilara Asetovna

  35. Peculiarities of the imposition of punishment in the form of a fine and problems of its execution

    Authors: Porotikov Aleksey Alekseevich

  36. Bankruptcy of individuals: problems of judicial and arbitration practice

    Authors: Konvaeva Kamila Adaevna

  37. Features of the development of cognitive interest in primary school age

    Authors: Petrova Diana Valentinovna

  38. The experience of using entertaining material in the lessons of the surrounding world to increase the cognitive interest of younger students

    Authors: Petrova Diana Valentinovna

  39. Concept and characteristics of cognitive universal learning actions

    Authors: Gayfullina Dina Khalilovna

  40. Strategies for successful learning

    Authors: Kenesova Zhazira Bauyrzhanovna

  41. Formation of functional literacy among students: historical aspect

    Authors: Sabitova Viktoriya Levonovna

  42. Visual sources in modern pedagogy

    Authors: Sabitova Viktoriya Levonovna

  43. Internal and external motivation in language learning

    Authors: Kenesova Zhazira Bauyrzhanovna

  44. Methods of teaching critical thinking and functional literacy in social studies lessons

    Authors: Mukhametov Ruslan Ilfakovich

  45. Right and Left brain in learning

    Authors: Kenesova Zhazira Bauyrzhanovna

  46. About the training of students of a pedagogical university to ensure continuity in the education and upbringing of preschoolers and younger schoolchildren

    Authors: Tutolmin Aleksandr Viktorovich

  47. About the possibility of using the GeoGebra dynamic environment in the formation of functional literacy of secondary vocational education students

    Authors: Sirazov Fannur Samatovich; Nazargeldiev Agadzhan Nazargeldievich

  48. Teaching English Through Art in Uzbekistan

    Authors: Mavlyanova Nargiza Abdulkhaevna

  49. Biography of Mark Twain and his work "The War Prayer"

    Authors: Khayrullaeva Dilorom Sayfutdinovna; Umarkulova Diera Sanzharovna

  50. The use of webinars as an insructional tool in teaching english

    Authors: Kalzhanova Gulmira Barlikbaevna

  51. Modern methods of teaching english to preschool children

    Authors: Mamashoeva Sitora Burievna

  52. Teaching geography in Russian schools at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries

    Authors: Aushev Aslan Musaevich; Pogorova Zamira Magometovna

  53. Practical work of students at the university and self-education

    Authors: Ivanova Anzhelika Sergeevna

  54. "Linguistics & Rhetoric in English": the vocabulary of a literary text as s source for the development of written speech

    Authors: Tskhvediani Elizaveta Malkhasovna; Vorozhbitova Aleksandra Anatolevna

  55. The development of English-language written speech based on the vocabulary and phraseology of a literary text: Linguistic and Rhetorical approach

    Authors: Tskhvediani Elizaveta Malkhasovna

  56. The effect of physical exercise on the muscles

    Authors: Dolgova Ekaterina Evgenevna

  57. Auto-aggressive behavior of convicts serving a sentence of imprisonment

    Authors: Merkushova Tatyana Andreevna

  58. Aggression and counter-aggression in HIV-infected persons in prison

    Authors: Ustinova Alena Dmitrievna

  59. Prevention of emotional burnout among students

    Authors: Kravtsova Valeriya Valerevna

  60. Physical culture and sport as a means of comprehensive personal development

    Authors: Zmeykova Valeriya Vitalevna

  61. Science and technology policy of China in the new strategy of its economic development

    Authors: Sarsembekova Damilya Nazhenkyzy

  62. Semiotics of Christian anthropocentrism on the example of the iconography of Jesus Christ

    Authors: Krotova Olga Mikhaylovna

  63. The consequences of a lightning strike

    Authors: Aushev Aslan Musaevich; Kokurkhaeva Radimkhan Bashirovna