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Archived Papers for Journal

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Vol.141, No.1

Publisher: Dolganov Aleksey

Publishing Date: 2024-02-15

  1. Fundamentals of the morphology and physiology of fungi

    Authors: Zachinyaeva Anna Vladimirovna; Zachinyaev Yaroslav Vasilevich

  2. Kanban methodology for project management

    Authors: Fattaev Elnur Mirbagirovich; Smolyarov Nikolay Aleksandrovich

  3. Study of existing approaches to the realization of unmanned aerial vehicles and manned aviation joint actions on the example of foreign projects

    Authors: Okunkov Artem Georgievich; Shatovkin Roman Rodionovich

  4. Analysis of tactical and technical characteristics and combat capabilities of russian unmanned aerial vehicles capable of solving operational and tactical tasks together with manned aviation

    Authors: Okunkov Artem Georgievich; Shatovkin Roman Rodionovich

  5. Analysis of the requirements of national standards for risk management

    Authors: Gubarev Andrey Viktorovich; Rozhkova Darya Alekseevna

  6. The use of a combined water fire barrel SRP-50r for extinguishing fires in shopping and entertainment centers

    Authors: Stepashov Andrey Viktorovich

  7. The use of robotic means in extinguishing fires

    Authors: Stepashov Andrey Viktorovich

  8. How does the human body react to its environment, the connection of the psycho-emotional state with interior design

    Authors: Savin Vladimir Borisovich

  9. On the etymology of the ethnonym Sklaviny

    Authors: Fedchenko Oleg Dmitrievich

  10. On the etymology of the ethnonym Celts

    Authors: Fedchenko Oleg Dmitrievich

  11. The essence and stages of the company's financial recovery

    Authors: Rezepov Said Tagirovich

  12. Problems and limitations of advertising in the digital age

    Authors: Petukhova Svetlana Alekseevna; Pluzhnikova Irina Ivanovna

  13. Marketing innovations in modern business

    Authors: Podkorytova Anna Alekseevna; Pluzhnikova Irina Ivanovna

  14. Competitiveness as the basis for ensuring the efficiency of the enterprise

    Authors: Nikiforova Lenara Aleksandrovna

  15. Features of the organization's image formation

    Authors: Volkova Mariya Konstantinovna

  16. Financial policy as the main component of economic development

    Authors: Murygina Larisa Sergeevna; Semenova Zhanna Andreevna

  17. Multinational companies and their impact on global trade

    Authors: Murygina Larisa Sergeevna; Voldaev Stepan Vitalevich

  18. The mechanism of interaction between government and business structures

    Authors: Murygina Larisa Sergeevna; Kurapov Danila Andreevich

  19. Formation and development of various forms of business

    Authors: Murygina Larisa Sergeevna; Abilova Makhabbat Brzhanovna

  20. Integration of modern information systems and technologies to improve the efficiency and accuracy of internal control and audit processes in the Federal Treasury

    Authors: Alikova Anastasiya Petrovna; Sazonov Sergey Petrovich

  21. The life and works of Feinberg, an eminent personality in Uzbekistan, shine bright as a luminary

    Authors: Safarova Zarnigor Zokhidovna

  22. The role of pragmatic potential in determining basic components of communication

    Authors: Rasulova Mukhlisa Sharofovna; Saidova Mamura Suleymanovna

  23. Signs and classification of legal families

    Authors: Tsyganova Svetlana Igorevna

  24. Environmental expertise in law enforcement practice

    Authors: Vasenin Mark Alekseevich

  25. The concept of guarantees of the human right to qualified legal assistance and improving their effectiveness

    Authors: Sidorov Vyacheslav Alekseevich

  26. The importance of free legal aid and participants in the state system of its provision

    Authors: Sidorov Vyacheslav Alekseevich

  27. The problem of legal regulation of legal entities

    Authors: Vasenin Mark Alekseevich

  28. OSAGO contract in the system of insurance obligations: problems and development prospects

    Authors: Moldakhmetova Aida Kazybekovna

  29. Legal consequences of the invalidity of transactions

    Authors: Ibragimova Karina Ildarovna

  30. Problems of environmental damage compensation

    Authors: Ibragimova Karina Ildarovna

  31. Copyright protection for software

    Authors: Raimkhanova Lyubov Pavlovna

  32. Tax audits in the tax control system

    Authors: Zhigulina Larisa Aleksandrovna

  33. Components of assessing managerial competencies of a manager

    Authors: Rakhmanberdiev Mekan Velmyradovich; Bakhvalov Sergey Yurevich

  34. Problems of managerial competencies of a manager

    Authors: Rakhmanberdiev Mekan Velmyradovich; Bakhvalov Sergey Yurevich

  35. The influence of the social environment on the formation of a student's personality

    Authors: Doshlakieva Zalina Bashirovna; Kokurkhaeva Radimkhan Bashirovna

  36. The use of mobile applications among students for physical education

    Authors: Mansurova Natalya Ivanovna; Ekimova Elizaveta Evgenevna

  37. Methods of training volleyball players in modern conditions

    Authors: Vasilev Amal Lenarovich; Bekmansurov Rail Khadiyarovich

  38. Formation of a marketing strategy for an educational organization

    Authors: Redzhepov Taymaz Annageldievich; Osadchiy Eduard Aleksandrovich

  39. Marketing strategy of an educational organization

    Authors: Redzhepov Taymaz Annageldievich; Osadchiy Eduard Aleksandrovich

  40. TRP complex in the system of physical education of students. History of creation and development

    Authors: Mansurova Natalya Ivanovna; Vayner Yuliya Dmitrievna; Novikova Evgeniya Ivanovna

  41. The emergence of the Uzbek language and its regional variations

    Authors: Abdurakhmonova Muslima Fazliddinovna

  42. Feinberg's poems and remarkable life have established him as one of the most brilliant luminaries in Uzbekistan

    Authors: Safarova Zarnigor Zokhidovna

  43. Civil and patriotic education of students of pedagogical training areas

    Authors: Tutolmin Aleksandr Viktorovich

  44. The role of play activities in the development of primary school children

    Authors: Doshlakieva Zalina Bashirovna; Polonkoeva Ferdous Yakhievna

  45. School and family cooperation: interaction in the educational process

    Authors: Doshlakieva Zalina Bashirovna; Kokurkhaeva Radimkhan Bashirovna

  46. Methods and techniques of teaching housing at school

    Authors: Dzaurova Deysi Ruslanovna

  47. The impact of volleyball on the overall physical fitness of students

    Authors: Gubina Nadezhda Aleksandrovna

  48. Formation of a health-saving environment in an educational organization

    Authors: Kondratev Stepan Alekseevich; Kondrateva Yuliya Aleksandrovna

  49. The advantages of teaching lexicon related to personality based on Communicative teaching method

    Authors: Mirsalikhova Robiya Timurovna

  50. Using visual learning methods in geography lessons

    Authors: Doshlakieva Zalina Bashirovna; Pogorova Zamira Magometovna

  51. The methodology of studying the physical health of martial artists

    Authors: Yakshevich Tatyana Olegovna

  52. Physical health and its components

    Authors: Yakshevich Tatyana Olegovna

  53. Biophysics of local hemostatic agents

    Authors: Stolbov Nikolay Aleksandrovich; Klimov Aleksandr Vasilevich; Denisov Evgeniy Nikolaevich

  54. Definition of vocal apparatus pathology based on analysis of speech modulation spectrum

    Authors: Klimov Aleksandr Vasilevich; Tuchkova Sofiya Andreevna

  55. Pharmacotherapy in the treatment of Parkinson's disease

    Authors: Uzenova Sezim Almazovna

  56. Antiretroviral therapy for HIV-infected women during pregnancy

    Authors: Uzenova Sezim Almazovna

  57. Amitriptyline in the prevention of migraine

    Authors: Levykina Polina Vladimirovna; Korneeva Mariya Dmitrievna

  58. Heparin in the treatment of tuberculosis

    Authors: Levykina Polina Vladimirovna

  59. Targeted therapy in the treatment of gastrointestinal stromal tumors using the example of imatinib

    Authors: Levykina Polina Vladimirovna

  60. The use of chlorbutin in the treatment of chronic lymphocytic leukemia

    Authors: Levykina Polina Vladimirovna

  61. The effectiveness of the use of interferon for the treatment of male infertility

    Authors: Levykina Polina Vladimirovna

  62. Estriol in the treatment of menopausal syndrome

    Authors: Levykina Polina Vladimirovna

  63. Metformin in the treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome

    Authors: Korneeva Mariya Dmitrievna

  64. Jes in the treatment of premenstrual syndrome

    Authors: Korneeva Mariya Dmitrievna

  65. Zoladex in the treatment of endometriosis

    Authors: Korneeva Mariya Dmitrievna

  66. Methotrexate in the treatment of malignant neoplasms

    Authors: Levykina Polina Vladimirovna

  67. Kaletra in the treatment of HIV infection

    Authors: Korneeva Mariya Dmitrievna

  68. Acetazolamide for the treatment of patients with idiopathic intracranial hypertension syndrome

    Authors: Levykina Polina Vladimirovna

  69. Telemedicine as a Type of Specialized Medical Care in the Orenburg Region

    Authors: Vitenberg Egor Vyacheslavovich

  70. Personality traits of younger students: adaptation and readiness for school

    Authors: Zhuravleva Olesya Sergeevna

  71. Neoplasms in primary school age

    Authors: Kostenko Darya Yurevna

  72. Childhood fears

    Authors: Tarasova Mariya Pavlovna

  73. Psychological foundations of work with unsocialized youth

    Authors: Khaydarova Gulkhae Tolibovna

  74. Features of experiencing loneliness

    Authors: Tyurina Arina Valerevna

  75. The influence of the father's personality on the choice of a partner

    Authors: Sarantseva Lyubov Vladimirovna

  76. Features of psychological counseling for male convicts prone to deviant behavior

    Authors: Prokofeva Sofiya Alekseevna

  77. Peculiarities of professional reliability of employees of the convoying department of the Federal Service for the Execution of Punishments of Russia

    Authors: Prokhozheva Valeriya Nikolaevna

  78. The childfree phenomenon and conscious childlessness

    Authors: Lysenko Tatyana Andreevna; Dashkevich Denis Dmitrievich; Motuzko Anastasiya Vladimirovna

  79. Socio-cultural aspects of tourism in Russia

    Authors: Dzaurova Deysi Ruslanovna

  80. Tourist routes and places of rest in the regions of Russia

    Authors: Dzaurova Deysi Ruslanovna

  81. The role of the territorial principle in the construction of state policy

    Authors: Dzaurova Deysi Ruslanovna

  82. Influence of geographical factors on the structure and development of the service sector

    Authors: Dzaurova Deysi Ruslanovna

  83. Ecological problems of lake Baikal

    Authors: Doshlakieva Zalina Bashirovna; Kitieva Malika Ibragimovna