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Archived Papers for Journal

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Vol.2, No.85

Publisher: Dolganov Aleksey

Publishing Date: 2018-06-01

  1. Problems of youth unemployment

    Authors: Eremina Oksana Aleksandrovna

  2. Hermeneutics and works Sergius Radonezh

    Authors: Babochkina Yana Olegovna

  3. State support programs developments of the APK in Russia and foreign countries

    Authors: Baranova Irina Vladimirovna

  4. Ways to improve the competitiveness of the enterprise

    Authors: Likhacheva Irina Viktorovna; Sayfidinov Burkhonidin

  5. Accounting statements as the main source of information about the working capital of the organization

    Authors: Musina Albina Rafikovna

  6. Prospects of using digital tools in the field of photo and video services

    Authors: Gareeva Elvira Ilshatovna

  7. Problematic issues of countering corruption in the activities of the Federal Service of Bailiffs of the Russian Federation

    Authors: Shornikova Olga Anatolevna

  8. Сurrent trends in the use of amorphous alloys in magnetic circuits of power transformers used in TPP 20/0,4 kV

    Authors: Ismagilov Shamil Galyavovich; Murtazin Ramil Rifovich

  9. Gender features of manifestations of depression

    Authors: Kornilova Anastasiya Yurevna; Rytekova Mariya Igorevna

  10. Comparative assessment of the qualities grain and flour of spring wheat varieties bashkir breeding

    Authors: Gayfullina Dilya Timergazievna; Shaynurova Alina Farisovna

  11. The role of the expert in the certification procedure

    Authors: Loginova Elena Sergeevna

  12. The use of flour obtained from wheat of Bashkir breeds in the production of bakery products

    Authors: Gayfullina Dilya Timergazievna; Giniyatullina Dinara Robertovna

  13. Psychological characteristics of the life plans of persons sentenced to long terms of imprisonment

    Authors: Sergeeva Viktoriya Vladimirovna

  14. Assessment of borrowers creditworthiness as a method of credit risk reduction

    Authors: Pikalova Margarita Dmitrievna; Chekhovskaya Irina Aleksandrovna

  15. Analysis of the banking sector

    Authors: Pikalova Margarita Dmitrievna; Chekhovskaya Irina Aleksandrovna

  16. Application of FMEA anaiysis for defection of product defects

    Authors: Kulina Olga Sergeevna; Mikheeva Yuliya Sergeevna

  17. Struggle against slope in the winter time of the year. Development of the rough traveler and snow-roller scaffler

    Authors: Pavlenkov Aleksey Andreevich

  18. Methods of financing digital marketing in the enterprise

    Authors: Gareeva Elvira Ilshatovna

  19. Investigation of operating characteristics of magnetic-liquid hermeticers

    Authors: Kiselev Vyacheslav Valerevich; Poletaev Vladimir Alekseevich

  20. The Ombudsman Institute for the Rights of the Child, as a specialized system for the protection of children's rights

    Authors: Danilova Olga Aleksandrovna

  21. Use of modern software products for development of creative abilities of students

    Authors: Legkova Irina Anatolevna

  22. Brand of the territory as a tool of attraction of investments

    Authors: Ponkratova Tatyana Yurevna

  23. The role of physical education in personal development

    Authors: Kupina Elena Sergeevna; Tsaava Sergey Vladimirovich

  24. Influence of active rest on the self-assessment of adolescents

    Authors: Grigorova Polina Konstantinovna; Gritsay Elena Nikolaevna

  25. The concept of certification of civil servants

    Authors: Loginova Elena Sergeevna

  26. Evaluation of the role of intellectual potential in enterprise development

    Authors: Zakharov Pavel Andreevich

  27. Features of investments in agricultural enterprises of the Volgograd region

    Authors: Gubanova Arina Viktorovna; Tekin Aleksandr Valerevich

  28. Application of the process of magnetic abrasive polishing for improving the quality of friction surfaces

    Authors: Kiselev Vyacheslav Valerievich

  29. Schemes of location of magnets in magnetic-abrasive device

    Authors: Kiselev Vyacheslav Valerevich; Poletaev Vladimir Alekseevich

  30. Technological features of magnetic-abrasive polishing process

    Authors: Kiselev Vyacheslav Valerievich

  31. Basic approaches to determining the competitiveness of products

    Authors: Niyazova Valeriya Vladimirovna

  32. Making a schedule of the movement of urban public transport process optimization

    Authors: Kazachkov Andrey Dmitrievich; Rybanov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

  33. 4 M-root cause analysis or «fish bone» diagram

    Authors: Sukhikh Ilya Aleksandrovich; Khludenev Viktor Sergeevich

  34. Article 345.1 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation. Practice and theory

    Authors: Pervushina Sofya Vladimirovna

  35. Features of the loan portfolio of a commercial Bank

    Authors: Egorova Olga Sergeevna

  36. Characteristics of crimes against human life and health under the laws of foreign countries

    Authors: Vasileva Kseniya Gennadevna

  37. The use of flour and bran obtained from wheat varieties bashkir section in the production of bread

    Authors: Gayfullina Dilya Timergazievna; Shaynurova Alina Farisovna

  38. Requirements for the quality management system

    Authors: Sokolova Margarita Valerevna

  39. Peculiarities of formation of production costs of sheep

    Authors: Karabaeva Nazlygul Timeryanovna

  40. Improvement of the pay system in the municipal institution of culture using KPI system

    Authors: Abramov Aleksandr Mikhaylovich; Sirotin Dmitriy Aleksandrovich

  41. Characteristics of interpersonal relationships in groups and teams

    Authors: Kurbanova Zarifa Bakizhanovna

  42. Ganch-imprinted on the plaster beauty

    Authors: Khamidova Mukhayekhon Obidovna

  43. The involvement of pupils in the class collective

    Authors: Zhumaev Eshtemir Toshmamatovich; Yusupov Bekzod Ergashevich

  44. The characteristics and regularities of the development team

    Authors: Soliev Khakimzhon Zokirzhonovich

  45. Directions of development of management accounting at domestic enterprises

    Authors: Tekin Aleksandr Valerevich; Fomicheva Elizaveta Vyacheslavovna

  46. The peculiarities of analysis of solvency of the enterprise

    Authors: Onoprienko Yuliya Gennadievna; Trifanovskaya Olga Andreevna

  47. The content and direction of «semantic pedagogy» as a requirement of the modern educational process

    Authors: Nikiforova Olga Vladimirovna; Elrikh Irina Vladimirovna

  48. The role of the teacher in creation of a favorable social-psychological climate in the teaching collective

    Authors: Zhakina Mariya Khakimzhanovna; Elrikh Irina Vladimirovna

  49. State regulation and democracy in economic science

    Authors: Dzhafarova Fidan Mekhman kyzy; Nemtsova Natalya Vladislavovna

  50. Practical art lessons in the tradition of the use of teacher and student behavior

    Authors: Abdimuminova Dildora Abdunabievna; Amanullaev Abdunabi Abdumuminovich

  51. The value of perception and understanding in the team of students

    Authors: Mirzabdullaeva Dilkhumor Erkinovna; Rakhmatova Khayrikhon Ashiralievna

  52. Some challenges of realia in translation

    Authors: Mukhammadieva Khalima Saidakhmedovna

  53. Some challenges and features of teaching phonology to different levels of learners

    Authors: Mukhammadieva Khalima Saidakhmedovna

  54. Some features of delimitation of theft from unlawful possession of a car or other vehicle without the purpose of theft

    Authors: Mikhaylova Diana Yurevna

  55. Modern information technologies in small business

    Authors: Motovilov Andrey Aleksandrovich

  56. Interpretation of the formation of the modern concept of life in the context of the principles of quantum biology and biocentrism

    Authors: Bondarenko Anatoliy Igorevich

  57. Problems of criminal liability for transplantation

    Authors: Zdobnova Olga Anatolevna

  58. Problems of qualification of deliberate infliction of death to a person in a medical facility in the use of the victims organs or tissues for transplantation

    Authors: Zdobnova Olga Anatolevna

  59. Study motivation

    Authors: Zasorina Polina Evgenevna

  60. Propaganda to draw ideas among the population as protection from the effects of rarely

    Authors: Vakhobov Botirali Mikhaylovich

  61. Interpersonal relationships in adolescence

    Authors: Nigmatullina Lyaysan Mansurovna

  62. The Russian Federation, the role of migrantsending icecovered

    Authors: Urinov Bakhrom Zhamoliddinovich

  63. Forecasting of bankruptcy of the organization as the factor of stabilization of its financial stability

    Authors: Biryukov Aleksandr Nikolaevich; Saidgazieva Dilara Ilfatovna