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Archived Papers for Journal

"Foods and Raw materials" Journal >>

Vol.7, No.2

Publisher: Kemerovo State University

Publishing Date: 2019-12-20

  1. Effects of a complex phytase-containing enzyme preparation on the rye wort fermentation process

    Authors: Polyakov V.A. Serba E.M. Overchenko M.B. Ignatova N.I. Rimareva L.V.

  2. Cheese whey as potential resource for antimicrobial edible film and active packaging production

    Authors: Isfari D. Gemilang L.U.

  3. Bioremediation of organic dyes using combination of plants ash

    Authors: Harpreet K. Kamboj V.

  4. Thermal properties of commercial hydrobionts’ tissues in the freezing process

    Authors: Bogdanov V.V. Simdyankin A.A.

  5. Mechanically activated hydrolysis of plant-derived proteins in food industry

    Authors: Gavrilova K.V. Bychkov A.L. Bychkova E.S. Akimenko Z.A. Chernonosov A.A. Kalambet Y.A. Lomovskii O.I.

  6. Ultrasonic and microwave activation of raspberry extract: antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties

    Authors: Eremeeva N.B. Makarova N.V. Zhidkova E.M. Maximova V.P. Lesova E.A.

  7. IR-spectroscopy of polysaccharide flaxseed (Linum usitatissimum L.) products

    Authors: Minevich I.E. Osipova L.L. Nechiporenko A.P. Melnikova M.I. Tsyganova T.B.

  8. Degradation of β-Lactoglobulin during sourdough bread production

    Authors: Savkina O.A. Parakhina O.I. Lokachuk M.N. Pavlovskaya E.N. Khlestkin V.K.

  9. New technological paradigm of the Russian dairy industry: formation principles under globalisation

    Authors: Khramtsov A.G.

  10. Use of essential oils and vacuum packaging as a way to extend shelf life of burgers from surimi

    Authors: Rashidimehr A. Fazlara A. Zarei M. Pourmehdi M. Noshad M.

  11. Effects of encapsulated black caraway extract and sesame oil on kolompeh quality

    Authors: Soltaninejad F. Sekhavatizadeh S.S.

  12. Indigenous yeast with cellulose-degrading activity in napa cabbage (Brassica pekinensis L.) waste: Characterisation and species identification

    Authors: Utama G.L. Lestari W.D. Kayaputri I.L. Balia R.L.

  13. Heavy metal content in farmed rainbow trout in relation to aquaculture area and feed pellets

    Authors: Majlesi M. Malekzadeh J. Berizi E. Toori M.A.

  14. A multi-criteria sensory assessment of Cucumis melo (L.) using fuzzy-Eckenrode and fuzzy-TOPSIS methods

    Authors: Fadhil R. Agustina R.

  15. Comparative evaluation of approaches to modelling kinetics of microbial thermal death as in the case of Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris

    Authors: Kondratenko V.V. Levshenko M.T. Petrov A.N. Pozdnyakova T.A. Trishkaneva M.V.

  16. DNA authentication of brewery products: basic principles and methodological approaches

    Authors: Oganesyants L.A. Vafin R.R. Galstyan A.G. Ryabova A.E. Khurshudyan S.A. Semipyatniy V.K.

  17. Effect of pre-treatment conditions on the antiatherogenic potential of freeze-dried oyster mushrooms

    Authors: Piskov S.I. Timchenko L.D. Rzhepakovsky I.V. Avanesyan S.S. Bondareva N.I. Sizonenko M.N. Areshidze D.A.

  18. Dietary fibres in preventative meat products

    Authors: Titov E.I. Sokolov A.Y. Litvinova E.V. Kidyaev S.N. Shishkina D.I. Baranov B.A.

  19. Raw poultry meatballs with soya flour: Shelf life and nutritional value

    Authors: Sholpan A. Lamas A. Cepeda A. Franco C.M.

  20. Miscanthus plants processing in fuel, energy, chemical and microbiological industries

    Authors: Babich O.O. Krieger O.V. Chupakhin E.G. Kozlova O.V.

  21. Chemical composition of indigenous raw meats

    Authors: Shelepov V.G. Uglov V.A. Boroday E.V. Poznyakovsky V.M.

  22. Coconut meal: Nutraceutical importance and food industry application

    Authors: Kaur K. Chhikara N. Sharma P. Garg M. Panghal A.

  23. Functional dairy products enriched with plant ingredients

    Authors: Sukhikh S.A. Astakhova L.A. Golubcova Y.V. Lukin A.A. Prosekova E.A. Milent eva I.S. Kostina N.G. Rasshchepkin A.N.