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Archived Papers for Journal

Studia Humanitatis >>

Vol.2018, No.4

Publisher: Institute of Modern Humanitarian Researches (Moscow, Russia)

Publishing Date: 2019-01-25

  1. A study of the work of Claude de Seyssel as a translator of classical texts and his contribution to the development of French humanism

    Authors: Kuleshova E.V.

  2. Russian-Swedish confrontation in Karelia (18th – early 20th centuries)

    Authors: Pulkin M.V.

  3. The mutual significance of literature for Denmark and Russia throughout the ages. A description and analysis of the social impact and artistic and literary inspiration between Russia and Denmark

    Authors: Christensen C.S.

  4. Franc Brin, Russian administrator of German origin: the contribution to the development of the Tobolsk province

    Authors: Tomilov I.S.

  5. American Mormon fundamentalists and the tradition of “historical” polygamy in the 19th and early 20th centuries

    Authors: Prilutskiy V.V.

  6. Zionism in Jewish communities of North Caucasus at the beginning of the 20th century: ideas and practice

    Authors: Norkina E.S.

  7. The organisation and functioning of the regional Council of women during the Perestroika period (1985-1991) in Smolensk region

    Authors: Aksenova E.K.; Ivanov A.M.; Ilyina

  8. Experienced model of the organization of physical training for the instructor officers in higher military educational institution

    Authors: Burikov A.V.; Vasin V.N.; Ershov S.A.

  9. Intellectual systems in education: history and prospects

    Authors: Markaryan A.O.; Haraberjush I.F.

  10. Presidential threshold policy in Indonesian presidential election of 2019

    Authors: Aziz Setyagama

  11. The legal policy of investigation and verification on corruption

    Authors: Yahman

  12. Psychosocial occupational therapy within the sphere of the interventions, applied in clinical social work

    Authors: Mehandzhiyska G.A.

  13. Social distance in interaction with the representatives of ethno-cultural groups according to their appearance

    Authors: Bzezyan A.A.; Gura O.R.; Labunskaya V.A.

  14. The issue of legal boundaries of the Moscow Patriarch according to the acts of the Council of Constantinople in 1593, the missive of the Patriarch Dionysius IV in 1686 and the 17th canon of the Forth Ecumenical Council

    Authors: Pushkov F.

  15. Etymological nest with root *mxr- in the Russian language

    Authors: Zakharova J.G.; Melnichenko E.V.

  16. The issue of religious terms illustrated in explanatory dictionaries

    Authors: Krylova I.A.

  17. Semantic variation of good wishing in Russian and Chinese

    Authors: Tikhonova А.V.; Chibisova O.V.

  18. Literature in teaching Russian to foreign students

    Authors: Bogdanova P.S.; Mekhtiev V.G.

  19. Kutuzov and Ryleev, what these names mean in the version of the stanza in “Eugene Onegin”

    Authors: Nikishov Y.M.

  20. Lexical and semantic features of anthroponyms in the poem “Greetings to Heydar Baba” by Mohammad Hossein Shahriar

    Authors: Gulusoy İ.E.

  21. The formation of multiculturalism concept in literature

    Authors: Tkachuk O.P.

  22. Philosophy of rational needs

    Authors: Gerashchenko I.G.

  23. How pain becomes common? Cultural trauma as a process

    Authors: Golovashina O.V.

  24. Traumatisation of the past: methodology of research and main approaches

    Authors: Anikin D.A.

  25. An opinion as a structure element of the epistemic climate of knowledge society

    Authors: Golubinskaya A.V.