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Archived Papers for Journal

Studia Humanitatis >>

Vol.2022, No.4

Publisher: Institute of Modern Humanitarian Researches (Moscow, Russia)

Publishing Date: 2023-01-25

  1. The tenth anniversary of “Studia Humanitatis” journal

    Authors: Melkov A.S.

  2. The origin of Scandinavia hydronyms: two bases

    Authors: Fedchenko O.D.

  3. Military-political rivalry of Ghurids with Seljukids in the middle of the 12th century

    Authors: Sharipov M.M.

  4. Parish chapels between the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 20th centuries (based on the materials of the Olonets diocese)

    Authors: Pulkin M.V.

  5. The Tunguska incident, June 30, 1908: a blast, a meteorite, a comet, or a threat from space

    Authors: Christensen C.S.

  6. The state of homelessness and juvenile delinquency in 1941-1945 (based on the materials of the Smolensk region)

    Authors: Ivanov A.M.; Kotova E.A.

  7. National cinematography development in Kazakhstan: historiography of the problem

    Authors: Kozhabergenova A.Y.

  8. Status of the Corruption Eradication Commission in creating good governance in Indonesia

    Authors: Azis Setyagama; Wawan Susilo

  9. Fear dictatorship within the context of information society development

    Authors: Vlasova O.Y.

  10. How can a believer understand correctly the thick of scenes and characters? Multi-figure and multi-part compositions in Russian iconography between the 17th and 19th centuries

    Authors: Walczak D.

  11. An essay on the history of the Nativity Alexander-Joseph Brotherhood. Part I

    Authors: Melkov A.S.

  12. Igor Dobrodomov’s idea about the umlaut transformation of old Russian vowel phonemes ě and e

    Authors: Kurulyenok A.A.

  13. The usage of simple Arabisms in “Khamsa” by Khoju Kirmoni (on the example of adjective)

    Authors: Dodokhojaeva P.I.

  14. Morphological peculiarities and level of usage of the preposition “bar/on” in Tajik literary language appertaining to the 18th century (on the example of historical writing referred to as “Tuhfat-ul-khoni” by Muhammadvafo Karminagi)

    Authors: Ashrapov B.P.

  15. Lexical and grammatical transformations in translation: a case of scientific and publicistic text in Russian and Polish languages

    Authors: Chrul S.

  16. Oriental motifs in the novel “Eugene Onegin” by Alexander Pushkin

    Authors: Rahimova E.R.

  17. “I am with you”: second-person narration in Ron Butlin’s novel “The sound of my voice”

    Authors: Maziarczyk G.

  18. “Poems on the Greek language” by Sergey Averintsev as a sum of Russian modernist poetry

    Authors: Markov A.V.

  19. Transformation of the devil image in heavy music: comparative analysis in the context of metal subgenres

    Authors: Nauryz G.O.

  20. Origin and development of Russian intelligentsia: economic analysis

    Authors: Gerashchenko I.G.; Gerashchenko N.V.

  21. Patristic anthropology and the future of science

    Authors: Pirozhkova S.V.