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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.2, No.5

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2013-05-05

  1. Mems Pressure Sensor in Automotive Industry

    Authors: K. Hema

  2. Cooling Channel Design for Multi-Cavity Plastic Injection Moulds

    Authors: K. Poornima; M. N. M Ansari

  3. Algorithm for License Plate Localization and Recognition for Tanzania Car Plate Numbers

    Authors: Isack Bulugu

  4. Direct Measurement of In-Vitro Transport of Water and Peritoneal Dialysis Solution

    Authors: Phonethipsavanh Nouanthong; Panadda Dechadilok; Talerngsak Kanjanabuch

  5. Micromagnetic Study of Thermally Assisted Magnetization Reversal Mechanism on Perpendicularly Magnetic Anisotropy COXSIYBZ

    Authors: Agustina Candra D.P; Suryasatriya Trihandaru; Nur Aji Wibowo

  6. Design and Development of Amphibious Hybrid Vehicle Body Structure

    Authors: Muhammad Zahir Hassan; Muhammad Razil Razali; Mohd Shazni Halid

  7. Effects of Unrestricted Mobile Phone Usage in Selected Public Places in Nigeria: A Case Study of Akure

    Authors: Lawal W; Akinrinmade A.F; Ijarotimi O

  8. Study the Spatial distribution Of the Quality Of Life in Rural Areas, Case Study: (Central Part of The City Shahindezh in Iran)

    Authors: Hassan houshyar; Habib Valizadeh

  9. The order of the set of Idempotent elements of Semigroup of Partial Isometries of a finite Chain

    Authors: R. Kehinde; A. D. Adeshola

  10. Determining Influence of Management Commitment on Development of Emotional Intelligence in Public Service - A Survey of Ministries in Kenya

    Authors: Kamoni Margaret Wambui; Chege Moses Gichuho

  11. Human Skin Texture Analysis using Image Processing Techniques

    Authors: Damanpreet Kaur; Prabhneet Sandhu

  12. Identification of Misbehaving Nodes that Can Drop or Modify the Packets in Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: C.Ramakristanaiah; A.L.Sreenivasulu

  13. Affordable Housing Materials&Techniques for Urban Poors

    Authors: S.S.Shinde; A.B.Karankal

  14. Bio-Inspired Methods for Efficient MANET

    Authors: Pankaj Chaudhary; Sachin Chaudhary

  15. Non Invasive Blood Glucose Measurement through Microwave Resonator

    Authors: Shiv Kumar; Jaspal Singh

  16. Effective Tunneling Of Data And Traffic Management Over Network Using L2TP Based ON L2F

    Authors: Preeti; Ajay Rana

  17. Design and interfacing of the optical assembly For Automated Analyzer

    Authors: Swati Kapoor; Vikas Goel

  18. Human Identification by Ear Images Using SIFT Algorithm

    Authors: Himanshu Maurya; Shikha Maurya

  19. Lipid patterns in Sub clinical hypothyroidism of non-obese group in Rural tertiary care centre

    Authors: Krishna Murthy V; Venkata Madhav M; Anjaneya Prasad V; Pradeep Babu

  20. Query Explication by Semantic Approach

    Authors: Shruti Gupta

  21. Detection and Mitigation Techniques of Black Hole Attack in MANET: An Overview

    Authors: Swati Jain; Naveen Hemrajani

  22. Cordial Labeling of Kn;n related graphs

    Authors: G. V. Ghodasara; A. H. Rokad

  23. Peltier Based Novel Heat Pump for flow Cell in Automated Analyzer Using PWM Techniques

    Authors: Abinav Pathak; Vikas Goel

  24. Effect of pulsed current on Welding characteristics of Aluminium alloy (5052) using Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

    Authors: A.Raveendra; B.V.R.Ravi Kumar

  25. Experimental Investigation on Paver Blocks using Steel Slag as Partial Replacement of Aggregate and Sludge as Partial Replacement of Cement

    Authors: Jayakumar.P.T; Ram Kumar.V.R; Suresh Babu. R; Mahesh Kumar.M

  26. Sensor Network based Oil Well Health Monitoring and Intelligent Control

    Authors: P. Harish; Sabariram

  27. Simulation of Non-Premixed Natural Gas Flame

    Authors: Ashish Puriya; Rajesh Gupta

  28. Determination of Effects of Various Parameters on Forming Limit Diagram using FEA

    Authors: R. J. Bhat

  29. Play Therapy in Dealing with Bereavement and Grief in Autistic child: A case study

    Authors: S. PRABHA

  30. High Performance Pipelined Design for FFT Processor Based on FPGA

    Authors: A.A. Raut; S. M. Kate


    Authors: Raji Reddy Katta; Ratnama Chary Gampa

  32. Early Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy Edema Using FCM

    Authors: Anitha Mohan; K.Moorthy

  33. HVDC Converter Fault Discrimination Based On Artificial Neural Network

    Authors: Madhuri S Shastrakar; Manisha B Gaikwad

  34. Hybrid Approach For Image Search Reranking

    Authors: Sabitha M G; R Hariharan

  35. A Panoramic Odyssey of Eco-Tourism in Placid Puducherry

    Authors: J. Eugene

  36. A Hybrid Approach of Module Sequence Generation using Neural Network for Software Architecture

    Authors: Manjot Kalsi; Janpreet Singh

  37. Enhancement Of Low Contrast Images Using Fuzzy Inference System

    Authors: Jaspreet Singh Rajal

  38. Research paper on Automatic Speech Recognition using different Techniques

    Authors: Vaibhavi Trivedi; Chetan Singadiya

  39. Study and Analysis of Human Gait to Recognize the Person

    Authors: Huma Khan; Yogesh Rathore

  40. An Introduction to the Process of Optical Character Recognition

    Authors: Umal Patel

  41. Accuracy-Privacy Comparison for Enhanced Grouping using a Hybrid Data Mining Technique

    Authors: Dilbahar Singh; Sumit Kumar Yadav

  42. Generalized Spatial Kernel Based Fuzzy C-Means Clustering Algorithm for Image Segmentation

    Authors: Pallavi Thakur; Chelpa Lingam

  43. Applications of Knowledge Base Research Methods in Undergraduate Studies-A Case study of Madawalabu University Business School

    Authors: Sreepada Hegde; Vijayalaxmi Hegde

  44. Mathematical Modeling of Three-Link Bipedal Robot

    Authors: Miral P. Shah; Ashish R. Patel


    Authors: Harsimrat Kaur; Janpreet Sigh

  46. An Overview on Implementation of Citation Parser Using Knowledge Base Techniques

    Authors: Anand V. Saurkar; A. R. Itkikar

  47. Analysis Of Supplier Selection Process On Product Quality

    Authors: Maulik Patel; Kedar Bhojak; Parikshit Patel

  48. Identification Of Improvement Opportunity In Drum Mix Plant Manufacturing Using Iso 9001 - Qms Standard

    Authors: Jainish Doshi; Kedar Bhojak; Jigar Doshi

  49. Detect And Localize Text In Natural Image Using Wavelet Transformation

    Authors: Maunil Patel; Aniruddhsinh Dodiya

  50. Enhancement in Nunit Testing Framework by binding Logging with Unit testing

    Authors: Viraj Daxini; D.A.Parikh

  51. Improved approach to predict user future sessions using classification and clustering

    Authors: Akshay Kansara; Swati Patel

  52. Elliptic Curve Cryptography: An efficient approach for encryption&decryption of a data sequence

    Authors: Ankita Soni; Nisheeth Saxena

  53. Comparison Study Of Parallel Computing With ALU and GPU (CUDA)

    Authors: Joe Johnson; G.Vijayalakshmi

  54. Object Detection Using the Canny Edge Detector

    Authors: Mathew George; C. Lakshmi

  55. Development of an Intelligent Routing Algorithm for Multi-Agent System in Grid Environment

    Authors: Hardik Joshi; C. Lakshmi

  56. Study of R2R 4-Bit and 8-Bit DAC circuit using Multisim Technology

    Authors: Raghavendra. R; S.A Hariprasad; M.Uttara Kumari

  57. Analysis And Detection Of Black Hole Attack In MANET

    Authors: Swati Saini; Vinod Saroha

  58. Modeling of an Automotive ThermoElectric Generator (ATEG)

    Authors: Chethan R Reddy; Shrikantha S Rao; Vijay Desai; Karthikeyan Ramachandran

  59. Multi-View Point Based Similarity Measure For Hierarchical Clustering

    Authors: Meena S.U.; P.Parthasarathi

  60. Development And Validation Of Hplc Method For The Simultaneous Estimation Of Loteprednol And Gatifloxacin

    Authors: Vaibhav Saxena; Anoop Singh

  61. A Survey On Security Issues&Concerns To Social Networks

    Authors: Kiran Malagi; Akshata Angadi; Karuna Gull

  62. Data Security through more robust DCT based methodology and Assessment in terms of PSNR

    Authors: Ajit Singh; Swati Aggarwal

  63. A review paper on Performance analysis of AODV,OLSR,DSR AND GRP routing protocols of adhoc networks

    Authors: Suchita Baxla; Professor Rajesh Nema

  64. A Novel TAB Based Preemptive Multi-Hop Local Repair Algorithm for AODV in MANET

    Authors: Deepika Patil; Nitika Vats Doohan

  65. Challenges in Password Memorization for Multiple Accounts of Single User

    Authors: Pratik Ranjan; Nachiketa Tarasia


    Authors: Jithesh Pooloth.

  67. A Novel Method of Data Encryption and Hiding Scheme Using VPASS Technique

    Authors: Anand L S; Prajwal S Sanket; Sharath R V; Varun R

  68. Balancing the Trade-Offs between Data Availability and Query Delay in MANETs

    Authors: Umar I. Masumdar; N. S. Killarikar

  69. Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network Communication Terminal based on RTOS

    Authors: P. Hazarath; J. Subhashini

  70. Fully Self-Powered Electromagnetic Energy Harvesting System

    Authors: N.Anil Kumar; S. Kolangiammal

  71. Adaptive Histogram Equalization For Detecting Cancer In Digital Mammogram

    Authors: Saranya Sathyamurthy; Dr. C. Lakshmi

  72. The Influences of Learning Goal Orientation&General Self Efficacy on Transfer of Training among Engineering Students

    Authors: Uma Pricilda Jaidev; Susan Chirayath

  73. A Case Report On Benign Sinonasal Paraganglioma

    Authors: Smrity Rupa Borah Dutta; Sachender Pal Singh; Aakanksha Rathor

  74. Performance of Glasswool and Cyclopaintain In Domestic Refrigeration

    Authors: Avinash M. Patil; Utkarsh N.Patil; Narendra V. Deshpande

  75. Analysis&Management Of Tripod Fractures : Our Experience

    Authors: Shams Uddin; Aakanksha Rathor; Abhinandan Bhattacharjee

  76. Efficient Load Balancing In Peer-to-Peer Systems with Partial knowledge of the System

    Authors: Suby Maria Jacob

  77. Unusual Presentation Of Tuberculosis In Head &Neck Region

    Authors: Aakanksha Rathor; Smrity Dutta

  78. Optimal Channel and Relay Assignment in OFDM-based System using AF and DF Relay Strategies

    Authors: Vaka Aiswarya; Bhargavi Reddy; Vitastata Sharma

  79. Software Reliability Growth Model With Bug Cycle And Duplicate Detection Techniques

    Authors: Poorva Sabnis; Amol Kadam

  80. Optimal Approach of Hybrid Genetic Algorithm for Web Service Selection Problem

    Authors: Kalpesh Lad; Trupti Manik

  81. Web portal Product Data Management in Automotive Enterprises

    Authors: X.Charles. Partha Sarathi Chakraborthy

  82. Common Bile Duct Obstructions

    Authors: Nirav Priyadarshi; K. I. Umamaheshwar; Dhaval Mistry

  83. Virtual Machine Migration Policies in Clouds

    Authors: Amritpal Singh; Supriya Kinger

  84. A New Classification Approach using Gapped Subsequences

    Authors: Kusum Sharma; Asha Ambhaikar

  85. Formulating of Smart Phone Application using HTML5 based Cross Platform Framework

    Authors: J. Vinusha; K. Rajasekhar

  86. An Edge Detection Algorithm for Flame and Fire Alert System

    Authors: Bibitha A A; R. Sureshkumar

  87. Adopting Domain based Reuse for Large-scale Company

    Authors: Gowtham Gajala; Nagavarapu Sateesh

  88. Pulmonary Function Tests In Wind Instrument Players

    Authors: Sunita.S.Dhule; Bisht Nene Sunita; Swati.R.Gawali

  89. Speech Enhancement Using Fast Adaptive Kalman Filtering Algorithm Along With Weighting Filter

    Authors: Shaik Sami; P.Padmaja

  90. Implementation of Non Shannon Entropy Measures for Color Image Segmentation And Comparison With Shannon Entropy Measures

    Authors: Vijayshree Gautam; Kamlesh Lakhwani

  91. Emotion based coping and subjective happiness among higher secondary students

    Authors: A.Joseashwinanand

  92. Problem Based Coping on Negative Emotion among Higher Secondary Students

    Authors: M.Mohamed Ayupkhan; K. Saraladevi

  93. A Quasi-Synchronous CDMA system using Frequency Domain Multi-User Detector (MUD)

    Authors: Anees K A; D.Damodaram

  94. The Role of Dietitian in Nutrition Service at King Khalid Hospital

    Authors: Shadia Mohamed Idris

  95. Deployment Architecture of the Various classes for Advanced metering systems

    Authors: A.Srinivas Rao; Anil kumar

  96. Java Culture Internalization in Elektrometri Learning Based Inquiry Laboratory Activities to Increase Inter-Intrapersonal Intelligence

    Authors: Sri Wardani; Asep Kadarohman; Buchari; Anna Permanasari

  97. Recent trends in Audiology: A Review

    Authors: Rajamani Santhosh Kumar

  98. Indexing Frequent Subgraphs in Large graph Database using Parallelization

    Authors: Swati C. Manekar; Manish Narnaware

  99. Real Time and Secure Video Transmission using Open MPI and Open MP

    Authors: Trupti Dandamwar; Manish Narnaware

  100. Marketing Paradox Implementation Through Promotion and Education WiFi Indonesia Service

    Authors: Harun Triyantoro

  101. A New Classifier for Handling Concept Drifting Data Stream

    Authors: Sudhir Ramrao Rangari; Snehlata Dongre; L G Malik

  102. Modeling and Forecasting Crude Oil Price: Implications for the Nigerias 2013 Budget Proposal

    Authors: K. J. Akomolafe; Jonathan D. Danladi

  103. Industrial Process Parameter Control using Ethernet

    Authors: N. U. Chipde; V. R. Raut

  104. Geo Environmental Studies of Ganganeru River Basin, Kadapa District, Andhra Pradesh, India

    Authors: R. Balram; S. Ramanaiah; V. Harinath

  105. Basic Natural Sciences Contribution for Scientific Attitude Development and Values of Life

    Authors: Bibin Rubini; Liliasari

  106. Design of Squinted Beam Slotted Linear Array Design of Squinted Beam Slotted Linear Array Antenna for Radar Application

    Authors: V. Venkateswara Rao; P. Siva Prasad