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International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.3, No.7

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2014-07-05

  1. Design and Characterization of a 3rd Order Low-Pass Butterworth Filter

    Authors: Shashank Soi

  2. Financial Inclusion of Tribal Women: Role of Upcoming Womens Banks

    Authors: Payal Tiwari

  3. To Study the Different Food Product Contamination and Food Handling Practices in 85 House Hold in Lucknow City

    Authors: Pooja Verma; Sunita Mishra

  4. To Study the Factors of Consumer Involvement in Fashion Clothing

    Authors: Nandini. R; Dr S. Jeevananda

  5. Client Side Filter Enhancement using Web Proxy

    Authors: Santosh Kumar Singh; Rahul Shrivastava

  6. Role of (fMRI) in Clinical Applications in the Field of Neurosurgery

    Authors: Dr. Mwahib Sid Ahmed Mohammed Osman Aldosh

  7. Effect of Concentration of the Electrolyte on the performance of Photoelectro Chemical (PEC) Solar Cell using MoTe1.5Se0.5Single Crystal

    Authors: Ravindrapal M Joshi

  8. Musculocutaneous Nerve Not Piercing the Coracobrachialis Muscle and also having Communication with Median Nerve - A Case Report

    Authors: Dr Girish V. Patil; Dr Shishirkumar

  9. Costus speciosus: An Important Medicinal Plant

    Authors: V. A. Pawar; P. R. Pawar

  10. Development of 4/16-Channel Data Acquisition System Using Lab VIEW

    Authors: Kishori Jadhav; Nisha Sarwade

  11. A Note on Finite Rank Quadratic Operators

    Authors: B. Krishna Reddy; N. Gopal Reddy

  12. Exploration and Interaction of Trichoderma species and their Metabolites by Confrontation assay against Pythium aphanidermatum

    Authors: Anuradha Singh; Mukesh Srivastava; Vipul Kumar; Antima Sharma; Sonika Pandey; Mohd. Shahid

  13. Ecology, Phytogeography and Perennation of Bryophytes in Rajasthan, India

    Authors: G. S Deora; Guhil.N

  14. Synthesis, Characterization and Microbial Activities of Novel Acetylthiophene Chalcone Derivatives

    Authors: Musthafa Yaseen Mowlana; Abdul Jamal Abdul Nasser

  15. N-tert-butylacrylamide based copolymers: Synthesis and Characterization of Poly (NTB -co-NVP)

    Authors: R. Krithika; P. Pazhanisamy; P. Jeyanthi

  16. Content and Usage Based Ranking for Enhancing Search Result Delivery

    Authors: Shital C. Patil; R. R. Keole

  17. Sixth Sense Technology

    Authors: L. Haritha Sridevi; Arul

  18. Analysis of Nodes with Distinct Angles using Scalable Network

    Authors: Swati Singh; Puneet Sandhu

  19. Epidemiological Measures of Disease Occurrence in Bluetongue

    Authors: G. Selvaraju

  20. Structural Configuration Optimization of a Multistorey Building by Optimum Positioning of Shear Wall

    Authors: M. Tamim.A

  21. The Environmental Impact Assessment by Using the Battelle Method

    Authors: Wagh C.H; Gujar M.G

  22. To Study the Groundwater Quality Which is Effected Due to Industrial Area (Ichalkaranji-Kolhapur)

    Authors: Wagh C.H

  23. Study of Waste Water Characteristics and its pollution for the stretch of Krishna River from Sangli to Haripur

    Authors: Wagh C.H; Kamat R. S

  24. Issues and Problems in the Growth of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Goa: An Empirical Study

    Authors: Dr. Anthony Sathish; Atmaram M. Tarpe

  25. Microbial Production of Protease: Isolation and Optimization

    Authors: Tahmina Akbar; Mohd Zafar; Dr. Knmiper

  26. Anthropometric Analysis of Talocrural Joint Based On Radiological Study in South Indian Population

    Authors: Dr. Shishirkumar; Dr. Satheesha Nambiar

  27. A Study of Variations in Arterial Supply of Human Pancreas

    Authors: Dr. Thejeswari; Dr. Shishirkumar; Dr. Girish V. Patil; Dr. Apoorva D

  28. Polling, Interrupts and muCOS-II: A Comparative Timing Response Simulation Model for Wireless Processor-to-Processor Communication

    Authors: Tinotenda Zwavashe; Dr. D Vasumathi

  29. Screening of Bio-control agent for the Eco-friendly Management of fungal Diseases of Aloe Vera

    Authors: Jaya Singh; Saurabh Gupta; Preeti Mishra; Ishwari Prasad Kori

  30. A 64 Bit Pipeline Based Decimal Adder Using a New High Speed BCD Adder

    Authors: Rahul Jain; Khushboo Singh; Ghanshyam Jangid

  31. Experimental Studies on the Effect of Substrate Dielectric Constant on the Resonant Frequency of Split-Ring Resonator Metamaterial Structure

    Authors: K. S Umadevi; V. P Joseph

  32. Role of Social Media in Marketing of Handloom Products

    Authors: Dr. Veena R. Humbe

  33. Effect of Different Concentration of Textile Waste Water On Nutritional Values of Cicer arietinum Var. Rsg 896 L

    Authors: Priya Goyal; Surendra Singh Chauhan

  34. A Highly linear CMOS Gm-C Low Pass Filter for Mobile Communication

    Authors: Renu Sahu; Zoonubiya Ali; Balram Timande

  35. Using Induced Polarisation as a Follow up to Magnetic Method in Prospecting for Gold at Lady A Claims

    Authors: Bernard Siachingoma; Renisia Tipedze

  36. The Magnetic Signature of Gold Bearing Rocks at Mphoengs

    Authors: Bernard Siachingoma; Simbarashe Chipokore

  37. Geophysical Ground Magnetic Investigations of Lady A claims in Concession, Zimbabwe

    Authors: Bernard Siachingoma

  38. Investigations into the Effect of Magnetic Fields on the Operations of the 2BC109B Bipolar Junction Transistor

    Authors: Bernard Siachingoma; John Madhombiro

  39. Using Ground Magnetics to Detect Limestone in Masvingo, Zimbabwe

    Authors: Bernard Siachingoma; Simbarashe Chipokore

  40. Acrylamide - A Potent Carcinogen in Food

    Authors: Amitha Thomas; Anjana Thomas

  41. Analysis of Narrative and Importance of Point of View in Novels

    Authors: Iran Nasseri Sisakht

  42. Epoxy Resin Vs MBC Binder for GFRP Retrofit Structures

    Authors: Raghavendra; V

  43. A Decision Tree based Font Style/Size Independent Kannada Printed Character Recognition System

    Authors: N. Shobha Rani; Smitha Madhukar

  44. Experimental Study of Optimum Tilt Angle for Solar PV Panel in Jaipur (Rajasthan)

    Authors: Saurav Kumar; Dr. P. B. L Chaurasia; Hari Kumar Singh

  45. Design of Modified Parallel Prefix Knowles Adder

    Authors: Pawan Kumar; Jasbir Kaur

  46. Bounds of Eigenvalues of Two-Parameter Problems

    Authors: Songita Boruah; Arun Kumar Baruah

  47. Analysis of Clock Gating for Dynamic Power Reduction in JK Flip Flop with Transmission Gate

    Authors: Neha Kumari; Rakesh Jain

  48. Energy Enhancement Using Network Coding and Duty Cycle in Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: M.Gaurish; Siddarama Patil

  49. Hydro-alcoholic Extracts of Fagonia indica Burm. f. Contribute Anti-pyrexia Activity to E. coli Exposure in Rabbits

    Authors: Saeed Ahmad; Hafiz Muhammad Wariss; Muhammad Khurshid Alam; Shazia Anjum; Khalil Ahmad; Naveed Akhtar

  50. Water Distribution Systems Efficiency Assessment Indicators - Concepts and Application

    Authors: Eugine Makaya; Oliver Hensel

  51. Efficiency Evaluation of Tea Waste for Adsorption of Hexavalent Chromium from Industrial Effluent

    Authors: Khushboo Bhavsar; Payal Patel

  52. Cloud Computing Using Cloud-Level Scheduling: A Survey

    Authors: Sanket Mani Tiwari

  53. Sex Difference in the Anthropometry of Ankle Joint Based On Plain X-Rays

    Authors: Dr. Shishirkumar; Dr. Satheesha Nambiar

  54. A Novel Approach to 32-Bit Approximate Adder

    Authors: Shalini Singh; Ghanshyam Jangid

  55. Research Analysis and Comparison of Various Surgical Techniques of Incisional Hernia Repair

    Authors: Dr. Prakash V. Chauhan; Dr. Hitendra K. Desai

  56. Review Paper on Electroencephalographic Evaluation of Sudarshan Kriya

    Authors: Yugandhara Meshram; Prajakta Fulpatil

  57. Prevalence Estimates of Chronic Kidney Disease in Hail Region, KSA: In a Comprehensive Survey

    Authors: Hussain Gadelkarim Ahmed; Ibrahim Abdelmajeed Ginawi; Awdah M. Al-hazimi

  58. An Investigation into the Development of ICT Skills among Mathematics Students in Higher Learning Institutions, A Case of Mukuba University

    Authors: Mwewa Peter; Samuel Boby Elizabeth; Musonda Allan

  59. Effect of Examination Stress On Parameters of Autonomic Functions In Medical Students

    Authors: Shruti J. Shah; Hitendra M. Patel

  60. Dry Machining of Superalloys: Difficulties and Remedies

    Authors: Ravindra K. Palakudtewar; Sharad V. Gaikwad

  61. Development of Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato (OFSP) Based Juice Drink to Help Reduce On Vitamin A Deficiency

    Authors: Lubowa Muhammad; Yerbie Aminah; Kisambira Abbas

  62. Development of Artificial Neural Network Models for Estimation of Yield of Cotton

    Authors: Pranav Mistry; Dr. T.M.V.Suryanarayana

  63. Design and Implementation of Efficient Multichannel Data Compression in Wireless Sensor Nodes

    Authors: Navalakshmi B

  64. Simulation of Moment Deflection Test on Driver Seat of Car Using Finite Element Analysis

    Authors: Ankit Jhinkwan; Jaswinder Singh

  65. A Comparative Analysis of Detection and Prevention of Wormhole attacks in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks

    Authors: Sushant S. Bahekar; Prashant Panse

  66. Sustainable Management of the Supply Chain

    Authors: Iness Amami; Rabii Maalej; Sawsan Sadaoui

  67. Role of Coupled-Channels in Heavy Ions Reactions at the Coulomb Barrier

    Authors: Fouad A. Majeed; Khalid S. Jassim; Noor H. Abbas

  68. Effect of Whole-Body Vibration on Vehicle Operators: A Review

    Authors: Ghuman Kuljit Singh

  69. Comparison of Methodologies for Conceptual Design of Mechanisms

    Authors: Shoumik Pravin Kulkarni; Maruti M. Khot

  70. A Greedy Methodology to Solve Travelling Salesperson Problem Using Ant Colony Optimization

    Authors: Wrishin Sarkar; Himadri Nath Saha; Arpita Ghosh

  71. Effect of Precursor beta-phenylalanine on Production of Flavonoids of Maytenus emarginata in vitro

    Authors: Shweta Mathur; Asha Goswami

  72. Color Image Encryption and Decryption Based Pixel Shuffling with 3D Blowfish Algorithm

    Authors: Asia Mahdi Naser Alzubaidi; Noor Dhia Kadhm Al-Shakarchy

  73. Detection and Prevention of Fingerprint Altering / Spoofing Based On Pores (Level-3) With The Help of Multimodal Biometrics

    Authors: Maneesh Kumar Sharma

  74. Review of Literature on Investment Behavior of Rural Investors

    Authors: Dr. K. Malar Mathi; A. Kungumapriya

  75. Cluster Based Attribute Slicing: A New Approach for Privacy Preservation

    Authors: Vanita Babanne; Neha N. Jamdar

  76. Successful Management of Metatarsal Fracture in a Goat Using External Skeletal Fixation

    Authors: Bini Joy; Syam K Venugopal

  77. Image Encryption Using AES with Modified Transformation

    Authors: Harleen Kaur; Reena Mehla

  78. Superior Articular Facets of Atlas Vertebra - Amorphological Study

    Authors: Dr. Girish V. Patil; Dr. Shishirkumar

  79. Inference Framework for Smart Surveillance

    Authors: Pooja Pande; T. Tamilarasi

  80. Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis of Blood Flow Pattern - A Review

    Authors: Bharath Ganesan; Karthikeyan Mayakrishnan

  81. Health Risks from Contaminated Water in the Public Water Distribution System in Rural Area

    Authors: Tarakeshwari.M; Dr. Udayashankara T. H

  82. Economic and Social Contributions of Parking in Brazzaville, Case Study of Bacongo Total Market

    Authors: Nzoussi Hilaire Kevin; Li Jiang Feng

  83. Performance Analysis of TCP Variants under MANET Environment and using NS-2

    Authors: Anwar Khan; Dharmendra Sharma

  84. Towards Early Diagnosis and Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: The Role of Smartphones

    Authors: Denye Ogeh; Segun Fatumo

  85. Sequence Stratigraphy of Paleocene Sediments of Pondicherry area, Cauvery Basin, South India, Tamil Nadu

    Authors: N. Malarkodi

  86. An Approach of Analysis of Data Centers in Cloud by Dividing the Response Time

    Authors: Preeti Kamble; Amar Buchade

  87. Scalable and Secure Sharing of Personal Health records in Cloud Computing Using Attribute Based Encryption

    Authors: Y. B. Gurav; Manjiri Deshmukh

  88. Prevention to Cross-site Scripting Attacks: A Survey

    Authors: Manisha S Mahindrakar

  89. Construction of an Intrusion Relieved Communication Channel using a Hybrid Optimized Algorithm

    Authors: R. Reshma; S.K. Srivatsa

  90. Elementary School Students' Motivation Profiles in Learning Science for Conceptual Changing

    Authors: Lily Barlia

  91. Brain Tumor Detection using ANNs

    Authors: Nisha N. Ingole; Dhananjay E. Upasani

  92. MSL Hand Gesture System

    Authors: Priyanka Tandale

  93. Assessment of Risk Factors for Chronic Kidney Disease in Saudi Arabia

    Authors: Ibrahim Abdelmajeed Ginawi; Hussain Gadelkarim Ahmed; Awdah M. Al-hazimi

  94. Operational Risk, Applying the Mosler Methodology in Production Sector in Mexico

    Authors: Jos Vctor Galaviz Rodrguez; Brian Manuel Gonzlez Contreras

  95. Fairness Issues in a Wireless LAN

    Authors: Vaggala Navyatha; E. Sunil Reddy

  96. XSS Worm Propagation and Detection in Online Social Network

    Authors: Kolanoori Pravallika; B. Srinivas Reddy

  97. Strengthening of Shear Deficient RC T-Beams with Externally Bonded FRP Sheets

    Authors: Abhishek Kumar Karna

  98. Matrix Converter: A Power Quality Conditioner

    Authors: Archana.K; Dr. Puttamadappa.C

  99. Solvent Effects on Nonlinear Optical Properties of Novel Para-nitroaniline Derivatives: A Density Functional Approach

    Authors: David Pegu

  100. Research and Analytical Study of 50 Cases of Acute Pancreatitis

    Authors: Dr. Prakash V. Chauhan; Dr. Rajnish R. Patel

  101. Community Based Tourism Programmes: Entrepreneurial Capabilities and Performance in Arusha, Tanzania

    Authors: Dr. Daud N. Mollel; Gladness L. Kotoroi

  102. Antibiotic Sensitivity Test on E. coli Isolates from Different Sources

    Authors: Sumona Chakrabortty; Dr. Rachana Choudhary; Dr. Sonia Bajaj

  103. A Novel Approach of Sensors-Based Wearable Systems for Monitoring of Human Movement and Falls

    Authors: P. Prakash; T. V. S. Adinarayana

  104. Natural Kurseong is Under Civilized Intervention-an Alarm to its Eco-fitness-A case Study on Kurseong Municipality, West Bengal

    Authors: Rabin Das

  105. Health Risk Assessment of Microbial Water Quality and Bioaerosols Emission from Byramangala Reservior, Karnataka, India

    Authors: Sivasakthivel.S; Nandini.N

  106. Antineoplastic Effect of Selected Essential Oil on Ethanol Induced Liver Toxicity IIN Albino Wistar Rats

    Authors: Umasankar.K; Balwin Nambikkairaj; Manley Backyavathy.D

  107. Finite Volume Numerical Grid Technique for Multidimensional Problems

    Authors: J.S.V.R. Krishna Prasad; Parag V. Patil

  108. Comparative Studies on Nutritional Quality of Cattle and Buffalo Meat

    Authors: Atif Aziz; Atta Hussain Shah; Israr ul Haq; Muhammad Khaskheli; Muhammad Salman; Aisha Rahman Talpur

  109. Raised Haemoglobin F (HbF) Level in Haemoglobinopathies: an Indicator of Polymorphism

    Authors: Bijeta Ghose Guha; S. K. Sharma

  110. A Study on Environmentally Aware Business Models Lean, Green, Zero Waste Technology, and Corporate Social Responsibility

    Authors: P. Latha; Inbasekaran S

  111. Sports Metaphors - To Live by and Spice up Sports and other Domain Specific Languages

    Authors: Danica Pirsl; Tea Pirsl

  112. Study of the Level at which the Sacral Hiatus Opens in South Indian Population

    Authors: Dr Thejeswari; Dr. Shishirkumar

  113. Women Issues and Arya Samaj

    Authors: Indu Bala

  114. Approximation of Conjugate of Function Belonging to W(Lr, xi (t)) Class by (E, 2) (C, 1) Mean of Conjugate Fourier Series

    Authors: Santosh Kumar Sinha; U. K. Shrivastava

  115. Qualitative and Microbiological Study on Vetiveria Lawsonii

    Authors: Viji Saral Elezabeth D; Ramachandran P

  116. Common Fixed Point for Intimate Mappings in Banach Space

    Authors: Raghu Nandan Patel; Damyanti Patel

  117. Challenges of Local Government Administration in Nigeria; An Appraisal of Nigerian Experience

    Authors: Shamsuddin Bolatito; Dr. SiddigBalal Ibrahim

  118. Spectroscopic Studies on the Interaction of Toludine Blue Dye with Sodium Alginate Polyelectrolyte

    Authors: Banti Ganguly; R. K. Nath

  119. Internet Banking Fraud Detection using HMM and BLAST-SSAHA Hybridization

    Authors: Avanti H. Vaidya; S. W. Mohod

  120. Study and Analysis of Different Parameters and Power Consumption of Various Multipliers in FIR Filter using VHDL

    Authors: Sushant Shekhar; Ghanshyam Jangid

  121. Nanowire Array Based UV Detectors

    Authors: Mohammad R. Alenezi; Talal H. Alzanki; Abdullah M. Almeshal

  122. Design of Low Complexity Profile MPEG 4 AAC Audio Decoder

    Authors: Suyog V Pande; M. A. Gaikwad; D. R. Dandekar

  123. Dynamic Key Generation Algorithm for User Authentication at Mobile Cloud Enviroinment

    Authors: Deepak G; Dr. Pradeep. B. S; Shreyas Srinath

  124. Molecular Identification of Newcastle Disease Virus from Free Living Birds

    Authors: M. Geetha

  125. Image Decomposition&Compression using Discrete Wavelet Transform and Sub band Coding

    Authors: Rimzim Dasondi; Pratibha Nagaich

  126. Reducing Duplicate Content Using XXHASH Algorithm

    Authors: Rahul Mahajan; Dr. S. K. Gupta; Rajeev Bedi

  127. Biomedical Waste Management System for Mandya City

    Authors: Chaithra K. M.; Dr. Sadashivamurthy B. M.

  128. Drought and Adaptive Strategies in the Dande Valley of Zimbabwe

    Authors: Anyway Katanha; Katsaruware Debra Rumbidzai

  129. Thermal Analysis of Hot Wall Condenser for Domestic Refrigerator

    Authors: Akash D. Raiyani; N. R. Sheth; Niraj C. Mehta

  130. LoG Feature Extraction Based Photographic Detection

    Authors: Sujitha B Cherkottu; Smija Das

  131. Climate Change Adaptation Challenges in Semi Arid Region of Dande Valley in Zimbabwe

    Authors: Anyway Katanha; Gilliet Chigunwe

  132. Nanocomposite Electrode Microbial Fuel Cell:A Promising Technology for Enhanced Power Generation from Yamuna Water

    Authors: Darshan Malik; Jayita Thakur; Sunita Singh; Raj Kishore Singh; Anita Kapur; Amarjeet Kaur; Shashi Nijhawan; Anil Kumar

  133. An Overview of Adaptive Channel Equalization Techniques and Algorithms

    Authors: Navdeep Singh Randhawa

  134. A Comprehensive Survey of Downlink Scheduling Algorithms in WiMAX

    Authors: Shally Sharma

  135. Improving Network Management with Software Defined Networking

    Authors: A. Neeraja; Dr. N. Chandra Sekhar Reddy; Mukund

  136. Effect of Flexible Pes Planus on Postural Stability in adolescent Females

    Authors: Fayiz F. El-Shamy; Anees S. Ghait

  137. Analysis of VoIP traffic over WiMAX

    Authors: Navdeep Singh Randhawa; Shally Sharma

  138. Genetic Transformation&Gus Gene Expression in Piper longum

    Authors: Sudipta Banerjee; M. A. Mallick

  139. Work Load Allocation and Cumulative Analysis in Training and Assessment Department Based On Balanced Load Approach

    Authors: Akshatha Prabhu; Pavitra.M

  140. Evaluation of Pre-Donation Deferral Causes in Whole Blood Donor Population at a Tertiary Rural Health Centre

    Authors: Dr. Vamseedhar Annam; Dr. NaliniMohan.C; Dr. Lakshmi.R; Dr. Mrinalini.V.R; Dr. Sivachandran

  141. In vitro Growth Performance of Trichoderma species and Antagonistic activity against Soil Borne Pathogens

    Authors: Mukesh Srivastava; Anuradha Singh; Mohd. Shahid

  142. Beetroot-Herbal Alternative to Synthetic Indicator in Titrimetric Analysis

    Authors: P. H. Sharma; P. V. Powar

  143. A Review on Fault Diagnosis of Induction Motor Using Artificial Neural Networks

    Authors: Kanika Gupta; Arunpreet Kaur

  144. The Differing Views in using the Common Assessment Tasks in Secondary School Science

    Authors: Rozi-Suzanah Yatab; Masitah Shahrill

  145. A Review on Direct Torque Control for Induction Motor

    Authors: Devender Kumar; Ishan Thakur

  146. A Study to Assess the Level of Anxiety among Cancer Patients at Krishna Hospital, Karad

    Authors: Vaishali R Mohite; Prabhuswami Hiremath; Prakash Naregal

  147. Computational and Evaluation of Orthogonal Metal Cutting Process Using Ale Method

    Authors: K. Siddaruda; Gourishankar Hiremath

  148. Intrusion Secure Algorithm for AODV

    Authors: Ekta; Nasib Singh Gill

  149. Hierarchical CP-ABE Scheme Implementation on Amazon EC2 Cloud

    Authors: D. N. Rewadkar; V. S. Dhumal

  150. Blood Coagulation Changes among Sudanese Patients with Pulmonary Tuberculosis

    Authors: Ahmed Abdalla Agab Eldour; Maha Elfatih; Rashid Awad Abdalla Salih; Hussain Gadelkarim Ahmed

  151. Single Layer Monopole Slotted Microstrip Antenna for Ku-Band Applications

    Authors: Upendra Kumar Singh; Monika Nanda

  152. A New Pulse Width Modulated PFC Zeta Converter Fed Sensorless BLDC Motor Drive with Position Feedback

    Authors: Sreedevi K J; C Sojy Rajan

  153. Effect of Asanas and Pranayama on Weight of Males School Going Children

    Authors: Dr. Uday Bhanu Kundu

  154. Study of Incidence of Metopism in Adult South Indian Skulls

    Authors: Dr. C. Sheshgiri; Dr. Shishirkumar

  155. Complete Non-Fusion of Sacral Lamina - A Case Study

    Authors: Sushanth; Dr. Shishirkumar

  156. A Comparative Study of Effect of Pran Dharana and Om Chanting On Anxiety of College Students

    Authors: Dr. Moradhvaj Singh

  157. A Phytopharmacological Review on Asparagus racemosus

    Authors: Deepika Choudhary; Dimple Sharma

  158. Partial Swarm Optimization for Minimizing Occlusion Problem during Multi-Face Recognition

    Authors: M. A. Archana; Dinesh Kumar.T; Dr. C. Parthasarathy

  159. The Effect of Nervous Tissue Mobilization on Pinch&Grip Strength

    Authors: Dr. Dabholkar Tejashree; Dabholkar Ajit S

  160. Design and Development of Miniature Turbine Based Flow Sensing Device for Respiratory Flow Diagnosis

    Authors: Jyotsna Sharma; Jaspal Singh

  161. Evaluation of Composite Tapered Cone for Torsion using Finite Element Analysis

    Authors: Zeeshan Khan; Dr. R. J. Patil

  162. Design Low Power 10t and Comparison 16t, 14t and 11t Full Adder Using Invariant Parameter at 45nm Technology

    Authors: Umashankar Dhepra; Rajkumar Gehlot

  163. Detection of Zygotic Embryos of Citrus reticulata by Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA Technique

    Authors: B. Mondal; A. Pal; R. Saha

  164. Wavelet Analysis of Physiological Control Mechanisms during Physical Activity

    Authors: Dineshen Chuckravanen; Sujan Rajbhandari

  165. Analysis of Fault Tolerance using Clustering Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network

    Authors: Swati P. Wankhede; A. N.Thakare; M. S. Nimbarte

  166. Performance Evaluation of Routing Protocols (AODV, DSDV and DSR) with Black Hole Attack

    Authors: Rozy Rana; Kanwal Preet Singh

  167. Comparative Fastness of AM Development in Roots of Different Rice Cultivars Due to their Varying Responsiveness to AMF

    Authors: Ramkrishna Saha; Bidisha Mondal

  168. Performance of FPGA for Home Automation using VHDL

    Authors: Firoz Akhtar; Dr. Pramod B. Patil

  169. Cassava Starch-Mixed Polypropylene Biodegradable Polymer: Preparation, Characterization and Effects of Biodegradation Products on Growth of Plants

    Authors: Obasi Henry C; Igwe Isaac O

  170. Comparison of Three Remedial Alternative Solutions' and Selection of Best for Alternative Design of Pressure Board UVSL

    Authors: Kapil Deshmukh; Dr. S. P. Untawale

  171. Microbial Diversity during Composting Cycles of Rice Straw

    Authors: Mohamed Hefnawy; Osama M. Nagdi

  172. Solar Dynamo Model

    Authors: Rohini V. S.

  173. Seasonal, Biometric and Dynamic Monitoring of the Shihia Plant Cotula cinerea Del (1831) and its Accompanying Plants in the Saharan Region Oued-Souf (South-East of Algeria)

    Authors: Chouikh Atef; Chefrour Azzedine

  174. Causal Association between Enterotoxaemia and Its Determinants in Small Ruminants

    Authors: G. Selvaraju

  175. Transformational Leadership and Academic Staff in Iraqi Public Universities

    Authors: Hussain K. Hussain; Noraini Abu Talib; Ishak Mad Shah

  176. Use of Scientific Methods in Archaeology

    Authors: Garima Bharti

  177. Design of Low Power Voltage Controlled Ring Oscillator Using MTCMOS Technique

    Authors: Neeta Yadav; Sakshi Gupta

  178. Finite Element Analysis of Springback of a Sheet Metal in Wipe Bending Process

    Authors: Amul Biradar; M. D. Deshpande

  179. Microstructure and Wear Characterization of A356-ZrSio4 Particulate Metal Matrix Composite

    Authors: Shivanna; V. S. Ramamurthy

  180. Comparison of Growth Parameters of School Age Children according to WHO and CDC Standard Growth Norms - A Descriptive Survey

    Authors: Rupehali Sharma; Sangeetha Priyadarshini; Ansuya

  181. Modified Belief Propagation-Based Defense against Routing Toward Primary User Attack in Cognitive Radio Networks

    Authors: Dhanashree Yogesh Jangam; Aruna K. Gupta

  182. Ranking and Clustering of Software Cost Estimation Models

    Authors: Vijaya Wable; S. M. Shinde

  183. Detection of Malicious Client based HTTP/DoS Attack on Web Server

    Authors: Dhanya Jayan; Pretty Babu

  184. Efficient PAPR Reduction in OFDM Systems Based on a Companding Technique

    Authors: Rikhee Ram; Aashish Hiradhar

  185. Experimental Determination and Analysis of Fracture Toughness of MMC

    Authors: Shivaraja H B; B S Praveen Kumar

  186. The Impact of Intrinsic Job Satisfaction and Extrinsic Job Satisfaction on Product Innovation: A Case of Iraqi Public Universities

    Authors: Hussain K. Hussain; Noraini Abu Talib; Ishak Mad Shah

  187. A Fuzzy Mathematical Model for the Effect of Gastrin in Humans

    Authors: A. Venkatesh; G. Subramani

  188. Low Power 8 Bit quantum ALU Implementation Using Reversible Logic Structure

    Authors: Vijay G. Roy; P. R. Indurkar; D. M. Khatri

  189. Characteristics of Effective Instructors from the Students' Perspective in Swiss Higher Education

    Authors: Roediger Voss

  190. The Dynamics of Behavioral Finance: A Plus for Professional Investment Practitioners'

    Authors: Moses Odongo Otieno; Samuel Mwangi Miano

  191. Seasonal Fluctuation of Zooplankton Biodiversity in Panvel Lakes (Vishrale, Krishnale and Dewale Lake) at Dist. - Raigad (Maharashtra) India

    Authors: Dr. Shashikala R. S. Prajapati; Anita S. Jadhav

  192. Role of Strategic Planning Practices on the Performance of Public Institutions in Kenya

    Authors: Hellen Rintari; Dr. Makori Moronge

  193. Area and Delay Analysis of Modulo 2n plusmn 1 Adder Subtractor Using Prefix Adder on Weighted One and Diminished-1

    Authors: Kishore Kunal; Ghanshyam Jangid

  194. Learned Helplessness in Adolescents

    Authors: Sanju Verma; Manju Gera

  195. Preparation and Characterization of Activated Carbons Based on Peanut Shell (Arachis hypogaea) Green Soya Shell (Vigna radiata)

    Authors: Paul Honor Kaldia OUATTARA; Marc Iri GOULI BI; Urbain KOUAKOU; Ardjouma DEMBELE; Aboua Jacques YAPO; Albert TROKOUREY

  196. HCR Using K-Means Clustering Algorithm

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