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International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.4, No.4

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2015-04-05

  1. Improving the Resource Allocation in Grid Computing using Fusion of SS-GA

    Authors: S. Ramachandra; R. Praveen Sam

  2. Impact of HIV/HBV Co-infection on Blood Donor CD4+ Cell Count in Jos, North-Central Nigeria

    Authors: Onoja A Michael; Ejele AO; Egesie OJ; Alao OO; Nnwanadi AI; Orkuma. JA

  3. A Novel Approach for Encryption of Text Messages, Analysis and Implementation of Simple Coloumnar Transposition Cipher with Ceasar Cipher and Rail Fence Cipher in C/C++

    Authors: Jawad Ahmad Dar; Amit Verma

  4. Precocious Study of Micro Algae for Biofuels of Aundha Region Dist. Hingoli

    Authors: R. B. Borse; Pathan A. A.

  5. A Case Report of Posner Schlossman Syndrome

    Authors: Dr Rajiv Kumar Das; Dr Mrs. B. Devi

  6. Effects of Dietary Enzymes on the Larval Performance of the Red Sea Bream (Pagrus major)

    Authors: Julio Lpez-Alvarado

  7. Role-Based IT-Access: Who Sets the Standards in German Internal Audit Departments?

    Authors: C. T. Wildensee

  8. The Role of Indigenous Knowledge in Socio-Economic Development

    Authors: Wangu Githui; Nyariki David; Sakwa Maurice

  9. Factors Related to the Stigma Associated with HIV / Aids Patient

    Authors: Namrata Mohite; Mahadeo Shinde

  10. Knowledge Regarding Health Hazards of Junk Foods among Adolescents

    Authors: More Ujwala Ramchandra; Avinash H. Salunkhe; V. R. Mohite

  11. Manufacturing and Material of Wind Mill: The Review

    Authors: Ajinkya Patil; A. M. Naniwadekar

  12. Spatial Temporal Prediction of Malaria Risk in Western Kenya using Bayesian Geostatistical Approach

    Authors: Gilbert K. Sang; Edward H. Waithaka PhD

  13. ISSR Marker Analysis of Acacia Auriculiformis in First Generation Orchard Populations

    Authors: A. Shanthi; Gokula Priya

  14. Gender Difference in Personality of School Going Children Belongs to Different Socio-Economic Groups

    Authors: Onam Dayal; Neha Dayal

  15. Resonant Converter Forreduction of Voltage Imbalance in a PMDC Motor

    Authors: Vaisakh. T

  16. Image Mapping and Object Removal Using Haar Wavelet Transform in Image Inpainting

    Authors: B. H. Deokate; Priya M. Jadhav

  17. Oxidative Stress and 3243 A/G Mitochondrial Dna Mutation In Maternally Inherited Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

    Authors: Utpal J. Dongre; Virendra G. Meshram; Shailesh Pitale

  18. To Study the Anxiety Level and Self-Concept among Army Personnel

    Authors: Rajesh Kumar; Roshan Lal; Beenu Varma

  19. An Efficient Approach towards File Storage and Sharing in Network

    Authors: Anil Bharat Ahir; Hira Namdev Rakhunde

  20. A Study to Assess the Level of Postnatal Depression among Postnatal Mothers Admitted in the Krishna Hospital, Karad

    Authors: Tukaram B. Zagade; Prasanna Deshpande

  21. A Scalable Two-Phase Bottom-Up Specialization Prospective for Data Anonymization Using Map Reduce on Cloud

    Authors: Dilipprasad.E; Ajay.R; K. Durairaj

  22. A Technique for Filtering Unnecessary Messages from Online Social Network

    Authors: Krishna N; Sharanabasava Raddi

  23. Implementation of Mobile-Healthcare using Cloud Computing with Access Control, Security and Privacy

    Authors: Smitha Kr; Rajashekar SA

  24. A Reform in the Department of Nursing Sciences, Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki, Nigeria Using Transformational Leadership Style

    Authors: Anyigor Chukwuma Nwankwo; Ekuma Chidiebere Ekuma; Ominyi Jude Nweze; Agom David Agom

  25. Modeling of Water Absorption Process in the Woods

    Authors: Z. Mahhate; M. L. Bouamrani; M. El Kouali; S. Yousfi; M. Talbi; N. Amardon

  26. Allocation of Resources for Users by Using Fairness and Stability in Network

    Authors: V. Suresh; P. Prassenna

  27. Renal Hilar Paraganglioma - A Case Report

    Authors: Rovena Bode; Medi Agolli; Rudin Domi; Medi Alimehmeti

  28. A Hybrid DWT, SVD and PCA based Digital Video Watermarking Scheme

    Authors: Kalyani Rajurkar; S. K. Nanda

  29. Cultural Differences

    Authors: Mustafa Wshyar Abdullah Al-Ahmedi

  30. Design and Analysis of Automotive Powertrain Using Static, Model, Thermal and Transient Structure Analysis Techniques

    Authors: Rahul Pratap Yadav

  31. MHD Slip Flow and Convective Heat Transfer of Nanofluids over a Permeable Stretching Surface

    Authors: S. P. Anjali Devi; T. Elakkiya Priya

  32. Hand Length and Hand Breadth: A Study of Correlation Statistics among Human Population

    Authors: Sangeeta Dey; A. K. Kapoor

  33. Implementation of Delay Measurement System for Small Delay Defect Detection

    Authors: Supriya Thorat; Snehal Bhosale

  34. Oxidative/Antioxidant Status of Different Muscles of Fresh Pork Meat

    Authors: Veselina Gadjeva; Ivan Vashin; Ivan Stankov; Galina Nikolova; Donika Ivanova; Ralitsa Kjuchukova; Antoaneta Zheleva

  35. Life form Composition and Biological Spectrum of Ramnagar Wildlife Sanctuary, J & K, India

    Authors: Sehrish Gazal; Anil K. Raina

  36. Insulin and Blood Glucose Levels in Sudanese Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

    Authors: Omer M.Shoaib; Dr. Bader EldinH.Elabid; Dr. Mustafa D.Mustafa

  37. Ultrasonic and Spectroscopic Investigations on 1-Hexyl-3-Methylimidazolium Solution

    Authors: Seethalakshmi.K; Jasmine Vasantha Rani.E

  38. Control of Wind Turbine with Induction Generators

    Authors: Surendra Singh Bhandawat; Neha Tiwari

  39. Traumatic Conjunctival Inclusion Cyst of Right Eye-A Case Report and Review of Literature

    Authors: Dr. M. Nirmala; Dr. M. Vijaya Leela; Dr. D. Udaya Kumar; Dr. V. Swapna Latha

  40. Facies Characteristics, Depositional Environments and Sequences Stratigraphy of the Euphrates Formation in Hadetha Area, Western Iraq

    Authors: M. F. Al-Ghreri; A. S. Al-gibouri; S. O. Al-Heety

  41. In Vitro alpha- Amylase Inhibitory Activity and GC- MS Analysis of Petrea volubilis

    Authors: Parul Sharma; Rekha Vijayvergia

  42. Enhanced Bioavailability of Sparsely Soluble PAHs

    Authors: Dr. Palashpriya Das

  43. Comparison of PNG&JPEG Format for LSB Steganography

    Authors: Bharat Sinha

  44. Wave Transit Time in Polymer-Mortar Composites

    Authors: Msc. Eng. Yasir Mohammed Abdulateef Al Bayati; Asst. Prof. Dr. Besma Mohammed Fahad

  45. Effect of Gamma Radiation on Electrical Properties of Bi1-xCaxFeO3 Multiferroic

    Authors: A. M. Madbouly

  46. Safety of Bronchodilators and Corticosteroids in Hyper Reactive Air Way Disease in Children Aged 1-12 Years: A Prospective Observational Study

    Authors: G. Anusha; A. Sravya varma; S. Sravanthi; P. Yashodhara; K. Ramireddy

  47. An Optimal Approach to Load Balancing in Cloud Computing Based On Comparative Study and Analysis

    Authors: Kushagra Jaiswal; Navneet Kaur; Mohit Sharma

  48. Optimal Resource Allocation and Load Distribution for Server Processors using Hot Spot Migration - A Survey

    Authors: Leema D.A; Dr. K. N. Narasimaha Murthy

  49. Sand Shale Ratio as Holocene Sea Level Change Indicator on The Gresik Plain, East Java

    Authors: R.M. Riza Atmadibrata; Nana Sulaksana; A. Helman Hamdani

  50. Review on Reduction of Magnetizing Inrush Current in Transformer

    Authors: Haresh S. Nankani; R. B. Kelkar

  51. Voltage Stability Analysis of Smart Grid and Application of FACTS Controller: A Review

    Authors: Rajkumari Pandey; Payal Suhane

  52. A Case Report on Nerve Conduction in Right Limb Muscular Atrophy

    Authors: Arbind Kumar Choudhary; Sadawarte Sahebrao Kishanrao

  53. Higher Mathematics Sign Language Interpreter

    Authors: Anita S. Walde; Dr. Ulhas Shiurkar

  54. Comparison of Outcome of Passive Joint Mobilization Techniques with Active Assisted Pulley Exercises in Patients with Frozen Shoulder in Improving Range of Motion

    Authors: Asad Aziz; Hafiz Muhammad Asim; Hira Dilshad Ali

  55. Differences in the Effectiveness of Herbal, Betel Leaves, and Chlorhexidine Mouthwash on Plaque Reduction in Orphanage Children

    Authors: Yetty Herdiyati; Meirina Gartika; Ninda Kartikadewi; Fellani Danasra Dewi

  56. Nigerian Cashless Banking Policy: A Multi-Aspectual View of Trust Issues Affecting the Adoption of E-Commerce and Other Technology Tools

    Authors: Abdul-Hamid A.Kaduna Mu'azu A. A. Kaduna Hayatu M. Kaduna

  57. Clinical and Anthropometric Profile of Severe Acute Malnourished Children on Therapeutic Intervention with WHO/UNICEF Recommended Therapeutic Food and Home Based Therapeutic Food

    Authors: Bharti Bhandari Anita Mehta; Ayesha Imran

  58. A Survey on Image Compression Methods with PCA&LDA

    Authors: Rakhi Seth; Sanjivani Shantaiya

  59. On Pre-p-Continuity Where p {L, M, R, S}

    Authors: M. Priyadarshini; R. Selvi; P. Thangavelu

  60. Evaluation of Antimitogenic and Cytotoxic Potential of Anacardiumoccidentale Leaf Extracts in Allumcepa Root Tip Cells and Against Sarcoma-180 Cells

    Authors: Pralay Maity; Madhubanti Bepari; Sujata Maiti Choudhury

  61. BPCS Steganography and Visual Cryptography: An Advance Technique for Online Payment Security in E-Commerce for Developing Countries

    Authors: Vaishnavi J. Deshmukh; Dr. A. S. Alvi

  62. Enhancing Security of Personal Health Records in Cloud Computing by Encryption

    Authors: Nishitha Ramakrishnan; Sreerekha B

  63. A Survey on Stock Market Prediction Techniques

    Authors: Shyam Kute; Sunil Tamhankar

  64. The Upper Temperature Limit Above which the Influence of Dislocations Due to the Presence of the Reinforcement of the Composite 6061/SiC becomes Negligible

    Authors: D. Dafir; M. Boulghallat; L. Lallam; A. Jouaiti

  65. Spatial Distribution Patterns of an Amphibian Community in a Threatened West Africa Rainforest (Ivory Coast)

    Authors: NGuessan Emmanuel Assemian; NGoran Germain Kouam; Blayda Toh; Germain Gourne; Mark-Oliver Rdel

  66. An Energy-Efficient Algorithm Integrated with Target Tracking and Mobile Sensor Navigation

    Authors: Amrutha Kakkoth; Rijin I K

  67. Performance Analysis of Shunt Active Power Filter with Different Switching Signal Generation Techniques

    Authors: Akash N. Belonkar; Mukund R. Salodkar

  68. The Impact of LGS and PM10 in Cardio Vascular and Respiratory System; A Study about the Air Pollution; Particles LGS & PM10' Impact in Cardiac and Respiratory Patients in the Cities of Fieri and Vlora

    Authors: Mimoza Canga MD PhD; Vito Antonio Malagnino MD DDS

  69. Bio Inspired Hybrid Bat Algorithm with Na've Bayes Classifier for Feature Selection

    Authors: Pallavi; T Jayakumari

  70. Web Filtering with SQL Injection

    Authors: Yogesh Ghuse; Chetan Harshe; Pratibha S. Ghode

  71. Advanced Automated Electronic Gauging System

    Authors: Shreyas A. Dhole; P. H. Kulkarni

  72. Block Printing with Dye Concentrate of Butea Monosperma Flowers with Gum Extracted from Waste Mango Kernel and Cassia Tora Seeds on Cotton Fabric

    Authors: Dr. Sudha Babel; Dr. Rupali Gupta

  73. Modification in two Stroke Engines for Complete Combustion and Complete Exhaust

    Authors: Nishant Dhanore

  74. Study of Geomagnetic Field Variations at Low Latitude of African Equatorial Region

    Authors: Agbo G. A; Azi A. O.; Okoro N. O.

  75. Investigation of Flood Prone Areas in Oferekpe Ikwo Local Government Area Ebonyi State Using Electrical Resistivity Method

    Authors: Agbo G.A; Aluge U.D; Azi A.; Nnabo.P

  76. Mechanism for Secure Fault Tolerant Data Access in Disruption-Tolerant Networks

    Authors: Subhashini P; Ashwin Kumar M

  77. Characterization of Cold Press Moringa Oil

    Authors: Janaki S

  78. Cyber Disorder

    Authors: P. Thanasekaran; Dereje Chala

  79. Prevalence of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) of Vancomycin Against it in Two Selected Semi Urban Sri Lankan Communities

    Authors: Harshi Abeygoonawardena; Varuna Navaratne; Aindralal Balasuriya

  80. Anti-Melanogenic Activity of Foeniculum Vulgare Extract By Preventing Cellular Tyrosinase Activity- in Vitro

    Authors: Devika Arunkumar; Dr. S. Mohandass

  81. Analysis and Design of Skew Bridges

    Authors: Nikhil V. Deshmukh; Dr. U. P. Waghe

  82. Optimistic Analysis of Processor Using FFT Equation Execution

    Authors: Rajat V. Bodankar; Sandip S.Bramhankar; Sarika Wangulkar; Saroj Shambharkar

  83. Tribological and Mechanical Behaviour of Molybdenum Thin Film Nanocoatings Prepared by Magnetron Sputtering

    Authors: M. Jinnah Sheik Mohamed

  84. Simulation of Fuzzy Controller Based PFC Cuk Converter Fed BLDC Motor Drive

    Authors: K. Sakthi Priya; V. Jayalakshmi

  85. A New Septate Gregarine (Apicomplexa: Sporozoa) from an Agricultural Pest of Imphal Valley, Manipur, India

    Authors: Indira Yumnam; N. Mohilal

  86. Secure Detection and Prevention Scheme for Jamming Attack in MANET

    Authors: Ashwini Magardey; Dr. Tripti Arjariya

  87. Food and Nutritional Security in Khammam District through Urban Agriculture

    Authors: T. Kamalaja; J. Deepika

  88. Ethnobotanical Studies of Some Wild Food Plants of District Umaria, Central India

    Authors: Ganesh Singh Sandya; Ramesh Kumar Ahirwar

  89. Comparative Study on Azo dye-doped Polymer Films for Optical Phase Conjugation

    Authors: Shubhrajyotsna Aithal; P. S. Aithal; G. K. Bhat

  90. Genetic Divergence for Yield and its Component Traits in Chilli (Capsicum frutescensL) Accecessions of Kerala

    Authors: Bandla Srinivas; Beena Thomas; Sreenivas Gogineni

  91. Analysis of Student's Attitude Regarding Internet in Relation to Study Level and Stream

    Authors: Sanjay Dahiya; Chaman Verma

  92. Schizophrenia: Stress and Neuroleptics: What Support?

    Authors: Kaarar Narjess; Bairi Abdel Majid; Boudef Mohamed; Tahraoui Abdel Karim

  93. Hyperbilirubinema is Treated Using L.E.D Phototherapy for Neonatals

    Authors: S.Vaishnodevi; Sajith S. Nair

  94. DM with Big Data and Cluster Based-Collaborative Filtering

    Authors: Gaurav W. Jamunpane; Komal N. Chouragade

  95. Central and Peripheral Sensitization in Patients with Chronic Shoulder Pain

    Authors: Dr. Ajit Dabholkar PT; Monish Mehta; Dr. Sujata Yardi PT

  96. Prevalence of Functional Outcomes in Low Back Pain

    Authors: Umer Shabbir; Asad Aziz; Umer Maqsood

  97. Algorithm to Calculate Heart Efficiency and to Predict the Valve's Muscularity

    Authors: Tarundeep Singh Kalsi; Krupal Shah

  98. Awareness of Sitting Posture in Patients Having Chronic Low Back Pain

    Authors: Hafiz Sheraz Arshad; Umer Maqsood; Asad Aziz

  99. Comparative Study on the Application of Surgipro Partiene Mesh and Light Partiene Mesh, in Patients with Inguinal Hernia Surgery with the Lichtenstein Method

    Authors: Dr. Gordana Bozhinovska - Beaka

  100. Design and Implementation of High-performance Logic Arithmetic Full Adder Circuit based on FinFET 16nm Technology - Shorted Gate Mode

    Authors: Priyanka P; Vasundhara Patel K S

  101. Automatic Detection and Counting of Vehicles Based on Image Processing

    Authors: R. Rajamunipriya; S. Dinesh

  102. Power Aware Reliable Routing (PARR) In Mobile Ad-HOC Network

    Authors: Prof. A. S. Gundale; A. S. Bitala

  103. Aquifer Modelling for Feasibility and Design of Rainwater Harvesting- A Review

    Authors: Mohd. Saleem; Sajid Ali

  104. Diversity of Medicinal Plants and Conservation by the Tribes of Jaisinghnagar Forest Area, District Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh, India

    Authors: KumudSandya; Ramesh Kumar Ahirwar

  105. Mapping of Flood Risk Zones of Chandrabhaga River Around the Pilgrim City of Pandharpur by Using Remote Sensing, DEM and GIS Techniques

    Authors: Mustaq Ahmad Jabir Shaikh

  106. Uses of Ethnomedicinal plants by the Tribes of Shahdol Division, Madhya Pradesh, India

    Authors: Ganesh Singh Sandya; KumudSandya

  107. Numerical Solution of the First-Order Hyperbolic Partial Differential Equation with Point-Wise Advance

    Authors: Chhatra Pal; Vinit Chauhan

  108. Applying Genetic Algorithm to Intrusion Detection System

    Authors: Vrishali Yewale; Vimla Jethani; Tushar Ghorpade

  109. Throughput Improvement for Cell-Edge Users Using Selective Cooperation

    Authors: Mahesh C. Patil; Sandeep M. Kate

  110. Big Data Analytics Predicting Risk of Readmissions of Diabetic Patients

    Authors: Saumya Salian; Dr. G. Harisekaran

  111. Development of Modified Questionnaire for Screening Purposes for Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Pediatric Population

    Authors: Nikolova M; Raynov A; Rankov Kr.; Vicheva D

  112. Improving Quality of Apple Using Computer Vision&Image Processing Based Grading System

    Authors: Dr. Vilas D. Sadegaonkar; Kiran H. Wagh

  113. A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Helfer Skin Tap Technique on Pain During Intramuscular Injection Among Neonates Born in Labour Room of a Selected Tertiary Level Hospital, UP

    Authors: Maj Sivapriya S; Col Leena Kumari

  114. Automatic Sliding Window

    Authors: Sumit P Patil; Jignesh R Dhabuwala; Liyakat Ali Patel

  115. Pitch Control of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

    Authors: Rajeev Rampuriya; Neha Tiwari

  116. Host Based Intrusion Detection System

    Authors: Vishal Parande; Prof. Sharada Kori

  117. Advance Honeypot Mechanism- The Hybrid Solution for Enhancing Computer System Security with DoS

    Authors: Swapnali Sundar Sadamate; V. S. Nandedkar

  118. Television Viewing and Obesity in Children in Khartoum State

    Authors: Somiya Gutbi Salim Mohammed; Dr. Hatim Rahamt Alla Mohammed Ahmmed

  119. Delay in the Diagnosis of Osteomalacic Myopathy Secondary to Vitamin D Deficiency Due To Coexistent Thoracic Intradural Arachnoid Cyst: A Case Report

    Authors: Pandey K. K.; Nayak R.

  120. An Analytical Approach of Workflow Scheduling Based on Cost-Time Factor

    Authors: V. R. Revathy; Dr. R. Janaki

  121. Potential Role of Vitamin D3 Compared with Rho-Kinase Inhibitor (Fasudil) on L-NAME - Induced Hypertension in Rabbits

    Authors: Nageh A. El.Mahdy; Samia S. Sokar; Karima I. El-Desouky; Omyma A. Nassar

  122. Factors Affecting Consumers Perceptions of Digital Sales Promotions - An Experimental Investigation

    Authors: Jincy K. John; Dr. Naveen Kumar

  123. Assessing Attitude of Male and Female Shoppers towards Online Shopping

    Authors: Preeti Singh; Prof. Radha Kashyap

  124. A Hybrid Approach for Integrating Genetic Algorithms with SVM for Classification and Modelling Higher Education Data

    Authors: Kamiya Malviya; Prof. Anurag Jain

  125. Impact of Maternal Acceptance and Rejection on Adjustment Level of Girls

    Authors: Vinita Kumari Sinha; Dr. Bharati Roy

  126. An Evaluation of Probability Distributions of Synthetic Storms

    Authors: Betl Saf

  127. Variation of Radon with Relative and Absolute Humidity- II

    Authors: Kirandeep Kaur; Tilahun Tesefaye Deresu; H. S. Sahota

  128. Assessment of Umbilical Artery Doppler Velocities: Which High Risk Conditions Will Benefit the Most?

    Authors: Dodampahala SH; Meegahawatta AR

  129. Comparative Analysis of Energy Efficiecy Ratio&Electric Power Consumption of Domestic Refrigerator using Refrigerant R134a&R600a at Constant Evaporator Temprature

    Authors: Mujahid Sheikh; Mohd.Abuzar Qureshi

  130. Effect of Honeybee Pollination on Quantity and Quality of Apple Crop in Kullu Hills of Himachal Pradesh, India

    Authors: Thakur Bhagat; V.K. Mattu

  131. Emotion Recognition from Geometric Facial Patterns

    Authors: Krupali Joshi; Pradeep Narwade

  132. Vein of Galen Malformation- A Unique Congenital Malformation

    Authors: Dr. Nitin A Yelikar; Dr. Ayesha Imran

  133. Vocational Education: A Roadmap to National Development

    Authors: Arti Behl

  134. A Study to Assess the Parenting Styles and Academic Performance of School Children

    Authors: Radhika. M; Rosna Joseph

  135. Vertical Handoff in Heterogeneous Network Using Relay Technology in Mobile WiMax

    Authors: Sahil Monga; Silki Baghla

  136. Analysis of Free Amino Acid in Different Male Morphs of Callosobruchus Analis

    Authors: Deepak Kumar

  137. Determination of Age of Oreochromis niloticus Fry After Hatching for Efficiency of 17-alpha Methyltestosterone on Sex Reversal

    Authors: Peter Gudo Ogira; David Liti; James Wanga

  138. Perspective Solutions for Modern Schools Design in the Gaza Strip (Study Sase- UNRWA Schools)

    Authors: Prof. Dr. Ussama Badawy

  139. Image Enhancement Techniques in Spatial Domain with Visual Data Mining

    Authors: Sunanda Nath; Ankit Pawria

  140. Vulnerability of Tourism Industry to Disasters: (A Case Study of July 2010 Flood in SWAT, Pakistan)

    Authors: Bilal Shaukat; Abdul Majid Khalil

  141. Preparation of Test Data from the Simulated and Test Beam Data for Testing the ATLAS New Small Wheel FPGA-Based Trigger Processor

    Authors: Jayasree S; Reshmy V R; Dr. Lorne Levinson

  142. Secure Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks through the Identified Trusted Node

    Authors: D. Latha; K. Palanivel

  143. In vitro Propagation of Aegle marmelos through Nodal Explants

    Authors: Bindhu K. B.

  144. Native Commercial Species Growth at the Several Gap Size, the Testing of ISC-LEP System

    Authors: Wahyudi; Nursiah

  145. Extreme Rainfall Events over the Uttarakhand State (1901-2013)

    Authors: Nandargi S. S.; Gaur A.

  146. Spectrum of Biopsy Proven Renal Disease - Referral Hospital Experience in a Developing Nations: Analysis Based on 624 Renal Biopsies

    Authors: Ramesh Chandra V; Ravi Kumar.M; Prasad Gullipalli

  147. Overview of State-of-the-Art Image Set Compression Techniques

    Authors: Z. Bohari; M. S. Raeen

  148. Enhanced MIMO Based Anti-Jamming Technique in Wireless Networks

    Authors: M. Madhanraj; K. Sowmya

  149. Use of Geoinformation Technology in Assessing Nexus between Ecosystem Changes and Wildlife Distribution: A Case Study of Mt. Marsabit Forest

    Authors: P. M. Maina; A. T. Imwati

  150. A Mathematical Skew-Logistic Model for G-Flip is An Effective Treatment for Chemotherapy Refractory Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer

    Authors: S. Jayakumar; G.Ramya Arockiamary

  151. A Review of Carrier Based Modulation Techniques

    Authors: S. P. Awate

  152. Comparative Analysis of Some Encryption Algorithms and Secured Remote Protocol

    Authors: Ojekudo Nathaniel Akpofure Ph.D; Nwankwe Dimie M.Sc

  153. Assembly Classifier Approach to Analyze Intrusion Detection Dataset in Networks by Using Data Mining Techniques

    Authors: Ayad Mohammed Mahyoub Ghaleb; Samani A. Talab

  154. Outcome Measurement of Electrical Stimulation on Quadriceps Muscles for Knee Osteoarthritis

    Authors: Jayanta Nath

  155. Segmentation of WCE Images Using Fuzzy Active Contour Method

    Authors: P. S. Vishnu Priya; N. Sudha; S. V. Lakshmi

  156. Analysis and Implementation of Time-Varying Least Mean Square Algorithm and Modified Time-Varying LMS for Speech Enhancement

    Authors: Mrinal Bachute; Dr. R. D. Kharadkar

  157. Application of Dynamic Programming Technique to Reliability Model in Medical Field

    Authors: M. Reni Sagayaraj; A. Merceline Anita; A. Chandra Babu; S. Gowtham Prakash

  158. Data Loss Prevention: Secure Important Data&Prevent By Threats

    Authors: Akash Deep Gangwar; J. Godwin Ponsam

  159. Review on Relevant Top-k Neighbor Search with Keywords

    Authors: Sonali B. Gosavi; Shyamrao V. Gumaste

  160. Influence of Nickel Addition and Effect of Heat Treatment on Aluminium-Silicon Piston Alloys

    Authors: M. Jinnah Sheik Mohamed

  161. Smart Antenna System for DOA Estimation using Nystrom Based MUSIC Algorithm

    Authors: Veerendra; Md. Bakhar

  162. Prevalence of Menopausal Problems and the Strategies Adopted by Women to Prevent Them

    Authors: Lt Col Geetha R; Lt Col Laxmi Priya Parida

  163. Pyrofighter

    Authors: Shailendra Singh Chauhan; Neel Rohit

  164. Suitability of UASB Reactor System in Tropical Developing Countries like India

    Authors: Amol T. Lomte; V. V. Bobade

  165. Cold Pad-Batch Dyeing Method for Dyeing Cotton Fabric with Reactive Dye Using Microwave Irradiation Technique

    Authors: M. M. El-Molla; K. Haggag; Z. M. Mahmoued

  166. Pervasive Monitoring of M-Health Care Using Android

    Authors: Nitin R Kulkarni; Dr. Sujata Terdal

  167. A Rare Case of Tabetic Arthropathy Knee Treated with Ilizarov's Technique

    Authors: Dr. Vinil Paul; Dr. Sanjib Waikhom; Dr. Tapi Nalo; Dr. Santosha; Dr. Amit Agrahari; Dr. Snehasish Datta; Dr. Pranav Masatwar

  168. An Overview of Moringa Production in Ethiopia

    Authors: Dr. Sreepada Hegde; Dr. Vijayalaxmi Hegde

  169. Attitude Towards Teaching Profession in Relation to Adjustment among Senior Secondary School Teachers

    Authors: Ajay Kumar

  170. Survey on Implementation of Radiological Image Retrieval in CBIR System

    Authors: Nabin Newar; Sandeep Kumar.S

  171. A Comparative Study and Review of Different Clock Gating Techniques and their Application

    Authors: Abhishek Sharma; Ekta Jolly

  172. A Review and Comparative Study of Different Low Power Consumption Techniques

    Authors: Amit Saraswat; Ekta Jolly

  173. A Review Paper on Big Data Analytics

    Authors: Ankita S. Tiwarkhede; Prof. Vinit Kakde

  174. Measurement of Granule Density in UASB Reactor

    Authors: Vidya Singh

  175. Evaluation of 3ABCFMD Specific Immunity versus Clinical Infection among Cattle in Diyala Province

    Authors: Ahmed H. AL-Zuhairi

  176. Gamma Radiation Induced Chromosomal Aberrations at Mitosis in Allium cepa L.

    Authors: Ramesh Ahirwar

  177. Formulation and Quality Evaluation of Whey-Based Fruit Juice

    Authors: Nagadevi; Yamuna Devi Puraikalan

  178. Fuzzy Multi-Attribute Approach in Project Assessment

    Authors: Ahmed. M. El-Kassas

  179. Effects of Supplementation with Barley Flour on Bread Quality

    Authors: Nirmala; Yamuna Devi Puraikalan

  180. Study of Proton Stopping Power in Be, C, Al and Cu with Energy (1-12) MeV

    Authors: Wafaa N. Jassim

  181. Ultrasonographic Evaluation of Lower Uterine Segment Thickness in Patients with Previous Caesarean Section

    Authors: Sushma V Dev; Reddi Rani; Radhamani S

  182. High Ratio of Agriculture NPAS In Priority Sector Lending By Public And Private Banks In India - Reasons, Suggestions and Discussions

    Authors: Arpita Baijal

  183. Performance of Midcap Funds-Private vs Public Sector Banks - A Comparative Study

    Authors: Dr. D. S. Selvakumar

  184. Chewing Muscles and the Pathologies Related to their Disorders

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  359. An Autonomic Approach for Replication of Scalable Internet Service Deployment

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  360. Mapping of Feasibility of Groundwater for Drinking Water Zones of Akkalkot Taluk, Solapur, India using GIS Techniques

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  367. Implementation of Wavelet Based Enhanced Pyramid Decomposition Algorithm for Pixel-Level Image Fusion

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  368. An Improved Approach to Forecast Equity Market Using Time Series Method

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  369. Identification and Avoidance of DDoS Attack for Secured Data Communicationin Cloud

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  370. Biocatalyst Based Process for Fatty Acid Esters Synthesis

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  371. Stochastic Epidemic Model with Poisson Infection Rate without Removal

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  375. A Survey on Facilitating Document Annotation Techniques

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