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International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR) >>

Vol.5, No.9

Publisher: International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

Publishing Date: 2016-09-05

  1. Effect of Using Short Fiber Composite Materials on RC Slabs under Static Loading

    Authors: Mahmoud Abo El-Wafa; Mohamed Ramadan

  2. Land Use/Land Cover Status relating the Coal fire of Jharia Coal Field - An Analytical Case Study by RS-GIS Techniques

    Authors: Goutam Das; Rabin Das

  3. A Survey on Steganography Algorithm Using Reversible Texture Synthesis

    Authors: Shijina P A; Rekha Lakshmanan

  4. Modeling Impact of Economic Status on Body Mass Index among Women of Reproductive Age in Nigeria: Using Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA)

    Authors: Michael Ekholuenetale; Kelly Relobhegbe Okhae; Godson Tudeme MD

  5. Plant Biodiversity Assessment and its Contribution in the Livelihood of Local Communities: A Case Study of El Ain Reserved Forest, North Kordofan, Sudan

    Authors: A. Bokhary; A. El awad

  6. Review Paper on Catalytic Converter for Automobile Exhaust Emission

    Authors: Prashant Katara

  7. Preliminary Investigation on Self-Compacting Concrete Using Stone Dust and Fly Ash as Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate

    Authors: I. Sowmya; A. Roopa; P. Ukesh Praveen

  8. Nutrients Helpful To Cure Sleep Disorders

    Authors: Rashmi Sharma; Dr. Shubha Dube

  9. Improvement of Power Quality and Mitigation Case Study Using Distributed Power Flow Controller

    Authors: Perala Sridhar

  10. Classroom Discourse Patterns in the Teaching of Mathematics in Secondary Schools in Nakuru District, Kenya

    Authors: Nyambura Gladys; Dr. Rukangu Simon M

  11. Distribution of Teachers and Students Discourse in the Teaching of Mathematics in Secondary Schools

    Authors: Nyambura Gladys; Dr. Rukangu Simon M

  12. Status of Girls Enrolment in Secondary and Post Secondary School Education

    Authors: Josephine Moraa Begi

  13. Role of Costs of Schooling and the Education of the Parents in Girls Enrolment in Secondary School

    Authors: Josephine Moraa Begi

  14. Finishing and Polishing Evaluation of Novel Dental Composites after Three Body Wear, An Invitro- Scanning Electron Microscope Study

    Authors: Bharath.N; Dinesh.D.S

  15. Effects of Micro-Credit on Livestock Production among Smallholder Livestock Farmers in Yakurr LGA, Cross River State, Nigeria

    Authors: Kuye Olufemi Oludayo

  16. Shared Key Based Jamming Mitigation in Wireless Network using Diffie Hellman Elliptic Curve Cryptography

    Authors: S. Rajeswari; Dr V. Anuratha

  17. Spike based Epilepsy Detection Algorithm from an EEG Signal

    Authors: Avneet Kaur; Dr. Supreet Kaur

  18. Degradation of Lambda-Cyhalothrin in Spinach (Spinacia Oleracea) & Collard Green (Brassica Oleracea) Under Tropical Conditions

    Authors: Leonia N. Henry; Jonas N. Ngowo

  19. An Overview of Classical Management Theories: A Review Article

    Authors: Alireza Nadrifar; Esmat Bandani; Hakimeh Shahryari

  20. Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumour: A Rare Entity

    Authors: Dr. Kanchan Kshirsagar; Dr. Devyani Ambadekar

  21. Comparative Study WIFI vs. WIMAX

    Authors: Dafaalla Hamid Mohamad; Dr. Haala El Dawo

  22. Performance Evaluation of Wi-Fi and Wimax Using OPNET

    Authors: Dafaalla Hamid Mohamad; Dr. Haala El Dawo

  23. Bayesian Estimation of Parameters under the Constant Shape Bi-Weibull Distribution Using Extension of Jeffreys? Prior Information with Three Loss Functions

    Authors: A. Lavanya; T. Leo Alexander

  24. Development and Validation of Statistics Module for Quality Educational Research

    Authors: Adriel Gurnot Roman

  25. Some New Families of Prime Labeling of Graphs

    Authors: S. Meena; J. Naveen

  26. Effect of pH Variation of Pore Fluid on The Geotechnical Properties of Fly Ash Stabilized Clay

    Authors: Anjali S Nair; Joe G Philip

  27. Reliability, Availability and Performance Evaluation of Gilgel Gibe I & Gilgel Gibe II Hydro Power Stations

    Authors: Emiyamrew Minaye; Worknesh Hailu

  28. Influence of Peer Counseling on Students? Behaviour Change in Secondary Schools in Nakuru Municipality

    Authors: Ambayo M.A; Ngumi O.

  29. Evaluation of Acoustic Comfort in and Around High-School Classrooms in Jakarta

    Authors: Sunaryo

  30. Clinical Characteristics of Patients with Postmenopausal Bleeding

    Authors: Albert Cakoni; Nikita Manoku

  31. Improving Students? Science Process Skill and Achievement through Experiential Learning: Biodiesel Production

    Authors: Suyitno

  32. Development and Physicochemical Evaluation of Wine from Taro Corms (Colocasia esculenta)

    Authors: Rainer R. Fiscal; Aimee Concepcion C. Chavez

  33. Ethnobotanical Profiling of Commonly Utilized Plants for Hypertension and Diabetes in the Province of Laguna, Philippines

    Authors: Rainer R. Fiscal; Aimee Concepcion C. Chavez

  34. The Light-Field Stereoscope: Wearable Contact Lenses Capturing 3D Scenes based on Eye Movement Detection

    Authors: Vijay A. Kanade

  35. Modification of Asphalt using Castor Oil Based Polyurethane

    Authors: Mandar Karve; Nirmal K. Patel; Subhash Polara

  36. Impact of Illegal Gold Mining Activities toward River and Water Pollution in Kuantan Singingi Region, Indonesia

    Authors: Nopriadi

  37. Effect of Illegal Gold Mining Activities on Social-Economic of Workers and Community Surrounding the Watershed in Kuantan Singingi, Indonesia

    Authors: Nopriadi

  38. Treatment of Hardness and Heavy Metals from Red Sea by using Zeolites

    Authors: Khadija Saeid Rushwan; Salah Murghani

  39. The Psychological Analysis of Factors Influencing the Development of Intergenerational Relationships in Family

    Authors: Dr. H. A. Alizade; H. A. Khalilov

  40. A Study of Drinking Water Quality in Southern Indore City, M.P.

    Authors: Ram Prajapati; Reena Rokde

  41. Sunspots and Its Effects on Space Weather

    Authors: Mubark Abdalla Derar; Mohamed Habib El Kanzi; Ismail Abdalla Idris Ahmed

  42. A Study of Short-Term Outcome of Ischemic Cerebro Vascular Accident Patients with Special Reference to Serum Uric Acid at Presentation

    Authors: Dr Kapildev Mondal; Dr Soumabrota Dutta; Dr Santanu Tewari

  43. Surv?y on ?v?lu?tion of F?ci?l ?xpr'ssions

    Authors: Dr. Snthil Rgvn V K

  44. Effect of Phosphate Fertilization on Biological Compatibility of Chlorisgayana and Centrosemapubescens Mixture

    Authors: Muhammad Rusdy

  45. Menarche and Menopause among the Kalita of Dhemaji District, Assam

    Authors: Anand Sharma; Pubali Dutta

  46. Photocatalytic Activity of N-doped ZnS Nanoparticles for Degradation of Organic Pollutant (Methylene Blue)

    Authors: Dagme Zewde Zegeye

  47. Antiangiogenic Activity of Iraqi Anabasis articulata Stems In vivo Study

    Authors: Waleed K. Abdulsahib; Abdulkareem H. Abd; Ban Jumaa Qasim

  48. Host Affinity of Nematode Species of the Genus Aphelenchoides

    Authors: Y. S. Rathor; S. N. Tiwari

  49. Screening and Optimization of L? Asparginase Produced by Bacteria Isolated from Soil of Solapur Region

    Authors: Afshaan Naaz Shaikh Khaleed; R. M. Khobragade

  50. Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act: A Boon or a Bane for a Woman in India - A Critical Analysis

    Authors: Pyali Chatterjee

  51. No Reference Image Quality Assessment: Feature Extraction Approach

    Authors: Pooja Sonchhatra; Smriti Kumar

  52. The Role of IMF and World Bank in the Democratization Process in Africa: A Critical Analysis

    Authors: Temesgen Lemessa Birru

  53. The Impact of Internal and External Factors on Financing of Sharia Banks in Indonesia

    Authors: Raras Palupi Astarini; Sri Hartoyo; Tubagus Nur Ahmad Maulana

  54. Effects of Different Types of Phytohormone over Traditional Seed Pre-Treatments on Germination of Dryland Tree Species

    Authors: Christopher Kapula-Ali; Elijah Oyoo-Okoth; Nderitu Joel Kariuki

  55. Prospective Study of Laparotomy Wound Infections and Associated Risk Factors and Profile of Causative Microorganisms

    Authors: Dr. Ashish Jadhav; Dr. Ankit Potdar; Dr. Ashok Kalyanshetti

  56. Nutritional Concerns and Bone Mineral Density

    Authors: Dr. S. K. Bharadwaj; B. Mockoul

  57. Evaluate and Improve Weight Based Pattern Detection Algorithm for Text Mining

    Authors: Gagandeep Kaur; Hardeep Singh

  58. Software Puzzle: A Countermeasure to Resource-Inflated Denial-of-Service Attacks

    Authors: Syeda Ghazala Nikhat; Zohara Begum; Dr. Mohammed Abdul Waheed

  59. A Correlative Cytological and Histopathological Study on Superficial Lymphadenopathy

    Authors: Visalakshi P; Malliga.S

  60. Scrotal Fiariasis: Post Operated Case of Hydrocele

    Authors: Dr Ankit Vivek Potdar; Dr Krishna Dubey; Dr Ashok Kalyanshetti

  61. Microalbuminuria and Hyperinsulinemia as Predictors of Cardiovascular Disease in Metabolic Syndrome Patients

    Authors: Anupa Prasad; Sudhanshu Shekhar; K. K. Sinha; Tannu Kumari

  62. Impact of Nutrition Education on Knowledge Gain of Mothers and Rural School Going Children of Fatehabad District, Haryana

    Authors: Priyanka Rani; Veenu Sangwan

  63. E-Governance in Education - New Horizons

    Authors: Richa Dubey; Dr. E. Ahmad

  64. BETA HCG in Mid Trimester as a Predictor of Pregnancy Induced Hypertension

    Authors: Vishal Sharma; Preeti Sharma; Nighat Firdous

  65. Cross Sectional Study of Osteoporosis among Pre and Post Menopausal Women of Raipur City

    Authors: Anuradha Chakraborty; Moyna Chakravarty

  66. Phytochemical Screening and Antibacterial Activities of Cinnamon against Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus

    Authors: P. Venkatachalam; Jyothiprabha.V

  67. Damage Modelling of Reinforced Concrete Beam

    Authors: Neema Nazar P A; Airin M G

  68. Novel Step up Converter with Multi Winding Transformer for Fuel Cell Applications

    Authors: G. Venkateswarlu; Dr A. Sudhakar

  69. Region Based Image Segmentation for Brain Tumor Detection

    Authors: Harmandeep Kaur; Sourav Garg

  70. An Advanced Network to Monitor Industrial Insights

    Authors: Ch. Sravan Kumar; N. Kartheek

  71. Placing Robots in Inhuman Places of Dangerous Plants

    Authors: K. Shalini; P. Venkateshwarlu

  72. An Approach towards a Sensor Based Model for Avoiding Train Accidents

    Authors: G. Srikanth Reddy; B. Ashok

  73. Li-Fi: A 5G Visible Data Communication

    Authors: Shubham Rastogi

  74. Assessing Rural Womens Perceptions of Effective Extension Methods for Promotion of Horticultural Crops

    Authors: Manju Dahiya; Jeet Ram Sharma; Vijaypal Panghal; Devender Dahiya

  75. Investigation of the Transformation and Effect of Preparation Method, Storage Conditions and Time on Iodine and Iron (II) Present in the Reed Salt

    Authors: Wangila Tsikhungu Phanice; Kinyanjui Thomas; Nakhone Lenah N.

  76. Enhance the Information Content of Medical Image by Image Fusion Techniques - A Survey

    Authors: Sumit Narayan Jarholiya; Dr. Shachi Awasthi

  77. Analyzing the Determinants Influencing the Nutritional Status of Urban Slum Children of Raipur, Chhattisgarh

    Authors: Sharmistha Roy; Dr Aruna Palta

  78. Frequency and Quality of the Repaired Restorations in Adults from Varna, Bulgaria

    Authors: Mirela Marinova-Takorova; Vladimir Panov; Radostina Anastasova

  79. Analysis of Calcination Drums under Static and Dynamic Conditions

    Authors: Sonal Uttam Potdar; Prof. V. J. Khot

  80. An Analysis of Relationship between Sensex and Selected Agricultural Commodities Indices in India

    Authors: Dr. S. Nirmala; Deepthy.K

  81. Implementation of an Efficient Hybrid Boost Three Level DC?DC Converter

    Authors: G. V. S. Kanth; D. Kumara Swamy

  82. Defining a New Cloud Service for Location

    Authors: Arra Pranoosha; G Santhosh Reddy

  83. A Scheme for Flag Identification in a Restricted Set Expression

    Authors: Janagam Raghu; B. Ashok

  84. QoS Challenges and QoS-Aware MAC Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: S. Shiney Lillia

  85. Designing of an Efficient Single-Phase Cascaded Multilevel Inverter

    Authors: K. Anil Kumar; V. Mahender

  86. Analysis of Tall RC Chimney as per Indian Standard Code

    Authors: Amitha Baiju; Geethu S

  87. Impact of Preconditioning of Seed on Germination Percentage and Phenology of Lentil (Lens Culinaris Medie)

    Authors: Prashansha Singh; Anand Kumar Pandey; Ompal Singh; Nitish Sharma; Nikita Nehal; Vinneta Singh; Dharmendra Kumar Yadav; R. K. Yadav; A. H. Khan

  88. Towards a Converter Topology for Bidirectional Power Flow

    Authors: Ch. Santhosh; D. Kumara Swamy

  89. Phytochemical, Nutritional and Antimicrobial Properties of Boerhaavia Diffusa

    Authors: M. K. Thakur; Sulekha Pathak

  90. Communication through Li-Fi (Light Fidelity)

    Authors: Mohammed Abdella Mohammed Ahmed; Dr. Hala Eldawo

  91. Dream Big, Have Faith, Do Your Best, and Let it be; the Sky is Your Limit Imprints of Sport Psychology at Rio 2016 Olympic Games

    Authors: Eman Ahmed Zaky

  92. Macro and Micro Mineral Elements Composition of Bee Pollen from Rainforest Zone of Nigeria

    Authors: Odimba V.O; Azu D.E.O; Oko E.C.

  93. Organizational Analysis of Government Nursing Educational Organization of Karachi, Pakistan

    Authors: Santosh Kumar; Suria Bano

  94. Liquidity and Profitability Trade-off in Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Sector of Bangladesh

    Authors: Md. Kaysher Hamid; Rowshonara Akter Akhi

  95. Rhizospheric Inoculation Influence on Seedling Growth, Development and Biomass Yield in Oroxylum indicum (L.) Benth. ex Kurz

    Authors: Chandrima Debi; Vipin Parkash

  96. Studies on Post-harvest Deterioration of Some Solanaceous Vegetables in Selected Markets in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, India

    Authors: Sajad A. M.; Abid H. Q.

  97. Emotional Disturbance among Primary School Children

    Authors: Kanikwu Nwamaka; Odikpo Linda.C

  98. Comparative Study of Viscosity of Binary Liquid Mixture (n-Hexane+Acetic Acid) and (n- Hexane+ Isopropyl Alcohol)

    Authors: Semwal H. K; Bhatt S. C

  99. The Relation of Serum High-Sensitive C- reactive Protein to Serum Lipid Profile, Vitamin D and other Variables in a Group of Hypertensive Patients in Erbil-Iraq

    Authors: Salam Naser Zangana

  100. A Comparative Study of SUA Levels in Pre-Diabetic and Diabetic Complication

    Authors: Dr. Kumara Swamy B M; Dr. Caren Dsouza

  101. Protective Effects of 1-Deoxynojirimycin on the Liver Histopathological Injury of Diabetic Induced Mice

    Authors: Saurabh Bajpai; A. Vijaya Bhaskara Rao; S. Kalai Mohan

  102. Impact of Job Enrichment on Employee's Turnover in Vodafone

    Authors: Dipika Sharma; Bhumika Raval

  103. Evaluation of Autonomic Neuropathy in Chronic Alcoholic Liver Disease

    Authors: Dr. Robinson Ningshen; Dr. Sanjiv Kr Sharma; Dr. Rajeev S.A; Dr. Th Suraj Singh; Dr. N Biplab Singh

  104. Mapping the Hurdles in Innovation at the Level of Policy and Practice: The Way Ahead

    Authors: Dr. Ajay Balhra; Kiran Rani

  105. A Teleconsultation System for Medical Image Fusion

    Authors: Safa Fadl; Hossam El-Din Mostafa; Hassan H. Soliman

  106. Augmented Tacrolimus Toxicity - A Consequence of Concomitant Drug-Drug Interaction in Adult Kidney Transplant Recipients

    Authors: Dr. Divya John Stephy; Dr. C. Ramachandra Bhat

  107. Paraduodenal Hernia - Abnormal Treitz Ligament

    Authors: Dr Ankit Vivek Potdar; Dr. Ashok Kalyanshetti

  108. Engine Cooling Through Engine Exhaust

    Authors: Ajinkya Vikas Dhariya

  109. Influence of Body Weight of Cows on Composition Quality of Milk Produced at Organized and Unorganized Dairy Farm Allahabad, U.P.

    Authors: Deepak Kumar Verma; Ram Pal Singh; Neeraj

  110. A Survey on Online Social Networks for Privacy- Preserving Friend Recommendation Scheme

    Authors: Aneesha P A

  111. Effect of Breastfeeding on Pain after DPT Immunization among the Infants

    Authors: Manisha S. Kulkarni; Vijaya Kumbhar; Sunil Kulkarni

  112. In-Vitro Antibacterial Activity of Leaf and Stem Extract of Passiflora edulis (Passion Fruit) Planted in Federal University of Agriculture Makurdi, Central Nigeria

    Authors: Aernan P.T; Aondofa T.J; Angbian T.T.

  113. Study on Group Size and Group Composition of Great Indian one Horned Rhinoceros (R.Unicornis,Linn.) at Gorumara, Jaldapara and Kaziranga National Parks, India

    Authors: Amal Bhattacharya; Koushik Chakraborty

  114. Synthesis of Silver Nano Particles Using Plectranthus Ambonicus and Its Antimicrobial Activity on Polypropylene Non Woven Surgical Mask

    Authors: Parveen Banu.K; Vidhya.M

  115. Barriers to the Implementation of Supply Chain Management- Case of Small to Medium Sized Contractors in Turkey

    Authors: Ebrahim SALAMI; Serkan AYDINLI; Emel LAPTALI ORAL

  116. Electric Field Distribution of Wire-Duct Electrostatic Precipitator using FDM and MATLAP

    Authors: Fadhil Khaddam Fuliful

  117. Deep Web Mining Using C# Wrappers

    Authors: Rakesh Kumar Baloda; Praveen Kantha

  118. A Rare Case of Gaint Penile Urethral Calculus

    Authors: Krishna Prasad K; Keerthi N; Praveen G P; Amal Abraham

  119. Common Fixed Point Theorem in L-Space with Rational Contraction

    Authors: Raghu Nandan Patel; Damyanti Patel

  120. Provision of a Security Mechanism for Drivers

    Authors: Aravelli Sharanya; N. Kartheek

  121. An Approach towards an Efficient System for Vehicle Monitoring and Tracking

    Authors: Kunta Ranjith; Ch. Ramesh Babu

  122. A Study on Acceptability of Lined Jackets Made from Jute Blended and Union Fabrics

    Authors: Samita Gupta; Pratibha Sanganeria

  123. Immune Reconstitution Graves Ophthalmopathy Induced by Haart Therapy in a Hypothyroid Male Patient

    Authors: Yasir Ali MD; Hussein Elbadawi MD

  124. The Impact of Traumatic Cases on the Self ? Realization of Students

    Authors: Kamila Aliyeva; Rashid Jabbarov

  125. Prevalence of Resistant Streptococcus Pneumoniae Causing Meningitis in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Saudi Arabia

    Authors: Mazen Badawi

  126. Antibacterial Activities and Biofilm Inhibition of CdS Nanoparticles Prepared from Tri Substituted Imidazolium Ionic Liquids

    Authors: Kalaiyarasi.R; Rajathi.K

  127. The Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Mothers regarding the Breast-Feeding in Sinkat Locality, Red Sea State, Sudan

    Authors: Tahani Babiker Elyas

  128. High Speed, Low Power Vedic Multiplier Using Reversible Logic Gate

    Authors: Sonali S. Kothule; Shekhar H. Bodake

  129. Concerns and Compasses for the Anthropological Research on the Fetal and Infant Death among Tribal and Rural Settings in India

    Authors: Babita Bain; Jitendra Kumar Premi

  130. A Review on Various Approaches of Palm print Recognition

    Authors: Ridhima Arora; Sonia Salwan

  131. A Study on Moment Attenuation Characteristics of Thin Shell Structures of Launch Vehicles

    Authors: Parvathy S; Arun Jose K A; Geethu S

  132. Missing Terms Formula for Tribonacci-Like Sequences

    Authors: G.P.S. Rathore Omprakash Sikhwal Ritu Choudhary

  133. Incidence and Management of Splenic Injury in Abdominal Trauma

    Authors: Dr Zaeem Fezea Dahla

  134. A Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of an Information Booklet on Knowledge for ?Health Hazard of Mobile Phone Usage? among Adolescent School Going Children

    Authors: Sheuli Sen; Rashmi

  135. The Impeachment of Regional Head on Direct Democracy Era in Indonesia

    Authors: Abdul Aziz Hakim

  136. Effect of Operational Risk Mitigation Strategies on Financial Performance of Real Estate Projects in Nairobi County: A Case of Knight Frank Limited

    Authors: David Nyabuga Orori; Dr. Agnes Njeru

  137. Analysis of Competition SMEs Wooden Educational Toys: Case Study of CV Omocha Toys

    Authors: Frianka Anindea; Lukman M Baga; Amzul Rifin

  138. Determinants of Earnings Management Practice among Non-Listed Firms in the Motor Industry in Kenya

    Authors: Joshua K.M. Maima; Dr. Agnes Njeru

  139. Effect of Nano Materials on Properties of Soft Soil

    Authors: Sanusha Babu; Shyla Joseph

  140. Scar Endometriosis: Our Experience at Rural Setup with Review of Literature

    Authors: Sreeramulu PN; Keerthi N

  141. Clinical Evaluation of the Implant Retained Overdenture with OT-Equator Attachments

    Authors: Naema A. Ammar; Nabila M. El-Khodary; Ahmed M. Abdelhamid

  142. Seismic Vulnerability of Steel Frames with Different Bracing Systems

    Authors: Nanda Kumar H; Shashi Kumar N V; Raghu K; Dr. G Narayana

  143. New Imperial Equation for Local Scour around Various Bridge Piers Shapes

    Authors: Ameer Talib; Zaid Hadi Obeid; Husam Kareem Hameed

  144. The Effect of Formative Evaluation and Cognitive Style toward Learning Achievement

    Authors: Abd. Rahman A. Ghani; Utami Mari Hastuti; Ade Hikmat; Sukardi

  145. Secure Secret Information Transmission with Audio-Video Steganography Using Encryption and Data Authentication

    Authors: Mandeep Singh; Garima Mahajan

  146. Multiport Converter for Micro Grid Application

    Authors: Sheeja Raphel; Surya Natarajan

  147. Full Bridge AC-AC Converter with High Gain Applied to Domestic Induction Heating Appliances

    Authors: Shelma M G; Rakhee R

  148. Direct Digital Synthesizer using Numerically Controlled Oscillator for Signal Generation

    Authors: Arti Dattatray Gaikwad; Shekhar H. Bodake

  149. Investigation of ActualRate of Primary and Mixed Infections with some TORCH Agents among Iraqi Gravidas with History of Recurrent Abortions

    Authors: Dr. Zina Mohammed Abdulhussein Alshami; Muntadher Ali Abdul Ridha; Ahmed Mohammed Ali Nazar

  150. An Adaptive Filter for Elimination of PowerLine Interference from ECG Signal

    Authors: Bhavini Dhake; Gopal Chaudhari

  151. Diabetes Mellitus Recommendation System using Association Rule Mining

    Authors: Sudhanshu S. Deshpande; Swati S. Joshi

  152. Development of the Use of Amorphous Silicon (ASi) Electronic Portal Imaging Devices as a Physics Tool for Routine Linear Accelerator QA

    Authors: Gena M.A.H; Ahmed L.El-Attar; Elbadry M. Zahran; Hany El-Gamal; Moamen M.O.M. Aly

  153. Secured Location-Based Rewarding System Using Digital Signature (SLBRDS)

    Authors: Rubina Ashfaque Shah; Dr. Rahat Khan

  154. A Study of the Relative Amount and Composition of the Phenolic Acids Extracted from the Soils Undersome Tree Plantation

    Authors: Suneet Kumar Gupta

  155. Effect of Dietary Levels of Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L) Seeds Supplemented with Molasses on Broiler Chicks Performance and Carcass Traits

    Authors: Bakheit M. Dousa; Huwaida E. E. Malik; El Tahir A. Abdelaleem

  156. Closed Loop Zeta Converter with High Voltage Gain for Photovoltaic Application

    Authors: Priya Thottan; Surya Natarajan

  157. Migration and Social Tensions in Manipur

    Authors: Sougaijam Priyokumar Meitei

  158. Bayesian Estimation of the Failure Rate Using Extension of Jeffreys? Prior Information with Three Loss Functions

    Authors: A. Lavanya; T. Leo Alexander

  159. Review of Partial Transmit Sequence using Iterative and Modified Flipping Algorithm for PAPR Reduction in OFDM Systems on Different Channel Using Different Modulation Techniques

    Authors: Himanshi Shrivastava; Prof. Ashish Verma

  160. Heart Disease Detection using Android Application and Internet of Things (IoT)

    Authors: Ashwini Babasaheb Patil; P. A. More

  161. Product Review Sentiment Analysis with Aspect Ranking

    Authors: Harsha Patil; P. M. Mane

  162. Study of Potability of Ground Water in Selected Areas of Swarnamukhi River Basin, Srikalahasti, Chittoor District, Ahdhra Pradesh

    Authors: Dr. C. Venkatakrishnaiah; G. Rajasekar; P. Bhanuprakash

  163. Association between Job Stress and Demographic Factors and Coping Strategies Adopted by Primary School Teachers

    Authors: T. Aruna Bharathi

  164. All Ceramic Resin Bonded Bridge - An Esthetic Alternative to Conventional Fixed Prosthesis

    Authors: Dr. Akshita Jain; Dr Hazari Golam Mustaffa

  165. A Study on the Prevalence & Isolation Pattern of Genital Candida Species in Female Patients Attending STD Outpatient Department

    Authors: Dr S Kalaivani

  166. Analysis of Oxidative Stress Responses in Copper Exposed Catla catla

    Authors: Gutha Rajasekar; Dr. C Venkatakrishnaiah

  167. Research of Laws Pyrite-Bearing Slag Flotation of Copper Melting in Water used Change Settings

    Authors: I. V. Shadrunova; M. N. Sabanova; N. N. Orekhova; A.I. Petrova

  168. A Switched-Capacitor Seven-Level Inverter using Level-Shifted Multicarrier Modulation Techniques

    Authors: Minu M Sageer; Rabiya Rasheed

  169. Energy Efficient and Secure Image Communication over Wireless Network

    Authors: Amandeep Sharma; Dr. Parvinder Kaur

  170. An Isolated Single Switch PV Integrated DC?DC Converter

    Authors: Rinu M P; Veena Wilson

  171. Optimization of Transmission Tower using Genetic Algorithm

    Authors: Sanah Rose Sony; Airin M. G.

  172. Posterior Urethral Valves with Severe Bilateral Reflux. Which is the Best Treatment?

    Authors: Dritan Alushani

  173. Diversity Pattern of Lepidoptera Community in Catchment of Rani Durgawati University Campus, Jabalpur (M.P.)

    Authors: Sadhana Kesharwani; Arjun Shukla

  174. Cartographic Generalization in Multi-scale Environment: Case study of Lamu County, Kenya

    Authors: Daniel O. Nyangweso; Tabitha M. Njoroge; David N. Siriba

  175. The Effect of Extract of Senggugu to Mucociliary Transport, Nasal Sitogram and Quality of Life Inchronic Rhinosinusitis Patients

    Authors: Sufriani Syam; Abdul Qadar Punagi; Muhammad Amsyar Akil

  176. Assessment of Primary Stability of Four Different Implant Designs Inserted into 3D-printed Simulation Models of Lower Jaw

    Authors: Elitsa Sabeva; Stefan Peev

  177. Assessment of the Heat Generation at the Marginal Bone Area during the Implant Insertion Using Infrared Thermography (Experimental study)

    Authors: Stefan Peev; Elitsa Sabeva

  178. Factors Influencing Strategy Implementation in State Corporations in Kenya: A Case of Kenya Industrial Property Institute

    Authors: Ruth Wanja

  179. Nutritional Contents of Lawar Perinereis cf. cultrifera (Grube 1840) from Wearlilir Waters Southeast Maluku District Indonesia

    Authors: Martha Rettob; Cenny Putnarubun; Nally Erbabley; Santy Rahantoknam

  180. Association between Body Mass Index and Sleep Duration amongst the Adult Assamese Population

    Authors: Dr. Dipti Bania; Dr. Padmaja Barua

  181. Sinus Lift Using Trans-Alveolar Approach with Platelet Rich Fibrin Followed by Simultaneous Implant Placement in Posterior Atrophic Maxilla - A Clinical and Digital Volumetric Tomographical Analysis

    Authors: Dr. Pranav S Patil; Dr. M. L. Bhongade; Dr. Prasad V Dhadse

  182. Internal Jugular Vein Cannulation: A Comparative Study of Two Techniques-Anatomical Landmark and Ultrasound Real Time ? A Prospective Randomized Control Study

    Authors: Dr. Sandeep Prithviraj Pandharpurkar; Dr. Ravichandra Dodawad

  183. Nutritional Potential of Locally Available Micronutrient Rich Green Leafy Vegetables

    Authors: Mishra Jyotima; Gupta Alka

  184. A Study on Microbial Fuel Cell for Leachate Treatment and Bio Electricity Production

    Authors: Aswathi Mithran; K. G. Harshan

  185. Effect of Carmoisineorally Administered on Lipid Parameters of Albino Rats

    Authors: Ibioku Elekima

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