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Archived Papers for Journal

Journal of Nuclear Physics, Material Sciences, Radiation and Applications >>

Vol.4, No.1

Publisher: Chitkara University, Chandigarh, India

Publishing Date: 2016-08-08

  1. Revisiting Natural Radiation in Itacaré and Guarapari Beaches

    Authors: M. A. G. Silveira; J. M. Oliveira; V A. P. Aguiar; N. H. Medina

  2. Experimental Setups for Single Event Effect Studies

    Authors: N. H. Medina; V. A. P. Aguiar; N. Added; F. Aguirre; E. L. A. Macchione; S. G. Alberton; M. A. G. Silve ira; J. Benfica; F. Vargas; B. Porcher

  3. X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis of Fine Atmospheric Aerosols from a Site in Mexico City

    Authors: A. E. Hernández-López; J. Miranda; J. C. Pineda

  4. On the Equivalent Sources and Geometric Factor Calculation for a Circular Detection Case

    Authors: Tony Viloria A.; Luis Montiel; Laszlo Sajo-Bohus; Daniel Palacios

  5. Using Green Fluorescent Protein to Correlate Temperature and Fluorescence Intensity into Bacterial Systems

    Authors: K. Beltrán; J. M. de Jesús-Miranda; J. A. Castro; L. A. Mandujano-Rosas; J. M. Paulin-Fuentes; D. Osorio-González

  6. Theoretical Model to Estimate the Distribution of Radon in Alveolar Membrane Neighborhood

    Authors: J. C. Corona; F. Zaldívar; L. A. Mandujan o-Rosas; F. Méndez; J. Mulia; D. Osorio-González

  7. A Scaling Law for L-Shell X-Ray Production Cross Sections Induced by Impact of 4He+, 9Be2+, and N2+ Ions

    Authors: Javier Miranda

  8. The Indoor Radon Concentration within the Tunnels of the Cholula Pyramid Through a Nuclear Tracks Methodology

    Authors: A. Lima Flores; R. Palomino-Merino; E. Espinosa; V. M. Casta ño; E. Merlo Juárez; M. Cruz Sanchez; G. Espinosa

  9. Study of Neutron From a Dense Plasma Focus Paco Instrument by Means of Nuclear Tracks Detectors

    Authors: M. Milanese; F. Castillo; M. Moroso; M. Barbaglia; J. I. Golzarri; H. Martínez; G. Espinosa

  10. Characterization of LR-115 Type 2 Detectors for Monitoring Indoor Radon 222: Determination of the Calibration Factor

    Authors: P. Pereyra; M. E. López; B. Pérez; J. Rojas; J. Mart ínez; K. León

  11. ZnS (Mn) Nanoparticles as Luminescent Centers for Siloxane Based Scintillators

    Authors: S. Carturan; G. Maggioni M. Cinausero; T. Marchi; F. Gramegna; F. Pino; D. Fabris; A. Quaranta; L. Sajo-Bohus

  12. Thermal Effect on TL Response of Single Doped LiF+NaF:RE Polycrystalline Phosphors

    Authors: E. Gómez-Chayres; E. Cruz-Zaragoza; M. I. Gil Tolano; L. Pérez Cruz; P. R. González; M. C. Salcedo Luna

  13. NaI(Tl) Scintillator's Response Functions for Point-like and Distributed Gamma-ray Sources

    Authors: H. R. Vega-Carrillo; J. L. Benites-Rengifo; V.M. Hernandez- Davila; J.M. Orti z-Rodriguez; H. A. de Leon-Mart ínez

  14. Radionuclide Determination In Surface Water Samples By Inductively Coupled Plasma With Sector Field Mass Spectrometry (ICP-SFMS)

    Authors: E. T. Romero-Guzmán; H. Hernández-Mendoza; L. R. Reyes- Gutiérrez; M. J. Ríos-Lugo; J. Hernández-Santana

  15. Radiolysis of Serine in High Radiation Field

    Authors: Ellen Y. Aguilar-Ovando; Alicia Negrón-Mendoza

  16. Agent-based Model of Oxidation Reactions of Ferrous Ions

    Authors: A. L. Rivera; A; S. Ramos-Bernal; A. Negrón-Mendoza

  17. Radiochemical Separation and Measurement by Mass Spectrometry with Magnetic Sector with Inductively Coupled Plasma source (ICP-SFMS) of Plutonium Isotopes in Soil Samples

    Authors: C. O. Tores-Cort és; H. Hernández-Mendoza; H. R. Vega-Carrillo; E. T. Romero -Guzmán

  18. Proposal of a Novel Setup for Linac Monitoring Using a Specifically Designed Plastic Scintillator and a Spectrophotometer

    Authors: F. Moreno-Barbosa; R. Palomino-Merino; E. Moreno-Barbosa; E. Miguel-Chumacero; O. Martínez-Bravo; B. d. e Celis-Alonso

  19. Radiolysis and Thermolysis of Cytosine: Importance in Chemical Evolution

    Authors: J. Cruz-Castañeda; A. Negrón-Mendoza

  20. Stability of Aspartic Acid at 77°K under Gamma Radiation in a Comet Cores Simulation: Implications for Chemical Evolution Studies

    Authors: A. L. Meléndez-López; S. Ramos-Bernal; A. Negrón-Mendoza

  21. Analysis of the Lepton Mixing Matrix in the Two Higgs Doublet Model

    Authors: E. Barrada s Guevara; O. Felix Belt ran; F. Gonzalez Canales; E. Gonzalez Hernandez; E. Rod riguez Jauregui; M. Zeleny Mora

  22. Higgs Sector with Spontaneous CP Violation in S(3) Standard Model

    Authors: J. E. Barradas-guevara; O. Félix-beltrán; E. Rodríguez-jáuregui

  23. Nuclear Tracks Morphology Study Using Raman Methodology

    Authors: Mariana Cerda Z.; J. A. Azamar-Barrios; C. Vázquez López; R. Fragoso-Soriano; B. E. Zendejas-Leal; J. Rurik Farías; J. I. Golzarri; G. Espinosa

  24. Investigation of the Saturation of Elemental Concentration in the Depth Profile of Low Energy Silver Ion Implants in Silicon

    Authors: Mangal S. Dhoubhade; Bibhudutta Rout; Wickramaarachchige J. Lakshantha; Floyd D. McDaniel

  25. Correlation Between Underground Radon Gas and Dormant Geological Faults

    Authors: J. A. López; O. Dena Ornelas; L. Sajo-Bohus; G. Rodríguez; I. Chavarría

  26. Emanation Study of Gas Radon on the Ancient Cuexcomate Geyser in Puebla City, Mexico

    Authors: J. A. Monarca Serrano; M. de Jesús Cirilo; C.Vázquez- López; B. E. Zendejas -Leal; J. I. Golzarri; G. Espinosa