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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science >>

Vol.4, No.3

Publisher: AI Publications

Publishing Date: 2017-03-08

  1. Gender Comparison in the Effectiveness of Guidance and Counselling Services in Enhancing Students' adjustment to School Environment in Boarding Secondary Schools in Kenya

    Authors: Benjamin Mugambi Kanga

  2. Reactive and Active Power Output Optimization in a Wind Farm Using the Particle Swarm Optimization Technique

    Authors: Nazha Cherkaoui; Abdelaziz Belfqih; Faissal El Mariami; Omar Sabri; Jamal Boukherouaa; Mohamed Nouh Dazahra; Meriem Majdoub

  3. Review of Research Papers Related to V4-cordial Labeling of Graphs

    Authors: N. B. Rathod

  4. Effect of Welding Speed on Mechanical Properties of Dissimilar Friction Stir Welded AA5083-H321 and AA6061-T6 Aluminum Alloys

    Authors: D. Devaiah; K. Kishore; P.Laxminarayana

  5. Rapid Manufacturing- Classification and Recent Development

    Authors: Lalit Kumar; Abid Haleem; Qamar Tanveer; Mohd. Javaid; Mohd Shuaib; Vineet Kumar

  6. Performance tests on Screw Feeder Conveyor for Nodule Transfer Deep Sea Applications

    Authors: Amudha.K; Ramesh N.R.; Sundaramoorthi.V; Dineshkumar .D; Muthuswamy.V; Rethnaraj.T; G.A.Ramadass

  7. Efficient Design of Error Recovery and Improve the Performance Using Mesh of Ring Topology Based NoC

    Authors: A. Kalimuthu; M. Karthikeyan

  8. An Improved Approach to Discover High Utility Item Set from Large Data Set

    Authors: Shilpa Shrivastabva; Abhishek Tiwari

  9. Modal Analysis of Engine Supporting Bracket using Finite Element Analysis

    Authors: A.S. Adkine; Prof.G.P.Overikar; S .S. Surwase

  10. Plan and Implementation of Flexible D-Statcom for Mitigating Power Quality Problems and Improve the Distribution System Performance

    Authors: GanjiVivekananda; Dr K. Chandra Sekhar

  11. Laws of Heat Radiation from Spherical Gas Volumes. Part I. Laws Formulation

    Authors: A. N. Makarov

  12. Laws of heat radiation from spherical gas volumes. Part II. Modeling of heat radiation from volume bodies by radiation from spherical and cylindrical gas volumes

    Authors: A. N. Makarov

  13. Design of an Exponentially Weighted Moving Average (EWMA) and An Exponentially Weighted Root Mean Square (EWRMS) Control Chart

    Authors: Asst. Kawa M. Jamal Rashid

  14. Flexural Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Girders using Post-Tensioned Concrete Jackets

    Authors: Dina Zakaria; Hussein Okail; Amr Abdelrahman

  15. Effect of Friction Stir Welding Parameters on the Mechanical & Microstructure Properties of Aluminium 6061 Alloys

    Authors: Ch.Mohana Rao; K.Mallikarjuna Rao

  16. Determination of Dehydration Pattern and Sensory Properties variation of Blanched and Un-blanched, Cut and Whole Moringa olifera Leaves

    Authors: Rathnayake A.R.M.H.A; Navarathna S.B.

  17. A Review on Simulation Optimization

    Authors: Mobin Ahmad

  18. Simulation of Corner Skidding Control System

    Authors: M. Arun Kumar; S. Ashwin Kannan; A. Sathish Kumar; S. Kumaravel

  19. Synthesis and Characterization of Hybrid Polymer Composites

    Authors: Ajai Aravind Nair; S. Prakash; R. Christu Paul

  20. Effective Implementation of Agile Software Development with a Framework, Metric Tool, and in Association with Cloud and Lean Kanban

    Authors: V. Esther Jyothi; K. Nageswara Rao

  21. Self-Compacting Concrete - Robustness of SCC

    Authors: Nalini Thakre; Dipak Mangrulkar; Mahesh Janbandhu; Jaya Saxena

  22. A Framework for the analysis of 3-D Novel flange Microstrip Patch Antenna Design employing Flexible Teflon Substrate

    Authors: Avneet Kaur; Ekambir Sidhu

  23. Design and analysis of composite Leaf Spring for light Weight Vehicle

    Authors: D. Lydia Mahanthi; C. Venkata Siva Murali

  24. Automatic Solar Powered Fan for Regulation of Temperatures in a Green House

    Authors: Harrison K. Tarus

  25. Implementation of CMOS Low Dropout Voltage Regulator with Frequency divider for Improved Stability

    Authors: Kamlesh Sharma; Gajendra Sujediya; Abdul Naim Khan

  26. Develop a model to map client's people development requirements and the delivery of the service to achieve effective results

    Authors: S. K. Devanarayana; G. H. J. Lanel

  27. An improved AES Cryptosystem Based Genetic Method on S-Box, With, 256 Key Sizes and 14-Rounds

    Authors: Ashutosh Pandey; Umesh kumar Lilhore

  28. Parametric Instability in Mathieu Equation for Interaction P-S Waves

    Authors: Hector Torres-Silva; Enrique Fuentes Heinrich

  29. Impact Analysis of Soybean in Supply of Edible Oil in India

    Authors: Prem Narayan

  30. A Study on Various Security Aspects in Cloud Policy Oriented Architecture

    Authors: Sonia; Kirti Bhatia

  31. Secure and Efficient Data Transmission for Cluster Based Wireless Sensor Network Using Cryptography

    Authors: Sangamsh J. kalyane; Dr.Nagaraj B. Patil

  32. Tourist Guide Information System using Google Map and GPS

    Authors: Honey Soe; Myint Myint Sein

  33. Optimizing the Size of A Multi-Layered Patch Antenna for K-Band Applications

    Authors: M.hamdaoui; J.Foshi; A. Roukhe

  34. Analysis of High Temperature Monitoring Using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensor

    Authors: Shruthi S.V; S. Sundaravadivelu

  35. Strain Measurement Using Fiber Bragg Granting Sensor for Crack Detection

    Authors: K. Vinnarasi; S. Sundaravadivelu

  36. A Novel Study of Semiconductor Material as a Substrate Layer for Microstrip Patch Antenna

    Authors: Praveen Kumar E; Sundaravadivelu S

  37. High Frequency Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Process for Dressing of Weldment

    Authors: Cibi Anthony J; K T Thilagham

  38. A Slotted-sense Streaming MAC for Real-time Multimedia Data Transmission in Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: Md Abul Kalam Azad; Amina Khatun; Md Abdur Rahman

  39. Hybrid Model Based on User Tags and Textual Passwords and Pearsonian Type III Mixture Model

    Authors: Pavan Gujjar Panduranga Rao; Dr.P.Srinivasa Rao; G. Lavanya Devi

  40. Enhancement of Natural Ventilation using Solar Chimney: A Numerical Investigation

    Authors: Jitendra Kumar; Abhishek Raj; Hari Mohan Sharma

  41. Breast Cancer Diagnostic System Based on MR images Using KPCA-Wavelet Transform and Support Vector Machine

    Authors: Mustafa Zuhaer AL-Dabagh; Firas H. AL-Mukhtar

  42. The impact of applying the Unified Banking Evaluation model (Camels) on enforcing the banking supervision of commercial banks (The case study of Bank Bemo Saudi French – BBSF)

    Authors: Ghassan Farouk Ghandour

  43. Text Detection in Document Images: Highlight on using FAST algorithm

    Authors: Geetika Mathur; Suneetha Rikhari

  44. Analysis of Simply Supported Rectangular Kirchhoff Plates by the Finite Fourier Sine Transform Method

    Authors: Mama B.O.; Nwoji C.U.; Ike C. C.; Onah H.N.

  45. Analysis of Simply Supported Rectangular Kirchhoff Plates by the Finite Fourier Sine Transform Method

    Authors: Mama B.O.; Nwoji C.U.; Ike C. C.; Onah H.N.

  46. Flexural - Torsional Buckling Analysis of Thin Walled Columns Using the Fourier series Method

    Authors: Flexural - Torsional Buckling Analysis of Thin Walled Columns Using the Fourier series Method