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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science >>

Vol.4, No.4

Publisher: AI Publications

Publishing Date: 2017-04-08

  1. Eco-Efficiency of Drinking Water Treatment

    Authors: M. Farhaoui

  2. Transmission Line Fault Monitoring and Identification System by Using Internet of Things

    Authors: S.Suresh; R.Nagarajan; L.Sakthivel; V.Logesh; C.Mohandass; G.Tamilselvan

  3. Research on Multiple Complex Data Processing Methods Based on OpenStack Cloud Platform

    Authors: Huansong Yang; Mengyuan Wang; Jiaping Wu

  4. Power Quality Issues of Electric Arc Furnace and their Mitigations -A Review

    Authors: Amarjeet Singh; Ravindra Kumar Singh; Asheesh Kumar Singh

  5. Energy Audit for an educational building which operates in Middle East climatic conditions

    Authors: Salim R K; Dr Sudhir CV

  6. Energy and Energy Analysis on Si Engine by Blend of Ethanol with Petrol

    Authors: Kuntesh A Mithaiwal; Ashish J Modi; Dipak C Gosai

  7. Seismic Risk Assessment of Existing School Buildings in Egypt

    Authors: Islam M. Ezz El-Arab

  8. ITIL Implementation in a Moroccan Stat Organization: The case of incident management process

    Authors: Mourad EL Baz; Malik Motii Armand; Collins Anong; Belaissaoui Mustapha

  9. Design and Study of Swirl Injector of Pulse Detonation Engine

    Authors: Navdeep Banga; Kanika

  10. Performance Analysis of LEACH, SEP and ZSEP under the Influence of Energy

    Authors: Sulekha Kumari

  11. Students Learning Evaluation Using Learning Analytics

    Authors: U. M. Kalshetti; Keyur Kulkarni; Deepenkumar Patel; Sharang Nimbalkar

  12. Smart Waste Management System using IoT

    Authors: S.A. Mahajan; Akshay Kokane; Apoorva Shewale; Mrunaya Shinde; Shivani Ingale

  13. Efficiency and Performance analysis of routing protocols in WSN.pdf

    Authors: Kaysar Ahmed Bhuiyan; Md Whaiduzzaman; Mostofa Kamal Nasir

  14. Determinants of Stock Prices of Joint - Stock Companies in Industrial Sector Listed On Hcm City Stock Exchange

    Authors: Vuong Quoc Duy; Le Long Hau; Nguyen Huu Dang

  15. On r-Dynamic Chromatic Number of the Corronation of Path and Several Graphs

    Authors: Arika Indah Kristiana; Dafik; M. Imam Utoyo; Ika Hesti Agustin

  16. Study of Electron Transport in Fullerene (C60) Quantum Confined Channel Layer Based Field Effect Transistor

    Authors: Cyril Robinson Azariah John Chelliah; Barbara Szymanik; Rajesh Swaminathan

  17. Low Power and Low Voltage Double Tail Dynamic Latch Comparator using 180nm Technology

    Authors: Balayan Sapna; Gupta Anshu

  18. Enhancement of Analytical OBR (Out of Band Radiation) and BER Calculation for Digital Au-dio-Video Broadcasting in Companded OFDM System using Non-Symmetric QAM/QPSK Tecniques

    Authors: Santosh; Piyush Vyas; K. K. Arora

  19. Review of Dehumidifier with Association to Solar Circular Collector for Close Water Open Air System (CWOA) Humidification & Dehumidification Process

    Authors: Anilkumar Motiram Patel

  20. An Empirical Estimation of CSS Cognitive Radio Network Performance under Spectrum Sensing Data Falsification Attack

    Authors: Rajesh D. Kadu; Pravin P. Karde; V. M. Thakare

  21. High quality techniques for Multiple Sequences Alignment

    Authors: Shalini Mehra

  22. Design of High Performance and Energy Efficient Explicit Pulsed Sense Amplifier Based Flip-Flop

    Authors: Priyanka Sharma

  23. Effects of Refinery Processes on the Quality of Various Water Samples from Kaduna Refinery and Petrochemical Company (KRPC) Limited

    Authors: C.T.Onyema; J.J. Ilebaye

  24. Implementation & Comparative Analysis of CMOS vs GDI for 8T SRAM Functionality under Power, Delay over Performance

    Authors: T. Vasudeva Reddy; Dr B. K. Madhavi

  25. Comparison of Measured and Predicted Performance and the Emission Characteristics of Single Cylinder CI Engine using Pongamia Pinnata based Bio-Diesel

    Authors: A. Yazharsu; T. Rajagopal; U. Karthick; V.P. Srinivasan

  26. A Phenomenon of Low-Alloy Steel Distribution Transformation Parameters at Cyclic Loading in Low-Cyclic Area

    Authors: Shipachev A.; Nazarova M.

  27. Forecasting Particulate Matter Concentrations: Use of Unorganized Machines

    Authors: Yara de Souza Tadano; Hugo Valadares Siqueira; Thiago Antonini Alves; Manoel Henrique de Nobrega Marinho

  28. Separation of Sediment Contents and Water from Crude Oil of Khurmala and Guwayer Oil Fields in Kurdistan Region by using Centrifuge Method

    Authors: Saima Jadoon; Arif Malik

  29. Call Blocking Probabilities Reduction of Channel Assignment in Mobile Communication Systems

    Authors: Mohamed Abdelghader Morsi; Amin Babkir A.Alnabi; Ashraf Gasim Alsid

  30. Notion, Essence and Evaluation of the use of Information Technologies in the Economy of Metallurgical Industry

    Authors: Ghomrani Mohammed El Amine; Pavel B. Boldyrevskii

  31. Performance Evaluation and Study of Routing Protocols: MANET vs VANET

    Authors: Annu; Reema

  32. Power Factor Correction Using Bridgeless Boost Topology

    Authors: Sachin Saini; Piyush Sharma; Dheeraj Kumar Dhakad; Love Kumar Tripathi

  33. Boundary Detection in 2-D and 3-D Wireless Sensor Networks.pdf

    Authors: Aditi Pandey; Ranjana Thalore

  34. A Review of Various Routing Protocols in VANET.pdf

    Authors: Rajashree Dutta; Ranjana Thalore

  35. Assessment of Quality of Groundwater in Certain Villages nearby Krishna River, Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India

    Authors: V. Rajesh; R. L. N. Charyulu; B. V. Ravi Kumar; B. Prasanna Kumar

  36. Experimental Study on Pervious Concrete: An Eco Friendly Concrete Pavement

    Authors: Yogesh N. Sonawane

  37. Optical and Thermal Performance Analysis of a Steady Spherical Collector with a Crescent-shaped Rotating Absorber

    Authors: Thierry S. M. Ky; Boureima Dianda; Moktar Ousmane; Magloire Pakouzou; Sie Kam; Dieudonne J. Bathiebo

  38. Susceptibility Gene Prediction in Hereditary Disease Retinoblastoma

    Authors: S. Sumathi; R. Dhaya; R. Kanthavel

  39. Development of Automated Room Security System.pdf

    Authors: Saksham Rastogi; Rahul Das; Kriti

  40. Advanced Image Processing Technique for Failure Analysis.pdf

    Authors: Smt. Maya. V. Lakha; S. P. RajaManohar; K. ChennaKeshava Reddy; Dr .Abdul Sattar

  41. Electro-synthesized Conjugated Salen Polymer-Glassy Carbon as Hydrochromic Reflective Filter for Humidity Detection: Introduction of Humidity Optical Sensor

    Authors: Mohammad Mahdi Doroodmand; Sina Owji

  42. Energy Efficient MAC Protocols with Adaptive Duty Cycle for Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: Kaushik Ghosh; Prashansa Choudhary

  43. The Relationship between Cost-Volume Profit Management and Profitability in Private Organizations

    Authors: Ghassan Farouk Ghandour

  44. Heat Transfer Enhancement for Tube in Tube Heat Exchanger Using Twisted Tape Inserts

    Authors: A. H. Dhumal; G. M. Kerkal; K.T. Pawale

  45. Assessment of Heavy Metals in Fodder Crops Leaves Being Raised with Hudiara Drain Water (Punjab-Pakistan)

    Authors: Arif Malik; Saima Jadoon; Muhammad Imran Latif; Mawish Arooj

  46. Design of a Pipeline Leakage Detection System

    Authors: Maidala. A Y; Odujoko A.O.; Sadjere E.G.; Ariavie G.O

  47. Numerical and Experimental Study of Natural Convection Air Flow in a Solar Tower Dryer

    Authors: Germain W. P. Ouedraogo; Sie Kam; Moussa Sougoti; Ousmane Moctar; Dieudonne Joseph Bathiebo

  48. A Queuing Model to Optimize the Performance of Surgical Units

    Authors: M.G.R.U.K. Ferdinandes; G.H.J. Lanel; M.A.S.C. Samrarakoon

  49. A Genetic Algorithm Based Feature Selection for Classification of Brain MRI Scan Images Using Random Forest Classifier

    Authors: S. Mary Joans; J. Sandhiya

  50. Six Sigma Methodology for Improving Manufacturing Process in a Foundry Industry

    Authors: Sachin S.; Dileeplal J.

  51. Modeling an Academic Test by Practicing Google Drive Cloud Computing

    Authors: Waseem Saad Nsaif; Laith Rtalib Rasheed; Saja Salim Mohammed; Mohamed Hakem Mohamed

  52. An Empirical Estimation of CSS Cognitive Radio Network Performance under Spectrum Sensing Data Falsification Attack

    Authors: A.S. Adkine; Prof.G.P.Overikar; S .S. Surwase

  53. Crack Calculation of Beams from Self-Compacted Concrete

    Authors: Hajdar E. Sadiku; Esat Gashi; Misin Misini

  54. Literature Review on Design and Working of 3 Way Pilot Operated Diaphragm Controlled Hydraulic Control Valve

    Authors: Kunal Mehra

  55. Segmentation of Optic Disc in Fundus Images using Convolutional Neural Networks for Detection of Glaucoma

    Authors: R. Priyanka; S. J. Grace Shoba; A. Brintha Therese

  56. A Review on Advancements in Optical Communication System

    Authors: Aparna Tomar; Vandana Vikas Thakare

  57. Problem Solving Approach

    Authors: Aparna Tomar; Vandana Vikas Thakare

  58. Study of Broadside Linear Array Antenna with Different Spacing and Number of Elements

    Authors: Kailash Pati Dutta