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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science >>

Vol.7, No.1

Publisher: AI Publications

Publishing Date: 2020-01-20

  1. Banking Industry Specific and Macroeconomic Determinant of Credit Risk

    Authors: Hazimi Bimaruci Hazrati Havidz William Obeng-Amponsah

  2. Banking Industry Specific and Macroeconomic Determinant of Credit Risk

    Authors: Hazimi Bimaruci Hazrati Havidz William Obeng-Amponsah

  3. The impact of the economic recession on hospital quality indicators in Tocantins

    Authors: Warly Neves Geovane Rossone Jefferson Rodrigues Sávia Denise Taiany Neves Marcella Soares André Peres Janne Marques Cassia Alves Anny Pires de Edilane Floriano Lucas França Aktor Hugo

  4. Patient Safety Protocols in Overcrowded Environments: in the context of nursing

    Authors: Luana Conceição Andreia Fernandes Maria Celestina Santos Daniele Melo Nancy de Souza Felipe Juliana da Ana Paula Ana Karla Pricila Costa Eimar Neri Virgínia Mercês Gabriel Fazzi Juliana Conceição

  5. Educational Action on Hand Hygiene to Combat Intestinal Parasitosis in a Public School in Belém of Pará Brazil

    Authors: Lidiane Assunção Daniele Melo Amanda Silva Hilton José José Natanael Leticia dos Reis Naiana de Paula Gisely Santiago Tayna Ianka Gabrielle da Silva Anderson Roberto Simone Daria Assunção Marcos José Risuenho Ilma Pastana

  6. Econometric analysis of school success: case of the Moroccan community in France

    Authors: Rabia Hajila

  7. Block.ino: Remote Lab for Programming Teaching and Learning

    Authors: Juarez Bento da Silva Graceline de Oliveira Isabela Nardi da Silva Paulo Manoel Mafra Simone Meister Sommer Bilessimo

  8. Evaluation of the profile and experience of nurses working in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a northern city of Espírito Santo-ES and their knowledge about pressure ulcer

    Authors: Adriana Vieira Gama Lisboa Guilherme Bicalho Nogueira

  9. Use of Vegetation Cover Index (ICV) to identify susceptible areas to desertification process in the semiarid municipalities of Pernambuco, Brazil

    Authors: Rayanna Barroso de Oliveira Alves Hernande Pereira da Silva José Coelho de Araújo Filho Marco Antonio de Oliveira Domingues Jones Oliveira de Albuquerque

  10. Statistical Analysis of Solid Waste Generation for the Preparation of a Management System

    Authors: Douglas Bastos Belchior de Menezes Mariana Lima Almeida Ana Letícia da Costa Oliveira Lima Clarice Regina Coelho Tavares Nilo Antonio de Souza Sampaio José Wilson de Jesus Silva

  11. Analysis of the coal production chain from the caatinga vegetation in the rural area Petrolina – PE

    Authors: Patrícia da Costa Souza Sidney Silva Simplício Reinaldo Pacheco dos Santos Clecia Simone G. R. Pacheco

  12. Comparison of the Energy Markets of Colombia and Brazil

    Authors: V. Vásquez O. H. Ando J. J. Gimenez

  13. Analysis of the Impact of Implementation of a Risk-Flood Retention Basin

    Authors: Gabriel Melo Lira Marcia Teixeira Falcão Emerson Lopes de Amorim Francilene Cardoso Alves Fortes Lucas Matos de Souza

  14. Cytotoxicity and Genotoxicity Analysis of two Endodontic cements in Human Fibroblast Culture in Vitro

    Authors: Eduardo Fernandes Marques Marlon Brendo da Silva Benigno Camila Paiva Macedo Larissa Bitencourt

  15. Public habitation: construction of a system of water reuse in the search for sustainable alternatives

    Authors: Ayrk Souza Barbosa Emerson Lopes de Amorim Francilene Cardoso Alves Fortes Lucas Matos de Souza

  16. Teacher’s life stories in different cultural Educational contexts, as a prerequisite for choice of Profession

    Authors: Juarez Francisco Da Silva Evelise M L Portilho

  17. Prevalence of depressive and anxious disorders in an area of the Family Health Strategy in the Southern Region of Tocantins

    Authors: Mariana Ferreira Bucar Sávia Denise Silva Carlotto Herrera Alice Magalhães Faleiro Elisa Palmeira Calil Fonseca Caroline Rufoni Vinicius Lopes Marinho Yuniel Martínez Hernández Warly Neves de Araújo Florence Germaine Tible Lainscek

  18. Appling Data Mining Technique for Crime Prevention: The Case of Hossaena Town Police Office

    Authors: Fantaye Ayele

  19. Analysis of building on Sloping Ground subjected to Seismic Forces

    Authors: Mojahid Islam Siddharth Pastariya

  20. A Review on Economical Design of Intz Water Tank as per IS-875-III, for Wind Speed in India

    Authors: Sapan Chawla Sagar Jamle Kundan Meshram

  21. Basic life support: A Literature Review about its relevance and level of knowledge of Health Professionals

    Authors: Andressa de Oliveira Laiza de Sousa Marcella Soares Adriana Arruda Warly Neves Daianne Pereira Ananda Caroline Adelma Martins Jefferson Rodrigues Pricila Zancanella Mylena Galdino Edilane Floriano Ligiane Rodrigues Jacqueline Aparecida

  22. Salient Calculation at the Single Offshore Breakwater for a Wave Perpendicular to Coastline using Polynomial Approach

    Authors: Syawaluddin Hutahaean

  23. Examination on Increasing Stability of Multistoried Building: A Theoretical Review

    Authors: Romesh Malviya Sagar Jamle Kundan Meshram

  24. Ecosophy and the relationship between man and nature in contemporaneity

    Authors: Kellison Lima Cavalcante Rafael Santana Alves

  25. The Religious Parties of Popular Catholicism of the Immigrants of the city of Santa Teresa

    Authors: Sacred. Devotion. Catholicism.

  26. Review Analysis on Determine the Best Location of Porch in Multistory Building with and without Seismic Loading

    Authors: Abrar Ahamad Ankit Pal Mayank Choudhary

  27. Impacts of sea level rise on an area of significant tidal variation

    Authors: Vera Raquel Janaina Santos Maria do Socorro Gizele Barbosa Luiz Carlos Araujo dos Santos Kathery de Sousa Silva Érima Jôyssielly Juliana Lopes Gilvanele Silva Oliveira Jhessica Allyson Luis Ramos Adriano Oliveira Ingrid Denilson

  28. Two Dimensional Simulation of Deposited Polydisperse Particles

    Authors: Ni'matur Rohmah Moh. Hasan Alfian Futuhul Hadi

  29. The formation of National higher education systems of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

    Authors: Usmonov Botir

  30. Contents of Fairs as an Intermediary Resource in Psychotherapy of Children’s Group: Experience Report

    Authors: Ellen Fernanda Klinger Fabio Jesus Miranda Daniela Ponciano Oliveira Ana Camila Neiva Wislocki Débora da Silva Ribeiro

  31. The concept of blessing (Barakah) in the function of consumption

    Authors: Zouhair Lakhyar Mouttaki Hlal