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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science >>

Vol.8, No.5

Publisher: AI Publications

Publishing Date: 2021-05-10

  1. Education for Autonomy at the Child Education Center (CEC) in the city of São Paulo, Brazil

    Authors: Mônica Abud Perez de Cerqueira Luz Flávia Abud Luz

  2. Efficiency Location of Single Wall Outrigger and Wall Belt Supported System in Transverse Direction: A Review

    Authors: Kunal Meshram Ankit Pal

  3. Video Analytics on Social Distancing and Detecting Mask -A detailed Analysis

    Authors: S. Jayashri M. Thoulath Kani M.Vikram Pandi B. Yazhisree K. Lakshmi

  4. Study of the effect of pre-existing crack and water saturation on strength of rock-like

    Authors: Foutou Matsoulou Ray Gao xiang Ngambua N. Rene

  5. Material and Energy Balance Analysis for Urea Production from Biomass via Methane Steam Reforming

    Authors: Daniela de Araújo Sampaio Júlio Sancho Teixeira Militão Avner Vianna Silva Gusmão Vieira Jeferson Marcos Silva Moraes Viviane Barrozo da Silva Antonio Carlos Duarte Ricciotti Hebert Sancho Garcez Militão

  6. Evaluation of Quality of Life in Individuals at Risk of Obstructive Sleep Apnea and their Anthrometric Correlations

    Authors: Edirlânia Rose Borges Cavalcante Monaliza Stephany César Silva Christiane Cavalcante Feitoza

  7. Mathematical modeling and parametric optimization of surface roughness for evaluating the effects of fused deposition modeling process parameters on ABS material

    Authors: Amanuel Diriba Tura Hana Beyene Mamo Wendimu Fanta Gemechu

  8. Selection and Customization of Product Assurance Requirements applied to Small Satellites

    Authors: Inaldo Soares de Albuquerque Alirio Cavalcanti de Brito Leonel Fernando Perondi Mauricio Goncalves Vieira Ferreira

  9. Application of economic and financial feasibility analysis in a residential condominium inside Amazonas

    Authors: Aline Souza da Silva Leandro Alberto da Cruz Demosthenes Clauderino da Silva Batista

  10. Assessment of the Impairment in Domain functionalities and Executive Functions in Euthymic Patients, with Bipolar Disorder I/II - Utilizing the FAST and FAB tests

    Authors: Luiz Arthur Rangel Cyrino Claudia Regina Calegari Maria Cecília Tomasi Felipe Luis Schmoller Stammerjohann Daniela Delwing-de Lima

  11. Production of Interlocked block with added Tire Rubber Waste

    Authors: Matheus Nunes Oliveira Daniella Fernandes Carvalho Rafael Carilo Vivas Amanda Kauanne Gomes de Alencar Fernando Antonio da Silva Fernandes

  12. Analysis of Sea Border Crossing Transportation Between Three Countries in Sumatera Island, Case Study: Tanjung Balai Karimun Port – Harbour Front Port, Singapore and Tanjung Balai Karimun Port – Kukup and Puteri Ports, Malaysia

    Authors: Danny Faturachman Karina A. Sulaeman

  13. Comparative study of the costs of implementation of three types of photovoltaic energy systems in the city of Porto Nacional - TO

    Authors: Anna Júlia Pereira Mendes Diogo Pedreira Lima

  14. The fragile Sustainability of the Concept of Unsafe Act

    Authors: Karen Santos Silva Márcio de Queiroz Murad

  15. Relation between Age and Body Composition of Institutionalized Fragiles Elderly Women

    Authors: Cristianne Confessor Castilho Lopes Marilda Morais da Costa Antônio Vinícius Soares Stefany da Rocha Kaiser Luís Fernando da Rosa Daniela dos Santos Paulo Sérgio Silva Tulio Gamio Dias Eduardo Barbosa Lopes Laísa Zanatta Vanessa da Silva Barros

  16. Evaluation of biometric parameters in the selection of substrates for buriti seedlings (Mauritia flexuosa L. f.)

    Authors: Temile Santana da Cruz Saraiva Fabio del Monte Cocozza Jorge da Silva Junior Luciana Botezelli Evaneide Silva da Luz Abner Mares Costa Aurione Rios da Cruz Joaquim Pedro Soares Neto Fabio de Oliveira

  17. Educational Processes in Administration in the Informatization Era

    Authors: Florisvaldo Cavalcanti dos Santos Antonio de Santana Padilha Neto Raimundo Nonato Lima Filho Ricardo José Rocha Amorim Rosiane Rocha O. Santos

  18. Sensitivity analysis in the rearing of beef cattle in the State of Pará

    Authors: Diogo Claudio da Silva Weder Ferreira dos Santos Layanni Ferreira Sodré Santos Adriano Silveira Barbosa Antônio Henrique Camilo Ribeiro Vanderlan Carneiro Dias Joênes Mucci Peluzio Maria Dilma de Lima Cícero Antônio Sobreira Fidelis

  19. Interaction cultivar environment in soybean for protein yield with different fertilization and sowing dates

    Authors: Maria Dilma de Lima Joênes Mucci Peluzio Divania de Lima Weder Ferreira dos Santos Glêndara Aparecida de Souza Martins Joseilson Alves de Paiva Jeane Alves de Almeida Celso Hackenhaar Neusa Hackenhaar Vanderlan Carneiro Dias

  20. 4DGAP: New tool for multidimensional impact assessment and guide to certification programs for Good Agricultural and Environmental Practices

    Authors: Luciano Gebler Alejandra Díaz Lucia Maia Lourdes Medina Sacha Trelles

  21. Construction process of a Virtual Learning Environment in Adult Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

    Authors: Ingrid Nery Mendes Filipe Valente Mendes Maicon de Araújo Nogueira Glauber Marcelo Dantas Seixas Marta Cleonice Cordeiro de Assunção Eimar Neri de Oliveira Junior

  22. 3D printing by additive manufacture of hydrogel containing caffeic acid

    Authors: João de Deus Pereira de Moraes Segundo Ingri Julieth Mancilla Corzo Maria Oneide Silva de Moraes Jéssica Heline Lopes da Fonsêca Rêner Pontes Tavares Brenda Silva de Paula

  23. Evidence of GLBT in Brazilian Scientific Research: A State of the Art

    Authors: Francisco Ricardo Miranda Pinto Carlos Antonio Bruno da Silva

  24. Simplified Business Plan for planning and management - A proposal for the mariculture industry

    Authors: Rodrigo de Souza Carneiro Thiago Padovani Xavier Alessandro Roberto Rocha Fernando Nascimento Zatta Wellington Gonçalves

  25. Industry 4.0 Machine Learning to Monitor the Life Span of Cutting Tools in an Automotive Production Line

    Authors: Cleginaldo Pereira de Carvalho Priscila de Moraes Bittencourt

  26. Critical Illness Polyneuropathy: Case Report and Update

    Authors: Jacqueline Stephanie Fernandes do Nascimento Maurício de Sant'Anna Junior Nicolle dos Santos Moraes Nunes Dellaiane Caroline Barbosa Lívia Spala Tenório Faria Thais de R. Bessa-Guerra Marco Antonio Alves Azizi Antônio Marcos da Silva Catharino

  27. Neuromuscular Scoliosis: A Neurological Point of View

    Authors: Celmir de Oliveira Vilaça Jacqueline Stephanie Fernandes do Nascimento Nicolle dos Santos Moraes Nunes Thais de R. Bessa-Guerra Marco Antonio Alves Azizi Adalgiza Mafra Moreno Antônio Marcos da Silva Catharino Paulo Henrique de Moura

  28. Cognitive damage after COVID-19 in a patient with Parkinson’s disease and dementia: A case report

    Authors: Eduardo Paranhos Nicolle dos Santos Moraes Nunes Jacqueline Stephanie Fernandes do Nascimento Esther Victoria Lima de Mello Marco Antonio Alves Azizi Thais de R. Bessa-Guerra Renata R. T. Castro Thiago Rodrigues Gonçalves

  29. Strategies to improve bioavailability of the existing Drugs for Colorectal Cancer

    Authors: Pratik Chatterjee

  30. Analysis of the response of two varieties of Maize (Zea Mays L.) to different dosages of Nitrogen

    Authors: Joyce das Neves Cruz Klever de Sousa Calixto Karine dos Santos de Santana José Lucas Souza Santos Amanda da Silva Pacheco Leandra Brito de Oliveira Bruna Makyssine Alcântara Silva Gabriela Pereira de Carvalho

  31. Continuous Visual Survey on Highway Br-010: Case Study on the Stretch between Estreito and Porto Franco – Ma

    Authors: Francyléia R. Brito Rafaella O. G. Santos

  32. Social Violence and School Dropout

    Authors: Claudison Vieira de Albuquerque António Manoel Rochette Cordeiro Marcos Alexandre de Melo Barros

  33. Nursing assistance in COVID-19 cardiovascular complications: Integrative Literature Review

    Authors: Letícia Almeida de Assunção Anderson Lineu Siqueira dos Santos Tatyellen Natasha da Costa Oliveira Michele Monteiro Sousa Antônia Roberta Mitre Sampaio Rodrigo Batista Balieiro Hellen de Paula Silva da Rocha

  34. Assessment of Water quality For Balneability of Francisquinha Stream - Porto Nacional – TO

    Authors: Ilanna Soares Lima Angelo Ricardo Balduino

  35. The importance of the ITIL framework in managing Information and Communication Technology services

    Authors: Sergio Francisco Sargo Ferreira Lopes

  36. Preliminary Experimental Study of a Single Slope-Double Effect Solar Still incorporating a paraffin wax

    Authors: Ernest Chidi Nwosu Kelechi Nsofor Godswill N. Nwaji Ikechi Ofong Nnamdi V. Ogueke Emmanuel E. Anyanwu

  37. A Method to Evaluate Virtual Opponent Based on IA for an Accessible Educational Digital Game: a Case of Study with Dinobase

    Authors: Adriana Gomes Alves Renan Augusto Romig

  38. Analysis of Putting up Piles using Empirical Methods

    Authors: Lucas Souza da Silva Samuel Queiroz Pimentel Adelmo Henrique Cechelero

  39. Looper angle and looper tension control between roll stands in hot strip finishing mills in adaptive, predictive Proportional Integral (PI) and Inverse Linear Quadratic (ILQ) control modes, with activation by means of servo valves and hydraulic cylinders

    Authors: Américo Ferreira Neto Sergio Luiz Pereira Eduardo Mario Dias Maria L. R. D. Scoton

  40. Analysis of genetic divergence through agronomic characters in green corn cultivars

    Authors: Débora Thaís da Silva Coutas Weder Ferreira dos Santos Antônio Henrique Camilo Ribeiro Layanni Ferreira Sodré Santos Vanderlan Carneiro Dias Joênes Mucci Peluzio Benício Lourenço Duarte Junior Zildiney Dantas Duarte da Silva

  41. Treatment of Legal-Criminal Error in Extreme and Limited Theories of Culpability

    Authors: Sebastião Pinto Rosalina Alves Nantes

  42. The Pyramid of Information - criticism and opportunity

    Authors: Milton Cesar Adrião Edelvino Razzolini Filho

  43. Reducing the Cost of Welding Paste in the Surface Assembly Technology (SMT) Process

    Authors: Marco Camargo Eduardo Braga

  44. Occurrences of disasters involving rains in the state of Tocantins

    Authors: Andressa Vieira da Cruz Guilherme Augusto Bastos Felix Alesi Teixeira Mendes

  45. Operations in the Cotton Chain: A Study at Agro-industrial Cooperative Holambra II and the Paulista Association of Cotton Producers (PACP)

    Authors: Rafael Moura De-Carli Edenis Cesar de Oliveira

  46. Blockchain: The Key Success of Healthcare Development

    Authors: Tarosh Wangwongwiroj Thanan Makarabhirom Jidapha Jaewjira

  47. Endodonic Intervention in Single Session on Patients with Need for Endodontic Treatment

    Authors: Eduardo Fernandes Marques Wellington Sousa Oliveira Diego Araújo dos Santos Isabela Cordeiro Reis Edinaura Rios Cunha e Felipe Camargo Munhoz

  48. The Contractor's Responsibility and the Perspective of the Outsourced Service Providers of the Federal Institute Minas Gerais - campus Ouro Preto: influences that can affect the quality of the service provided

    Authors: Fabrícia Coelho de Freitas Pedro Carlos Pereira Raíssa Marina de Freitas Rodrigues

  49. Flood Disaster Risk Assessment Based on Fuzzy Information Optimization Method in Limbe Town, Cameroon

    Authors: Tchoudjin Tchagna Abdou Franklin

  50. Risk Implementation Aid model for Technical factors in Developing Countries’ informal SME

    Authors: Djamil Mohamed

  51. Post-covid theoretical Perspectives on Social factors for the Successful Implementation of ERM in Developing Countries’ informal SME

    Authors: Djamil Mohamed Yu Jintian Bilali Youssouf Said

  52. Evaluation of the occupational safety management system: literature review

    Authors: Matheus Henrique Abreu Oliveira Diogo Pedreira Lima

  53. Difficulties and Problems Encountered in ISO 9001:2015 implementation in the Philippines

    Authors: Kim Edward S. Santos Leodegario M. David