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Archived Papers for Journal

Collection of Scientific Works of Kirovohrad National Technical University. Economic Sciences >>

Vol.22, No.II

Publisher: Kirovohrad National Technical University

Publishing Date: 2012-11-11

  1. The ways of reforming the audit system in Ukraine

    Authors: G. Davydov O. Petryk

  2. Modern problems of marketing policy of Ukrainian enterprises

    Authors: V. Gamaliy S. Romanchuk I. Fabrika

  3. Determination of investment attractiveness of regions of Ukraine is by trendovikh models

    Authors: V.Gamaliy V. Sotnikov

  4. Features of management of enterprises of machine-building industry financial resources

    Authors: P. Karas L. Grishinas N. Prihodko

  5. The Social-labour potential of society: transformation of the valued orientations

    Authors: V. Kramarenko

  6. Using the matrix "market-product-enterprise" in shaping the portfolio of innovation engineering company

    Authors: O.Melnytsuk V.Stadnyk

  7. Tax policy of Russian empire government in relation to credit-co-operative organizations (the late XIXth-early XXth century)

    Authors: А.Panteleymonenko

  8. Formation and implementation of fiscal policy in the development of innovative economy

    Authors: G. Palchevich A. Mogiley

  9. Improvement of the organization of compensation in joint-stock companies

    Authors: Semenov A. A. .Zakabluk

  10. Corporate low of the state: an implementation and governance

    Authors: K. Shaposhnykovv

  11. Management information system of cost accounting

    Authors: V. Andrusyak

  12. Legal pre-conditions of forming of organizationally-economic mechanism of partner co-operations of the state and private to the sector of Ukraine

    Authors: N.Bondar

  13. Methodological approaches to assessment of energy efficiency as a factor of competitiveness of industrial production in the innovative development model of Ukraine

    Authors: O. Bondar-Рidgurska

  14. Aanalysis of the present labour protection arrangement in authorities and subordinate units of Ministry of emergencies of ukraine

    Authors: Y. Gorbachenko V. Chuban

  15. State investment policy: essence, goals and objectives

    Authors: L. Hrytsenko

  16. Determination of interdependence between socio-economic values

    Authors: V. Dron'

  17. Questions depreciation of fixed assets: accounting and tax issues

    Authors: M. Ziukova

  18. Agroleasing as a specific type of agribusiness

    Authors: V. Ivanchenko V.Kryachko

  19. Directions of perfection of budgetary process are on a machine-building enterprise

    Authors: V. Ivata L. Prokopovich

  20. Modern state oforganizationally-economic mechanism of adm ofeconomic safety of region

    Authors: T. Kislaya

  21. The development of scientific thought about innovation - as a matter of special employment

    Authors: L.Koval' S.Romanchuk

  22. Instability of world markets and their effect on the sustainability of public finances in Ukraine

    Authors: A.Kochik N. Leginkova I.Fabrika

  23. Improvement of method of leadthrough of complex analysis of the financial reporting of small enterprise

    Authors: A. Lysenko J. Nedovoz

  24. The problem of reflection of tax differences in the accounting and reporting for Ukrainian enterprises

    Authors: N.Lokhanova

  25. The cost of the enterprise and its evaluation

    Authors: G.Miokova

  26. Capitalization of the banking system as factor of macroeconomic stability

    Authors: V.Podpletniy

  27. Modern features of the financial providing of agriculture

    Authors: V.Popov

  28. Business tax authorities in foreign countries

    Authors: О. Pugachenko

  29. Harmonization of accounting and taxing of operations of purchase-sale of foreign currency

    Authors: I.Smirnova N. Smirnova

  30. Кesearch process control playback linear part mahistralnyh hazoprovodiv

    Authors: І. Fedorovych

  31. Financial and economic problems of the shadow economy in Ukraine and ways of its legalization

    Authors: L. Filstein

  32. Organizaciyno-pravovi aspects are resulted leadthroughs of kameral'nikh verifications

    Authors: T.Fomina

  33. The theoretical basis of accounting process

    Authors: A.Andreeva

  34. Conceptual bases of formation effective national innovative systems

    Authors: O. Bashlakova

  35. Preplanning activities in science and technology projects

    Authors: L.Glushchenko

  36. Multicriteria methodology for assessing the financial condition of the company

    Authors: M. Zagreba

  37. Evaluation tender procurement’ participants as an element in mechanism for public funds saving

    Authors: N. Zayats

  38. The accounting outsourcing organization and its assessment in audit

    Authors: V. Ivankov

  39. Minimization of shadow sector of economy – factor of stimulation of innovative development

    Authors: A.Kaburneeva

  40. Formation of risk capital investment in innovation

    Authors: V. Kandeeva

  41. Forming of the system of kontrolinga on an enterprise

    Authors: I. Kipioro

  42. Manpower of the industry of the Southern region: analysis, definition of the main problems and ways of their decision

    Authors: V. Kondrativa

  43. The concept of «losses» evolution and regulation of their compensation process in Ukraine

    Authors: D.Krasnikov

  44. Methods of determination of efficiency of investments of enterprises of milk industry

    Authors: E. Kuzmin

  45. Evaluation of an investment in real estate market

    Authors: V. Laptevа

  46. The main priorities of strengthening the financial stability of Ukraine

    Authors: T. Luzik-Dubova

  47. Analysis of the current state of the industry of motor insurance in Ukraine

    Authors: N. Lyashenko

  48. Methodological aspeets of the trade enterprises development

    Authors: O. Mezentseva

  49. Description of methods and models of diagnostic crisis state enterprises

    Authors: V.Moskalenko

  50. Pressing questions of social development of rural territories

    Authors: V. Nevesenko

  51. The role of the state in the labour potential development of the agricultural engineering in Ukraine

    Authors: T. Nemchenko

  52. The implementation of the principles and practices of organic agriculture as a strategic direction for the development of farms of the Kirovograd region

    Authors: A. Oleksiienko

  53. The development of co-operation of farmer economies

    Authors: S. Popova

  54. The theoretical aspects of the research investment

    Authors: L.Petrenko

  55. Implementation Of The Budgeting At The Local Level

    Authors: N. Prosyanik

  56. The labour potential provision, as the difficult multidimensional phenomenon

    Authors: M. Pustovit

  57. The concept of goodwill and characteristics of its components

    Authors: O.Rydzevska A.Salo

  58. Strategic financial management of road transport

    Authors: M.Rudenko

  59. Tax aspects of formation and application of accounting policies agricultural producers

    Authors: A. Savchenko

  60. Revealing the depth of the crisis on the basis of models assessing the likelihood of bankruptcy

    Authors: S. Serdechna

  61. Information support credit risk management of commercial banks in today's

    Authors: T.Skachko

  62. System investment portfolio optimization under uncertainty and incompleteness

    Authors: A. Smirnov

  63. Evaluation of regulatory and organization approaches for the government support of investment and innovation projects at regional level

    Authors: I.Tymoshenko

  64. Methods of estimation and prognostication of bankruptcy of enterprises

    Authors: I. Chibisova

  65. Managenement Accounting of financial stability of state higher educational establishments in Ukraine

    Authors: Y. Kharchuk

  66. Directions improve reproduction and use of fixed assets

    Authors: Y.Yashan

  67. Food security state: nature, structure and features of its software

    Authors: K. Golikova

  68. Theoretical bases of activation of investment processes in the agrarian sector of economy

    Authors: T. Goloborod'ko

  69. Theoretical bases of innovative potential of agrarian sphere of Ukraine

    Authors: K. Moskalyuk

  70. Reproduction of human capital in the agrarian reform

    Authors: A. Samorodchenko

  71. Problems building the information security management transaction costs in the accounting system

    Authors: O. Palchuk O. Ocheretyana

  72. Innovation activities in Ukraine: problems and perspectives

    Authors: R. Yakovenko A. Chernega

  73. Model internal analysis of financial stability of the company based on its absolute indicators

    Authors: L.Lahtionova

  74. Quality of life and social policy in a human potential concept

    Authors: R. Yakovenko J. Shorokhova

  75. Problems and the basic directions of the effective production of milk in Cherkass region

    Authors: Yakovleva A.O.