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Archived Papers for Journal

Ukrainian journal of medicine, biology and sport >>

Vol.2, No.3

Publisher: Petro Mohyla Black Sea State University (Ukraine, Mykolaiv)

Publishing Date: 2017-08-30

  1. Examination of Adhesive Properties of C. diphtheriae Surface Antigens Obtained by the Cascade Disintgraphy of Microbial Cells by Different Physical Factors

    Authors: Yelyseyeva I. V. Babych Ye. M. Zhdamarova L. A. Belozersky V. I. Isayenko Ye. Yu. Kolpak S. A. Gurin О.V. Zabelina I. А. Коvаlеnkо О. I.

  2. Microbial Factor as a Participant of the Infectious Inflammatory Process in the Oral Cavity Pathology

    Authors: Kotsar E.V. Radchenko O.I. Golubka O.V. Masalova A.V. Antusheva Т.I.

  3. Pharmacological Studies of New Derivatives of Sukcinamine Acids

    Authors: Lytvynova O. M. Lytvynov V. С.

  4. Angiolon Influence on the Morphofunctional Characteristics of Rats’ Endotheliocytes in Chronic Cardiac Insufficiency

    Authors: Nagornaya E. A. Belenichev I. F. Gorchakova N. A. Mazur I. A. Chekman I. S.

  5. Structure and Individual Anatomical Variability of the Lobules VI-VII of the Human Cerebellum

    Authors: Stepanenko O.Y. Maryenko N.I.

  6. Oral Intake of Kappa-Carrageenan Food Additive Causes Enteritis

    Authors: Tkachenko A. Gubina-Vakyulyk G. Gorbach T. Denysenko S. Onishchenko A.

  7. Efficiency Evaluation of the Combination Therapy for Comorbid Arterial Hypertension with Diabetes Mellitus 2 Type Depending on the Genetic Polymorphism of the Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme

    Authors: Bilovol O. Bobronnikova L. Al-Trawneh O.

  8. Nonspecific Immune Response Peculiarities to Influenza Vaccination in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus

    Authors: Grishyna O. I. Babinets O. M. Menkus O. V. Myroshnychenko T. M.

  9. Mechanisms of Immune Inflammation Formation in Bro-Nchial Asthma, Combined with Metabolically Important States: Obesity or Diabetes Mellitus Type II

    Authors: Yeryomenko G.

  10. Surgical Treatment Experience of Hypoplastic Syndrome of Left Heart Parts by Hybrid Methods

    Authors: Imanov E. Dytkyvskyi I. Plyska O. Golovenko O. Truba Y. Siromaha S. Lazoryshynets V.

  11. Psychophysiological Condition Examination of Young People with Arterial Hypotention

    Authors: Isaeva I.N. Karmazina I.S. Marakushin D.I. Hloba N.S.

  12. Results of Gel Implantation of Hyaluronic Acid under Mucous Balanus for Treatment of Early Ejaculation

    Authors: Knihavko O. V.

  13. Dynamics of Cardiometabolic Indicators on the Complex Therapy in Patients with Subclinical Hypothyroidism Combined with Nonalcoholic Hepatic Steatosis

    Authors: Kolesnikova O. V. Potapenko A. V.

  14. Pathological Shunts’ Bandage in the Treatment of the Veno-Occlusive Form of Erectile Dysfunction

    Authors: Lesovoi V. N. Arkatov A. V. Knihavko A. V. Kaziyev S. H.

  15. Evaluation of the Systemic-Local Cytokine Profile in Patients with Pseudoexfoliation Syndrome

    Authors: Lutsenko N. Isakova O. Rudycheva O. Mihalchik T.

  16. The Serum Marker Enzymes Activity and Metabolic Connective Tissue Disorders in Patients on Early Stages of Osteoarthritis of the Knee Joints

    Authors: Makolinets K. V. Makolinets V. I. Morozenko D. V. Gliebova K. V.

  17. Medical-Social Expertise and Rehabilitation Indicators in Patients with Chronic after Roascularization

    Authors: Naumenko L.Yu. Borisova I. C. Berezovsky V. M. Kontsur V. M. Bahmach V. M.

  18. Somatic and Gynecological Status of Women with Climacteric Syndrome Associated with Somatoform Disorders

    Authors: Pavlovska Maryna

  19. Association of CYP11b2 Gene Polymorphism of Aldosteron-Synthase with the Risk of Myocardial Infarction with ST-Segment Elevation

    Authors: Petyunina O. V.

  20. Peculiarities of Lipid Metabolism Disorders in Patients with Osteochondrosis of the Lumbar Spine

    Authors: Piontkovsky V. K.

  21. Organs as a Target of Arterial Hypertension from the Perspective of Cerebral Lesions

    Authors: Puzik S. G.

  22. The Immun-Biochemical Status Changes of Critical Patients with a Hemorrhagic Disease during Intensive Therapy

    Authors: Serikov K.

  23. Comparative Analysis of the Tubes for Obtaining Platelet Enriched Plasma

    Authors: Sulaieva O.N.

  24. The Structural and Functional Changes of the Alveolar Sprout and Forearm Bone Tissue in Patients with Fractures of the Jaws Considering Generalized Periodontitis

    Authors: Dutko C. O.

  25. Oral Liquid Biomarkers’ Dynamics in the Chronic Gingivitis Treatment in Children with Atopic Diseases

    Authors: Krivenko L. S.

  26. Complex Treatment Conducting Necessity for Patients with Odontogenic Maxillary Sinusitis Considering Mutual Burdening of Etiological Factors

    Authors: Demyanyk Dmitro Entina Yulya Voloshan Oleksandr

  27. Justification of the Identifying Examination of the Third Molars Role in the Development of Infectious-Inflammatory Complications in the Jaws’ Traumatic Injuries

    Authors: Pohodenko-Chudakova I. O. Thergam Abdulameer Ali

  28. Forensic-Medical Practice of Corpse Embalming by Minakov’s and Shor-Iosifov’s Methods

    Authors: Torianyk I. I. Danylchenko S. I. Chernozub A. A.

  29. Genetic Aspects of Multiple Mieloma

    Authors: Yatsenko L. D.

  30. Professional Training of Medical Students in the Context of Professionally Required Skills

    Authors: Verbovska R. I. Divnych T. Y.

  31. Ways to Improve Foreign Students’ Educational Process at the Department of Histology, Cytology and Embryology, IFNMU

    Authors: Gevka O. I.

  32. Hybrid Learning and Trainings as Innovate Teaching Methods Scientific Training Center of Family Medicine and Pre-Medical Training

    Authors: Shushman I. V. Kolesnik P. O. Kenez E. Ya.

  33. The Effect of 2-Ethyl-6-Methyl-3-Hydrooxypyridine Succinate in Correcting Paclitaxel-Induced Retinopathy

    Authors: Dovga N. Z. Geraschenko S. B. Deltsova O. I.

  34. Morphological Factors’ Influence on the Level of Blood Pressure in Young Women

    Authors: Lutsenko O. I.

  35. Ontogenetic Changes in Osmatic Resistance of Erythrocytes Indicators and in Level of Dehydroepiandrosterone-Sulfate in the Serum of Rats’ Blood

    Authors: Mizin V. V. Lyashenko V. P. Lukashov S. M.

  36. Psychophysiological Condition of Elite Athletes in Dynamics of Training Macrocycle

    Authors: Мishchenko V. S. Korobeynikov G. V. Korobeynikova L. G. Zinevych Ya. V. Volsky D. S.

  37. The Influence of Caffeine on the Autonomous Functioning of Young Female and Male Rats’ organisms according to Heart Rate Variability Indicators

    Authors: Mukvych V. V. Liashenko V. P. Lukashov S. M.

  38. Violations in the LPO-AOP System in the Conditions of the Visible Concentration of Abiotic Factors

    Authors: Pilipenko N. O.

  39. Pro- and Antiphlogistic Concentration of Cytokines in Rats’ Serum after Long-Term Administration of Omeprazole and the Simultaneous Injection of Multiprobiotics and Omeprazole

    Authors: Pylypenko S. V.

  40. Tivortin Aspartate: a New Safe and Effective Non-Prohibited Medical Drug for Stimulation the Performance of Athletes

    Authors: Gunina L. M. Vinnichuk Yu. D. Dmitriev A. V. Vysochina N. L. Bezuglaya V. V. Nosach E. V.

  41. Reasonable Correction of Substantiating Lipid Peroxidation Condition as a Factor of Athletes’ Overvoltage Prevention

    Authors: Gunina L. М. Nosach О. V. Holovashchenko R. V. Ryabina S. А. Коtseruba L. І.