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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Engineering and Technical Research ( >>

Vol.2, No.6


Publishing Date: 2014-06-01

  1. Environmental Impact Assessment (Eia) Study of Metal Mines: A Critical Review

    Authors: Ashutosh Kumar; Kumar Nikhil

  2. A Scheduling Algorithm for Hard Real-Time System with the Constraints of Harvesting Energy in DVFS Platform

    Authors: Abhilasha Tiwari Sanjay Gupta Mrs.Mona Kumari

  3. Characteristics of concrete with waste glass as fine aggregate replacement

    Authors: Sadoon Abdallah Mizi Fan

  4. Land Capability Classification in Hiranyakeshi Basin of Maharashtra (India): A Geoinformatics Approach

    Authors: Sachin S. Panhalkar Sagar P. Mali C.T. Pawar

  5. Digital Pen Based on Trajectory Recognition Algorithm

    Authors: Prachi S Muley D.M .Yadav.

  6. Comparison of Three Remedial Alternative Solution’s And Selection of Best for Alternative Design of Pressure Board UVSL

    Authors: Kapil Deshmukh S.P.Untawale

  7. Improving soil hydraulic properties for better agricultural water management and crop Production – A review

    Authors: M. H. Ali A.K.M. R. Islam M.H. Zaman

  8. Analysis of adoption of E-government services in J&K

    Authors: SAMIKSHA SURI

  9. Sugar crystallization in low temperatures: The theory and practice by advanced sugar crystallization control program

    Authors: Yassien M.Temerk Osama Z.El-Abdein Ibrahim D. Abdullah; Sherif T. Amin

  10. Analysis of Coupling between Class Inheritance and Interfaces

    Authors: Siddharth Jain Gajendra Singh

  11. Implementation and Analysis of Efficient Lossless Image Compression Algorithm

    Authors: Prof.Megha S.Chaudhari Prof.S.S.Shirgan

  12. World as Flow: from Agro-ecological Micrometeorology to Cosmology

    Authors: Nurgaliev Ildus S.

  13. Biopurification of Mine Wastewater through Aquatic Plants– A Review

    Authors: Pawan Kumar Gupta Kumar Nikhil

  14. Effectiveness of Milling Parameter on Surface Roughness and Metal Removal Rate

    Authors: Kulbhushan Bhagat Deepak Kumar Antariksha Verma

  15. Efficient Algorithms for maximizing lifetime in Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: Ricky Mohanty Madhumita Dash Abhimanyu Jena Jibanananda Mishra

  16. Statistical Analysis of Blood Group Using Maximum Likelihood Estimation

    Authors: Nagarajan.D Sunitha.P Helen Sheeba.M Nagarajan.V

  17. Investigations on the Performance of Ceramic Insulated Diesel Engine with Diesohol as a Fuel

    Authors: S Sunil Kumar Reddy V. Pandurangadu V. Pratibha

  18. Experimental investigation on solar air heater with double pass aluminium cans

    Authors: Umang J Patdiwala Kaushik J Savaliya Maulik G Sukhadiya

  19. Analyzing the Performance of Self Excitation Induction Generator by Considering the Effect of Terminal Capacitance

    Authors: Om Prakash Kumawat Mahesh Garg

  20. Mathematical Modelling for Water Quality Prediction along the Stretches of Brahmani River in Angul of Orissa, India

    Authors: Rizwan Reza; Gurdeep Singh

  21. Experimental Studies On Performance and Exhaust Emission of a Direct Injection (DI) Diesel Engine By Using Mixtures of Jatropha And Pongamia Pinnatta Methyl Ester and Its Diesel Blends

    Authors: Swapna G.K M. C. Math

  22. Power System Stabilizer for Stability Improvement of Power System

    Authors: Bhumika Jitendra Kasera

  23. Fast Data Collection in Ring-Based Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: Harsha Garg

  24. Comparision of Transient Performance Analysis of Poly Phase Boost Converter Using PI & PID Controller

    Authors: Suresh Choudhary Shiv Shanker Sharma Devendra kumar Mittal Jai Prakash

  25. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Study of Coal Mines: A Critical Review


  26. A Survey of Fault Detection and Management Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: Pranoti Dhairyashil Kale R.M.Tugnayat

  27. Privacy Maintenance to Anonymous and Restricted Databases Using Different method

    Authors: Anup R.Maurya Vaibhav C.Badbe Shraddha Shetye

  28. Technical Summary on Non-Volatile ROMs

    Authors: Sampa Paul

  29. Relationship between Driving Hazard, Driving Risk and Driving Distraction in Commercial Bus Traffic Accident

    Authors: Iyun Remi Moses Oladeyi Mobolaji Idowu; Arowolo Matthew Oluwole

  30. Confidentiality-Preserving Modernize to Databases using TPA

    Authors: Vaibhav C.badbe Anup R.Maurya Shraddha Shetye

  31. Investigation of Sales Forecasting Process and Sales Forecasting System for Inventory Control

    Authors: Sanjay Jaiswal Abhishek Yadav Narendra Kushwaha

  32. Effect on Strength of Involute Spur Gear by Changing the Number of Teeth Using FEA

    Authors: Ashwini Joshi Sanjay Jain

  33. Performance Analysis of AODV and SAODV Using C++

    Authors: Kamaljit Kaur Amanpreet Kaur

  34. Optimum Angle of Diagrid Structural System

    Authors: Nishith B. Panchal V. R. Patel I. I. Pandya

  35. System Identification and State Feedback Controller Design of Magnetic Levitation System

    Authors: Nilanjan Mukherjee

  36. Alternative Sources of Energy: A Review

    Authors: P M Meena

  37. Traffic State Estimation for Urban Vehicle Tracking

    Authors: Nilesh Bajbalkar B. Sonkamble

  38. Improved N Level Decomposition-Hybrid DCT-DWT Image Compression

    Authors: Sangeeta

  39. Algal Biodiversity in Coalfield Areas – A Critical Review

    Authors: Ashutosh Kumar Agrawal; Kumar Nikhil

  40. Analysis and Modelling Of 2D Model Comb Drive for Folded Flexure Beam Using COMSOL 3.5

    Authors: B.Jyoti Girija.M.Nimbal S.V.Halse

  41. VLSI Architecture for DCT Based On High Quality DA

    Authors: Urbi Sharma Tarun Verma Rita Jain

  42. Design of solar cell antenna (SOLAN) in different AgHT-8 patch shape for reflection co-efficient, gain, power and directivity compared with existing AgHT-4 and ITO

    Authors: A.Suresh Kumar S.Sundaravadivelu

  43. Prospect of Tourism Industries in Bangladesh: Context of New Vocationalism

    Authors: Nusrat Armin Abu Raihan I. E. Elbushari

  44. Studying Laser tissue interaction of two internal organs of rat

    Authors: Ansam Majid Salman

  45. Image encryption by cellular automata and chaos map over Gpu processor

    Authors: Abbas Hasanpooraskari Mehran Abdali Farokh Koropi

  46. Optimization of PSNR of Zooming Image using Cubic Spline Interpolation Method

    Authors: Ankita Agrawal Arpan Shah Ramesh Bharti

  47. Power Optimized Memory Organization Using Clock Gating

    Authors: Lucky Khandelwal Arpan Shah Ramesh Bharti

  48. 163m/10Gbps 4QAM-OFDM visible light communication

    Authors: Saharsh Singh Ramesh Bharti

  49. Optimize the Speed and Power of A/D converter using Multistage pipelining Architecture

    Authors: Tarun Badiwal Arpan Shah Ramesh Bharti

  50. PAPR Reduction in OFDM System Using Modified Selective Mapping Scheme

    Authors: Nidhi Godika

  51. Optimized Iterative Clipping and Filtering for PAPR Reduction of OFDM Signals

    Authors: Priyanka Jain Ramesh Bharti