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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Environment, Agriculture and Biotechnology >>

Vol.2, No.4

Publisher: AI Publications

Publishing Date: 2017-07-02

  1. Proximate and heavy metals composition of Plantain (Musa paradisiaca L.) fruits harvested from some solid waste dumps in Uyo Metropolis, Nigeria

    Authors: Iniobong E. Okon; Uduakobong E. Akwaowo

  2. Adaptation to Climate Change and Variability by Gender in Agro-pastoral Communities of Tanzania

    Authors: Eliya Elias Mtupile; Emma T. Liwenga

  3. Management of True Vaginal Prolapse in Bitch

    Authors: Ankit Kumar Ahuja; Shivkumar; Ashwani Kumar Singh; Shahbaz Singh Dhindsa

  4. Squalene Extraction: Biological Sources and Extraction Methods

    Authors: Teresa Rosales-Garcia; Cristian Jimenez-Martinez; Gloria Davila-Ortiz

  5. Photosynthetic Pigments Content of Trapa Natans Specie in Skadar Lake

    Authors: Albana Temali; Arjana Ylli Kraja

  6. Bioremediating Effect of Glomus Hoi and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa on the Organic Content and Heavy Metals of Soil Polluted with Oil Refinery Effluent using Amaranthus Cruentus as a Test Plant

    Authors: Salami Abiodun Olusola; Owasoyo Dickson Oladele; Adebayo Princewill Orinami

  7. Relational Analysis of Profile of Beneficiaries of Farm Ponds and its Socio Economic Impact

    Authors: DV Supe; RP Kadam; GS Pawar

  8. Short Term Effect of Crop Residue and Different Nitrogen Levels on Grain yield of Wheat under Rice-Wheat System

    Authors: Narayan Khatri; Dev Raj Chalise; Nabin Rawal

  9. Property Development and Land Use Planning Regulations in Nigeria

    Authors: Ogbonna Chukwuemeka Godswill; Obinka Azubuike Nnaemeka; Aguguo Godlives Ukachukwu

  10. Development of Indices for Effectiveness of Renewable Energy Technologies Impacting Change in Quality of Life of Rural Residents

    Authors: Supriya; Sushma Goel; Pradeep Chandra Pant

  11. Change detection analysis of Cropland using Geospatial technique -A case Study of Narsinghpur District

    Authors: Upadhyay Renu; Nema R.K.; Awasthi M.K.; Tiwari Y.K.

  12. Comparative Alterations in the Compositional Profile of Selected Root and Vegetable Peels Subjected to Three Pretreatments for Enhanced Saccharification

    Authors: Mithra. M. G; Padmaja. G

  13. Coping Strategies of Diabetic Yam Farming Households in Benue State, Nigeria

    Authors: Teran A. D; Tsue P. T

  14. First record of the Pacific bluefin tuna Thunnus orientalis (Temminck & Schlegel, 1844) from the coast off Sur, Sultanate of Oman

    Authors: Shama Zaki; Juma Al-Mamary; Abdul Aziz Al-Marzouqi; Lubna Al-Kharusi

  15. The Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture and Health Sectors in Tanzania: A review

    Authors: Fredrick Ojija; Siri Abihudi; Beatus Mwendwa; Cecilia M. Leweri; Kafula Chisanga

  16. A case of Dystocia due to Fetal Ascites in Murrah Buffalo

    Authors: Ankit Kumar Ahuja; Pooja Dogra; Shivkumar; Shahbaz Singh Dhindsa; Harpreet Singh

  17. Study of the quality of fruits of the Hylocereusundatus (Haw) Britton & Rose and Hylocereusmegalanthus(K. Schum ex Vaupel) Ralf Baue (Red and Yellow Pitahaya) during the maturationperiod

    Authors: Fernandez Arguelles LorenzoRicardo; Alvarado Romero Jose Apolonio; Moreira Macias Ricardo; Miranda Martínez Migdalia; Carrillo Lavid Gabriela Alejandra

  18. Human Wildlife Conflicts to communities surrounding Mikumi National Parks in Tanzania: A case of selected villages

    Authors: Gabriel Mayengo; Fadhili Bwagalilo; Venance E. Kalumanga

  19. Ecosystem Carbon Storage and Partitioning in Chato Afromontane Forest: Its Climate Change Mitigation and Economic Potential

    Authors: Birhanu Iticha

  20. Ecosystem Carbon Storage and Partitioning in Chato Afromontane Forest: Its Climate Change Mitigation and Economic Potential

    Authors: Biplob Kumer Roy; Khan Shahidul Huque; Nani Gopal Das

  21. Study of Intake, Growth and Nutrient Utilization of Growing Bulls Fed Forages as Sole Diets

    Authors: Biplob Kumer Roy; Khan Shahidul Huque; Nani Gopal Das

  22. Immobilization of two endoglucanases from different sources

    Authors: Rosalba Sarcina; Concetta Valeria L. Giosafatto; Vincenza Faraco; Licia Lama; Marilena Esposito; Loredana Mariniello

  23. Rapid and sensitive methods for detection of Allorhizobium vitis, causal agent of grapevine crown gall

    Authors: Khaoula Habbadi; Basma Benbrahim; Abdellatif Benbouazza; Rachid Benkirane; El Hassan Achbani

  24. Economic profile of two species of Genus der Euterpe, producers of açaí fruits, from the Pará and Amazonas States - Brazil

    Authors: Claudia Blair e Matos; Paulo Sampaio; Alexandre A.A Rivas; Joao C.S Matos; Donald G. Hodges

  25. Economic and Environmental Evaluation of Nitrogen Fertilizer Taxation: A Review

    Authors: Flavio Gazzani

  26. Removal from wastewater and recycling of azo textile dyes by alginate-chitosan beads

    Authors: Paola Semeraro; Paola Fini; Marinella D'Addabbo; Vito Rizzi; Pinalysa Cosma

  27. Alleviation of Salinity Effects by Poultry Manure and Gibberellin Application on growth and Peroxidase activity in pepper

    Authors: Duraid Kamil Abass AlTaey

  28. Growth of Wheat Genotypes Influenced by Heat Stress

    Authors: Pronay Bala; Stipati Sikder

  29. The Content of Agar Seaweed Gracilaria verrucosa Fertilized with Vermicompost

    Authors: Andi Rahmad Rahim

  30. Egg quality characteristics of pullet chickens fed Neem (AzdirachtaIndica) leaf meal (NLM) managed under two housing systems

    Authors: Kargbo K.; Kanu S

  31. Study on Toxic Impact of Sugar Factory Effluent on the Gill of the Fresh Water Fish Rasbora Daniconius

    Authors: V. B. Kakade

  32. Increased Potential of Protein Content of Waxy Corn

    Authors: Edy; Sudirman N.; Baktiar I.

  33. Microbial Effect of Refuse Dump on the Composition of Leafy Vegetables Grown in the Vicinity of Dump Site Along River Benue, Mubi Road, Yola

    Authors: Enock Dashu

  34. Proximate and Microbial Profile of Couscous Yoghurt Produced from Soya Milk

    Authors: Kargbo Samuella; Kargbo Kabba

  35. A New Low Cost Biosorbent for a Cationic Dye Treatment

    Authors: Belbahloul Mounir; Msaad Asmaa; Beakou Buscotin; Houssaini Mohammed; Amine; Zouhri Abdeljalil; Anouar Abdellah

  36. Radioprotective action of venom of honey bee Apis mellifera Caucasica

    Authors: Topchiyeva Shafiga; Babayev Elmar

  37. Study of the Monthly and Annual Behavior of Temperature and its Impact on Climate Change in Iraq for the Period (1982-2012)

    Authors: Osama T. Al-Taai; Jamal S. A. Al-Rukabie; Iqbal H. Abdalkareem

  38. Exploration and Identification of Spermatophyta Plants Division that are potentially can be used for Medicine at Evergreen Forest taman Nasional Baluran Indonesia

    Authors: Joko Waluyo; Dwi Wahyuni; Pujiastuti; Nuri; Wiwien Suqih Utami

  39. Comparison of Different Models in Estimating Standard Evapotranspiration in Lampung Province, Indonesia

    Authors: Tumiar K Manik; Purba Sanjaya; R.A. Bustomi Rosadi

  40. Anthracnose Disease of Walnut- A Review

    Authors: Mudasir Hassan; Khurshid Ahmad

  41. Perceived Effect of Climate Variability on Arable Crop Production in Bayelsa State, Nigeria

    Authors: Okringbo I. J.; Ibe M. N.; Oduehie T. C.

  42. Effect of Different Levels of N.P.K. 15:15:15 Fertilizer Application on the Yield of Sweet Potato (Ipomea Batatas) in South-South Nigeria

    Authors: Nmor E.I; Okobia Uche B.

  43. 3D Arbitrary Channel Fabrication for Lab on a Chip Applications using Chemical Decomposition

    Authors: Jahan Zeb Gul; Jinhee Na; Kyung Hyun Choi

  44. Enhancement of protease production by Bacillus sp. and Micrococcus varians induced by UV-mutagenesis

    Authors: Chibani Hiba Rahman; Fellahi Soltana; Chibani Abdelwaheb

  45. A report on Tuberculosis in Monkeys (Macaca mulatta): A case study at Chittagong Zoo

    Authors: Rahul Das Talukdar Avi Suman Paul Samuel Muhit Md Mongur Morshed Chowdhury Arup Sen

  46. Effect of dose and timing of application of different plant growth regulators on lodging and grain yield of a Scottish landrace of barley (Bere) in Orkney, Scotland

    Authors: S.S.M. Shah X. Chang P. Martin

  47. Effect of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, plant growth regulator and artificial lodging on grain yield and grain quality of a landrace of barley

    Authors: S.S.M. Shah X. Chang P. Martin

  48. Characteristics of Nutraceutical Yoghurt Mousse Fortified with Chia Seeds

    Authors: Neamah R.Attalla Enas A. El-Hussieny

  49. Recent Developments in Goat Farming and Perspectives for a Sustainable Production in Western Africa

    Authors: Dehouegnon Jerry Agossou Tatiana Dominica Dougba Nazan Koluman

  50. Potential of genomic approaches in conservation of plant and animal biodiversity in Africa: A review

    Authors: Fredrick Ojija Kafula Chisanga Sayuni P. Nasari Mikaila B.A. Garko Nicolaus O. Mbugi

  51. Potential of genomic approaches in conservation of plant and animal biodiversity in Africa: A review

    Authors: Fredrick Ojija Kafula Chisanga Sayuni P. Nasari Mikaila B.A. Garko Nicolaus O. Mbugi

  52. Isolation, Identification and Characterization of Keratin degrading microorganisms from Poultry soil and their Feather degradation Potential

    Authors: Suchitra Godbole Jayashri Pattan Sonal Gaikwad Tripti Jha

  53. Present Management of Common-pool Resource:Sinnakalapu Lagoon in Alayadivembu Pradeshiya Sabha, Ampara District, Sri Lanka

    Authors: Thanigasalam Shahirajh Udeni Edirisinghe

  54. Evaluation of Maize Top Cross Hybrids for Grain Yield and Associated Traits in Three Agro-Ecological Zones in Ghana

    Authors: Emmanuel G. Vah Ndebeh J. Akromah R. Obeng- Antwi K.

  55. Spatio Temporal Land Use Land Cover Change Mapping of Malete Elemere: Implication on Development Planning of Emerging Communities

    Authors: Henry Sawyerr Gabriel Salako Oluwasogo Olalubi Abdulrasheed Adio Abel Adebayo Biola Badmos Umar Mohd Jambo Grace Adepoju

  56. Investigation of the proteolytic activity of liver trematodes in goats of Khizi-Khachmaz zone of Azerbaijan

    Authors: Topchiyeva Sh.A. Namazova А.А. Mammadova S.M.

  57. Study of the Activity of Phospholipase A2 in Venom of the Transcaucasian Macrovipera Lebetina Obtusa

    Authors: Shafiga Topchiyeva Elmar Babayev Huseyn Abiyev

  58. Cress Seed (Lepidium sativum) Role in the healthy Processed Spread Cheese and Its Anti-Diabetic Activity

    Authors: Eman F. Mohamed Aya M. Hussein

  59. Cress Seed (Lepidium sativum) Role in the healthy Processed Spread Cheese and Its Anti-Diabetic Activity

    Authors: Eman F. Mohamed Aya M. Hussein

  60. Mosquitos’ species of Diyala province, Iraq

    Authors: Raad Hammodi Hasson

  61. Adoption of Urea Deep Placement Recommended Practices among Rice Farmers in Niger State, Nigeria

    Authors: Ajibola B.O. Fatoki P.

  62. Socio-Economic Determinants of Entrepreneurship Decision among Yam Agribusiness Entrepreneurs in Benue State, Nigeria

    Authors: A.M. Okeke J. Onwumere

  63. Statistical optimization of α-amylase production by Escherichia coliusing extruded bean as nitrogen and carbon source

    Authors: Wendell J. Pereira Guilherme L. Alves Luiza L. A. Purcena Luiz Artur M. Bataus Katia F. Fernandes Karla A. Batista

  64. Assessment of the Benefits of National Fadama III Agricultural Project among Participants through her Activities (Indicators) in Bayelsa State

    Authors: Ominikari Abraham G. Kuforiji Olusegun A. Eshiet Abasiama A.

  65. Changes in the Mineralisation of Nutrients and Sunflower Biomass in Soil Irrigated with Water from Oil Exploration in a Semi-Arid Environment

    Authors: Adervan Fernandes Sousa Lindbergue Arauj Crisostomo OlmarBallerWeber Maria Eugenia Ortiz Escobar Teogenes Senna de Oliveira

  66. In vitro Propagation of Malaysian Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) Variety through Low Cost Tissue Culture Media

    Authors: Huzaimah Mahdi Rebicca Edward

  67. Assessment of Factors that Influence Participants Level of Participation in Fadama III Agricultural Project in Bayelsa State, Nigeria

    Authors: Ominikari Abraham G. Onumadu Francis N. Gideon Nnamerenwa

  68. Imposing Criminal Liability on Government officials for Haze in South Kalimantan, Indonesia

    Authors: Mustajillah Riswan Erfa Suci Rabella

  69. Analysis of Physical and Chemical Composition of Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis) Peels

    Authors: Oyebola O. Olabinjo Agboola S. Ogunlowo Olabode O. Ajayi Ayoola P. Olalusi

  70. Traditional Techniques of oil extraction from Kapok (Ceiba pentandra Gaertn.), Mahogany (Khaya senegalensis) and Neem (Azadirach indica A. Juss.) Seeds from the Far-North Region of cameroon

    Authors: Gilles Bernard Nkouam Balike Musongo Armand Abdou Bouba Jean Bosco Tchatchueng Cesar Kapseu Danielle Barth

  71. Local uses of kapok (Ceiba pentandra Gaertn.) Tree from the Northern Part of Cameroon

    Authors: Gilles Bernard Nkouam Giscard Adjoh Carine Bertille Tchankou Leudeu Christiant Kouebou Clerge Tchiegang Cesar Kapseu

  72. Microbial and Physicochemical Qualities of River Owena Sediments

    Authors: Ayo O. E Arotupin D. J

  73. Microbial and Physicochemical Qualities of River Owena Water: An Important Source of Domestic Water in Owena Metropolis

    Authors: Ayo O. E Arotupin D. J

  74. Determination of Slope of Enugu for Erosion Models

    Authors: G.I. Okolotu P.C. Eze C.N. Eze.

  75. Material Losses and Garri Recovery Rate during the Processing of Varieties of Cassava into Garri

    Authors: E.A. Udom P.C. Eze C. N. Eze

  76. The Impact of Drought: A Study Based on Anuradhapra District in Sri Lanka

    Authors: Kaleel.MIM Nijamir.K

  77. Effect of Seed Priming on Seed Germination and Vigour in Fresh and Aged Seeds of Cucumber

    Authors: Pratima Pandey K Bhanuprakash Umesh

  78. Effect of the use of Potassium Fertilizer on the Resistance and Growth of Tomato to Bacterial Wilt caused by Ralstonia solanacearum

    Authors: Anis Rosyidah Indiyah Murwani Bambang Siswadi

  79. Use of Nanotechnology in Food Industry: A review

    Authors: Dibyaranjan Samal