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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Environment, Agriculture and Biotechnology >>

Vol.3, No.4

Publisher: AI Publications

Publishing Date: 2018-07-01

  1. Productivity of Soybean on Different Agroecosystems

    Authors: Dewi Rumbaina Mustikawati Nina Mulyanti Ratna Wylis Arief

  2. Soil - Plant Nutrient Correlation Analysis of Maize Varieties at the Guinea Savannah

    Authors: Olowookere B. T. Oyerinde G.T

  3. Effect of Compost Made from Decomposing Cocoa Pod and Animal Dung on the Yield of Maize Crop

    Authors: Adegunloye D. V Olotu T. M

  4. Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Fungi (Candida Tropicalis and Aspergillus Clavatus) in Bioremediation of used Engine Oil Contaminated Soil using Bioaugmentation Technique

    Authors: Mbachu Augustine Ebele Chukwura Edna Ifeoma Mbachu Nancy Amalachukwu

  5. Optimization of insecticidal potency of composites of aqueous, acetone, and ethanol extracts of Piper guineense seed on Callosobruchus maculatus by the simplex-lattice mixture experimental design

    Authors: Ojimelukwe Phillippa Udofia Patrick G Anthony Ukom Ukpe Richard

  6. The Development of Rubber, Coffee and Palm Oil Commodity in South Sumatra, Indonesia using Swot Analysis

    Authors: Syamsurijal A. Kadir Rulyanti Susi Wardhani Nurkadina Novalia Ahmad Maulana

  7. Perception of Household on Greening methods to Ameliorate Climate change in South-West of Oyo State

    Authors: Oyewole O.O Ogunwale O. G. Ajanaku A. O. Nwachi A. C.

  8. Study on Genetic Variability, Heritability, Genetic Advance and Correlation among different characters in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.)

    Authors: Harpal Singh Daljeet Singh

  9. Evaluation of herbicides and their combinations for weed control in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

    Authors: Ekamdeep Kaur Rakesh Sharma ND Singh

  10. Effect of Compost Extract Fortified with Tempe on Chili Mosaic Virus Disease

    Authors: Arumbinang Wajdi Suwandi Suwandi Chandra Irsan A. Muslim Harman Hamidson

  11. A Survey on the Pteridophyte Flora of the 18 Selected Sacred Groves in Chalavara Grama Panchayath, Palakkad District, Kerala

    Authors: Praveen Kumar K Udayan P.S.

  12. Antioxidant activity, photosynthetic rate, and Spectral mass in bean Plants (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) in Response to Stress Defense Activators

    Authors: Nazario Francisco Francisco Gabriel Gallegos Morales Adalberto Benavides Mendoza Francisco Daniel Hernández Castillo Yisa María Ochoa Fuentes Francisco Castillo Reyes Raúl Rodríguez Herrera

  13. Effect of Spacing and Poultry Manure Rates on Growth, Yield and Quality of Cayenne Pepper (Capsicum frutescens. L) in Southern Rain Forest of Nigeria

    Authors: Ansa J.E.O. Woke C.

  14. Performance of EcoSan Toilets at Majumbasita in Dar Es Salaam – Tanzania

    Authors: AS Mahenge

  15. First Report of ethnobotanical studies of tehsil Noorpur Thal, District Khushab, Punjab, Pakistan

    Authors: Zaheer Yousaf

  16. Effect of Carom Seed Oil on the Antimicrobial, Physicochemical and Mechanical Properties of Starch Based Edible Film

    Authors: UpasanaYadav Aarati Pushparaj Anchal Yavanika Verma

  17. Influence of Plant Growth Regulators on Somatic Embryogenesis Induction in Seriphidium herba-album

    Authors: Hemaid I. A. Soliman Fatma M. Abo-El-Hasan Ayman S. El-seedy Yasser M. Mabrouk

  18. Determinant of Non-Organic Farming in Enrekang District of South Sulawesi

    Authors: Ansyar Hatta Jamil Muhammad Arsyad

  19. Influence of short- and long-term administration of Melengestrol acetate on estrus activity and reproductive performance of nulliparous Barki ewes

    Authors: Farrag B. Abd El-Hamid I.S. El-Hawy A.S. El-Bassiony M.F. El-Rayes M.A.H. Shedeed H.A.

  20. Biofumigation: A Potential Aspect for Suppression of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes

    Authors: Gitanjali Devi

  21. Effect of Aloe Vera wastes on physico-chemical properties and microbiological activity in soils

    Authors: Fatma LANOUAR Iteb BOUGHATTAS Marouene MKHININI Vanessa ALPHONSE Stephanie Gustier-Muller Alex LIVET Mohamed BANNI Nourreddine BOUSSERHINE

  22. Seaweed Cultivation Techniques Gracillariaverrucosa in Pond Ujungpangkah District, Gresik East Java using Broadcast Method

    Authors: Andi Rahmad Rahim

  23. Microbiological Quality of Kunnu-Zaki Drinks Sold in Some selected Towns in Osun State, Nigeria

    Authors: Imoukhuede T. P. Adepeju A. B. Akinsuroju M. O.

  24. Evaluate the Efficiency of Gamma Irradiation and Chitosan on Shelf-Life of Strawberries Fruits

    Authors: Ehab A. Salem Abeer A. Ali

  25. Evaluation of four plants compost teas against fungi responsible for Corn damping-off in Côte d’Ivoire

    Authors: Soro Kouo-N'Golo Daniel Kra Kouamé Hortense Atta Diallo

  26. Seasonal Phenology of Reptiles in a Mediterranean Environment (“Castel di Guido” Natural Park, Northern Latium, Italy)

    Authors: Antonio Pizzuti Piccoli Alessia De Lorenzis

  27. Agricultural Restructuring in Vietnamese Mekong Delta: Economic Analysis of Rotational Sesame Production on Rice Field among Small-scale Farmers

    Authors: Le Canh Bich Tho

  28. Eroding Fabrics of Communal Land Ownership in Papua New Guinea

    Authors: Lepani Karigawa

  29. Observation for spoilage in fish and beef in a daily simulated local market style of Southwestern, Nigeria

    Authors: Ilori Opeyemi Damilare Adekolurejo Opeyemi Oyinda Awoniyi Tunde Amos Mcjones

  30. Observation for spoilage in fish and beef in a daily simulated local market style of Southwestern, Nigeria

    Authors: Ilori Opeyemi Damilare Adekolurejo Opeyemi Oyinda Awoniyi Tunde Amos Mcjones

  31. Vegetative Propagation of Argania spinosa (L.) Skeels Cuttings: Effects of Nutrient Solution

    Authors: A. Benbya M. Mdarhri. Alaoui F. Gaboun F. Delporte S. Cherkaoui

  32. Impact and Awareness of Soil Health Card on Soybean Production Technology in Ujjain block of Ujjain District, M.P, India

    Authors: Poonam Chakrawarty Sandhya Choudhary Abhay Wankhede S.K. Jain

  33. Clusia rosea (Gal Goraka), an Alien Invasive Species Used as Fuelwood for Tea Drying in the Maskeliya Region, Sri Lanka

    Authors: H.M.G.S.B.Hitinayake P.K.S.Chanaka T.Sivanathawerl K.Raveendran Mahendra Pieris

  34. Morphophyziological and Anatomical Characteristics of Leaves in Accessions of Wild Einkorn (Triticum boeoticum Boiss.)

    Authors: Gergana Desheva Evgenia Valchinova Radoslav Chipilski Katya Uzundzhalieva Bozhidar Kyosev

  35. Molecular Characterization of Three Cultivars of Tomato (Lycopersicon Esculentum L.) in South-West Nigeria Using SSR Markers

    Authors: Ajenifujah-Solebo S.O.A. Ingelbrecht I. Isu N.A. Olorode O. Obioh G.I.B. Nnadi S.

  36. Growth Analysis of Baby Corn (Zea mays L.) Under the Effect of Integrated Nutrient Management

    Authors: Garima Joshi M. S. Pal Aaradhana Chilwal

  37. Effect of treated wastewater irrigation on physiological and agronomic properties of beans Vicia faba

    Authors: Marouane MKHININI Iteb BOUGHATTAS Sabrine HATTAB Cyrine AMAMOU Mohammed BANNI

  38. Germination, vegetative and flowering behavior of Balsam (Impatiens balsamina L.) in response to natural photoperiods

    Authors: Muhammad Aslam Baloch Tanveer Fatima Miano Niaz Ahmed Wahocho Naheed Akhtar Talpur Abdul Qadir Gola

  39. Effect of glycerol, peanut oil and soybean lecithin contents on the properties of biodegradable film of improved cassava starches from Côte d’Ivoire

    Authors: Adjouman Yao Désiré Nindjin Charlemagne Konan Brou Roger CoulibalySouleymane Amani N'Guessan Georges Sindic Marianne Tetchi FabriceAchille

  40. Multinomial Logit Estimation of Income Sources by Watermelon Farmers in Northeastern Nigeria

    Authors: N. E.Tiku P. Saleh P.R. Waziri-Ugwu U. Ibrahim N. Nafisat

  41. Detection of Kids milk Quality using Methylene Blue Reduction test

    Authors: Sewgil S. Anwer Sahar Muhammed Zaki Sarween A. Rasul Ronar J. Hassan Iman J. Ahmad Attia J. Qader

  42. Variability in Selected Soil Properties of Soils of Dissimilar Parent Materials in the Humid Tropics

    Authors: Nkwopara U.N.

  43. Water Use Efficiency of Selected Cowpea Cultivars (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp) Grown on Residual Soil Moisture in Northeast Nigeria

    Authors: Mohammed Modu Njiti Yusuf Usman Adam Lawan Ngala

  44. Sorption of lead on variable charged soils as affected by temperature and time in three Provinces of China

    Authors: U.N. Nkwopara H. Hu