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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Environment, Agriculture and Biotechnology >>

Vol.4, No.2

Publisher: AI Publications

Publishing Date: 2019-03-10

  1. Biology of Cotton Mealybug, Phenacoccus solenopsis (Tinsley) on some Vegetable Crops in the Gazira State, Sudan

    Authors: Amna E. Mohammed Elgaili E. Elmubark Abdel Gadir M. Abdellah Awadallah B. Dafaallah

  2. Giving of Biochar and Biocompost to Growth, Results and N Uptake Soybean Plants (Glycyne Max (L) Merr.)

    Authors: U'ul Efriyanti Prayoba I Made Sudantha Suwardji

  3. Trinuclear Oxovanadium Complexes of Doxycycline: Synthesis, Characterization and Antiplasmodial Studies

    Authors: Joshua A. Obaleye Olufunso O. Abosede

  4. The Effect of Product Knowledge and Risk Perception on Consumers’ Online Word-of -Mouth Search Behavior for the Bio-Agricultural Products–in the Case of Ganoderma Dietary Supplements

    Authors: Yung-Chia Chang Li-Chun Huang

  5. Key Agri-Climatic and Socio-Economic Indicators for Cereal Production across the World

    Authors: Kusuma Grace P Tanzina Mohsin George Arhonditsis Monirul Mirza William A. Gough

  6. Marketing of Crop Residues in Niamey city: Socio-organizational Aspects

    Authors: A.A. Maman Lawal M. Chaibou I. Hamadou A.S. Gouro

  7. Studies on Physicochemical Analysis of Water from Different Sources

    Authors: D. Keerthika K. Gokulpriyan I. Harini V. Karthikeyan

  8. Lipase Producing Potential of Different Bacteria Species Isolated from Cooking Oil Contaminated Soils

    Authors: C. N. Fakorede B. O. Itakorode A. T. Olayiwola T. E. Anifowose

  9. Road Transport and their Impacts on Health

    Authors: Salma Ummul Kameswara Rao K

  10. Bushmeattrade in Kisangani (DRC), Constancy and Abundance of Mammalian Species on the Market from 1976 to 2016

    Authors: Consolate Kaswera Kyamakya Casimir Nebesse Mololo Sylvestre Gambalemoke Mbalitini

  11. Assessment of Wheat Genotypes for Yield and its Components Developed through Gama Rays

    Authors: Soomro Z.A Usman M K.D. Jamali G.S. Mangrio R.A. Shah M.A. Laghari U.A. Kasi S.A. Memon Ghaloo S.H

  12. Effects of Nickel Toxicity on Seedling Growth, Photosynthetic Pigments, Carotenoids and Phenols Contents of Cowpea Vigna unguiculata (L.)

    Authors: Amtul Mujeeb Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Muhammad Shafiq Muhammad Kabir Zia-ur-Rehman Farooqi

  13. Effects of Railway Engine Emission on the Seedling Growth behavior of Woody Plant Species Acacia nilotica (Linn.) Delile

    Authors: Zia-ur-Rehman Farooqi Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Muhammad Shafiq Muhammad Kabir

  14. Physico-Chemical Analysis of Water from Hand-Dug Wells in Wadata Area of Makurdi Metropolis, Nigeria

    Authors: Asen N. A. Aguoru C. U. Olasan J. O Ogbonna I.O.

  15. Modelling Adsorption and Transport of Chrome VI onto Iron Oxide-Coated Sand filter


  16. Cattle Density Analysis for Development of Cattle Farming in Coconut Land Area in South Minahasa Regency, Indonesia

    Authors: Richard E.M.F. Osak Tilly D. F. Lumy Franky N.S. Oroh

  17. Analysis of Utilization of Traditional Medicine for the Treatment of Malaria among Rural Farmers in Abia State, Nigeria

    Authors: Mbah G.O. Ekweanya N.M.

  18. Access of Traditional Medicine for the Treatment of Malaria among Rural Farmers in Abia State, Nigeria

    Authors: Mbah G.O. Ekweanya N.M. Kalu P.O

  19. Effects of Rainfall Seasonality on Scarabaeinae dung Beetles in an Agriculture Habitat in South Western Ghats

    Authors: Thomas Latha

  20. The Impacts of Striped Snakehead (Channa striata Bloch) Fish Farming in Net Cages on Social, Economic and Environmental aspects in Bangkau Village, Hulu Sungai Selatan

    Authors: Khalid Darda Idiannor Mahyudin Emmy Sri Mahreda Indira Fitriliyani

  21. Yield analysis and adaptation for Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) and non-Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) Cotton varieties in the kingdom of Eswatini

    Authors: Daniel Khumalo

  22. Plant Diversity in Various Agroforestry System Based on Cocoa in Pasaman, West Sumatra

    Authors: Sumilia Nasrez Akhir Zulfadhly Syarif

  23. Effect of Nitrobenzene on Sweet Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) Yield and Yield Quality under Green House Condition

    Authors: Shyamalee Kohombange J.P.Eeswara Nandun Rathnasekara

  24. Potential, Characteristics and Utilization of Shrimp Pond Solid Waste as Organic Fertilizer

    Authors: Hidayat Suryanto Suwoyo Ambo Tuwo Haryati Hilal Anshary

  25. Invitro Regeneration and Mass-Clonal Proliferation of Wheat through embryonic formation

    Authors: Allah Jurio Khaskheli Muharam Ali Muhammad Ibrahim Khaskheli Zohra Fatima Memon Sayyed Zakir Hussain Shah Saleem Awan Bilqees Magsi Ushba Jabeen Rajput Mohsin Ali Khaskheli

  26. Assessment of Extension Agents’ Perception of Mobile Phone Usage for Communication with Farmers in EDO South of EDO State, Nigeria

    Authors: S. O. E. Alakpa S. O. Afolabi I. J. Ighalo

  27. The main Removal Mechanism of Organic micropollutants and Organisms in an Irrigation System using Untreated Wastewater

    Authors: Alma C. Chávez-Mejía Rafael Magaña-López Juan Carlos Durán-Álvarez Blanca Elena Jiménez-Cisneros

  28. Competency of alpha-D-glucopyranosyl Regulates Cells Death and Functions in Senescence Inhibition

    Authors: Allah Jurio Khaskheli Muhammad Ibrahim Khaskheli Muharam Ali Juan Hong Li Asad Ali Khaskheli Kaneez-e-Zahra Khaskheli Aisha Arif Rajput Maqsood Ahmed Khaskheli

  29. Studies on Vermifiltration of Restaurant Effluent and Reuse in Benue State, North Central, Nigeria

    Authors: Addy J.V. Aguoru C.U. Imandeh N.G. Azua E.T. OLASAN J.O.

  30. Mycorrhizal Colonization, Growth and Yield of Several Promising Lines of Black Rice between Sterilized and Non-Sterilized Soil

    Authors: Alvina Magna Anugrah Wayan Wangiyana I Gusti Putu Muliarta Aryana

  31. A Survey on Premature Death in Early Chicks and the Assessment of the Responsible determinants: A Case Study in the Afigya Sekyere South District of the Ashanti Region of Ghana

    Authors: Michael Osei Appiah

  32. Batch Investigation of Biogas Production from Palm Oil Sludge, Bambara Nut Chaff and African Wild Mango at Varying Meteorological Conditions

    Authors: Cordelia Nnennaya Mama Ohanusi Ndubuisi Sylvester Ogbuja Nnanna Kenneth Diugwu Okechukwu Daniel

  33. Mesophillic Anaerobic Co-Digestion of Horse Dung, Plantain Peel and Egg Sheel at Different Climatic Conditions

    Authors: Cordelia Nnennaya Mama Ugwuja Thankgod Oruchukwu Eze Chidi Ezekiel; Richard Ifechukwu Nnamdi

  34. Size Distribution and Growth Mackerel scad (Decapterusmacarellus) in the Ambon Waters

    Authors: Frentje D.Silooy Agustinus Tupamahu O.T.S Ongkers D.D.P Matrutty

  35. Exploring MAS: A Reliable Molecular tool for Development of Multiple Disease Resistance in Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum L.) through Gene Pyramiding

    Authors: John Oladeji Oladokun Immaculate Mugisa

  36. Aorta Artery and Branches in Tucanuçu (Ramphastostoco – Muller, 1776)

    Authors: Fábio Carlos da Silva Filho Roseâmely Angélica de Carvalho Barros Thalles Anthony Duarte Oliveira Tarley Santos Oliveira Lanussy Porfiro de Oliveira Bruna Rafaella de Almeida Nunes Diogo Baldin Mesquita Thiago Sardinha de Oliveira Zenon Silva

  37. Variation in Soil Properties along a Catena in kwambai Taraba State, Nigeria

    Authors: Mbashak. R Garjila A.Y Gideon PK Yakubu N Y Rikin M.L

  38. Using Cheese whey for the Production of Carotenoids, Ergosterol and Novel Functional Foods of Industrial interest though a series of Optimized bio- and Chemical- Processes

    Authors: Dimou Charalampia Koutelidakis E. Antonios Mavropoulou Rafaela Argyrios Skiadaresis Karantonis Haralabos Stavros Yanniotis Dimou Charalampia

  39. Assessment of Crushed Glass as a Medium for Rapid Rate Filtration

    Authors: J.O. Jeje O. Hassan O.A. Ogundipe

  40. A Study on Diversity of Spiders at Malavagoppa Village, in Shimoga District, Karnataka

    Authors: Shraddha Kumari K Chaturved Shet R

  41. Bangladeshi Honey: A Possible source of beneficial Aerobic Bacteria

    Authors: Abir Hossain Sarbojoy Shaha Abhinandan Chowdhury

  42. The Accessibility Level of Cigudeg Village as Prospective Capital City of West Bogor Regency

    Authors: Soma Trenggana

  43. Responses of date Palm Seedling to co-Inoculation with Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria and Mycorrhizal Arbuscular Fungi


  44. Protected Areas in the Brazilian Semi-Arid and the Management and Conservation of Ecosystems

    Authors: Clecia Simone G. R. Pacheco Reinaldo Pacheco dos Santos Izabel P. R. de Araújo