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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development >>

Vol.2, No.5

Publisher: IJTSRD

Publishing Date: 2018-09-26

  1. A Performance Degradation Tolerance Way Tagged Cache

    Authors: Karkagari Anjali G. Kumara Swamy M. Preethi

  2. An Assessment of Birth Control Measures Among Women in Reproductive Age of Kashmir

    Authors: Suriya Gowhar Muzamil Jan

  3. Identification of Medicinal Plants using Geometric Features of Leaf Image Through SVM

    Authors: Amrita Arjun Kindalkar S. A. Angadi

  4. Protein Energy Malnutrition in CKD Patients

    Authors: Suraj Kumar Singh Atul Verma Hulsi Sahu

  5. A Survey on Enhancement of Text Security Using Steganography and Cryptographic Techniques

    Authors: Priya Jain Somesh Kumar Raj Kumar Goel

  6. Antioxidant Activity of astaxanthin isolated from Charybdis Edwardsii (Leene and Buitendijk ,1949) from Pazhayar, Southeast Coast of India

    Authors: Anandakumar Arunkumar Gnanakkan Ananthan Rajaram Murugan

  7. Two Dimensional Filter Design Using Evolutionary Optimization

    Authors: Kumari Divya Kiran Dewangan

  8. A Study on the General Information and Food Frequency of Self Help group Women of North Madras at Khadi Kraft and Village Industry Board, Kuralagam

    Authors: K. Tryphaena Priyadharshini D. Annette Beatrice

  9. An Informational Search for Review through Data Analytics

    Authors: Preetha A. S Swathi K Jeya Selvi C Elangovan G

  10. Industrial Profile of Jammu & Kashmir State

    Authors: Mukhtyar Ahmed

  11. Characterization of Polymer Composite Materials Based on Epoxy Resin GELR 128 Modified with Epoxidized Sunflower Oil Cured by 4.4'-Diaminodiphenylmethane

    Authors: Bach Trong Phuc Vu Huu Hung

  12. Problems and Challenges of Edible Oil Mill Workers: A Sociological Study in Challakere Talukin Chitradurga District

    Authors: Thippeswamy. R Chandrashekar. E

  13. Chronological Development of Rasa Shastra

    Authors: Gajendra Kumar Sahu Kavita S.M.Parhate K. S Karbhal

  14. Hybrid Techniques of Genetic Algorithm for Inventory of Auto Industry Model for Deteriorating Ttems with Two Warehouses

    Authors: Ajay Singh Yadav Navin Ahlawat Sharat Sharma

  15. A Particle Swarm Optimization for Inventory of Auto Industry Model for Two Warehouses with Deteriorating Items

    Authors: Ajay Singh Yadav Navin Ahlawat Sharat Sharma

  16. Analysis Of Drinking Water Quality Parameters (A Case Study Of Hanumangarh Town)

    Authors: Shivam Vasudev Bharat Nagar Mukesh Choudhary

  17. Role of Thermoplastic Granulus for the Improvement of Strength of Clay Soil

    Authors: V. Gunasekaran M. Sandhiya

  18. Image Compression Using Fractal Dimension Based on Quadtree Fuzzy Logic Method

    Authors: Rachna Srivastava Yogesh Pal

  19. Novel Promising Algorithm to suppress Spoof Attack by Cryptography Firewall2014

    Authors: Prof Hadadi Sudheendra N Krishnamurthy

  20. Effect of Ion Refocusing and Focusing at the Ne and Ar Small Angle Ion Bombardment on the Surface III-V Compound Semiconductors

    Authors: Karimov Muxtor Karimberganovich Sadullaev Shuxrat Ravshanovich Sobirov Ravshanbek Yuldashbaevich

  21. Analysis on Glaucoma Detection

    Authors: Sherin. J Devi Kala Rathinam. D Santhiya Grace. A

  22. Nanorobots in Cancer Treatment

    Authors: Santhiya Grace. A Devi Kala Rathinam. D Sherin. J

  23. Utilization of Recycled Coarse Aggregate for Concrete Production

    Authors: Nyo Nyo Tun

  24. Removal of Fluoride Using Brick Chip by Adsorption Prepared from Laterite Soil Area of Bihar & Jharkhand

    Authors: Sunita Singh Sushil Kumar Singh

  25. Simulation of Power Electronic Converter Circuits Using COM3LAB Learning Software in Teaching: A Case Study

    Authors: Khin Myo Aye

  26. Green Synthesis of Ferric Oxide Nano Particles Using Manilkara Zapota Plant Leaves and Study its Effect on Dyes in Textile Waste Water

    Authors: Pratibha Singh Bharat Nagar

  27. Security Enhancement Using NTRU Algorithm Based Cryptosystem for Communication of Classified Information Via Cloud

    Authors: Aishwarya Rani M R Gururaj Gowda Patil M Shivanand R D

  28. A Critical Analysis of Banana Cultivation in Thoothukudi District of Tamil Nadu

    Authors: N. Amaladeepan J. Pushpa

  29. Proportional Reactive Power Sharing Using Advanced Droop Control Method

    Authors: Priya S. Sonekar Sagar B. Kudkelwar

  30. Women Empowerment Through Cooperative In Anambra State. (A Study Of Awka South Local Government Area, Anambra State Nigeria)

    Authors: Okafor Ogochukwu Nwankwo Frank O.

  31. Managing Aesthetic Labour Through Hr Practices at Hypermarkets in Indian Retail Sector

    Authors: M. Pushpa Minu Zachariah

  32. Effect of Steel Fibre Reinforcement on Early Strength of Concrete

    Authors: Kamran Mohi Ud Din Bhat Mohd Zeeshan Khan

  33. Design and Development of System Integrated Test Facility for IADS

    Authors: Asha H J Gopalaiah

  34. Electrolyte Imbalance in CKD Patients

    Authors: Suraj Kumar Singh Hulsi Sahu Atul Verma

  35. A Integrated Medical Project Design in Godavadi Village

    Authors: Umeshkumar B. Hadiya Farrukh Javed Kuldeepsinh Y. Jadeja

  36. Manik Sarkar and His Chronicle

    Authors: R. Kalidass K. Krishnamoorthy

  37. Impact Assessment of Fluorosis Mitigation Project, A Case Stydy of Nagour

    Authors: Hukam Singh Raj Purohit Bharat Nagar

  38. Statistical Analysis of Priority Sector Credit By Commercial Banks in India

    Authors: O. Hari Babu A. Srinivasulu R. V. S. S Nagabhushana Rao

  39. Voice Recognition Wireless Home Automation System Based on IOT

    Authors: Kavya K S Math Basavaraj Mathpathi

  40. Impact of Communication of a Leader: A Case Study of Indian Leader (Mr. Suresh Prabhu, Minister of Commerce, Industry & Aviation)

    Authors: Syed Umer Ahmad Qadri Suhail Mohammad Ansari

  41. Review on Various Security Attacks in Ad-Hoc Networks

    Authors: Vaishali Tyagi Parul Tomar

  42. Gourmet Trip: The Instructors' and Professors' Perspective

    Authors: Princess Aleve T. Bago-od Evelyn T. Bagood

  43. Benchmarking and Employee Job Satisfaction in Adamawa State University, Mubi

    Authors: Sanusi Bello

  44. A Common Fixed Point Theorem Using in Fuzzy Metric Space Using Implicit Relation

    Authors: Rashmi Rani

  45. Floating Point Operations Compatible Streaming Elements for FPGA Accelerators

    Authors: Chinta Sravani Prasad Janga S. SriBindu

  46. Performance Analysis of V-Blast MIMO System Using Minimum Mean Square Error Equalizer Technique with BPSK

    Authors: Tamashri Sonartiya Deepak Pancholi

  47. Benefits and Constraints of Rice Mechanization in Thamirabarani Command Area of Tamil Nadu

    Authors: P. Panneer Selvam S. Somasundaram

  48. APIs and Restful APIs

    Authors: Mithilesh Tarkar Ameya Parker

  49. Health, Hygine and Health Care Among Rural Women in Cuddalore District

    Authors: Maya Raveendran Kirubakaran Samuel

  50. A Case Study on Absenteeism of Workers in Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd

    Authors: A. Venkat Rao N. Veena P. Asha Latha

  51. Automated Grass Cutter Robot Based on IoT

    Authors: Neha Syeda Asra

  52. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

    Authors: Date Ganesh Revji Darvesh Raviraj Narsing Mayuri Dendge

  53. A Review on Green Cellular Network

    Authors: K Saravanan

  54. Reliability Modeling and Analysis of a Parallel Unit System with Priority to Repair over Replacement Subject to Maximum Operation and Repair Times

    Authors: Reetu Rathee S. C. Malik D. Pawar

  55. IoT Based Smart Irrigation System

    Authors: Priyanka Lahande Basavaraj Mathpathi

  56. Generation of Personalized Handwriting Written in Different Language - A Technical Review

    Authors: Preeti P. Bhatt Jarul Munshi Juhi Patel

  57. Synthesis and Characterization of Fly Ash-Zinc Oxide Nanocomposite

    Authors: Vijayalakshmi S

  58. Microstructural and Magnetic Properties of Cobalt Ferrite Nanoparticles Synthesized by Sol-Gel Technique

    Authors: Chitra T Raguram K S Rajni

  59. Comparative Study of Strength of Fibre Reinforced Geo polymer Concrete and Conventional (OPC) Concrete

    Authors: Shah N A

  60. Use of Rice Husk Ash as an Admixture to Substitute of Portland Cement in Concrete

    Authors: Asif Farooq Misba Danish

  61. The Importance of Digital Application of Mathematics and its Application in Secondary Schools in the South West Region of Cameroon

    Authors: Besong Francis Mbeng

  62. A Reflection on the Procedure for the Arrest of a Vessel Under the CEMAC Marine Merchant Code 2012 within Cameroons Territorial Waters and Post Arrest Issues

    Authors: Mantinkang Formbasso Lawrence

  63. A Review on Unit Sizing, Optimization and Energy Management of HRES

    Authors: Dipti

  64. Power Management in PV/Wind/Battery Based Hybrid Power System

    Authors: Dipti

  65. Converting Plastic to Useful Energy Resources

    Authors: Dhaval M Prajapati

  66. Quality Assessment of Water in Municipal Solid Waste Dumpsite Area

    Authors: Khin Win Ni Ni Win

  67. Study on Natural Pozzolan as a Partial Replacement for Cement in Pervious Concrete

    Authors: Hla Hla Htay Htet Thu Aung

  68. New Host Record of Blossom Midge, Contarinia maculipennis (Felt) (Cecidomyiidae: Diptera) in Tamil Nadu, India

    Authors: M. Jayasheelan L. Allwin G. Preetha K. Elanchezhyan

  69. Preliminary Studies on Mean Levels of Vehicular Emissions at Sections of Owerri Road Nigeria

    Authors: Umunnakwe Johnbosco Emeka Aharanwa Bibian Chimezie

  70. Innovative Investment Pattern on Peer 2 Peer Transaction of Bit Coin-An E-Wallet

    Authors: Keerthi. B. S N. Selva Kumar

  71. Alphabet Recognition System Based on Artifical Neural Network

    Authors: Myat Thida Tun

  72. Implementation and Performance Evaluation of Neural Network for English Alphabet Recognition System

    Authors: Myat Thida Tun

  73. Different Module Integrated Converters for PV Systems A Review

    Authors: Diksha A. Kamble S. B. Chavan

  74. Digital Data Security by using Quantum Cryptography

    Authors: Mohd. Amjad Raju

  75. NSGA-II Implementation for Resource Allocation in MIMO-OFDMA

    Authors: P. Kanthimathi

  76. A Survey on Classification and Prediction Techniques in Data Mining for Diabetes Mellitus

    Authors: T. Padma Nivethitha M. Uma Maheswari J. G. R. Sathiaseelan

  77. A Research on Different Clustering Algorithms and Techniques

    Authors: M. Pavithra P. Nandhini R. Suganya

  78. Phytochemical Screening and GC-MS Analysis of Cardiospermum halicacabum L. Leaf Extract

    Authors: S. Nathiya B. Senthil Kumar K. Devi

  79. Identification of Leaf Spot Causing Pathogen Through ITS Sequencing in Clove and it's Management Using Bioagents, Botanicals and Chemicals

    Authors: S. Aravindasamy R. Kannan M. Jayasekhar R. Swarnapriya V. Ramamoorthy

  80. Comparative Analysis of Particle Swarm Optimization Based Routing Protocols for MANET and VANET

    Authors: Geetika Sharma Anupam Mittal

  81. Design of High Strength Concrete Using Superplastisizer and Stone Dust

    Authors: Rayees Ahmad Bhat Misba Danish

  82. Role of Women Cooperative in Agricultural Development: (A Study of Women Cooperative Members in Awka South)

    Authors: Okafor Ogochukwu Esther Okafor Patronila Ifeoma Uzondu Chikodiri Scholastica

  83. Review on Improved Method for Supporting Privacy Protection in Personalized Web Search

    Authors: Mangala P. There Nitin Janwe

  84. A Clinical Study on Vyaghritailanasya in The Management of Putinasa

    Authors: Abhijith H N

  85. Safe Patient Care: Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Among ICU Nurses

    Authors: Lillykutty M. J Josy A Mathew Dhanya Jose

  86. A Study on Mechanical Properties of E-Glass Polypropylene Epoxy and S-Glass Polypropylene Epoxy Composites

    Authors: Karthik A. S S. V. Gorabal

  87. A Study on Role of Digital Marketing Tools in Women Education, Employment and Empowerment

    Authors: Bindu Tiwari Dr Naveen Kumar

  88. Antibiogram of Bacterial Pathogens Associated with Urinary Tract Infections

    Authors: Suvitha. T Victoria. J

  89. Effect of Antiseptic and Herbal Soaps on Daily Encountered Human Skin Flora

    Authors: Santhiya. D Victoria. J

  90. Secured File Storage System In Big Data With Cloud Access Using Security Algorithms

    Authors: U. Prathibha G. Anitha J. Ramyabharathi

  91. Human Resource, Marketing and Environmental Management on Financial Performance of Manufacturing Firms Listed at the Nairobi Securities Exchange, Kenya

    Authors: Michael Ochieng' Oloo

  92. Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in Online and Offline Environment

    Authors: Arushi Garg Sethi Puneet Kumar Sethi

  93. Design Analysis & Fabrication of Test Rig for Piston Pin Fatigue Life Assessment

    Authors: R. Sampathkumar P. Srirajarajan

  94. Training Needs Analysis

    Authors: Nishad Nitin Vairagi Smitil Dattatrey Patil Pratibha M. Deshmukh

  95. A Study on Issues and Challenges of Women Empowerment in Indian Railways

    Authors: Ranjith Kumar

  96. A Study on Properties of Modified Rotor Spun Yarn

    Authors: K. Gopalakrishnan

  97. Plasma Spray Gun: Literature Review on Cooling Efficiency

    Authors: Raghunandan M S Shiva Prasad S

  98. Social Media in Healthcare

    Authors: Matthew N. O. Sadiku Nana K. Ampah Sarhan M. Musa

  99. Road Accident Study on Some Areas in Yangon

    Authors: Kyaing

  100. An Improved DEEHC to Extend Lifetime of WSN

    Authors: Pragati Dikshit Rajveer Kaur Hyher Goldendeep Kaur

  101. Accounting Ratios Information: An Instrument for Business Performance Analysis

    Authors: Adegbite Ganiu Adewale Olusesi Hakeem O. Akomolafe J. A. Adekunle Surajudeen Sabitu Owotutu

  102. Performance Appraisal System with Reference to Tirumala Milk Products Pvt. Ltd., Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh

    Authors: N. Veena Babu A. Venkat Rao K. Jayanth

  103. Microcontroller-Based Temperature and pH Measuring System

    Authors: Cho Cho Myint

  104. Blockchain Technology: An Approaching Game Changer in Financial Service Industry

    Authors: Muneendra Kayam

  105. A Survey of Network-Based Detection and Defense Mechanisms Countering the IP Spoofing Problems

    Authors: N. Arumugam

  106. Effects of Termite Activities on Permeability Characteristics of Lateritic Soils in Ado-Ekiti, South Western, Nigeria

    Authors: Omoloye E. Abe Adeyemi E. Adetoro

  107. Assessment of Permeability Characteristics of Ado-Ekiti to Ikere-Ekiti Road Soil, Southwestern Nigeria

    Authors: Adeyemi E. Adetoro Samuel O. Akinlolu

  108. Effects of Organic Carbon Content and Water Stable Aggregate on The Development of Rill and Gully Erosion in Aramoko-Ekiti

    Authors: Michael O. Dada Joseph O. Adam

  109. Analyses of Some Engineering Properties of Ado-Ekiti to Ilawe-Ekiti Road Soil, Southwestern Nigeria

    Authors: Samuel O. Akinlolu Adeyemi E. Adetoro

  110. Robotic Monitoring of Power Systems

    Authors: Rameez Rashid Naseer Ganiee

  111. Public Support and Facilitation of Co-operative-Aid to Women Empowerment:The Role of WDC Programme in Anambra State, Nigeria

    Authors: Onugu Charles Uchenna Onuoha Onyekachi Chibueze

  112. Association Analysis for Yield and Yield Component Traits in Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)

    Authors: P. Vinoth E. Murugan M. Arumugam Pillai M. L. Mini

  113. Time Management is Life Management - A Review Article

    Authors: A. Vennila

  114. Heritability of Blood Pressure Among Random Adult Individuals of South Indian States

    Authors: V Venugopal Rao P Brinda R Keerthana B Mounika

  115. A Survey Analysis On Diabetes

    Authors: R. Rupadevi N. Sushma D. Divya

  116. Intelligent Traffic Monitoring Based on Wireless Sensor Network

    Authors: Rajeswari. C Saravanan. P

  117. Demonetisation-Challenges in Cashless Economy

    Authors: V. S. Krishna

  118. Should Marijuana be Legalized in India?

    Authors: V. S. Krishna Abhinov Vaidynathan

  119. Corporate Leadership: A Study of the Mentoring Skills in Growing in the Corporate World

    Authors: Satya Subrahmanyam

  120. Experimental and Numerical Investigations on Melting Behavior of PCM in Storage Tank

    Authors: Ei Ei Phyu Mi Sandar Mon

  121. Elderly Women in Kashmir

    Authors: Sumera Yaseen Muzamil Jan Naheed Ruhee

  122. Genetic Diversity Studies in Rice for Bacterial Leaf Blight Resistance

    Authors: G. Tamilarasan M. Arumugam Pillai R. Kannan S. Merina Prem Kumari

  123. Repositioning Reading Comprehension for Learner Autonomy in English as a Second Language

    Authors: Clement Gowon Omachonu Sunday Sule Emah PhD

  124. Survey on Security in Cloud Hosted Service & Self Hosted Services

    Authors: Surbhi Khare Uday Kumar

  125. Remote Controlled Fire Fighting Robot

    Authors: V. Mangayarkarasi

  126. The Role of Supply Chain Management in Creating Sme's Competitive Advatage

    Authors: Lena Ellitan Dominicus Wahyu Pradana

  127. Biochemical Composition and Liver Somatic Index Studies on Carps of Tawa and Halali Reservoirs in Bhopal, India

    Authors: Sanjay Waghode Leena Muralidharan

  128. Cashless and Digital India: A Move Towards Clean Economy

    Authors: Ranju Katoch Deeksha Singh

  129. An Assessment of the Distribution of Health Care Facilities in Bogorolocal Government Area of Bauchi State

    Authors: Bogoro A. G.

  130. IoT Based Industrial Information Gathering

    Authors: K. Bhuvaneswari

  131. A Study on Effectiveness of Training and Development with Reference to Alpha Global Sourcing Pvt. Ltd, Banglore

    Authors: N. Veena P. Asha Latha

  132. Risk Factors of Increasing Divorce Petitions in Courts

    Authors: Anjali Rani

  133. Regenerative Brakingusing Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) and Supercapacitor

    Authors: Snehal R. Gautre Nilesh M. Chamat

  134. Determining the Concentration of Pollutant in Vizag Steel Plant

    Authors: Shashikant R. Mise Syed Mukaseer Azer

  135. Provocations Open Problems Encountered By Digital Forensics Ensuing Trends in Near Future

    Authors: Malik Basit Ahmad

  136. Reducing Financial Leakages Through Effective Transparency and Accountability Mechanism: A Necessary Tool to Accelerate Sustainable Economic Development

    Authors: Adekunle Dada Surajudeen Odutola Oluyemi Akanbi Akomolafe Johnson Adewale Adegbite G. Adewale

  137. An Analysis on Increasing the Loom Speed

    Authors: R. Devarajan

  138. Basic Structure in the Constitution of India

    Authors: Bhavya Bhandari

  139. Knowledge, Belief & Perspective on Men's Rights Activism of General Male Population

    Authors: Shailja Soni

  140. Critical Anaylsis on the Effects of Triple Talaq, the Plight of Women, its Impact on the Society Muslim Community

    Authors: Simran Chhallani

  141. Indian Economy in the Past and its Current Situation in Current World

    Authors: Anushri Pandey

  142. Child Labour : A Devastating Evil and Measures Taken by Indian Judiciary

    Authors: Diwanshi Singh Chandel

  143. India's Legal System has Failed to Learn From Institutional Memory

    Authors: Saket Dev Pandey

  144. Impact of Contractual Capacity of Minor

    Authors: Atisha Godha

  145. The Rule of Law Concept and Explanation

    Authors: Atisha Godha

  146. Public Interest Litigation: A Critical Review

    Authors: Arihant Agrawal

  147. Critical Appraisal of Presidential Rule Imposed on State

    Authors: Kshitij Guatam

  148. Appointment of Judges in Supreme Court in India: A Review of Collegium System

    Authors: Ayush Pratap Singh

  149. Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency

    Authors: Simran Ahuja

  150. Growth of Foreign Bank in India

    Authors: Suhasini Jaiswal

  151. The Conept of Caveat Emptor and Caveat Venditor Still Govern the International Commercial Transation in 21th Centuries

    Authors: Satish Kumar Singh

  152. Whether Section 377 of IPC Voilates the Fundamental Rights

    Authors: Ashutosh Gupta

  153. Decision Making in Waste Water Management in India

    Authors: Kshitij Gautam

  154. Analysis of the Agriculture and Industrial Segment

    Authors: Satish Kumar Singh

  155. Impact of Electronic Banking on Customer Satisfaction

    Authors: Urvashi Solanki

  156. The Overview of Supply and Demand: Economic Analysis of Maggi Noodles in India

    Authors: Taniya Mirza

  157. Critical Analysis on Karnataka Elections 2018

    Authors: Shagun Mishra

  158. Difficulties Small Business Face Due to Marekt Conditions

    Authors: Arihant Agrawal

  159. Child Trafficking

    Authors: Rashmeet Kaur

  160. The Legal Viability of "Non Pregnancy Clauses" in Film Contract - Legal Analysis

    Authors: Ayush Kumar Verma

  161. Juvenile Justice System in Comparison to Criminal Justice System in India

    Authors: Naincy Goyal

  162. Juvenile and the Abuse

    Authors: Simran Chhallani

  163. Tribal Medicine Practices in Kadugolla Tribes : A Sociological Study of Chitradurga District

    Authors: Veeresha. M Krupalini H S

  164. Article 370

    Authors: Asim Jaiswal

  165. Investigation of Structural and Thermal Properties of Nanostructured PANI

    Authors: B. Sathish Mohan Y. Pavan Kumar D. Ramadevi K. Basavaiah

  166. Influence of Various Intercrops on Pod Borers in Black Gram

    Authors: Selvam. K D. S. Rajavel

  167. Different File Formats used in Digital Preservation

    Authors: Padmavati S Tubachi

  168. Momentous of Corporate Governance in the Capital Market

    Authors: Mayank Goyal Dipanshu Mishra

  169. Experimental Study on Physical Properties of High Strength Concrete With and Without Horse Dung

    Authors: Akhil Sharma Jay Prakash Gupta Praveen Singh Tomar

  170. Statistics - A Vast Field to Study and to Explore

    Authors: Anushri Pandey

  171. The Right to Information Act : An Effective Tool or An Illusion

    Authors: Saket Dev Pandey

  172. Rights of Refugees in India

    Authors: Bhavika Madnani

  173. Commercial Utility of Bailment

    Authors: Kartik Mandloi

  174. Statistical Methods: Quantitative Techniques in Business and Industry

    Authors: Bhavika Madnani

  175. Role of Correlation in Business and Day to Day Life

    Authors: Kartik Mandloi

  176. A Study on Impact of Entrepreneurial Characteristics on Success of Business

    Authors: Kruti Bhatt Peenal Sankhla

  177. British East India in Company

    Authors: Nandini Choudhary

  178. Child Trafficking

    Authors: Atharva Vyas

  179. Mahatma Gandhi: A Dual Personality

    Authors: Ananya Rai

  180. Juvenile Delinquency- Victimization or Criminalisation

    Authors: Vidisha Varun

  181. The Law of Conversion Under Muslim Law Position of a Child and his Rights after Becoming a Major

    Authors: Ankit Tiwari

  182. The Process of Impeachement of Judges

    Authors: Dharmesh Jadoun

  183. Experimental Study on High Performance Concrete with Glass Fibre

    Authors: Aqib Mohi Deen Shree Prakash Insha Altaf

  184. Experimental Investigation on Solar Powered Auxiliary Automobile Air Conditioning System

    Authors: M. Ashoka N. Shenbagavinyagamoorthib S. Neelakrishnanc

  185. Isolation, Identification of Probiotic Bacteria Present in Milk

    Authors: Shobha Mehra Vimla Mehra Dinesh Bhauryal

  186. Comparative Study of DGA Methods for the Incipient Fault Diagnosis in Power Transformer Using ANN Approach

    Authors: Rajat S. Zade Sagar Kudkelwar

  187. Control of Three-Phase Shunt Active Power Filter (SAPF) by Instantaneous Reactive Power Theory

    Authors: Nilesh Chamat

  188. Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC) Using Power Conditioner Apply to 3 Phase 3 Wire System by Using Hysterisis and PLL

    Authors: Anusha Swami Kadasi Nilesh M. Chamat

  189. Implication of Student's Misbehaviors in Class

    Authors: Rudy F. Daling

  190. Azadirachta Indica A. Juss. Leaf Extract Mediated Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles and their Antibacterial Efficacy Against Selected Human Pathogens

    Authors: T. Leon Stephan Raj J. Vijayakumari M. Menaga

  191. Piscicide Effects of Mahua Oil Cake from the Finfish Culture System

    Authors: R. Vinothkumar Rupam Dey M. Srinivasan

  192. East India Company Origin and Impact

    Authors: Nikhil Yadav

  193. The Revolt of 1857 -The First War of Independence

    Authors: Ankit Kumar Singh

  194. Women in Pre Independence and Post Independence

    Authors: Attendra Nigam

  195. Impact of Pricing on Consumer Psychology

    Authors: Madhushri Sharma

  196. Reservation in Indian Education System

    Authors: Ankit Singh

  197. Petitioner: Harla vs Respondent: The State of Rajasthan

    Authors: Shruti Pandit

  198. Delivering Effective and Inclusive Infrastructure in India

    Authors: Nandini Choudhary

  199. Transfer of Risk in International Sale

    Authors: Aastha Srivastava

  200. Effects in Day to Day Life Due to the Changing Concept of Caveat Emptor

    Authors: Divya Soni

  201. Case Comment- State Bank of India v. Indexport Registered and ORS on 30 April, 1992

    Authors: Bhanupriya Singh Markam

  202. Penal Employment Indemnity Bond; Antithesis to Freedom of Parties

    Authors: Akshansh Singh

  203. Unconscionable Contract

    Authors: Bhanu Prakash Singh Markam

  204. Right To Information 19(1) a

    Authors: Bhanu Prakash Singh Markam

  205. Prunin Production From Orange Peel Naringin Hydrolyzed By a-L-rhamnosidase from Aspergillus Flavipus MTCC- 4644

    Authors: Sarita Yadav

  206. Modeling of Queue Management System in Banking Industries

    Authors: Nwosu M. C. Uhonmhoibhi K. E. Okorie C. C. Odii K. C.

  207. Analysis of the Characteristics of Municipal Solid Waste in Bauchi Metropolis

    Authors: Bogoro A. G.

  208. Namah Subjective and Objective Aspects of Conversational Agent

    Authors: Rajat Sharma Ankur Sharma Anurag Rana

  209. Study of Polyaniline Coated Fabrics for Electromagnetic Shielding Properties

    Authors: N. Thukkaiappan

  210. Removal of Fluoride by Adsorption Using Fuller's Earth

    Authors: Ahmed Omer Shivasharnappa G Patil

  211. Entry of women in Sabarimala Temple, A Right or A Right in disguise

    Authors: V. S. Krishna N. Parmesh

  212. Myanmar Alphabet Recognition System Based on Artificial Neural Network

    Authors: Myat Thida Tun

  213. A Comparative Study on pH of Soil From Different Areas of Mumbai Region, India

    Authors: Leena Muralidharan Sangeeta Gaur Chinmay Muralidharan

  214. A Study on "Measuring Job Satisfaction Level of Employees" With Reference to Tirumala Milk Products (P) Ltd

    Authors: N. Veena K. Jayanth

  215. Experimental Study on Properties of Some Lesser Used Seasoned Timber Species in Myanmar

    Authors: Hla Hla Htay Pan Ei Phyu

  216. Appointment of Chief Justice of India, Powers and Accountability with Analysis of Cases : An Overview

    Authors: Bhanupriya Singh Markam

  217. Case Analysis on Kehwananda Bharti V/S State of Kerala and ANR, On 24th April, 1973

    Authors: Akanksha Choukse

  218. Intellectual Property Right for Making in India: A Legal Right

    Authors: Kshirod Kumar Moharana Laxmikanta Das

  219. Review of Steps Taken by Government for MSME's in Digital India

    Authors: Parul Sharda

  220. Hand Rehabilitation Glove

    Authors: Raja Vikram Reddy Aliasgar Barodawala

  221. Efficacy of Leaves of Lantana Camara as Mosquito Repellent

    Authors: Gamit Shraddha Shreya Desai Jemisha Mistry Swetal Patel Rajashekhar Ingalhalli

  222. Nonlinear Asymmetric Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability Of Cylindrical Flow With Mass And Heat Transfer And The Viscous Linear Analysis

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