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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development >>

Vol.3, No.3

Publisher: IJTSRD

Publishing Date: 2019-10-06

  1. Effectiveness of Home Based Toilet Training on Knowledge and Practice of Mothers

    Authors: Rashmi Joshi Sanjenbam Emon Chanu Vandana Chauhan

  2. Modal Analysis of a Square Plate with Different Shape Cut Out

    Authors: Praveen Mirji

  3. Performance and Analysis of Weld Joint by using Two Dissimilar Electrodes E6010 and E7018

    Authors: P. Varalakshmi K. Manohar K. Mallikarjun K. Lokesh

  4. A Need for Sesame Thresher

    Authors: Er. B. Kailashkumar

  5. Study of Energy Efficient Images with Just Noticeable Difference Threshold Based on Feature Transform

    Authors: Ankit Kumar Soni Madhuvan Dixit

  6. Portable Centre Pivot Irrigation System with Advanced Control through Sensors A Review

    Authors: Sanjay Kumar Naveen Kumar Ayush Goel Ashwini Mishra Amul Barnawal Awanish Kumar Yadav Ashish Gaur

  7. Real Time Video Surveillance for Automated Weapon Detection

    Authors: Bhagyalakshmi. P Indhumathi. P Lakshmi. R Bhavadharini

  8. Evaluation of Tungsten Inclusions in Fusion Welded Duplex Steel by Gamma Ray Radiation

    Authors: P. Varalakshmi K. Santhosh Reddy P. Sruthi M. Praveena P. Indu

  9. Status of Information and Communication Technology Training and Support for Science and Technology Teacher Educators in Colleges of Education in Southeast, Nigeria

    Authors: Ezenma Chimezie Bernard

  10. Seismic Response Analysis of Structure A Perspective View

    Authors: Khileshwari Verma Pratiksha Malviya

  11. Prevalence of Undernutrition among Baalwadi Going Children between 2 5 Years of Age in Western Mumbai

    Authors: Shraddha Shripal Parmar Dr Rupali Sengupta

  12. Comparative Evaluation of Pot in Pot and Metal in Pot Evaporative Cooling Systems

    Authors: Olaifa O. Peter Osaguona P. O.

  13. Cohesive Software Design

    Authors: Janani Tharmaseelan

  14. Additive Manufacturing and Testing of a Prosthetic Foot Ankle Joint

    Authors: Yogesh Avula Adi Seshan Mula Vishal Onnala Kartheek Merugu

  15. Neem the Wonder Herb A Short Review

    Authors: Rudra Prasad Giri Ajit. K. Gangawane Sucheta Ghorai Giri

  16. The Macrofungi in the Island of San Antonio, Northern Samar, Philippines

    Authors: Rockett Rikki T. Jusayan Manuela Cecille G. Vicencio

  17. Evaluation of Student Development Programs in the State Universities and Colleges of Samar Island

    Authors: Ronaldo A. Amit

  18. Phylotype Analysis of Ralstonia Solanacearum Causing Bacterial wilt in Eggplants in Orissa in India

    Authors: Rakesh Kumar Ramachandran E. Koteshwar Yadav

  19. Implementation of Environmental Education Policies in the Hinterlands of Northern Samar

    Authors: Felisa P. Lucero-Sanico

  20. IIR Filter Design for De Nosing Speech Signal using Matlab

    Authors: Ohnmar Win

  21. Plastic Film from Dioscorea Hispida Dennst KOROT Tuber

    Authors: Franz Joy A. Caballa Melinda C. Getalado

  22. Beetles in Selected Barangays of Catarman, Northern Samar, Philippines

    Authors: Jehosaphat C. Jazmin Abel Alejandro U. Flores Jr.

  23. Third Gender Portrayal in Bollywood An Analysis of Sadak

    Authors: Toyeba Mushtaq Aaliya Ahmed

  24. Birds of Pambujan, Northern Samar, Philippines

    Authors: Joseph L. Lucban Jr. Abel Alejandro U. Flores Jr.

  25. A Comprehensive Comparative Study of MOM for Adaptive Interoperability Communications in Service Oriented Architecture

    Authors: Najhan Muhamad Ibrahim Mohd Fadzil Hassan

  26. Pontential Germicidal Soap of Mangifera Indica Linn. Mango Fruit Peel Extract

    Authors: Raquel L. Crebello Maria Judy M. Somoray

  27. Experimental Study on High Strength Concrete using Industrial Wastes

    Authors: Sriram R Prabakaran Uma Nambi

  28. Vital Force A Vitality in Modern Epoch

    Authors: Kanupriya Rukiayya. D. Shaikh Arun. B. Jadhav

  29. Comparative Study of Cloud Services Offered by Amazon, Microsoft and Google

    Authors: Pranay Dutta Prashant Dutta

  30. An Autonomous UAV for Pesticide Spraying

    Authors: Kislaya Anand Goutam R.

  31. Smart Laboratory

    Authors: Deepak Adhav Rahul Pagar Ravi Sonawane Sachin Tawade

  32. Understanding Trend and Variation of Electrical Energy usage Among Students in the National University of Malaysia

    Authors: Noorazuan Md Hashim Muhammad Khaidir Bin Azmi Yaakob Mohd Jani

  33. Estimation of Fetal Size and Weight using Various Formulas

    Authors: Pushpamala Ramaiah Lamiaa Ahmed Elsayed Grace Lindsey Ayman Johargy

  34. Performance Enhancement of DC Load and Batteries in Photovoltaic System

    Authors: N. Prakash

  35. Cloud Computing using Mobile Phone

    Authors: Sumit Kirti Bhatia Shalini Bhadola

  36. Analysing Impact of Brand Image on Customer Preference A Comparative Study of Public and Private Sector Banks in Kumaun Region of Uttarakhand

    Authors: Deepak Dhariyal Mukesh Sharma

  37. Employees' Job Satisfaction and Organizational Performance A Case of KSRTC

    Authors: Harish Tigari M.Com PGDMM D.Ed Puneeth. A

  38. Storage of Biometric Data in Database

    Authors: Ashish Dabas Shalini Bhadola Kirti Bhatia

  39. Reduction of Interference

    Authors: Vinay Pokharna Manisha Kumawat Suresh Bhati

  40. A Study on Brand Impact of Apparels on Consumer Buying Behaviour in Kukatpally Area

    Authors: R. Narsaiah R Shashi Preetham

  41. SWAYAM The Dream Initiative of India and its uses in Education

    Authors: Chiranjit Majumder

  42. Audio Transmission using Li Fi Technology

    Authors: Bolli Jagadeeswari Charapu Sai Anusha Dangeti Monisa Medisetti Preethi

  43. Higher Order Low Pass FIR Filter Design using IPSO Algorithm

    Authors: M. Santhanaraj Rishikesh. S. S Subramanian. A. N Vijai Sooriya. Su

  44. Study of FPGA Based Multi Channel Analyzer for Gamma Ray and X Ray Spectrometry

    Authors: M. N. Islam H. Akhter

  45. Design and Analysis of Connecting Rod of Diesel Engine

    Authors: A. Vijay Kumar K. Mihir M. Mrudul P. Pavan Kumar

  46. The Invisible Eye

    Authors: R. Selvapriya Raghul. D

  47. Smart Alert for College

    Authors: A. Vaishnav R. Selvapriya Msc. Mphil.

  48. Multi Operational Machining and Controlling with the Help of Electro Magnetic Clutch

    Authors: Rahul Saini Naveen Kumar Desh Deepak Ashutosh Kushwaha Ambrish Pandey

  49. Treating Migraine Ardhavbhedaka with Ayurveda A Single Case Study

    Authors: Shyam Kumar Sah Deeraj Bc Ashwini Mj

  50. Analytical Research for Improvement of Solid Waste Management in Jaipur City

    Authors: N. K. Agawral Bharat Nagar

  51. Study of Glutathione Peroxidase GPX Activity Among Betel Quid Chewers of Indian Population

    Authors: Aniket Adhikari Madhusnata De

  52. Evaluation of Porosity in Fusion Welded AA2014 Plates using X Ray Radiography

    Authors: N. Nagendra Kumar R. Akshay P. Durga Kishore V. Sai Kiran

  53. Database Security Model using Access Control Mechanism in Student Data Management

    Authors: Aye Mon Win Khin Lay Myint

  54. Cassava, Plantain and Moringa Grown in an Alfisol and their Resilience to Bush Fire in Eastern Nigeria

    Authors: Asadu C. L. A B. O. Unagwu A. G. O. Dixon R. Okechukwu P. Ilona A. N. Asadu

  55. A Review on Bionic Arm

    Authors: M. Sreedhar S. Sai Mani Shekar K. Aditya Vardhan S. Vaibhav Krishna

  56. Socially Aware Device To Device Communications

    Authors: Dhananjay Sinha T. Lakshmi Kiran L. Mary Gladence

  57. Modelling and 3D Printing of Crankshaft

    Authors: T. Venkata Ramana Sagam Kunta Subhash Sangem Devendra Kumar Vanga Balakrishna

  58. Performance Analysis of Different Combination of Mimo Antenna System using Digital Modulation

    Authors: Anjali Juneja

  59. Design for Additively Manufactured Structure An Assessment

    Authors: Deependra Sharma Vivek Babele

  60. Design and Development of Spur Gear by using Three Dimensional Printing

    Authors: P. Naresh Aman Raj J. Tarun Ejazur Rahman G. Bharat

  61. Performance Analysis of Preamble Detection at Maximum Throughput Level for OFDM

    Authors: Ayushi Upadhyay

  62. Comparative Study of Different Approaches for Measuring Difficulty Level of Question

    Authors: Ayesha Pathan Pravin Futane

  63. Experimental Investigation on TIG Welded Aluminium Alloy 6082 Weldment using Non Destructive Evaluation

    Authors: I. S. N. V. R Prashanth B. Manohar K. Prudhvi Raj P. Rohith

  64. Design of Ceiling Fan Regulator Knob

    Authors: Pravin Borkar Vaibhav Bankar

  65. Systematic Review Obstacles for Discontinuation of Breast Feeding

    Authors: Lamiaa Ahmed Elsayed Ahmed Pushpamala Ramaiah Grace Lindsay

  66. Personality Traits and Risk Perception of Indian Investors

    Authors: Fozia Mehtab H Nagraj

  67. An Appraisal of the Features of Admiralty Jurisdiction under Maritime Law

    Authors: Mantinkang FMantinkang Formbasso Lawrence ormbasso LawrenceD

  68. RFID and GSM Based Safe Petrol Distribution System with Adulteration Prevention

    Authors: Harsha Sarode Sahil Mattoo Supda Kate Santosh Satam

  69. Analysis of Air Conditioning Arrangement for Two Floor Shopping Complex by using Revit MEP Software

    Authors: S. Visweswara Rao Badisha Gopi Aggidi Harish Boda Sumanth

  70. Viral Hepatitis "“ Disease Burden, Challenges and Gap Analysis with Existing Response

    Authors: Keshava Reddy M Senthil Thirusangu

  71. Problems of Women Education in India A Case Study of Mangalagiri Mandal in Guntur District of A.P

    Authors: Sudhir Maddela Pradeep M.

  72. Design and Modeling of Pull Rod and Push Rod Suspension System

    Authors: Sateesh Kumar Revoor Mittapally Nikhil Jatothu Sucharitha D. Anil

  73. Process Parameter Optimization for Resistance Spot Welding using Response Surface Methdology

    Authors: Manjunath R. Rawal Vaibhav Varane Rakesh R. Kolhapure

  74. Understanding the Need of Implementation of Lean Techniques in Manufacturing Industries A Review

    Authors: G. K. Kiran Kumar

  75. The Ethnic Conflict as Reflected in Umakanta Sarmah's Novel

    Authors: Chandan Jyoti Chutia

  76. Impact of Demonetization in India on MSME

    Authors: Shweta Chaudhary Aditi

  77. Phytochemical Analysis and Antibacterial Determination of Costus Igneus Leaves

    Authors: Sapna Patil Malika Ahuja

  78. Design and Fabrication of Economical Air Filter

    Authors: B. Vijaya Kumar M. Naveen P. Kalyan P. Bhavana K. Nikhil

  79. Biochemical and Therapeutic Properties of Withania Somnifera in Traditional Medicinal System

    Authors: Neha Singh Anita R. J. Singh

  80. Multiple Products Testing on Single Circular Conveyor

    Authors: Neeraj Kumar Sharma Apoorv Sharma Aayushi Pandey Chandrakant Jaiswal Akarsh Gupta

  81. Health Psychology Psychological Adjustment to the Disease, Disability and Loss

    Authors: Agathi Argyriadi Alexandros Argyriadis

  82. Secondary Filtration of Closed Loop in DC Locomotive

    Authors: K Muthukumar V. Nagendra Kumar

  83. Agricultural Credit and Farm Output of Cooperative Members in Anambra State, Nigeria

    Authors: Francis O. Nwankwo Okenwa C. Ogbodo Faith C. Onwuchekwa

  84. Bacterial Endotoxin Test by Gel Clot Method

    Authors: Faiz Hashmi Ankush Thakur

  85. Applications of Quantitative Techniques in Decision Making of Business Organisation

    Authors: A. Malleswari Devi A. Devaki

  86. Humanoid Robot Moving in Path and Obstacle Avoidance

    Authors: T. Mariya John

  87. Investigation of Socially Intelligeble Young People Introduction to the Labour Market

    Authors: Laima Steibliene

  88. Optimization of Turning Process Parameters for EN24 Steel Alloy using Experimental Design

    Authors: C. Shobha K. Ganesh Babu N. Mohammed Raffic

  89. Eco Friendly Environment by Managing Waste Disposal

    Authors: Vivek Dwivedi

  90. 25 Years of Creation, Development and Implementation of Seismic Isolation in Armenia

    Authors: Mikayel Melkumyan

  91. Social Networking

    Authors: Matthew N. O. Sadiku Adedamola A. Omotoso Sarhan M. Musa

  92. Nanotribology and its Need A Review

    Authors: Lovelesh Malav Praveen Kumar Tyagi

  93. Effect of Monetary Policy on Economic Growth in Nigeria

    Authors: Onwuteaka Ifeoma Cecilia Okoye P. V. C Molokwu Ifeoma Mirian

  94. Application of Cartoon Like Effects to Actual Images

    Authors: Chinmay Joshi Devendra Jaiswal Akshata Patil

  95. EHV Transmission Line Capacity Enhancement through Increase in SIL Level

    Authors: Kuntal Verma Mratyunjay Sisodiya Babita Jain

  96. Effect of Human Resource Development on Organization Productivity A Study of Selected Manufacturing Firms in Anambra State, Nigeria

    Authors: Ofodeme Eugenia Amaka Ezeanolue Uju Scholastica Nwakoby Nkiru Peace

  97. Development of Smartphone Application for Radon Safety Monitoring System

    Authors: Jai-Won Chung Gyu-Sik Kim

  98. Survey on Natural Language Generation

    Authors: Joe G. Saliby

  99. Design and Implementation of Digital Image Transformation Algorithms

    Authors: Joe G. Saliby

  100. Preparation and Biological Screening of Novel Heterocyclic Compounds

    Authors: Pranay Shah R. I. Patel P. J. Vyas

  101. Impact of Land Right Arrangements on the use of Irrigation Resources in the Lower Niger River Basin Development Authority of Nigeria

    Authors: Ajiboye Abiodun A. O Adekunmi O. A Adeleke A. O Awoyemi

  102. Identifying Three Phase Induction Motor Equivalent Circuit Parameters from Nameplate Data by Different Analytical Methods

    Authors: Anushree Rajendrarao Helonde Mahesh Mankar

  103. Minimization of Starting Torque and Inrush Current of Induction Motor by Different Starting Methods using MATLAB SIMULINK

    Authors: Suraj Grover Mahesh Mankar

  104. Effectiveness of Self Instructional Module SIM on Level of Knowledge Regarding Recent Advancements in Infertility Treatment among the Staff Nurses Working in Obstetrics and Gynecological Departments

    Authors: Bhawna Sharma Priscilla John Asha

  105. Student Preference and Perception towards Online Education in Hyderabad City

    Authors: Anjum Pasha Jarupla Gorya

  106. Implementation of Combinatorial Algorithms using Optimization Techniques

    Authors: Youssef Bassil

  107. The Estimation for the Eigenvalue of Quaternion Doubly Stochastic Matrices using Gerschgorin Balls

    Authors: Gunasekaran K Seethadevi R

  108. Useful and Effectiveness of Multi Agent System

    Authors: Moe Myint Myint

  109. Study on Loss Allocation of Power Distribution Network with Distributed Generation

    Authors: Udit Kumar Himani Goyal

  110. Comparative Study of Machine Learning Algorithms for Rainfall Prediction

    Authors: Mylapalle Yeshwanth Palla Ratna Sai Kumar G. Mathivanan M.E. Ph.D

  111. Reliability of Soil and Ground Improvement Techniques on Peaty Clay Soil "“ A Review

    Authors: Akpila S. B. Jaja G. W. T.

  112. Renewable Energy Storage

    Authors: Karishma Kumari Kumar Hrishab Amit Srivastava

  113. Solvent Extraction and Spectrophotometric Determination of Nickel II using 2 "“ Hydroxy 1 Naphthaldehyde Thiosemicarbazone HNT as an Analytical Reagent

    Authors: Pradnya Lokhande

  114. Standard Protocols for Heterogeneous P2P Vehicular Networks

    Authors: Youssef Bassil

  115. Implementation of Computational Algorithms using Parallel Programming

    Authors: Youssef Bassil

  116. Experimental Study of Setup Time Reduction in CNC Machine Shop

    Authors: Velliyangiri. J Prakash. E Anandha moorthy. A

  117. Design and Analysis of Go Kart Chassis for Front, Side and Rear Impact

    Authors: Chetan Mahatme Pratik Lande Surendra Nagpure Abhishek Pawar Nikhil Kharabe

  118. Feasibility of Artificial Neural Network in Civil Engineering

    Authors: Vikash Singh Samreen Bano Anand Kumar Yadav Sabih Ahmad

  119. An Approach to Block Negative Posts on Social Media at Server Side

    Authors: Mohammed Wasim Bhatt Mohammad Shabaz

  120. A Brief Overview on Active Air Sampling Procedure for Environment Monitoring

    Authors: Juhi Rastogi Faiz Hashmi

  121. Armed Forces, Security Organizations and Nigeria's National Security Challenges A Case Study

    Authors: Orkar Oryina Michael-David Shaminja Tersoo Solomon Nev Terwase Timothy

  122. Democracy and Indian Muslims as Unequal

    Authors: Md Tabrez Alam

  123. Benefits of Big Data in Health Care A Revolution

    Authors: Ritushree Narayan

  124. Analysis of Energy Generation from Exhaust of Automobile using Peltier Thermoelectric Generator

    Authors: Naveen Kumar Vaibhav Setia Sunil Kumar Patel Satyam Upadhyay Saurabh Chauhan Prakhar Bajpai

  125. Impact of Commercial Banking on Nigeria Industrial Sector

    Authors: Onwuteaka Ifeoma Cecilia Molokwu Ifeoma Mirian Aju Gregory. C.

  126. Determinants of Business Performance in the Nigerian Manufacturing Sector

    Authors: Nwakoby Nkiru Peace Dibua Emmanuel Chijioke Ezeanolue Uju Scholastica

  127. Determinants of Income Inequality Among Cooperative Farmers in Anambra State

    Authors: Anigbogu Theresa Ukamaka Uzondu Chikodiri Scholastica

  128. Risk Assessment in Manual Material Handling of an Edible Oil Company

    Authors: Mohamed Ismail. S Muthukumar. K

  129. Warfare Robot

    Authors: Sushmita Shivalkar Geeta Yadav Swapnali Patil Sakshi Dale

  130. Parameter Estimation of Neutral Grounding Reactor for a Single Line to Ground Fault for Transformer

    Authors: Snehal Pimpalkar Mahesh Mankar

  131. Association Rule Hiding using Hash Tree

    Authors: Garvit Khurana

  132. Experimental Investigation on Replacement of Cement in Concrete Partially by using Dolamite Powder

    Authors: Pramod Dhamne P. B. Nagarnaik

  133. Network Monitoring System for University

    Authors: San San Lwin Cho Cho Myint Win Win Maw

  134. Electronic Door Lock using RFID and Password Based on Arduino

    Authors: Ni Ni San Hlaing San San Lwin

  135. Design and Construction of Speed Detection System for Vehicles

    Authors: Lae Yin Mon Khin Khin Saw

  136. College Information System using Android

    Authors: Win Win Maw Cho Cho Myint San San Lwin

  137. Multipurpose Student Smart Card

    Authors: Rinky Yadav Rutuja Kadam Viraj Kolekar

  138. Smart Mall Shopping Submitted to International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications

    Authors: Mayuri Sonawane Swati Pawar Aditi Abhang Vaishali Khandave

  139. Review on the Development of Road Cleaning and Scrap Collecting Robotic Vehicle

    Authors: Naveen Kumar Ayush Goel Vipul Verma Peeyush Kr Gupta Vishal Gupta

  140. Student Nurses Academic Performance Multidimensional Constructs

    Authors: Ayman Johargy Pushpamala Ramaiah Ibtesam Nomani Lamia Ahmed Elsayed Grace Lindsey

  141. Effect of Foreign Exchange Rate Volatility on Industrial Productivity in Nigeria, 1981 2015

    Authors: Olaleye John Olatunde Ojomolade Dele Jacob

  142. Nomadic Computing A Primer

    Authors: Matthew N. O. Sadiku Adedamola A. Omotoso Sarhan M. Musa

  143. Assessment of Student Welfare Programs in the State Universities and Colleges of Samar Island

    Authors: Ronaldo A. Amit

  144. Spectrophotometric Analysis of Vitamin A and Vitamin E in Different Species of Dioscorea Tuber

    Authors: Jonalyn E. Espuelas Karina Milagros R. Cui-Lim Merle N. Tonog Rolando A. Delorino

  145. A Study on Entrepreneurship Education and Entrepreneurial Attitude in Malaysia "“ The Relationship between Employment and Unemployment Analysis

    Authors: J Jose Prabhu

  146. Application of Fundamental Mathematical Structure using a Self Game for Cognitive Development in Children

    Authors: K. Suneetha Devi

  147. Decades to Accumulate, Seconds to fall A Case Study on Meethotamulla Garbage Dump Collapse in Sri Lanka

    Authors: Chathumani D Deepthi Wickrama Singhe Isuru Gunarathna

  148. Effectiveness of Early Ambulation on Post Operative Recovery among the Women with Caesarean Section CS

    Authors: Reema Paul Priya J. P. Narayan Harleen Kaur

  149. Transforming the Data into Virtual Set Up Segmented usage and Adoption

    Authors: R. Poorvadevi

  150. Attitude towards Information and Communication Technology among Rural and Urban Primary and Secondary School Teachers of Punjab

    Authors: Parminder Kaur Sunita Arya

  151. Development of Diagnostic System for Brain MRI Scanning Based on Robust Information Clustering

    Authors: Chineke Amaechi Hyacenth Aneke Israel Chinagolum Udeh Chukwuma Callistus

  152. Optimizing Multiple Object Tracking and Decision making using neuro"“fuzzy

    Authors: Chineke Amaechi Hyacenth

  153. Brand Awareness and Marketing Campaign for Nilkamal

    Authors: Mohd Uzair Rajesh Singh

  154. HIV AIDS and the Reflection of Sexual Invisibility in the Elderly in Brazil

    Authors: Bruna Balbina De Melo E Silva Clarisse Vieira De Almeida Elza De Araújo Dantas Henrique Eduardo Romão Arboés Larissa Queiroz De Oliveira Amália Cinthia Meneses Rêgo Francisco Irochima Pinheiro Irami Araújo-Filho

  155. Standardization and Optimization of Initiation, Shooting and Rooting Medium for Patchouli Micro Propagation

    Authors: Dindayal Darunde Swapnil Pandey

  156. Study for Comparison on Design of Steel Frame using Rolled, Fabricated and PEB Sections

    Authors: Anil V. Bandre Girish Joshi

  157. Health Care Waste Management

    Authors: Altaf Hussain Padder

  158. Environmental Health and Sanitation

    Authors: Lukkumanul Hakkim. S

  159. Color Digital Sign Board using Altium Designer

    Authors: Khin San Aye

  160. Ayurvedic Medical Destination Selection Criterion Preference of Coimbatore City

    Authors: Sr. Kritikaa

  161. Military Radar System

    Authors: Vinay Jangir Manisha Kumawat Manish Kumar Sharma

  162. Invitro Assessment of Antibacterial and Antioxidant Property of Biofabricated Silver Nanoparticles using Aqueous Extract of Bauhinia Tomentosa

    Authors: Mohanapriya. P

  163. Design and Implementation of Bluetooth Based Industrial Automation

    Authors: B. Shiva Kuamar B. Satya Satwik N. Anil Kumar A. V. Tarun Kumar

  164. 3D Printing

    Authors: Shwetha Shanmugam Sandhiya Bharathidasan S. Abinayaa

  165. Modelling and Analysis on Water Tube Boiler Drum

    Authors: B. Shushma B. Praveen Kumar Shaik Apsar Ali Thati Sai Krishna Mohammed Naseer

  166. A Study on Stress Management by Middle Level Employees with Special Reference to Knowledge Process Outsourcing Company

    Authors: R. Duraipandian Shishira Srinivasa

  167. Heat Load Calculation with Duct Design of a Multi Storeyed Residential Building

    Authors: Basavaraja K. T T. Kiran T. Sushanth Thummala Saiteja Reddy

  168. Modal Analysis of a Square Plate with Reinforcement with Number of Stiffeners

    Authors: Praveen Mirji

  169. Modelling and 3D Printing of Differential Gear Box

    Authors: Yogesh Avula Vanga Rajeev Narayana Reddy VojaAnand Swaroop Varikuppala Srisailam

  170. Analysis and Investigation of Ms Weldment Using Unbaked E7018 Electrode

    Authors: B. Vijaya kumar N. Yashwanth P. Madhav P. Srinath N. Pradeep

  171. Design and Developing of Two Wheeler Handle Gripper Using 3D Printing Technology

    Authors: S. Suresh Duppelly Vamshi Boda Rahul Dharavath Ashok Kumar

  172. Dynamic Analysis of Bionic ARM

    Authors: M. Sreedhar P. Varalakshmi R. Naveen S. Bharath Kumar T. Akhil Reddy

  173. Design and Analysis of Mixed Flow Pump Impeller

    Authors: B. Naresh P. Krishna N. Sunny Deepak P. Laxmi Prasanna

  174. Design and Analysis of Upright for Formula Vehicle

    Authors: B. Vijaya Kumar B. Ruchitha Narender Goud Edigi Hemant Kumar

  175. Quantitative Analysis of Histamine Production in Idli Batter

    Authors: Rubasri Gunasekaran Murugan A Prathapkumar Shetty

  176. Investigation on Mechanical Properties of TIG Welded Joint and its Efficiency

    Authors: I. S. N. V. R. Prashanth K. Lavanya Meherkeziah P. Navya

  177. Centralized Tool for Software and USB

    Authors: Bhanu Tekwani Shubhangi Mishra Mythri Ravindra

  178. Generation of Air Conditioning by using Exhaust Gases and Cooling Water of an Automobile Engine

    Authors: M. Sampath Kumar Karthik Payam Rajesh Medi Srikanth Chennam Aditya Mothukuri

  179. Design of an Air Distribution System for a Multi Storey Office Building

    Authors: M. Pruthvi Raj K. Prashanth Reddy Mussan Shankar Reddy B. Kranthi Kumar

  180. Self Rechargeable Paper Thin Film Batteries

    Authors: Vaibhav Singh Gaurav Saxena

  181. Designing of Solar Air Conditioning for Four Wheeler

    Authors: Basavraja K. T M. Rajes M. Krishnaven P. Sachin

  182. Air Water System Design using Revit Mep for a Residential Building

    Authors: B. Shushma M. Uday Bhaskar N. Balaji G. Srujan Yadav

  183. Design and Analysis of Electric Bike

    Authors: B. Praveen Kumar B. Sushma Amith.G Ch. Akhileshwar Reddy L. Vishal Patel

  184. Estimation of Cooling Load Calculations for a Commercial Complex

    Authors: I. S. N. V. R. Prashanth V. Nikitha B. Aravind N. Mahesh

  185. Modelling and Analysis of Go Kart Chassis

    Authors: Srinivasa Reddy N. Sharathchandra Mustafa P. Jayanth

  186. Automatic Plant Irrigation System

    Authors: Sajid Abbas Aswer Mohiddin N. Y. S. Pavan Teja Ch. Nanda Kumar

  187. RFID Technology An Overview

    Authors: Sapna Yadav Pratibha Jha

  188. Design of Chiller for Air Conditioning of Residential Building

    Authors: Srihari. M Irshad K. Mahesh K. Sai Teja

  189. Heat Load Calculations and Duct Design for Commercial Building G 2

    Authors: R. Sateesh Kumar J. Deepak O. Srinivas T. Prashanth

  190. Review on Bio Mimitic Robotic Bird

    Authors: Sreedhar B. Pavan D. V. Anirudh G. Shiva Krishna

  191. Identification of Disease in Leaves using Genetic Algorithm

    Authors: K. Beulah Suganthy

  192. Changing Wind Versus the Primeval Voices A Reconceptualization of Indian Adivasis in Contemporary Context

    Authors: Santosh Kumar Nayak

  193. Language in Glocal Cultural Context

    Authors: Santosh Kumar Nayak

  194. Design and Working of Pedal Operated Flour Mill

    Authors: Kishorkumar Guru Saurabh Pratap Singh Saurabh Tiwari Saurabh Pal Saurabh Kumar Shukla

  195. Density Based Traffic Lightcontrol System using Raspberry Pi

    Authors: Y. Himanth B. V. Pavan Kumar M. Lalitha Bhavani

  196. PCA and DCT Based Approach for Face Recognition

    Authors: Manish Varyani Pallavi Narware Lokendra Singh Banafar

  197. Friction Stir Spot Welding of Aluminium Alloy AA6063

    Authors: B. Vijaya Kumar B. Srikanth B. Raju Ch. Sandeep D. Indu

  198. Analysis of Air Conditioning System used in Automobile

    Authors: S. Sreenatha Reddy P. Akhil N. Raju K. Vishnu N. Ashok

  199. Design and Fabrication of Thermo Electric Refrigerator

    Authors: S. Sreenatha Reddy G. Naveen Kumar K. Sridhar M. Sai Siri

  200. Moving Grocery Store using A.I Powered Robots

    Authors: Nirmal Ram Mohamed Fasin A F Annrija Paul Anila Thomas

  201. The Concept of Smart Room in Hotels

    Authors: Honey Tyagi Amol Patvekar

  202. Bit Error Rate Performance Evaluation of Different Digital Modulation and Coding Techniques with Varying Channels

    Authors: Parvesh Kumar Shalini Bhadola Kirti Bhatia

  203. Evaluation of BER in LTE System using Various Modulation Techniques over different Modulation Schemes

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  313. Violation of Child Rights in Institutions

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  314. Effect of Treasury Single Account TSA on Selected Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria

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  321. Voltage Generation using Piezo Crystals

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  322. Power Flow Analysis for Four Buses System by NR Method

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  323. Hemodynamic Dimension Trend between Non Conversion and Conversion Lumbar Epidural Anesthesia to General Anesthesia Explored using Pulse Oximeter Technology

    Authors: Zafri Bin Yusoff Ir. Dr Ahmad Faizul Bin Shamsudin

  324. Effect of Operating Temperatures on the Performance of a SOFC GT Hybrid System

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  325. Implementation of a Robotic Vehicle using an RF Module

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  326. Towards Green Campus in BDCE

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  327. Study on Bio Mimetic Portable Robotic Arm

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  328. Structures to Resist the Effects of the Accidental Explosions

    Authors: Kota Sudeep V. Narasimha Rao

  329. RP 75 Formulation of two Special Classes of Standard Congruence of Prime Modulus of Higher Degree

    Authors: B M Roy

  330. Relationship between Banker and Customer

    Authors: Kuldeep Singh

  331. An investigation into the challenges with the South African Qualifications Authority for students with qualifications from universities outside South Africa

    Authors: Tawanda Mukurunge Neo Tlali Tsepiso Mncina Takura Bhila

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  337. Impact of Cyber Crime Issues and Challenges

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  338. Autonomous Driving using Deep Reinforcement Learning in Urban Environment

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  339. Intelligent Healthbot for Transforming Healthcare

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  340. Real Time Physiological Status Monitorinig through Telemetry System for on Spot Accident Patients using IoT

    Authors: S. Rabia Jebin N. Mohamedbeemubeen

  341. Minority Rights Development Needed

    Authors: Sharanbir Kaur

  342. Reduction in Size of Vars by using Different Materials in Generator

    Authors: Animesh Kumar Om Singh Patel Nishi Yadav Pooja Shakya Muzzafar Ayub Khan

  343. Question Bank Maker

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  344. The Short and Long Term Peace Strategies "Anglophone" Crisis, Cameroon

    Authors: Maxwell N. Achu

  345. Conclusions of the "Anglophone Crisis" Risk Assessments, and the Predictability of the Crisis' Intensity, the Clock Is Ticking

    Authors: Maxwell N. Achu

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  347. Effect of E Taxation on Revenue Generation in Anambra State

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  348. Towards Inclusive Education Reconciling Household Obligatory Financing and the Problem of Access to Secondary Education in Cameroon

    Authors: Prosper Mbelle Mekolle

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  354. Additive Manufacturing of Leaf Spring

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  360. Waste Management System by Using IoT

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  361. An OT Account of Phonological Alignment and Epenthesis in Aligarh Urdu

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  362. Decision Tree Models for Medical Diagnosis

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  363. Role of Promotional Strategies in Rural Market

    Authors: Bijendra Kumar Pushkar Shilpi Pandey

  364. Right Selection of Inverter Systems and Harmonics Reduction A Means of Enhancing Power Infrastructure in Nigeria

    Authors: Akinwole O. O Adewale A. S Femi-Jemilohun O. J

  365. Experimental Investigations and Computational Analysis on Subsonic Wind Tunnel

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  366. Ischemic Brain Vascular Accident Acute Phase Management

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  369. Thermoelectric Air Conditioning

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  370. Modelling and Analysis of Spark Ignition Carburettor

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  371. Ecosystem Services and Perception of Water Quality of Lake Barombi Kotto, Cameroon

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  372. Pharmaceutical Packaging Technology

    Authors: Lukesh Pegu Pankaj Chasta Kaushal K. Chandrul

  373. Legislative provision with Respect to Child Labour

    Authors: Meenu

  374. Cultivation of Two Species of Mushroom Found in Anambra State, South Eastern, Nigeria and Their Potentials for Bioremediation of Trace Metals Polluted Soil

    Authors: Mrs B. C. Ilechukwu C. O. B. Okoye

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  376. A Review of Super Resolution and Tumor Detection Techniques in Medical Imaging

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  377. Design Thinking

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  378. Durability Study on Self Compacting Concrete with Mineral Admixture

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  379. Antimicrobial Efficacy of Medicinal Mushroom Ganoderma Lucidum

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  380. Era of Sociology News Rumors News Detection using Machine Learning

    Authors: Chandni Jain S. Vignesh

  381. The Ability of Raman Spectroscopy to Detect Surface Water Pollution in Northern Sudan

    Authors: Sufyan Sharafedin Mohammed A. M. Awadelgied Sohad saad El Wakeel Ahmed Abubaker Mohamed

  382. International Competition and Entrepreneurship Development in Nigeria

    Authors: Anionwu Carol

  383. An Overview on Tuberculosis TB

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  384. Handwritten Text Recognition and Digital Text Conversion

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  385. Smart Dustbins for Smart Cities

    Authors: Dhaval Patel Aditya Kulkarni Hrushikesh Udar Sachin Sharma

  386. Throughput Maximization using Spatial Reusability in Multi Hop Wireless Network

    Authors: Twinkal P. Dudhagawali L. K. Gautam V. P. Vaidya

  387. Effects of 5E learning Cycle Model on Achievement in Social Science of Std 8

    Authors: Devangna Anilbhai Patel

  388. Management of Water for Sustainable Development

    Authors: Keshubhai R. Odedra

  389. Motion of curtains using Natural Language Processing

    Authors: Minu Mariya Vilson Menon Bhavana Rajan Mithu Raveendran Namitha Gopinath Nelson Varghese Ann Rija Paul

  390. The Assessment of Vocational Training, Monitoring and Evaluation as the Main Determinants of Job Creation and Projects Sustainability

    Authors: Habinshuti Patrice Mudaheranwa Benjamin Habimana Theogene Mutambuka Deo

  391. Comparative Study of Different Sewage Farming on Soil Quality A Review

    Authors: Avinash Dwivedi Anupam Mehrotra Kamal Nabh Tripathi