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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Trend in Scientific Research and Development >>

Vol.Spec, No.FI

Publisher: IJTSRD

Publishing Date: 2019-03-01

  1. A Critical Study of Electronic Voting Machine EVM Utilization in Election Procedure

    Authors: A. V. Nikam P. C. Shetiye S. D. Bhoite

  2. 720 Degree Performance Appraisal Systems

    Authors: Aishwarya M. Patil C. S. Dalvi

  3. Effective Online Brand Building Strategy in India

    Authors: Amar Janardan Sale R. V. Kulkarni

  4. Will GST Make India an Economic Union Respect to Kolhapur Industrial Area

    Authors: Amar S. Patil

  5. E commerce Users in India

    Authors: Arati Ramchandra Magdum

  6. The Impact of Mobile Banking on Customer Satisfaction

    Authors: Ashvini sanjay Khot

  7. A Review – Mobile App for Retail Industry

    Authors: Avanti A. Patil. Kulkarni R. V.

  8. CSR Contribution made by selected Indian Manufacturing Multinational Companies

    Authors: Charuta P. Kulkarni

  9. Coping Strategies among Youth of Professional Colleges

    Authors: K. N. Ranbhare Supriya Mangaonkar

  10. Entrepreneurship Challenges Lessons from an Automotive Start Up

    Authors: Mylavarapu Monika Jahnavi

  11. Job satisfaction Factors of Employee in Virtual Workplace Review

    Authors: Maheshkumar Devendra Mohite R. V. Kulkarni

  12. A Review Role of Mobile Application for Medical Services

    Authors: Naina S Thorat R. V Kulkarni

  13. Corporate Expectations and Students Skills – Gap Analysis in Career Carver Group –Baramati

    Authors: Mrs Nikita Sarthak Patil

  14. Digital Marketing a Boost for Industries A Study with Respect to Miraj Taluka

    Authors: Sudhakar D. Bhoite Omkar N. Pethakar

  15. A Model for Encryption of a Text Phrase using Genetic Algorithm

    Authors: Poornima G. Naik Pandurang M. More Girish R. Naik

  16. A Study on Effectiveness of Branding Activities on Customer Awareness

    Authors: Prakash B. Kundaragi

  17. Machine Learning Approach for Employee Attrition Analysis

    Authors: R. S. Kamath S. S. Jamsandekar P. G. Naik

  18. Design and Development of IoT and Cloud Based Smart Farming System for Optimum Water Utilization for Better Yield

    Authors: S. A. Nagaonkar S. D. Bhoite

  19. Innovations in Higher Education for Teaching and Learning using Technology

    Authors: Sampada Gulavani Rajesh Kanthe

  20. Study of Performance Appraisal System for Faculty Members in Selected Management Institutes Affiliated to Shivaji University Kolhapur

    Authors: Santosh V. Hasure Viraj V. Jadhav

  21. A Study on Equity Research of Selected FMCG Companies Listed on NSE

    Authors: Shubhangi Anil Patil Viraj Vijay Jadhav

  22. A Study on Scenario of Fast Food Industry in India

    Authors: Siddhi Prashant Chitnis

  23. Fostering Innovation, Integration and Inclusion through Interdisciplinary Practices in Management

    Authors: Sonal Gawade

  24. A Study on Retailing in India Growth and Challenges

    Authors: Supriya Udaykumar Mogale C. S. Dalvi

  25. E Banking ICT Plus Banking for Boosting Business

    Authors: Surekha A Sangrulkar

  26. Non Performing Assets A Study of Shree Warana Co operative Bank Ltd. Warananagar

    Authors: Tushar Patil Sagar Sutar

  27. The Fourth Industrial Revolution I4.0 in India Challenges and Opportunities

    Authors: Viraj Vijay Jadhav Ravindra Mahadeokar S. D. Bhoite

  28. Do Consumers Go by the Cover A Survey of Selected Bakeries in Kolhapur

    Authors: Vishakha Apte Monish A. Motwani

  29. Study on Effects of Social Networks Usage on PG Students

    Authors: Sudhakar D. Bhoite - Snehal A. Patil Nisha S. Patil

  30. A Comparative Study on Mutual Fund Schemes of Selected AMC’s In India

    Authors: Anuja Magdum CA. Girish A. Samant

  31. A Meta Analysis on Review of Studies on Water Management

    Authors: Prof Anuradha Gaikwad Dr S. D. Kadam

  32. Assessment of Noise Level During Ganesh Festival in Residential Zone of Kolhapur City

    Authors: C. P. Sathe A. M. Kadam K. D. Ahire

  33. An Analytical Study on Consumer Buying Behaviourf for Bakery Products

    Authors: Harish Jadhav Pravin Chavan

  34. A Study on Moving Average of Selected Stocks in Banking Sector using Technical Analysis

    Authors: Krishnat H. Chougale

  35. An Overview on Personality Development

    Authors: Sudhakar D. Bhoite Lalita S. Shinde

  36. A Study of Motivation in Foundries of Kolhapur District

    Authors: Mrs Madhuri Prakash Rasal

  37. 4 G Wave of Mobile Services in India

    Authors: Mamata Alias Aishwarya Rammrao Desai C. S. Dalvi

  38. Store Management Practices in Medium Scale Engineering Firm

    Authors: Shrikant S. Karanjkar

  39. An analytical study of Hygiene Practices and its impact of Health status of the household

    Authors: S. S. Apate Nishant Kamble

  40. Sentiment Analysis of Feedback Data

    Authors: Prashali S. Shinde Asmita R. Kanase Rutuja S. Pawar Yamini U. Waingankar

  41. Family Business Governance System of Dabur Group a Case Study

    Authors: Sanket V. Ravan

  42. Decline of once a time Market Leader A Case Study of Walwa Bazaar Consumer Cooperative Sector

    Authors: Seema Desai

  43. Demonitization and its Impact on Adoptation of Digital Marketing in India

    Authors: Shruti S. Patil

  44. Review on Design and Development of Mobile App for Farmers

    Authors: Shubhangi G. Mane Kulkarni R. V

  45. A Review on Customer Relationship Management Practices of Selected Private Banks in Kolhapur City

    Authors: Snehal Deepak Kumbhar

  46. Work Life Balance among Women Employees in Service Sectors in Sangli

    Authors: K. Pradeep Kumar Sonia. P. Rajput Priya Chougule

  47. Forensic Accounting An Ex Ante Ex post Evaluation for India

    Authors: Sunil V. Mohite

  48. Digital Marketing A Review

    Authors: Vaibhava Desai

  49. Cloud Computing in Academic Libraries A Review

    Authors: Vichare Dattatray. T

  50. Review on “Android Application for Faculties of Higher and Technical Education”

    Authors: Mr Chavan Vishvajit V Kulkarni R. V

  51. An Empirical Analysis of Factors Affecting on Preference for Cashew in Nipani

    Authors: Vivek Mahajan Pravin Chavan

  52. An Empirical Assessment of Capital Asset Pricing Model with Reference to National Stock Exchange

    Authors: Yashashri Shinde Teja Mane

  53. A Study on use of Search Engine Optimization with Reference to Sarvana Paints, Kolhapur

    Authors: Shreya. M. Kittur Madhura. K. Mane

  54. An Empirical Study on Efficient Market Hypothesis of Indian Capital Market NSE Sectorial Indices

    Authors: Ms Pooja Yadav C.A. D.S. Patil

  55. Experimental Analysis on Strength Properties of Glass Fiber Concrete

    Authors: Deepak T. J. Senyange E. K. Iman. F. Nazrul Azmi A. Z. Chakravarthy N.

  56. Web Based Tool to Determine Water Productivity Index and Ph for Managing Paddy Irrigation Water User Group for Tanjung Karang Irrigation Scheme Malaysia

    Authors: Deepak T. J. Chong S. F. Lim S. P Yong S. F.

  57. Web Based Tool for Managing Paddy Irrigation Water User Group

    Authors: Deepak T. J. Chong S. F. Lim S. P.

  58. Review of Green Building Index GBI in Malaysia

    Authors: Kamil M. Deepak T. J. Shanti. M

  59. Determining Coefficient of Discharge and Coefficient of Roughness for Short Grass Bed and Concrete Bed

    Authors: Choong Pei Kee Deepak T J Raman Bai

  60. Identifying Motivational and Demotivational Factors in Qatar Construction Project Management Practices

    Authors: Hamza. Deepak T. J. Maria. Josephine W. Parameswaran. S Venishri. P

  61. Outcome Based Education OBE Trend Review in Engineering Education

    Authors: Deepak T J Venishri. P -

  62. Study of Road Maintenance Fund needs Approach with Link Based and Network Based

    Authors: Tiopan H. M. Gultom Tamrin Fahrul Agus

  63. Remote Sensing and Unmanned Aerial Device for Early Forest Fire Detection

    Authors: Shaina Suresh Mia Torres-Dela Cruz Deepak T J

  64. Networks Coexistence with other 2.4 GHz ISM Devices

    Authors: Mia Torres-Dela Cruz Wisam Khamil Mahdloom Shaina Suresh

  65. Performance Studies on Utilization of Ceramic Waste Tile and Quarry Dust as Partial Replacement of Gravel and Sand in Concrete

    Authors: Nahushananda Chakravarthy Mohammed Maina Siti Hamidah Abdull Rahman

  66. Engineering Advantages of Vegetation on Slope Stabilization

    Authors: Farshchi Iman

  67. Study of Road Maintenance Fund Needs Approach with Link Based and Network Based

    Authors: Tiopan H. M. Gultom M. Tamrin Fahrul Agus

  68. Performance Evaluation of International Airline Websites Quality using Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process Model

    Authors: Kayalvizhi Subramanian Gunasekar Thangarasu Mia Torres Dela Cruz

  69. A Review on Fuzzy Sets Uncertainty Modeling In Expert Systems

    Authors: Kayalvizhi Subramanian Gunasekar Thangarasu Ramani Bai

  70. Development of Concrete Filled Steel Tube CFST A Review

    Authors: Nazrul Azmi A. Z. Petrus C. Yazmin S. H.

  71. Automation of Medical Waste Separation using Advanced Technologies to Minimize its Impact on Environment

    Authors: Ramani Bai V. G. Alla Kay R. Andy Chan

  72. Coexistence of Zigbee and Wi Fi Networks in Machine to Machine Home System

    Authors: Wisam Khamil Madhloom Mia Torres-Dela Cruz Kayalvizhi Subramanian

  73. Desalination Approach of Seawater and Brackish Water by Coconut Shell Activated Carbon as a Natural Filter Method

    Authors: Jayaprakash M C Poorvi Shetty Raju Aedla D V Reddy

  74. Electronic Healthcare Record Security and Management in Healthcare Organizations

    Authors: Attahiru Saminu CLN

  75. Developing a Forecasting Model for Retailers Based on Customer Segmentation using Data Mining Techniques

    Authors: Kayalvizhi Subramanian Gunasekar Thangarasu

  76. Analysis of Retrofiton School Building With Shear Wall and Steel Bracing

    Authors: Fauzan Febrina. I. Farizzia. S. Yogii. R. Zev A. J.

  77. Effect of Tsunami Loads on Ulak Karang Shelter Building in Padang City

    Authors: Fauzan Febrin Anas Ismail Annisa El Husna Zev Al Jauhari Silvia

  78. An Exploration of Data Mining with Analysis for a Health Care System

    Authors: Murugananthan Velayutham Mia Torres-Dela Cruz

  79. Quality Factor between Visual Studio and Android Studio for Developing Video Control Based on Hand Gestures

    Authors: Siti Norhidayah Aman Noor Zuhaili Md Yasin Illiana Azizan

  80. Institutional Element in Malaysia Housing Industry

    Authors: Mohd Azwanfadzli Deris Nurul Munazzah Sadikin

  81. Reduced Dimension Lane Detection Method

    Authors: Ery M. Rizaldy J. M. Nursherida Abdul Rahim Sadiq Batcha

  82. Web based Solution to Sports Management Reform Case of a Linton University College

    Authors: Nyabinde David Tatenda Noor Zuhaili Binti Md Yasin Sheik Mohideen Abdul Latheef

  83. Green Sustainability Development for Industry Internet of Things in Railway Transportation Industry

    Authors: Opeyemi Olajide Adebiyi Mia Torres-Dela Cruz

  84. Knowledge Management and Predictive Analytics in IT Project Risks

    Authors: Mia Torres-Dela Cruz Subashini A P Ganapathy Noor Zuhaili Binti Mohd Yasin

  85. Business Intelligence for Small Scale IT Based Entrepreneurship in Malaysia

    Authors: Alinaswe Sikana Amanda Percy Kinsi Mia Torres-Dela Cruz Illiana Azizan

  86. Design and Implementation of Bi Directional Wireless Communication Based on Low Power LED to LED Link

    Authors: Shaina Suresh Roger Sim Veeraiyah Thangasamy Vinukumar Luckose Dr Rekha Labade

  87. Identification of Therapeutic Targets and Biomarker for Breast Cancer using Microarray Data Mining

    Authors: Nelson Kennedy Babu Joe Arun Raja Vinukumar Luckose Sajitha Smiley

  88. Wideband Width Impedance Matching Topologies for PA Applications

    Authors: Vinukumar Luckose Veeraiyah Thangasamy Vinesh Thiruchelvam Sajitha Smiley Shaina Suresh

  89. Early Childhood Education Smart Web Portal Using Intelligence Information Systems

    Authors: Mohamad Zafranudin Bin Mohamed Zafrin Subashini A P Ganapathy Sajitha Smiley

  90. Issues on Management and Governance of Data Security In HEIs

    Authors: Janet Gabriel Sheik Mohideen Abdul Latheef Veluswamy Jayavardhanavelu

  91. Process Model of E Assessment for Accessible and Remote Examination

    Authors: Feyikunmi Duba Oshodi Mia Torres-Dela Cruz Murugananthan Velayutham Mohtar

  92. Data Warehouse Structure for Energy Monitoring System Towards Campus Sustainability

    Authors: Precious Oaseru Johnson Precious Oaseru Johnson Manimala Veeraiyah Tee Kiam Khai