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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of English, Literature and Social Science >>

Vol.6, No.3

Publisher: Infogain Publications

Publishing Date: 2021-05-29

  1. Distant Learning in Morocco: Examining Students’ Attitudes and Motivation at the Tertiary Level

    Authors: Rachid Elkhayma

  2. A struggle to belong: The grappling cases of Israel and India

    Authors: Sagarika Mukhopadhyay Anirban Banerjee

  3. De-ideologizing Colonial and Postcolonial Sri Lanka: Family Tales and Historical Revisitation in Michael Ondaatje’s Memoir Running in the Family

    Authors: Hatem Ben Jemia

  4. Potheri Kunhambu; The social reformer from North Malabar

    Authors: Bijina M.

  5. Transformation through literature: A study of vachana literature and its impact on society

    Authors: Murali Ganesh B

  6. A Review of the Impact of Reading “Political Gossips Column in Daily Mirror News Paper” on Improving Vocabulary of the Adult Learners

    Authors: G.H. Abeyweera

  7. Patriarchy and Feminism are always at loggerheads for Identity & Primacy: A study through the fictions of Anita Desai

    Authors: Sachidananda Panda

  8. Historicising Pinarayi Parappuram Communist Movement

    Authors: M. Babitha

  9. Implementation of RA 10586 (Anti-drunk and Drugged Driving Act of 2013)

    Authors: Jonah B. Badua

  10. Educational system: The policy of Educational system in Kurdistan Region in public Kindergarten

    Authors: Bayad Jamal Ali Bayar Gardi Baban Jabbar Othman Nechirwan Burhan Ismael Sarhang Sorguli Bawan Yassin Sabir Shahla Ali Ahmed Pshdar Abdalla Hamza Hassan Mahmood Aziz Govand Anwar

  11. Students’ Attitudes towards Learning English in the Kurdistan region of Iraq

    Authors: Shahla Ali Ahmed Baban Jabbar Othman Bayar Gardi Bawan Yassin Sabir Nechirwan Burhan Ismael Pshdar Abdalla Hamza Sarhang Sorguli Hassan Mahmood Aziz Bayad Jamal Ali Govand Anwar

  12. Risk Factors of Workers’ COHb Levels in Automotive Workshops

    Authors: Pritha Rahma Annisa Budiyono Budiyono Sulistiyani Sulistiyani

  13. Improving students’ articulatory fluency in English through Speech Smart Module

    Authors: Adrian V. Protacio

  14. Fundamentals of Academic Writing: Longman Academic Series, Linda Butler, Pearson, Longman. (2007). P236, ISBN: 9780131995574 & ISBN: 013199557X

    Authors: G. H. Abeyweera

  15. Organization of Descriptive Writing with Reference to the Writings of the Students of Certificate Course in English for School Leavers, Uva Wellassa University of Sri Lanka

    Authors: G.H. Abeyweera

  16. Dialectic of Knowledge and Intimacy: Reading Virginia Woolf's ‘To the Lighthouse’ in the Time of Pandemic ‘New Normal’

    Authors: Muhammed Jabir MP

  17. Relevance of Chitra Benerjee Divakaruni’s Palace of Illusions

    Authors: Anurupa Ghosh

  18. Professional Music Practice: The Nigeria Example

    Authors: Folorunso David Jayeola

  19. The Lonely Victims of the Glass Menagerie

    Authors: K. Kamalaveni R. Venkataraman

  20. Flood risk assessment by a multicriteria spatial analysis in the municipalities of Pobè and Adja-Ouèrè

    Authors: Akibou A. AKINDELE Lionel TODOME

  21. Social Media use and its Effects on writing Ability among Moroccan University EFL Students

    Authors: Mounim Lakhal

  22. The Division of Household Work in Moroccan Amazigh Male-breadwinner Families with Young Children

    Authors: Bouchra El Kemma

  23. Academic Teaching Skills: Determining the methods of teaching to undergraduate students

    Authors: Bayad Jamal Ali Govand Anwar

  24. Vocabulary Learning Strategies and Foreign Language Acquisition at Private Schools

    Authors: Bayad Jamal Ali Govand Anwar

  25. Signs and Meanings in Hiligaynon Contemporary Stories

    Authors: James Frollan R. Villanueva Riceli C. Mendoza

  26. A review on college transfer majors and their English learning motivations

    Authors: Zhang Jingyi Peng Yi

  27. A postmodernist rendition of the clash between materialism and spiritualism in Haruki Murakami's ‘The Elephant Vanishes’

    Authors: Sharifuzzaman

  28. The Paradox of Women as Victims in the selected plays of Tennessee Williams and Vijay Tendulkar

    Authors: Aishwarya Mohan

  29. Unfolding New Selves in New Structures: Study of Namita Gokhale’s Things to Leave Behind and Paro: Dreams of Passion

    Authors: Anitha. R Mrs.Vani S

  30. Economic Policy Uncertainty and International Oil Price Volatility—Based on Continuous Wavelet Transformation and Volatility Spillover Effect Analysis

    Authors: Yan Han

  31. The Outsider in Wuthering Heights

    Authors: Ayman Khaled Hussein Madya Mohd Nazri bin Latiff Azmi

  32. Anxiety and Foreign Language Learning: Analysis of students’ anxiety towards Foreign language learning

    Authors: Bayad Jamal Ali Govand Anwar

  33. The Art of Uncertainty: A Scrutiny in Theatre of Michael Frayn

    Authors: Midia Mohammadi

  34. The Soil and Green Shoots: Ecocritical Reading of a Home in Tibet

    Authors: Priyanka D'Rozario Sunil Kumar Mishra

  35. Modular Distance Learning Expenses of Senior High School Teachers amidst the Pandemic

    Authors: Cristoni A. Macaraeg Jall R. Barcelo Dory Nell G. Reyes Monica E. Merculio Jewel A. Bernardo Mercedes D. Santos

  36. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at Bulacan State University: A Graduate Tracer Study

    Authors: Aaron Paul Dela Rosa Gabriel Galang

  37. Characters and characterization in John Lyly’s Endymion: The Man in the Moone

    Authors: Mufeed Al-Abdullah

  38. Rivers in Deluge: Degradation and Ecological Restoration in the Poems of A. K. Ramanujan and Keki N. Daruwalla

    Authors: Hema S Hitha Haridas Nimisha P

  39. Utilization of the New Englishes in the K-12 Curriculum English for Specific Purposes: Senior High School’s Perspective

    Authors: Emardy T. Barbecho

  40. A Comparative Study of Emergency Remote Education Amid COVID-19

    Authors: Liu Zhixuan

  41. Comparative Study of Stress among Students of differ-ent Streams Science and Arts

    Authors: Shubham Sharma B.P. Chamola Nikita Pandey

  42. Cinematic adaptation from Literature: A Study of Chetan Bhagat’s Novels

    Authors: Monika Chaudhary

  43. Discovering Shadow Lines and their effects on Nationalist Identity in Amitav Ghosh’s The Shadow Lines

    Authors: Pragya Dhiman

  44. Women in Sudha Murty’s Short Stories

    Authors: Disha Esther Ramtek

  45. Multiculturalist Aspect in Bharathi Mukherjee’s Jasmine and Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni’s arranged marriage

    Authors: Akhila Raj

  46. Teachers’ Level of Adaptability and Performance: Their Response to the Rapidly Transforming Academic World

    Authors: Leslie M. Andres Jacqueline B. Dela Cruz Mila P. Gonzaga Irene S. Rodriguez Julie A. Sanchez Arjay F. Ortiz

  47. A Comparative Study on the Efficiency of Online Learning Management Platform for Telecommunications Store Retail Employees in 2020

    Authors: Hazel Joy Nacino Ma. Christiana Mae L. Ilagan Sienna Marie V. Evangelista Venus S. Vallejos Ferlene S. Olpindo Jennifer G. Fronda

  48. Exploring Personality Disorders: A Psycho analytical Overview of Paula Hawkins’ The Girl on the Train

    Authors: Hima S Madhu Arsha Vincent S

  49. Gendering the Phallic Gaze: Masculinity, Body and the Erotic Spectacle

    Authors: Amartya Karmakar

  50. Voices from Odisha: A Symbolic Study of Surendra Mohanty’s The Changeover

    Authors: Aishwarya Mishra

  51. Of Rites of Narration and Representation of the Orient and the Occident in Thomas Heywood's The Faid Maid of the West

    Authors: Tarik Bouguerba

  52. Modernist Quest in Devkota’s Poetry

    Authors: Sushil Kumar Shahi

  53. Transcending the Awareness of Pain in Poetry: A Critical Focus on the Poems of Pain by Jane Austen and Emile Dickinson versus Jayant Mahapatra and Bibhu Padhi

    Authors: Pratap Kumar Dash Barsa Meghamala

  54. Speaking Skill Problem Encountered by Vocational School Freshmen and Seniors Viewed from Their Own Perspectives

    Authors: Afif Al Baironi Haka Abdul Asib Slamet Supriyadi

  55. Contrasting the Request Act Used by EFL ESL Native-Arabic Speakers in Arabic and English Situations

    Authors: Shadi Majed Alshraah Amer Ahmed Daradkeh

  56. Loss of Identity in Nadine Gordimer’s Burger’s daughter

    Authors: Neethu M S

  57. Study of Ma Jianzhong’s Patronal Activities of Translation

    Authors: Tian Xibo

  58. Tribal verse and a different Worldview

    Authors: Jyotismita Khataniar

  59. Water Scarcity, Public Investment and Sustainability in Delhi Metropolitan Region: Identification, Challenges and Future Prospects

    Authors: Shweta Rani Anuj Dilip Bajpei Kamakhya

  60. Re-echoing the Self against the Male Politics of Denial: A Study of the Poetry of Kamala Das

    Authors: Santosh K Pandey

  61. The Image of the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries Among the Iraqi Academic Elite After the Qatari Crisis

    Authors: Ethar Tareq Khaleel