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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of English, Literature and Social Science >>

Vol.8, No.3

Publisher: Infogain Publications

Publishing Date: 2023-05-09

  1. Imageries in Grammar Teaching: Effects and Usefulness

    Authors: Christiandon G. Aviado Kim Kenneth T. Ayroso Mark Jayson V. Bautista

  2. Some Particularities of the Use of Definite Articles in Proper Nouns (Antroponyms and Toponyms): A Semantic Approach in a Comparative Perspective Between Mozambican Portuguese and European Portuguese

    Authors: Rufino Alfredo

  3. Dalit aspects in the plays of Bohie Bhimmana and Girish Karnad: A Comparison

    Authors: G. Kiran Kumar Reddy Paul Krupakar

  4. The Choice of Characters under the Collapse of Values-- Interpreting A Road to the Big City from Psychoanalytic Theory

    Authors: Jin Mengqi

  5. Allusions in Wole Soyinka’s A Dance of the Forests and Kongi’s Harvest

    Authors: Anicet Odilon Matongo Nkouka

  6. Ecofeminist Explorations in Jeff Vander Meer’s ‘Annihilation’: Nature, Femininity, and Agency in a Mysterious Landscape

    Authors: Shalini Somasundaram

  7. Disciplined Based Training Needs Assessment

    Authors: Lynlyn M. Bawagan Grethen C. Tuquilar Sudemai Pauline D. Buen Marjorie A. Onalan

  8. The Required reading for Entering Systemic Functional Linguistics: A review of Systemic Functional Grammar: A First Step into the Theory

    Authors: Jiajian Wu

  9. Awareness and Compliance of the Students, Faculty, and, Staff of Kalinga State University on the Solid Waste Management Program

    Authors: Cherry Ann D. Bona Melanie S. Manuel

  10. James Cameron’s Avatar (2009): An Ecocritical Study of the Na’vi Culture and their Relationship with Nature

    Authors: Purnanshu S. Dudhatra

  11. Online Distance Learning and Well-Being of Faculty with Designation in Bohol Island State University

    Authors: Jonathan V. Oludin

  12. Indian Newspaper Readership and The Impact of COVID-19: A Case of Dainik Bhaskar

    Authors: Akshat Seth

  13. Experiences, Coping Style, and Concerns of BSVAWA with Super-typhoon Odette

    Authors: Riza B. Salipong

  14. Citation difficulties in nonnative undergraduate English teachers’ monographs

    Authors: Wilmar Salazar Obeso

  15. Tracing the Predicament of Refugees in Mohsin Hamid’s Exit West

    Authors: Mausumi Pattanayak Mukesh Tiwari

  16. Late Modernism in Literary Works

    Authors: Rishika A.

  17. School Management System and Governance of Elementary School Heads as Perceived by the School Community

    Authors: Jude Martin P. Alvarez Rachelle C. Mempin Robert Jayson G. Morales Angelica A. Ocampo

  18. Finding out why Bram Stoker Wrote Dracula

    Authors: P. Rebecca

  19. Young Learners’ Attitudes towards Learning English as a Foreign Language: A Study at a Primary School

    Authors: Do Thi Bich Hue Le Van Tuyen

  20. Breaking the Caste Ceiling: Dalit Feminism in Bollywood

    Authors: Jyoti Mehta Anil Adagale

  21. Incredulity of Grand-Narratives: Dystopic, Alternative, and Suppressed Narratives in Paul Auster’s Man in the Dark

    Authors: Faramarz Elyasi Ehsan Hassani

  22. Apprehending the Contemporary Indian Society through the Lens of Social Realism- A Study of Shashi Tharoor's 'The Five Dollar Smile And Other Stories'

    Authors: Priyanka Marwaha

  23. Strategies used in Learning English Reading Comprehension among Students at Vocational College

    Authors: Nguyen Ngoc Dang

  24. Spatio Temporality and Subjectivity in James Joyce's ‘Araby’

    Authors: Anik Samanta

  25. Why Do People Choose Watching Adaptations of English Literature Over Reading It?

    Authors: Abin Mathew

  26. Curbing National Insecurity through Effective use of Language

    Authors: Felicia Tomi Obadare

  27. The Language of social media: A Structuralist Inquiry

    Authors: Revathy S.

  28. Niger Delta Literature: Emerging Thematic Preoccupations in Nigerian Literature

    Authors: Rebecca Ufuoma Davies

  29. Correlates on Job Performance, Job Satisfaction, and Demographics of State University Employees

    Authors: Ramil S. Bulilan

  30. Beyond the Ideal: Anne Brontë's Realistic Feminism

    Authors: Majid Mgamis

  31. The Frequency of Employing Learning Management System in Teaching General English to Non-English Majors

    Authors: Tran Thi Nhan Nguyen Thi Kieu Thu

  32. Strengthening National Character through Learning Indonesian as a Compulsory Subject in Higher Education

    Authors: Elen Inderasari Giyoto Rohmad Budi Santoso

  33. Displacement, Dispossession, Trauma, Refugee Crises: The New Middle Passage in Helon Habila’s Travellers

    Authors: Rebecca Ufuoma Davies

  34. Visuals Semiotics in the novel Coraline

    Authors: C. Santhiya

  35. Gender Roles in Turkish Society: A Journey through Elif Shafak’s Honour and The Forty Rules of Love

    Authors: Anu Zacharia T. Senthamarai

  36. An Analysis of the Translation Strategies of English Versions of Kong Yiji

    Authors: Yuan Peng

  37. Reading Oppression and Repression in Jean Rhys' Wide Sargasso Sea

    Authors: Harshita Borthakur

  38. Whispers of the Outback: Exploring the Australian Bush in Literature

    Authors: Diksha Sharma

  39. An Analysis on the Risk Factor of HIV Transmission in Adolescents in DKI Jakarta

    Authors: Muhamad Taufik Sasmita Dwi Sutiningsih Muchlis Achsan Udji Sofro

  40. Demystifying the Domestic Zone: Portrayal of Jaya as an Alienated Figure in Shashi Deshpande’s That Long Silence

    Authors: Azhar Nawaz

  41. Adoptive Motherhood in India: An Analysis Through Myths and Critical Theories

    Authors: Arpita Dey

  42. Analyzing the Concept of Narrative Time in Kamala Markandaya’s Nectar in a Sieve: A Narratological Study

    Authors: Aruna Shukla Anoop Kumar Tiwari

  43. The Tragedy of War -- A Neorealism Interpretation of All the Lights We Cannot See

    Authors: Jin Mengqi

  44. Assessing the English Speaking Self-Efficacy of Translation-Major Undergraduates: A Current Perspective

    Authors: Huang Yuehua Wang Qiumei

  45. EFL teachers’ evaluation of the textbook “I Learn Smart World 6”: A study at Pathway School

    Authors: Le Thi Truc Sinh Nguyen Tien Hung

  46. Difference of Sino-US National Image Construction Seen from the Use of Shell Nouns: Illustrated by News Reports on the COVID-19 Pandemic

    Authors: Jiajian Wu

  47. Mobile Empowerment: Enhancing Education and Connectivity for College Students

    Authors: M. Tamilarasi

  48. Diversification of Agriculture in India: A Regional Perspective

    Authors: Sandeep Kumar

  49. Reflection of Gender Encounters in the Society Portrayed in Literature

    Authors: Jala Srilakshmi

  50. Politics, Vaccine Distribution, and Public Reception during the Covid-19 Pandemic in Enugu State

    Authors: E. E. Odeh S. M. Odibo H.C. Agbo G. E. Ezirim I. M. Ogbuka

  51. Disability as a Plot Device in Nicola Griffith’s “So Lucky”: An Analytical Study

    Authors: Irin Roshan Venkata Ramani. Challa

  52. A study of diasporic elements in the select works of Margaret Atwood, Jhumpa Lahiri and Kiran Desai

    Authors: Rimasree Das

  53. Ecological Gaze: An Exploration of Bharati Mukherjee’s The Tree Bride

    Authors: Patil Sangita Sharnappa

  54. Eyeing Post-pandemic Learning: Reckoning the Effects of Blended Learning Scheme

    Authors: Rose S. Mukay Irene M. Daguasi Melanie S. Manuel Lourdes Nicole Adeline Cosmiano

  55. Proximate Analysis of Enhanced Coffea canephora var with endemic floral species

    Authors: Melanie Manuel Helen F. Bais Gringo S. Serion

  56. A comparative study Beckett’s Waiting for Godot and Ionesco’s Rhinoceros

    Authors: Rimasree Das

  57. English Academic Writing Performance Level of KSU Students

    Authors: Lourdes Adeline Nicole Y. Cosmiano

  58. Post-modernism, Paraphilia, Sadism, Necrophilia, and Sexually Motivated Homicide: An Interdisciplinary Reading of Dennis Cooper’s “Frisk” (1991)

    Authors: Adam Briedik

  59. Piper Betel and Areca Nut: Interfacing Cultural, Communication and Ethno-therapeutic Knowledge as Reflected in the Kalinga Epic, the Ullalim

    Authors: Ronald B. Bulwayan Divina Alunday – Balocnit Jessie Grace M. Sannadan

  60. The Functions of Bayas in Bodong Celebration among the Kalinga’s

    Authors: Ronald B. Bulwayan Divina Alunday – Balocnit

  61. Unravelling Marginality and Masculinity: Exploring the Interplay of Gender and Power in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Chronicle of a Death Foretold

    Authors: Shalini Jha

  62. A Study of Ballad Literary Techniques, Aesthetic sense and Bravery of a Tamizhachi through the lens of Vanavil K. Ravi’s The Ballad of the Warrior Girl Kuyili

    Authors: K. Subapriya

  63. Advantages and disadvantages of using Visual Storytelling to Teach English Vocabulary to Young Learners at Viet Anh Primary School

    Authors: Le Hoang Bao Chau

  64. Pride and Prejudice Adaptations: A Comparative Study

    Authors: Sharanya Chowdhury

  65. Two Armies on a Colour (less) Plain: Tracing the Cultural Narratives of Amar Chitra Katha as a Colonial Embodiment

    Authors: Lakshmi Anil

  66. Climatic Change Leads to Global Warming? A Semiotic Analysis of the Kwality Wall’s Advertisement

    Authors: Sathvika R Rajasekaran V

  67. Women’s Quest for True Love: A Study on Selected Poems by Kamala Das and Rabindranath Tagore’s “The Broken Nest”

    Authors: Annita Chatterjee

  68. Happiness and Individual

    Authors: Suparna Dey

  69. The Empowered Pen: The Enduring contribution of women writers in Indian Literature

    Authors: Parishmita Taye

  70. Remnants of remembrance, a tale of camouflaging under the quest of identity for a relic of reminder in ‘Alam’s own house’ a work by Divyendu Palit

    Authors: Sayantani Roy

  71. Lived Experiences of Student Leaders

    Authors: Rodolfo B. Tucay Jr. Abigail B. Quimosing Atty. Johnny D. Wayet

  72. The Future of Nature Prophesied in the Select Futuristic Science-fictions of H. G. Wells

    Authors: Malay Roy

  73. Perception and Satisfaction on Flexible Learning Approach to Student’s Academic Achievement

    Authors: Romar B. Dinoy Flora Mae A. Bantilan

  74. Literary Devices in Edgar Allan Poe’s Crime Stories: An Analysis

    Authors: Grethyl Ann O. Nodalo

  75. 8th Graders’ Attitude Toward the Implementation of Project-Based Learning Method in Teaching English Reading Skills. A Case Study at Public Secondary School in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

    Authors: Quach Hong An

  76. ‘Karnan’: The Social Commentary for Change

    Authors: S. Magdelene Percy

  77. Amrita Pritam’s ‘Pinjar’: A Poignant Depiction of Wrath of Partition on Weaker Sex

    Authors: Darkhasha Dilkesh Kumar