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Archived Papers for Journal

Education Quarterly Reviews >>

Vol.4, No.3

Publisher: Asian Institute of Research

Publishing Date: 2021-09-30

  1. The Views of International University Students About Online Education

    Authors: Ismail Karakus Sena Karakus

  2. Teacher Qualifications and Academic Performance of Pupils in Public Primary Schools in Hargeisa District

    Authors: Gulled M. Yasin

  3. Students’ Attitude Towards Studying History and Teaching Practices

    Authors: Kriti Issar

  4. Analysis of Disaster Awareness Perception Levels of Students in Social Studies Teaching Undergraduate Program

    Authors: Ömer Türksever

  5. A Tale of Seven Cases – Faculty Unions in the United States – From Yeshiva To Elon: Is It Time to Review Yeshiva and the Positions of Church-Sponsored Colleges and Universities As Well?

    Authors: Richard J. Hunter Jr. Hector R. Lozada John H. Shannon

  6. Using Quality Teaching and Learning Resources for Effective Integrated Science Education among Senior High Schools in Ghana

    Authors: Rita Asano Kwaku Darko Amponsah Obed Baah-Yanney Frederick Quarcoo Delphine Abla Azumah

  7. A Critique on Discourse of Language Tests

    Authors: Tuçe Öztürk Karataş

  8. Problems and Needs Analysis of English for Tourism Industry: A Case of Hotel Staff in Phang Nga Province, Thailand

    Authors: Kanyakorn Sermsook Rattaneekorn Nakplad Ladawan Jantawong

  9. The Effect of Internal Marketing on Job Performance of Academic Staff in The Faculty of Sport Sciences

    Authors: Nuran Kandaz Gelen

  10. The Concept of Social Justice from the Perspective of University Students

    Authors: Nesip Demirbilek Fulya Atila Celalettin Korkmaz

  11. The Opinions of Mathematics Teachers about Using Mathematical Modeling in the Solution of Daily Life Problems and an Application of the Chinese Remainder Theorem

    Authors: Mustafa Gök Nihal Demir

  12. Meranao ESL Students’ Experiences in Online Learning in Time of COVID19 Pandemic

    Authors: Junaisah M. Hadji Omar Wardah D. Guimba Roseniya G. Tamano Fernando R. Sequete Jr. Adelyn S. Nalla Cherrilyn N. Mojica

  13. A Perspective on the Flipped Learning Pedagogy in Thai Undergraduate Education

    Authors: A Perspective on the Flipped Learning Pedagogy in Thai Undergraduate Education Kevin Fuchs

  14. The Effect of Verbatim and Generative Notes Taken by Hand and Keyboard at University Level on Success and Persistence

    Authors: Tahir GÜR

  15. Environmental Factors for Motivation of First-Generation Hmong American College Students in Academic Attainment

    Authors: Avita Hang Nichole Walsh

  16. A Look at the Processes of Developing Math Activities: Pre-service Primary Teachers

    Authors: Alper Yorulmaz Sıtkı Çekirdekci

  17. Social Media in the Eye of Parents

    Authors: Münir Şahin

  18. The Investigation of Social Studies Prospective Teachers’ Environmental Education Self-Efficacy in Terms of Various Variables

    Authors: Mehmet Tamer KAYA Abdullah GÖKDEMİR Hakkı YAZICI

  19. Language and Education Policies Based on National/Plurilingual Identity in Autonomous Republics: A Case Study of the Gagauzia Autonomous Region

    Authors: Ebru Eren

  20. Examination of Patience Tendency Levels of University Students: An Intercultural Comparison

    Authors: Yavuz Ercan Gul

  21. Exploring the Grieving Process and Coping Strategies of Meranao Mothers over their Children’s Death

    Authors: Norlaila P. Magintao Wardah D. Guimba Roseniya G. Tamano Fernando R. Sequete Jr. Adelyn S. Nalla Cherrilyn N. Mojica

  22. Examining the Relationship Between Pre-Service Teachers' Behaviors Towards Environmental Issues and Their Awareness

    Authors: Buket Ballıel Ünal

  23. Why Acceleration is a Controversial Debate Among Educators?

    Authors: Nadire Gulcin Yildiz

  24. School Environment and Methods of Teaching as Correlates of Language Skills Achievement of Pre–Primary School Pupils in Edo State Nigeria

    Authors: Rose Jummai MUSA Adeyemi Abiodun ADEYINKA

  25. A Qualitative Analysis of Using Games Learning Programs to Improve Elementary Teachers’ Application of STEM Capabilities

    Authors: Yen Tzu Chen Che-Hung Liu Chih Yu Lee

  26. The Effect of Social Studies Courses on Digital Self Formation in Turkey

    Authors: Erol KOÇOĞLU

  27. Teaching in the Aftermath of a Pandemic: Must an Employer Provide an Accommodation for Commuting for a Disabled Employee?

    Authors: Richard J. Hunter Jr. Hector R. Lozada John H. Shannon

  28. What Do Turkish Experts Say about Sustainable Development Goals and Teaching about Achieving these Goals?

    Authors: Mehmet Kucuk Semra Burkaz Ekinci

  29. Examination of 4th Grade Students' Definitions for Square, Rectangle and Triangle Geometric Shapes

    Authors: Kemal Altıparmak Gizem Gürcan

  30. Tracing Cultural Values in Thai Students’ Dialogical Argumentation

    Authors: Tanyapon Phongphio

  31. An Analysis of Prospective Teachers’ Curriculum Literacy Levels in Terms of Various Variables

    Authors: Hikmet Zelyurt

  32. Examining Entrepreneurship Characteristics and Reflective Thinking Levels of Pre -Service Teachers at Physical Education and Sports School

    Authors: Sadık Adatepe Murat Kul Eda Adatepe

  33. The Effect of Social Studies Lessons on Citizenship Perceptions of 7th Grade Syrian Immigrant Students

    Authors: Hasan Bozkaya

  34. Forgivingness among Meranao Students in Southern Philippines

    Authors: Saliha A. Sarip Wardah D. Guimba Cherrilyn N. Mojica

  35. Educational innovation into English as a Foreign Language Practices for Early Children: Neuroeducation and the Total Physical Response Method

    Authors: Jean Carlos López Vélez Jhonny Saulo Villafuerte Holguin

  36. Acute Effects of Static and Dynamic Stretching on Jump Performance of Volleyball Players

    Authors: Yasemin Arı Asım Tunçel Ozan Sever Aslıhan Arslangörür

  37. University Students' Opinions on Translation Course for Special Purposes (Legal Translation Sample)

    Authors: University Students' Opinions on Translation Course for Special Purposes Legal Translation Sample Abdulmuttalip IŞIDAN

  38. Factors Predicting Middle School Pupils’ Learning Orientations: A Multilevel Analysis

    Authors: Esme Hacıeminoğlu

  39. Views of 4-5-Year-Old Children with No Nursery or Kindergarten Experience about School*

    Authors: Arzu Kucuk Ozge Beyaz Mehmet Kucuk

  40. The Effect of Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) Model With Outdoor Approach Towards the Students’ Ability of Mathematical Representation

    Authors: Hermawan Gatot Priyadi Yumiati

  41. Voices of Underrepresented Stakeholders: Parental Evaluation on 5th Grade ELT Curricula

    Authors: Esin Dündar Ali Merç

  42. Why We Lack in Basic Sanitation? An Assessment of Challenges in Ajmer and Solution Strategies

    Authors: Smita Gupta Namita Singh Malik

  43. The State’s Orientation Towards the Integration of Human Resource So That Vietnamese People Can Work Everywhere

    Authors: Le Xuan Ba

  44. Experiences and Challenges of Distance Learning During Covid-19 Pandemic From Educators’ Point of View: A Review

    Authors: Lia Faridah Savira Ekawardhani Hesti Lina Wiraswati Nisa Fauziah Jenifer Kiem Aviani Robyansyah D Beta Ramadan

  45. Examination of Semantic Structures Used by Teacher Candidates to Transform Algebraic Expressions into Verbal Problems

    Authors: Examination of Semantic Structures Used by Teacher Candidates to Transform Algebraic Expressions into Verbal Problems Ayten Pinar Bal

  46. Senior High School Teacher Readiness in the Implementation of Learning From Home in Covid-19 Adaptation Period

    Authors: Lia Yuliana Sabar Budi Raharjo

  47. The Study of Policy Implementation on Teaching Observation in Darasamutr School Sriracha, Chon Buri, Thailand

    Authors: Joanna Krishna Q. Reyes Grace C. Bangasan

  48. Students’ Length Measuring Estimation Skills Related to The Daily Life Objects

    Authors: Ömer F. Çetin Himmet Akkuşçi

  49. Content Analysis of Stories for Preschoolers About Honesty

    Authors: Sibel Dal Cemil Öztep

  50. A Case Study Review on Social-Emotional Problems Affecting Gifted and Talented Students

    Authors: Nadire Gülçin Yıldız

  51. Comparison of "Learning," "Teaching," and "Teacher" Metaphors of Pre-Service and In-Service Science Teachers

    Authors: Evrim Ural Muhammed Pekbalcı

  52. Validating a Scale for Measuring Students' Perspectives toward Global Citizenship: A Case at a Private University in Vietnam

    Authors: Minh Thanh Nguyen

  53. Forgiveness and Perceived Social Support in Teenagers

    Authors: Ümit Bayın Mehmet Kaya

  54. Determination of Psychological Counsellor Candidates’ Competency Levels and Educational Needs in terms of Therapeutic Conditions in the Process of Individual Counselling

    Authors: Hafız Bek Hakan Gülveren

  55. Restructuring the Civic Education Paradigm in Indian Schools: Measures to Cultivate a Generation of Responsible Citizens

    Authors: Arya Goyal

  56. Opinions of Primary School Teachers about Mathematics Teaching During the Covid-19 Pandemic Period

    Authors: Esma Kilinc Sumeyra Akkaya Metin Kapidere