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Archived Papers for Journal

Pakistan Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences >>

Vol.11, No.2

Publisher: International Research Alliance for Sustainable Development - iRASD

Publishing Date: 2023-04-12

  1. Restorative Practices and School Climate: A correlational study at secondary level District Lahore

    Authors: Fahd Naveed Kausar Zareen Ghaffar Shahida Jan

  2. Exploring the Socio-Economic Factors that Affects the Classroom Performance of Students of Child Protection & Welfare Bureau in Gujranwala

    Authors: Sahrish Nayab Khawaja Hisham Ul Hassan Farhana Akmal

  3. Public Investment, Technological Innovations, and Environmental Degradation: Asymmetric ARDL Approach

    Authors: Saif Ullah Saif ur Rahman Chaudhary Abdul Rehman

  4. Multicultural Approach: A Strategy towards Transforming African Americans’ Social Status and Countering Racial Agenda in The Sellout by Paul Beaty

    Authors: Abrar Ahmed Dur e Afshan Athar Farooq

  5. Do Green Practices and Pro-Environmental Behaviour Authenticate CSR Talk-Action to achieve Sustainability? Evidence from Pakistani Manufacturing Sector

    Authors: Syed Akber Hussain Rizvi Atif Aziz

  6. Exploring the Strategies to Empower the Mothers of Adolescent Girls with Hearing Impairment to Deal with their Social and Emotional Problems

    Authors: Samina Ashraf Kashif Iqbal Musarrat Jahan

  7. Climate Change and Climate Justice in Rural Sindh: Evidences and Experiences from the Rural-Based Population of Khairpur District

    Authors: Khadim Hussain Magsi Nazar Hussain Sahib Oad Zahid Hussain Mirani

  8. An Empirical Examination on What Huge Information Investigation Means for China SME Execution: Drope Item and Interaction Development Matter??

    Authors: Kalsoom Fatima Samia Jamshed Muhammad Ibrahim Tariq Saif Ur Rahman

  9. A Bibliometric Analysis on Fuel Prices Fluctuations and Tourism under the Era of Sustainable Development

    Authors: Ayesha Awan Mehwish Bibi Friha Bano Sana Shoukat

  10. Social Exclusion of Transgender (Hijra): A Case Study in Lahore (Pakistan)

    Authors: Saira Majid Amjad Rasool Atif Rasool Ayesha Zafar

  11. Exploration of Speaking Multiple Languages' Effect on Cognitive Flexibility and Problem-solving Skills

    Authors: Nazish Andleeb Madya Asgher Rukia Zimi

  12. Comparative Analyses of The Islamic System with Other Economy System in The World

    Authors: Ayesha Awan Wajahat Ali Hafiz Khalil Ur Rehman Sadia Idrees

  13. Empirical Analysis of the Extended Solow Model and Foreign Aid in Pakistan's Economy

    Authors: Nasir Munir Zoya Wajid Satti

  14. Corporate Social Responsibility and Brand Loyalty in Punjab's Banking Sector: Exploring the Mediating Role of Corporate Branding

    Authors: Muhammad Aqib Shafiq Saba Iqbal Naveen Kumar Fasih Abbas Khan

  15. Role of Administrator in School Improvement at Secondary School Level: A Qualitative Study

    Authors: Ghulam Mustafa Khawaja Hisham Ul Hassan Farhana Akmal

  16. Exploring Generational Differences in Attitudes towards SOPs during Covid-19: A Smart Lockdown Case Study

    Authors: Mobashira Alvi Nadeem Ehsan

  17. Role of Green Finance for Sustainable Environment So Far: A Bibliometric Analysis and Policy Framework

    Authors: Ismat Nasim

  18. Radio Pakistan in the Digital Age

    Authors: Muhammad Ahmad Sheikh Ali Ab Ul Hassan Muhammad Tariq Muhammad Zia

  19. Does Innovation and Foreign Direct Investment Affect Renewable Energy Consumption? Evidence from Developing Countries

    Authors: Hafiza Nabila Shahzadi Muhammad Ali Rana Kashan Ghafoor Saif Ur Rahman

  20. Green Human Resource Management (GHRM) and Environmental Performance in Pakistani Hotel Industry: The Role of Green Perceived Organizational Support (POS), Pro-Environmental Behavior and Green Innovative Work Behavior (GIWB)

    Authors: Rabia Meraj Sobia Nasir Amna Shafqat Sadia Indrees

  21. Impact of Microfinance on Poverty Reduction: A Case Study of Khushhali Bank Mirpur Khas District

    Authors: Shankar Lal Dileep Kumar Ghulam Murtaza

  22. Cultural Diffusion from China to Pakistan via the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: A Study of Mandarin Learning in Gilgit Baltistan of Pakistan

    Authors: Tajwar Ali Haseena Sultan Aftab Alam

  23. How does Economic Policy Uncertainty affect Green Innovation?

    Authors: Amjad Fakher Sobia Khurshid Benish Naseem Javeria Rashid

  24. Political Interference and Bureaucratic Performance in Pakistan: A Perspective of Civil Servants

    Authors: Ali Aslam Syeda Fakhar-e- Zahra Tayyabah Aslam Muhammad Ali Naseem

  25. Estimation of Sensitive Attributes Using Randomized Response Techniques in Sample Surveys

    Authors: Muhammad Ahmed Shehzad Ansa Bibi Aamna Khan

  26. Age Differences in Effects of Global Factors on Cultural Identity: An Exploration of Tribal Community Dera Ghazi Khan

    Authors: Muhammad Adeel Kamran Mazhar Hussain Bhutta Tahira Shamshad Abdul Saboor

  27. Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman as An Alliance Maker: A Case Study of Pakistan Democratic Movement

    Authors: Muhammad Naeem Zafar Farooq Arshad Muhammad Ali

  28. Assessing Women's Rights in Pakistan: An Analysis of Legal & Social Challenges with Potential Solutions

    Authors: Muhammad Fakhir Aftab Ahmad Shaukat Hussain Bhatti

  29. Investigating the Impact of Capital Expenditures on Firms’ Profitability of Textile Sector of Pakistan

    Authors: Qaiser Abbas Abid Mehmood Riaz Ahmad Aboubakar Mirza

  30. Moderating Role of Worth of Win-Back Offer on the Relationship of Post Purchase Regret, Social Capital, and Prior Experience with Switch Back Intentions among Prepaid Mobile Subscribers

    Authors: Rana Muhammad Shahid Yaqub Hafiz Muhammad Zeeshan Akram Najeeb Ahmed Muhammad Qasim Ali

  31. Balochistan Women in Politics: An Examination of Political Participation and its Effects on Women Empowerment in Balochistan, Pakistan

    Authors: Muhammad Makki Kakar Muhammad Rahim Shoukat Al

  32. Flaws to Police investigative Practices in Pakistan

    Authors: Muhammad Ahsan Iqbal Hafiz Abdul Rehman Saleem Mahnoor Baig Zuntiqam-Ul- Hassan

  33. Comparing Effects of Green Innovation and Renewable Energy on Green Economy: The Metrics of Green Economy as Nucleus of SDGs

    Authors: Somia Younas Sana Shoukat Ayesha Awan Syed Muhammad Arslan

  34. Brand Consciousness, Social Comparison and Materialism amongst Teenagers

    Authors: Aqsa Waqar Zainab Javed Atif Rasool

  35. The Significance of Artificial Intelligence in Business and Accounting: A Bibliometric Analysis

    Authors: Hafiz Muhammad Rizwan Khan Shoaib Ahmad Rashid Javed Nadia Nasir

  36. Islamic Fund Managers' Market Timing Abilities and their Impact on Fund Performances

    Authors: Ghulam Nabi Rameez Ur Rehman Rizwan Ali

  37. Labor Productivity of Home Based and Outdoor Working Women in Pakistan: An Implications from Human and Social Capital

    Authors: Ayesha Rashid Muhammad Zahir Faridi

  38. Exchange Stock Price Prediction using Time Series data: A Survey

    Authors: Hamid Ghous Mubasher H Malik Ayesha Mahrukh Abdul Mueed Zaffar

  39. Examining the Effects of Caffeine Supplementation on the Arousal of University Football Players

    Authors: Badar Mohy ud Din Muhammad Zafar Iqbal Butt Yasmeen Tabassum

  40. The Correlation between Vocabulary Knowledge and English Language Proficiency at Undergraduate Level

    Authors: Samia Rafique Ali Waqas Choudhry Shahid

  41. Regional Security Network in South Asia: A Prescriptive Approach to Addressing Diverse Security Threats

    Authors: Raziq Hussain Aamir Khan

  42. The Dynamics of Innovation on Firm Performance: Empirical Analysis of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Firms in Sindh Pakistan

    Authors: Saleem Raza Minhoon Khan Laghari Mummtaz Ali Junejo

  43. Parenting and Self-Criticism among Offspring: A Systematic Review

    Authors: Mafia Shahzadi Dr Rabia Khawar Dr Shazia Habib Mehwish Jabeen

  44. Adoption of E-Wallet Usefulness and E-Wallet Risk in Impulsive Buying: Testing the Moderating Role of Low Distribution Charges in Post Covid-19 Era

    Authors: Sharafat Ali Rana Israr Ahmad Khan Nadia Nasir Muniba Ghaffar

  45. Educational Leadership's Motivational Strategies for Transformational Growth of Teachers: A Comparative Analysis of Public and Private Schools

    Authors: Amir Sohail Bazgha Saleem Khan Shahid Raza

  46. Economic Disparity Contributing to Socio-political Stigmatization in South Asian Novel

    Authors: Dur e Afshan Abrar Ahmed Athar Farooq Nuzhat Sultana

  47. Educational Development in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (N.W.F.P): An Historical Perspective

    Authors: Asadullah Attaullah Niaz Ali

  48. Impact of Dividend Policy on Firm Performance: Evidence from Non-Financial Firms of Pakistan

    Authors: Muhammad Zulqarnain Jatoi Abdul Rasheed Khalil-Ur-Rehman Wahla

  49. Impact of Indoor Air Pollution on Health Outcomes in Pakistan: A Case Study of Multan District

    Authors: Mubasher Ishfaq Abid Rashid Gill

  50. The Impact of Urbanization on the Flow of Traffic in Faisalabad City Pakistan

    Authors: Riaz ul Hissan Liaqat Ali Waseem Madiha Khurshid Muhammad Shahid Maqbool

  51. Bulleh Shah’s Anti-Orthodox Views on Self-Purification and Their Implications for Social Reforms in Punjabi Society

    Authors: Qamar Abbas

  52. Repression and Resistance in Fatima Bhutto’s The Shadow of the Crescent Moon

    Authors: Mohiodin Farhan Shazmeen Nawaz Maria Najam

  53. Impact of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Poverty on Child Health in Pakistan: Evidence from Micro Data

    Authors: Abre-Rehmat Qurat-ul-Ann Syed Badar-ul-Husnain Rizvi Maryam Bibi

  54. Silence Speaks: An Exploratory Study of Underlying Motives of Non-Complaining Customers

    Authors: Faria Iram Abou Bakar Asad Ali

  55. Examining the Mediating Impact of Attitude Towards Mobile App Use on the Relationship between TAM Factors and Consumers' Purchase Intentions

    Authors: Zoya Wajid Satti Muhammad Omair Khan

  56. Evaluating Antecedents of Online Customer Retention

    Authors: Hafsa Sohail Saroosh Tariq Anam Tariq

  57. A Comparative Analysis of Traditional and Online Assessments: Perceptions and Performance of Undergraduate Students

    Authors: Iram Rubab Areeb Imran

  58. The Impact of Workplace Bullying on Organizational Commitment: A Structural Equation Modeling Assessment

    Authors: Sajjad Hussain Irshad Hussain Sarki Muhammad Yaseen Nawaz Kainat Aslam

  59. The Impact of Gold, Oil Prices, and their Associated Implied Volatilities on Performance of Pakistan’s Stock Market

    Authors: Azeem Akhtar Bhatti Mansoor Ali Jamali Maryam Khokhar Muhammad Haneef Buriro

  60. Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

    Authors: Syed Gulfraz Naqvi Taha Nasir Hammad Azam Laiba Zafar

  61. Determinants of Food Insecurity in Pakistan: An Empirical Investigation at Household Level

    Authors: Sami Ullah Asif Ali Abro Ahmed Raza ul Mustafa Muhammad Sibt e Ali

  62. Effect of Digitalisation on Bank's Financial Performance in Pakistan

    Authors: Jahanzaib Sultan Errah Asghar Arslan Najeeb Khan Muhammad Asad Rafique

  63. Emerging Innovation Ecosystem of China Pakistan Economic Corridor under One Belt One Road Initiative; Stakeholders Perspective

    Authors: Ghulam Abbas Shahbaz Hassan Wasti Miral Maryam Farhan Sarwar

  64. Analysis of Pakistani Advertisements under Grice’s Cooperative Principles

    Authors: Fasiha Maryam Faiza Mushtaq Sumaira

  65. Dynamics of the Insurance Paradigm Analysis in Pakistan: An Evidence of Leading Islamic, Public and Private Insurers

    Authors: Shafiq Ahmed Muhammad Afzal Khalid Mahmood Mughal

  66. Social Interactions Leading Role in Adopting the Fintech: A Case of Banking Sector

    Authors: Madiha Riaz Abid Mehmood Uzair Shabbir Syed Mumtaz Ali Kazmi

  67. Skepticism as the Rudimentary Nature: A Postmodernist Approach to Muhammad Hafeez Khan’s Novel Adh Ahuray Lok: People with Lost Identities

    Authors: Mumtaz Hussain Ume Kulsoom Rind Suhail Ahmed Solangi Faizan Ali

  68. Demographic Dividend, Digital Transformation and Environmental Sustainability Nexus in South Asia

    Authors: Muhammad Ramzan Sheikh Mamoona Sahar Rashid Ahmad Fatima Farooq

  69. Private Investment Decision-making, Foreign Direct Investment Nexus: A Way Forward to Promote Sustainable Economic Growth in Pakistan

    Authors: Salma Mouneer Hina Ali Mahmood ul Hassan Sohail Naseer

  70. Beckett’s Paradox: Exploring the Abyss of Human Existence

    Authors: Muhammad Saeed Nasir Muhammad Umair Unaiza Khudai Abdul Rashid

  71. Cyber-physical Systems and Artificial Intelligence: The Role of Cyber Security, Machine Learning, Threats and benefits to Modern Economies and Industries

    Authors: Syed Gulfraz Naqvi Sheriyar Sheraz Ikhlas Mehmood Muzzamil Yasin

  72. Unraveling Changez: A Transitivity Analysis of Character Development in The Reluctant Fundamentalist

    Authors: Imtiaz Hussain Muhammad Ajmal Naeem Akhtar

  73. Socio-Cultural Factors Associated with Child Physical Abuse: Pragmatic Facts from Malakand, Pakistan

    Authors: Irfan Ullah S. Naqeeb Hussain Shah Akhtar Munir Sher Shah

  74. Factors Affecting Travel Intention of Citizens of Pakistan via Premium Bus Services: A Case Study

    Authors: Freeha Rana Yasir Ameen

  75. Sustainable Employment and Economic Growth

    Authors: Madiha Kamal Muhammad Bilal Bin Abdul Rauf Ambreen Fatima

  76. Impact of Fiscal Decentralization on Buoyancy of Services Tax in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

    Authors: Muhammad Atif Naila Nazir

  77. Factors Affecting Unemployment Rate in Canada and Denmark

    Authors: Muhammad Daniyal Hafiza Ayesha Iftikhar

  78. Experiences of Adults with Congenital Heart Disease: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis

    Authors: Muhammad Yaseen Gul Hasan Zuhra Lal Bakhsh

  79. Exploring the Channel of Transmission between External Debt and Economic Growth: Evidence from Lower Middle Income Countries

    Authors: Muhammad Hammad Ul Haque Khurram Iftikhar Syed Zia Abbas Rizvi

  80. Role of Employee-related Factors for Employee Performance in Private Sector Banks of Sindh, Pakistan

    Authors: Muhammad Shafique Kalwar Syed Muneer Ahmed Shah Nazar Hussain Shumaila

  81. Does Capital Account Liberalization and Foreign Banks Ownership Lead to Income Disparity? An Analysis of BRICS Economies

    Authors: Rabia Sabri Hira Mujahid Nayab Jumani

  82. Assessing The Vegetation Degradation Dynamics in Salt Mine Areas of District Chakwal, Pakistan

    Authors: Rehana Ghulam Saima Siddiqui

  83. The Role of Media in Stereotypical Representation of Muslims in My Name is Khan

    Authors: Shakoor Gulnaz Saima Ihtisham

  84. Transgender Rights in Pakistan: A Complete Study under the Constitution and Pakistan Law

    Authors: Nimra Nawaz Hussnain Safdar

  85. Growth Inclusiveness and Devaluation of Power, Myth or Reality. A case Study of Pakistan’s Education Sector

    Authors: Syed Tahir Hussain Shah Ihtsham Ul Haq Padda

  86. Connecting the Dot: Understanding the Link between Secondary School Heads' Leadership Styles and Teacher Performance

    Authors: Farhat Nasim Khalid Khurshid Samina Akhtar Farzana Kousar

  87. Nexus between Financial Literacy and Financial Inclusion with the Mediating Role of Social Networks

    Authors: Nosheen Rasool Javeria Ishtiaq Muhammad Mubashir Hussain

  88. Innovative Textile Desiging for Ladies Apparels from Architectural Motifs of Sethi House

    Authors: Saraj ul Saba Shabana Rafique Faiza Tauqeer Imrana Seemi

  89. Systemic Discrimination Exposing Chaos Among African Families in Their Eyes were Watching God

    Authors: Faisal Sajjad Abdul Shakoor Ihtisham ul Haq Irum Malik

  90. Determinants of Innovation Capability and Nexus between Innovation Capability and Performance of SMEs

    Authors: Muhammad Kamran Khan Kausar Takrim Muhammad Haseeb Amir Khan

  91. The Impact of Covid-19 on Domestic Violence: A Study of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

    Authors: Sheraz Ali Saeeda Khan Awais Alam Khan Muhammad Asghar Khan

  92. Exploring the Impact of Big Data Analytics on Organizational Decision-Making and Performance: Insights from Pakistan's Industrial Sector

    Authors: Assad Latif Raheela Fairdous Raheel Akhtar Muffarah Ambreen

  93. Hybrid Warfare in Pakistan: How it’s Effecting CPEC

    Authors: Sajjad Hussain Yasmin Roofi Farrukh Faheem Muhammad Tariq Rasheed Qamar

  94. Disparities in Welfare: The Spatial and Temporal Dynamics across Districts of Pakistan

    Authors: Nazia Malik Muhammad Jamil

  95. Current Enforcement Mechanisms for Shareholder Protection in Pakistan: Need for Reforms in Shape of Derivative Action

    Authors: Samza Fatima Deeba Rehman

  96. Psycho-social Correlates of Driving Behavior: A Masculinity Perspective

    Authors: Mehwish Noreen Sara Noor

  97. Food Insecurity in Pakistan: A Study of Food Wastes in the Hoteling Industry of District Swat

    Authors: Umer Farooq Sheraz Ali Muhammad Asghar Khan Muhammad Imad Khan

  98. A Feminist Stylistic Analysis of Virginia Woolf's A Room of One's Own

    Authors: Nazia Suleman Tabassum Zahra Mahnoor Fatima

  99. Foucauldian Analysis of the Influence of Gendered Clichés on Young Learners: A Case Study

    Authors: Ambreen Kauser Aqdas Khanam Anayat Ullah

  100. A Study to Explore the Effect of Text-language on Undergraduate Students’ Spelling Errors at University Level

    Authors: Aneesa Majeed

  101. Examining The Role of Motivation to Transfer as Mediator between the Individual Factors -- Organizational Factors and Training—Transfer

    Authors: Muhammad Asim Khan Fayaz Ali Shah

  102. Investigating The Role of Job Crafting as Mediator In-between Pro-active Personality and Person-Environment—Fit

    Authors: Syed Adnan Ali Shah Shahid Jan Kaka Khail

  103. Determinants of Work-Related Stress among Nursing Professionals

    Authors: Nadia Noor Saqib Rehman Maryam Gull

  104. Impact of Pakistani Geo and Hum TV Dramas on Language and Dressing of Women

    Authors: Muhammad Sher Dil Qureshi Hayyah Mehmood Faisal Irfan Shehnaz Fatima

  105. Determinants of AI Non-Fungible Tokens Gaming and Blockchain based Digital Marketing: A Revolution of Metaverse in Asia Pacific Region

    Authors: Hafiz Muhammad Adeel Siddique Rana Muhammad Shahid Yaqub Hafiz Muhammad Zeeshan Akram Rashid Khurshid

  106. Association Between Opioid Use and Risk of Sexual Dysfunction: A Systematic Review

    Authors: Mafia Shahzadi Tanzila Naseem Aqila Unbrin Aftab Hussain

  107. Perceived influence of Divorce on Children: A Qualitative Secondary Data Analysis

    Authors: Sara Noor Mehwish Noreen Inam ul Haq

  108. Perceived influence of Divorce on Children: A Qualitative Secondary Data Analysis

    Authors: Sara Noor Mehwish Noreen Inam ul Haq

  109. Development of Love for Nature Scale

    Authors: Aroob Sohail Shahnila Tariq Hafiza Shamnaz Naseer Shafqat Ali

  110. Contextualising the Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Attitudes of People to Follow SOPs: Study of Smart Lockdown across Generation X, Y and Z in Pakistan

    Authors: Mobashira Alvi Nadeem Ehsan

  111. Resistance and Manipulated Aestheticism in Baldwin's If Beale Street Could Talk: Harlem as Home for African Americans

    Authors: Jovairiah Batool Sabahat Parveen Tayyaba Akram

  112. Economic Policy Uncertainty, Renewable Energy Consumption and Environmental Sustainability in China

    Authors: Fatima Farooq Muhammad Faheem Asma Nousheen

  113. Exploration of the Sufferings of Refugee Children: A Semiotic Study of Picture Books

    Authors: Durr-e- Nayab Ayesha Bashir Urwa Naeem

  114. A Case Study of Teaching Speaking Skills in Large Classes: Problems and Solutions

    Authors: Alia Ali Bhutto Amjad Ali Jokhio Asif Ahmad

  115. Think Green: Impact of Green Human Resource Management on the Green Performance of Employees through the Mediating Role of Green Work Engagement

    Authors: Atif Ali Gill Shehzad Farrokh Muhammad Usman Haider Rabia Zubair

  116. Impact of Transformational Leadership and Transactional Leadership on Commitment to Change: Moderating role of Organizational Culture

    Authors: Nabeed Butt Syed Muhammad Numan Afzal Rashid Ali Aslam Shahzad Ali

  117. The Pivotal Role of Melquiades in The Magical Realism of One Hundred Years of Solitude

    Authors: Muhammad Ali Khan Clement John Omera Saeed Muhammad Kamran Tanveer Ahmed

  118. Knowledge Spillovers and Total Factor Productivity Across Countries: The Role of Institutions

    Authors: Naveed Ali Lala Rukh Muhammad Imad Khan Sohrab Khan

  119. Self-Regulation and Cognitive Emotion Regulation among Adolescents

    Authors: Rabia Khawar Syeda Attia Asia Zulfqar Samavia Hussain

  120. Charismatic Leadership and Job Performance: Mediation of Interpersonal Communication and Moderation of Leader Vision

    Authors: Sahar Rafiq Muhammad Tasnim Khan

  121. Green Washing and Brand Crises: Modelling Consumer Trust Repair

    Authors: Hamza Rashid Wisal Ahmad Hafizullah

  122. Financial Liberalization, Institutions and Environmental Quality in GCC Countries

    Authors: Abdul Basit Awan

  123. Violation of Grice Maxims to Create Humor: An Analysis of Sitcom “khaber daar”

    Authors: Shehnaz Fatima Taimur Kayani Aroosa A Jalali

  124. Role of Motivational Factors in Learning English: A Case Study at Primary Level at D G Khan

    Authors: Muhammad Nasir Nida Tahir Khan Rabia Nadir Aqsa Bashir

  125. Gender Differences in Interpersonal Behaviors of the Madaris and Public School Teachers in Pakistan

    Authors: Fauzia Kaukab Rafaqaut Ali

  126. Body Shape Perception in Relation to the Apparel Choices of the Young and Late Adult Women of Peshawar

    Authors: Areej Khan Shahnaz Khattak Faryal Yousaf Shabana Rafique

  127. The Prevalence and Correlates of Multidimensional Poverty: A Survey Analysis of District Charsadda

    Authors: Salma Rani Aqil Khan Naveed Ali Khalid Khan

  128. Unleashing The Global Potential: The Impact of Quality of Life on Knowledge Spillover and Productivity Disparities

    Authors: Naveed Ali Zia Ullah Sohrab Khan Khalid Khan

  129. How does Energy Consumption Affect Sectorial Value Addition? An Empirical Evidence from SAARC Economies

    Authors: Syed Kafait Hussain Naqvi Hafiza Sadaf Zahra Gohar Khan

  130. Fiscal Decentralization and access to Social Services in Pakistan: Exploring the Role of Corruption

    Authors: Yasir Karim Abdul Basit Awan Umme Farwa Amna Khan

  131. Correlation between Teachers’ Digital Competency and their Self-Efficacy in Managing Online Classes

    Authors: Sara Sehar S Khurram Khan Alwi

  132. Development and Validation of the Headteachers' Administrative Style Questionnaire (HASQ): A Tool for Assessing Leadership Practices

    Authors: Abdul Sattar Azmat Farooq Ahmad Khurram Muhammad Asif

  133. Examining the Effect of Servant Leadership, Employees Psychological Empowerment and Innovative Work Behavior on Project Success: Evidence from Construction Industry

    Authors: Sabir Ali sohrab saleem

  134. The Impact of Tourism Receipts on Economic Development: A Panel Data Analysis for Selected Asian Countries

    Authors: Ammara Anis Maria Khushbakhet Muhammad Shahid Maqbool

  135. Influence of Infrastructure Development with its Sub-sectors on Economic Growth in Selected Asian Countries: An Empirical Analysis using DOLS and FMOLS Approaches

    Authors: Komal Batool Muhammad Akbar

  136. Developing an Integrated Process-Based Model of Tourists’ Destination Brand Equity: A Conceptual View

    Authors: Aamir Shahzad Wisal Ahmad Humera Manzoor

  137. Generic Moves in The Literature Review Section of PhD Dissertations

    Authors: Muhammad Tahir Anjum Farzana Masroor

  138. Neurotic Feminine Aspirations in the Characters of Maya, Bimla, Nanda and Monisha with Reference to Anita Desai’s Fictionracters of Maya, Bimla, Nanda and Monisha

    Authors: Saima Malik Mohammad Ayub Jajja

  139. The inner Struggles of Jack in William Golding’s Lord of The Flies: A Psychoanalytical Exploration

    Authors: Abdur Rahman Iqra Jan Muhammad Naeem

  140. Amplifying Classroom Enjoyment and Cultivating Positive Learning Attitudes among ESL Learners

    Authors: Muhammad Ramzan Zartashia Kynat Javaid Abida Kareem Sidra Mobeen

  141. Awareness, Interest, and Desire: A Comparative Analysis of Modern and Traditional Advertisement to Influence Consumer Buying Behavior

    Authors: Mansoor Waqas Askaree Abdur Rehman Arif Shahzada Muhammad Emaad Khan Durrani

  142. A Corpus-based Study of the Lexical Bundles in the Ph.D Linguistics Dissertations’ Abstracts in Pakistani Universities

    Authors: Muhammad Zeeshan Akram Malik Ali Ahmad Kharal Kiran Shehzadi

  143. Unraveling the Pathways to Creative Performance: The Serial Mediation of Career Optimism and Career Commitment Between Core Self-Evaluation and Employee Creative Performance in the IT Sector

    Authors: Sidra Akhtar Amir Ishaque

  144. The Language of Crisis: A Multimodal Discourse Analysis of COVID-19 Reporting in Pakistani and American Newspapers

    Authors: Rahat Bashir Musarat Yasmin

  145. Determinants of Female Early Marriages: A Case Study of District Lodhran, Pakistan

    Authors: Abid Rashid Gill Maryam Abdullah Nadia Hassan Shabana Perveen

  146. A Critical Analysis on Causes and Effects of Baseless Adjournments in Pakistan

    Authors: Saqib Javed Muhammad Ahsan Iqbal Hafiz Abdul Rehman Saleem

  147. Self-compassion and Trust as the Determinants of Pro-social Behavior: Moderating role of Gender among Adults

    Authors: Asmat Batool Sidra Ahsen Nosheen Bibi Afshan Khalid

  148. Current Scenario and Perspective of Teaching Chinese at Confucius Institutes in Pakistan

    Authors: Bushra Hanif

  149. Marxist Philosophy in The Selected Poems of Brecht and Naaz Khialvi: A Comparative Critique

    Authors: Shahbaz Afzal Bezar Madiha Ashraf Areeba Afzal

  150. Making the World a Better Place by Creating Eco-Friendly Products and Customers Adoption Intentions: A Mediating Role of Perceived Product Eco-Friendliness

    Authors: Muzammil Khurshid Muhammad Abdullah Muhammad Azeem

  151. Teaching Staffs’ Development in Pakistan’s Urban Private English Medium Schools

    Authors: Uzma Atif Jafri Ubedullah Amjad Ali Zafar Ghouri Tasneem Razzak

  152. Factor Influencing Intention to Adopt Fintech in Pakistan: A Mediating Effect of Customer Attitude

    Authors: Ahmad Talha Khan Rizwan Kamran Muhammad Farooq Rehan Rubina Allahrakha

  153. Impact of Mixed Farming on the Socioeconomic Conditions of Small-Scale Farmers in Tehsil Mankera District, Bhakkar

    Authors: Umar Draz Liaqate Ali Waseem Muahammad Ayub Komal Farhat

  154. The Impact of Marital Instability and Psychological Distress on Quality of Life among Married Women, Pakistan

    Authors: Aqsa Batool Ruqia Safdar Bajwa Sidra Farooq Muhammad Ayub

  155. Political and Democratic Role of The National Party in Restoring Peace and Democracy in Balochistan During the Insurgency

    Authors: Kishwar Naheed Rizwan Ali Shinwari

  156. The Evolution, Effectiveness, and Limitations of Principle of Legality: An Analytical Study

    Authors: Fatima Sajid Hafiz Muhammad Yousaf Khan

  157. Status of Women after Joining the Profession as Lady Health Workers

    Authors: Nazia Salah ud Din Tahira Jabeen Afzaal Afzal

  158. The Legal and Psychological Challenges of Female Prisoners in Pakistan

    Authors: Syed Saqlain Ul Hassan Asma Zameer Syed Zulqarnain Haider Saima Sajid

  159. A Stylistic Analysis of Diverse Linguistic Features in Maupassant’s The Piece of String

    Authors: Ali Mortaza Liaqat Ali Mohsin Muhammad Imran Afzal

  160. Environmental Kuznets Curve Approach to Estimate Ecological Footprint in Pakistan

    Authors: Rukhsar Yamin Uzma Hanif Muhammad Awais Anwar Noman Arshed

  161. The Influence of Social Factors and Financial Education on Financial Literacy for Financial Management among Youth of Educational Institutes

    Authors: Sidra Munawar

  162. Economic Growth and Stock Market Performance Under Different Regimes in Pakistan: A Comparison of Dictatorial and Democratic Regimes

    Authors: Muhammad Sarfraz Khan Muhammad Harris Khan Saima Liaqat

  163. Impact of Climate Change on Total Factor Productivity of Agriculture in District Multan

    Authors: Muhammad Faraz Nasir Nadeem Hafiz Zahid Mehmood Muhammad Bilal Ahsan

  164. Cinematic Appropriation and Redressing Pakistani Muslim Identity on a Global platform through Pakistani Film Rahm (2016)

    Authors: Zakia Resshid Ehsen Amra Raza

  165. Impacts of Job Stress on Nurses Social Life: A study of Work Performance

    Authors: Hafiza Jaweria Bibi Sanober Khanum Rabia Mushtaq Zahra Karim Sikapuria

  166. A Bibliometric Analysis of Consumer Price Index (CPI) from 1999-2022 Using VOSviewer

    Authors: Zeeshan Ali Toqeer Hassan Hafiz M. Rizwan Khan Nadia Nasir

  167. India as Growth Pole in South Asia

    Authors: Maryam Ishaq Farzana Munir Furrukh Bashir

  168. History of U.S Economic Support for Pakistan 1950-88

    Authors: Muhammad Aslam Faiz Muhammad Imran Naveed Ali Shah

  169. CPEC: An Outline for the Future Development of the Region

    Authors: Muhammad Tariq Mughal Malka Liaquat Naureen Afzal Maria Kanwal

  170. Examining Financial Attitudes of Retail Investors and its impact on Investing Activities: A Case of Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX)

    Authors: Javeria Islam Muhammad Sarfraz Muhammad Hamza Zaheer Muhammad Adnan

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