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Journal of Clinical Images and Medical Case Reports >>

Vol.2, No.3

Publisher: JCIMCR

Publishing Date: 2021-06-30

  1. The expression and biological function of DKK1 in oral squamous cell carcinomas by bioinformatics analysis

    Authors: Huijie Yuϯ; Tianhua Liϯ; Xuemei Mao

  2. A sign of spinal cord stroke. Vertebral body ischemia

    Authors: Raquel Mitjana; Gerard Mauri-Capdevilla; Francisco Purroy; Daniel Vázquez-Justes; Mikel Vicente-Pascual

  3. Development of bladder plate calculus on missed sutured surgical sponge following primary bladder exstrophy repair

    Authors: Masoumeh Majidi Zolbin; Leila Moradi Matin; Masoud Bitaraf; Reza Nejad Gashti; Shabnam Sabetkish; Abdol-Mohammad Kajbafzadeh

  4. Comparison and analysis of applications of ID3, CART decision tree models and neural network model in medical diagnosis and prognosis evaluation

    Authors: Zeye Liu; Xiangbin Pan

  5. T2* relaxometry maps of the uterus – Future prospectives with oncology implications

    Authors: Roxana M Pintican; Reka David Kerekes; Vlad Bura; Florin Stamatian; Tunde Kovacs; Iris Morar; Viorica Nagy; Radu Fechete; Angelica Chiorean

  6. Persistently elevated quantitative hCG levels in a patient with gestational choriocarcinoma: A case report of simultaneous de-novo renal clear cell carcinoma and gestational choriocarcinoma

    Authors: Amanda Haney; Lindsey Choi; John E Musser; Kristen P Bunch

  7. Tattoo art imitates life

    Authors: David A Keith; Katherine P Klein

  8. The role of complementary and alternative medicines in general health and immunity

    Authors: Mehrbakhsh Nilashi; Fahad Ghabban; Sarminah Samad; Salma Yasmin Mohd Yusuf; Eko Supriyanto

  9. Suture thread: An unusual etiology of tracheal pseudotumor

    Authors: Adelaide Alves; Sofia Neves; José Almeida

  10. A case report of an intra-oral exophytic growth in reaction to Gore-Tex expanded PTFE membrane left in situ for eighteen years

    Authors: Marc Harrington; Jamie Toole; Orlagh McPolin; Nicola Holland; Gerry McKenna

  11. Fulminant case of multiple sclerosis (marburg variant) with atypical MRI presentation

    Authors: Luca Mancinelli; Yerma Bartolini; Maria Lia Cataldi; Chiara Bomprezzi; Alessia Tomassini; Manila Antonelli; Francesca Gianno; Daniela Bartolini; Maria Ruggiero; Marco Longoni

  12. Synchronous HPV positive bilateral palatine tonsillar squamous cell carcinoma – Brief review of current literature on the role of magnetic resonance imaging

    Authors: Mudit Arora; M Reza Taheri; Arjun Joshi; Stephanie Barak

  13. Unilateral absence of ovary and fallopian tube

    Authors: Dan-Dan Wang; Ning-Ning Zhang; Qing Yang; Jiao Wang

  14. Renal tubular injury as an uncommon presentation of Wilson’s disease

    Authors: Hadar Mudrik-Zohar; Keren Cohen-Hagai; Danny Alon

  15. What is your diagnosis? Labial adhesions – Classification and treatment

    Authors: Giridhar Guntreddi; Jayasree Vasudevan Nair; Swayam P Nirujogi

  16. Evaluation of the morphometric relationship between the alveolar bone and gingival dimensions in the maxillary anterior teeth using cone-beam computed tomography imaging: A cross-sectional study

    Authors: Katia Montanha-Andrade; Ieda M Crusoé-Rebello; Nara Santos Araujo; Maurício Andrade Barreto; Jean Nunes dos Santos; Patricia R Cury

  17. Cryoablation of osteoid osteoma with hip traction

    Authors: Nicolas Stacoffe; Damien Heidelberg; Joris Lavigne; Jean-Baptiste Pialat

  18. The role of bedside ultrasound during tracheal intubation procedure

    Authors: José Luis Vázquez Martínez; Rocío Tapia Moreno; César Pérez-Caballero Macarrón; Ana Coca Pérez; María Sánchez Porras; Diana Folgado Toledo

  19. Peripheral facial nerve palsy as a presenting symptom of COVID-19 infection: A case report

    Authors: Narges Karimia; Athena Sharifi-Razavi

  20. Complementarity of clinical trials, model systems, and metabolomic workflow to unravel the healthy effects of foods: BEBESANO vs MODELSANO: A case study

    Authors: Vicente Agulló; Raúl Domínguez-Perles; Cristina García-Viguera

  21. The socket-shield technique and early implant placement for tooth rehabilitation: A case report

    Authors: Getúlio Batista de Oliveira; Mariana de Almeida Basilio; Nara Santos Araujo; Patricia Ramos Cury

  22. Image in medicine: Cement pulmonary embolism

    Authors: Asarisi F; Heme N; Fourrier E; Ferrari E

  23. TTE guided synchronization to optimize AV synchronous leadless pacemaker programming

    Authors: George Mawardi; Patricia Rodriguez; Sula Mazimba; Nishaki Mehta

  24. Pontine and extra-pontine osmotic demyelination syndrome: Case report

    Authors: Eduardo dos Santos Sousa; Felipe Teijeiro Cabral; Annelise Akemi Higa Lee; Francisco Tomaz Meneses de Oliveira; Rubens José Gagliardi

  25. A case of anaphylactic shock induced by sugammadex in China

    Authors: Wei Pan; Chen Xi; Wang yongqiang; Yuan Lan; Song Jiangang

  26. Management of progressive spine deformity in a child with pseudoachondroplasia

    Authors: Sergey Ryabykh; Polina Ochirova; Alexander Gubin; Alexander Burtsev; Marat Saifutdinov; Ali Al Kaissi

  27. A 62-year-old man with a purpuric rash and acute kidney injury

    Authors: Marta Lorente-Ros; Shabari Mangalore Shenoy; Joseph P Matthew

  28. A rare case of pituitary apoplexy complicated by internal carotid artery occlusion: Severity obscured by primary collaterals

    Authors: Klas Holmgren; Lars-Owe D Koskinen; Peter Lindvall

  29. MiR-3614-3p suppresses cell aggressiveness of human breast cancer by targeting AKT3 and HDAC1 expression

    Authors: Zhenzhen Wang; Xintao Jing; Zhenghao Zhao; Fang Li; Huahua Zhang; Yanke Chen; Chen Huang

  30. A rare complication of STEMI: Anaphylactic shock post-fibrinolytic

    Authors: Teddy Arnold Sihite; Muhammad Hafizh Dewantara; Mega Febrianora

  31. Intra-cardiac cement embolism during hip arthroplasty

    Authors: Alexander Amir; David Bracco; Gabriele Baldini; André Denault

  32. Rarely seen accelerated progression of hidradenitis suppurativa

    Authors: Aquino Williams; Britney Clemen; Rita Iyer; Alexandre Shehata; Isaac Soliman; Ali El-Sayed; Bijal S Mehta

  33. Hepatoportal Sclerosis in patient with Systemic Sclerosis and Sjögren’s Syndrome: a rare association

    Authors: Giorgio Soardo; Maria Orsaria; Laura Scat?; Debora Donnini; Leonardo A Sechi

  34. Isolated neurological symptoms in a teenager with COVID-19

    Authors: Pezad N Doctor; Sowkya Rangarajan; Jocelyn Ang

  35. Congenital absence of penis (Aphallia) – A rare occurrence

    Authors: Mayank kumar; Meera Luthra

  36. Sudden onset hearing and visual loss: An unusual presenting manifestation of chronic phase chronic myeloid leukaemia

    Authors: Sneha Tandon; Sanjeev Yadav; Ruchi Gupta; Soniya Nityanand

  37. A nodule under the toenail

    Authors: Caroline de Lorenzi; Sandrine Quenan

  38. Bilateral symmetric ankle and feet cellulitis after fish pedicure: Case report and review of the literature

    Authors: Alberto Tosoni ϯ; Diana Lelli ϯ; Francesco Maria Serino; Raffaele Antonelli Incalzi; Antonio Mirijello; Giovanni Addolorato

  39. Spinal intradural extra-arachnoid inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor (IMT): Case report and review of the literature

    Authors: Chuan Cheng; kun Wang; Cao Yang; Xinghuo Wu

  40. Intraoperative trans-esophageal echographic evaluation of the celiac artery flow after arcuate ligament resection in a case of Dunbar Syndrome. A case report

    Authors: Giacomo Coppalini; Enrico Giustiniano; Fulvio Nisi; Carlo Castoro; Efrem Civilini; Maurizio Cecconi

  41. COVID-19 in a pediatric cancer patient with T-lymphoblastic lymphoma: Response to convalescence plasma and subsequent induction of SARS-CoV-2 specific humoral and cellular immunity despite strong B-cell lymphopenia

    Authors: Arne Simon; Tabea Reinhardt; Sascha Meyer; Yeliz Baltaci; Jürgen Rissland; Hermann Eichler; Verena Klemis; Martina Sester; Norbert Graf

  42. Median arcuate ligament syndrome and liver transplantation

    Authors: Maitane I Orue-Echebarria; Elena Sagarra; Sergio Carrasco; Benjamín Díaz-Zorita

  43. Successful repair of an anomalous right coronary artery arising from the pulmonary artery in a 10 month-old

    Authors: Matthew C Schwartz; William Hammill; Thomas S Maxey

  44. Acute cardiotoxicity after initiation of the novel tyrosine kinase inhibitor gilteritinib for acute myeloid leukemia

    Authors: Lisa Kim; Brian Fowler; Jeremy Slivnick; Haseeb Nawaz; Yaquta Kaka; Patrick Ruz; Ajay Vallakati; Ragavendra Baliga; Sumithira Vasu; Daniel Addison

  45. Fracture in a girl with graves’ disease induced by osteoporosis: A case report

    Authors: Kotb Abbass Metwalley MD; Hekma Saad Farghaly MD

  46. The proof is in the pee: Dexmedetomidine induced diabetes insipidus

    Authors: Samantha A

  47. Cecal herniation through the foramen of winslow: Case presentation and literature review

    Authors: Jena Deitrick; William Sessions; Daniel Nguyen; Ariel Santos

  48. Intestinal obstruction due to primary ileocolic diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: A case report

    Authors: Marina Alarcón Iranzo; Matías Gómez Calomarde; Estefanía Zorraquino; Miguel Ángel Sanz; Roberto Lozoya Trujillo; Maria Dolores Ruiz Carmona; Amparo Solana Bueno

  49. Atypical case of primary sjögren’s syndrome with psychiatric disorder

    Authors: Chun-guang LI; Huan-min LI

  50. Stenosing colon neoplasia causing colonic perforation in a patient with morgagni-larrey’s hernia

    Authors: María del Pilar Gutiérrez Delgado; Laura Romacho López; Santiago Mera Velasco; Pablo Fernández Galeano; Julio Santoyo Santoyo

  51. Extensive cerebral venous thrombosis in a patient with previous COVID-19 infection

    Authors: Li Wei Heng; Christopher Yuan Kit Chua; Ka Zhang; Ei Zune The; Vijay K Sharma

  52. Rapidly progressive labyrinthitis ossificans in an immunocompromised pediatric patient

    Authors: Sean Holmes; Katherine Babin; Avery Bryan; Gauri Mankekar

  53. Severe asthma that was endotracheally intubated 16 times in 20 years

    Authors: Luis J Nannini

  54. Syphilis and pregnancy: Review

    Authors: Samaniego Haro VJ

  55. Cronkhite-Canada syndrome with hypothyroidism: Clinical, endoscopic and pathologic pitfalls

    Authors: Dapeng Wang; Christopher McPhaul; Debby Rampisela

  56. Mediastinal eggshell calcifications

    Authors: Lisa N Glass; Joseph Delio; Jalil E Ahari

  57. Acute myocardial infarction and allergy, causal or casual relationship?

    Authors: José I Morgado Garcia-Polavieja; Margarita Castillo Paredes; Enrique López Herrero; Francisco Javier Fernández López; Ana Blanca Paloma Martínez Pérez; José Francisco Díaz Fernández

  58. Autoimmune hepatitis: Side effect of infliximab perfusion

    Authors: I Kooli; A Guediche; G Harzallah; W Marrakchi; M Abdejelil; A Aouam; A Zakhama; L Safer; M chakroun

  59. Efficacy and safety of Chinese herbal medicine longdanxiegan decoction combined with val-acyclovir in herpes zoster: A systematic review and mate-analysis

    Authors: Xiaoxu Wang; Lingjun Wu; Yihan Hou; Shanshan Ding; Siqing Wang; Yinkai Wang; Guangzhong Zhang

  60. High-Tech radiotherapy for primary prostate cancers and synchronous other tumor in elderly

    Authors: Alessia Surgo; Ilaria Bonaparte; Fabiana Gregucci; Roberta Carbonara; Maria Paola Ciliberti; Morena Caliandro; Elena Ludovico; Roberto Calbi; Alessandro Verbo; Vincenzo D'Angelo; Marcello Scarcia

  61. A continuous cough after COVID-19

    Authors: Lisa N Glass; Sandrine Hanna; John P Lichtenberger; Ivana Milojevic; Jalil E Ahari

  62. A rare etiology of posterolateral pain subsequent to a total knee arthroplasty

    Authors: Olden Theresa Rebecca; Vallotton Jacques

  63. Gouty flexor tenosynovitis – Case report and review of the literature

    Authors: Hannes Prescher; Chad M Teven; Deana Shenaq; Patrick L Reavey

  64. Case report of isolated gastric IgG4-related lesion and series of literature review

    Authors: Xiang-Xi Ye; Tian-Hui Zou; Juan-Tan; Zheng Wang; Ying-Xuan Chen; Qin-Yan Gao

  65. Idiopathic hypoparathyroidism induced fahr’s syndrome

    Authors: Ryan Stuart; Harold Duarte; Zachary Gilbert; Damian Valencia; Juan David Linares; Satish Sarvepalli; Robert Barker

  66. COVID-19 patient with elevated D-dimer. Is anticoagulation the answer? A case report

    Authors: David El-Qutob; Patricia García-Sidro; María Nieto; Francisco J Carrera- Hueso

  67. A common disease masked by complex clinical manifestations: A case report of hypothyroidism

    Authors: Qiumei Wang

  68. Myocarditis caused by salmonella enteritidis in a healthy 19-year-old male

    Authors: Ina von Scheidt; Lena Maria Friedrich; Amadeus Altenburger; Thomas Pusl

  69. Occult strongyloides stercoralis infection masquerading as a drug reaction with eosinophilic pneumonia

    Authors: Heather Kirkham¹; Stephanie Carnes¹; Joshua Lieberman¹; Seth Cohen²; Deepti Reddi¹

  70. Syphilis mimicking pseudotumor cerebri in an immunocompetent patient

    Authors: Vijairam Selvaraj; Kwame Dapaah-Afriyie; Anneliese Beaubrun; Michael Migliori

  71. Renal biopsy teaching case: A patient with scleroderma, hypertension, acute kidney injury and PR3 ANCA positivity

    Authors: Sam Kant; Avi Rosenberg; Fred Wigley; Duvuru Geetha D

  72. Acute anterior myocardial infarction complicated by a large ventricular septal defect

    Authors: Yi Ming; Cao Qian; Liu Qiang

  73. Purple urine bag syndrome: When the urine turns purple – An under diagnosed spot diagnosis

    Authors: Cathrin Kodde; Till Othmer; David Krieger; Silke Polsfuss²; Torsten Bauer

  74. Bilateral cochlear implantation in a patient with osteopathia striata voorhoeve and cranial sclerosis

    Authors: Kruthika Thangavelu; Jochen Müller-Mazzotta; Maximilian Schulze; Rainer Weiß; Boris A Stuck; Katrin Reimann

  75. Unusual presentation of an intracochlear schwannoma

    Authors: Sean Holmes; Jeremy Watson; Katherine Babin; Gauri Mankekar

  76. Ultrasound-guided diagnosis of an uncommon stroke: A case of giant cell arteritis

    Authors: Mariella Baldini; Sara Giannoni; Elisa Cioffi; Elisa Grifoni; Elisabetta Bertini; Eleonora Cosentino; Ira Signorini; Cinzia Grisanti; Serena Colon; Chiara Stagnaro; Antonio Segneri; Stelvio Sestini; Leonello Guidi; Luca Masotti

  77. Lung adenocarcinoma characterized by multiple thromboemboli was misdiagnosed as primary anti-phospholipid syndrome: A case report

    Authors: Xiaoxi Shan; Dongxing Liu; Shouchen Lv; Xiaoyan Lin; Mingjie Liu; Qingrui Yang; Ling Zhu

  78. Breast MRI in the setting of breast carcinoma with suspected microcalcifications and his predictive value in breast cancer management: An interesting case report

    Authors: Maria Giovanna Fava; Lorena Turano; Francesco Messina; Maria Francesca Plutino; Carmela Tebala; Domenico Azzarello; Grazia Calabrese; Nicola Arcadi

  79. An unusual presentation of bradycardia, acidosis, and right ventricular dysfunction after left ventricular assist device implantation: A case report

    Authors: Jennifer M Elia; Karen H Katrivesis; Ali A Naqvi; Fabio M Sagebin; Dawn M Lombardo; Kei Togashi

  80. Refractory chronic otitis media and mixed hearing loss due to infection with levaquin-resistant KERSTERSIA GYIORUM: A case report and review of the literature

    Authors: Sean Holmes; Matt Busby; Mackenzie Noonan; Gauri Mankekar

  81. Brigatinib treatment for primary lung lesions in non-small-cell lung cancer based on ALK gene rearrangement detected in resected brain metastases: A case report and literature review

    Authors: Sumin Geng

  82. A mask that masked the diagnosis!

    Authors: Mohammad-Reza Mohajeri-Tehrani; Neda Hatami

  83. Closed posterior dislocation of ankle joint without fracture: A case report and literature review

    Authors: Ashwani Nugur; Lee Hoggett; Siddharth Lokanathan; Sabeen Akhtar

  84. Madelung’s disease: A case report of laryngeal localization and a review of the literature

    Authors: Fabrizia Elli; Marco Stacchini; Alberto Daniele Arosio; Roberta Priola; Tommaso Mazzocco; Marco Limarzi

  85. Overexpression of SOX2 is associated with poor prognosis in human breast cancer

    Authors: Raquel Cristina Rodrigues; Camila Pereira Almeida; Milena Claudia Martins de Oliveira; Enio Ferreira; Thais S Ribeiro; Isabella T Borges; Hipacia Werneck Gomes; Cleida Aparecida Oliveira; Helen Lima Del Puerto; Almir Sousa Martins

  86. Complicated intra-abdominal focal fat infarction: Emphasis on falciform ligament infarction with abscess formation: A case series

    Authors: Berton Monteiro; Saurabh Joshi; Sunita Gopalan; Ravikumar Hanumaiah

  87. Recurrent soft tissue infections associated with complex regional pain syndrome type ll: Reports of two unusual cases

    Authors: Kannangara Don Walter; Pandya Dhyanesh

  88. High risk of delayed or missed diagnosis of mucinous appendiceal neoplasm by transvaginal ultrasound: A case series

    Authors: Francesca Rizzello Giulia Vannucci; Maria Elisabetta Coccia

  89. Targeted temperature management following third trimester cardiac arrest

    Authors: Sarah K Conrad; Erika Lutins; Susan Lanni; Nicole Karjane

  90. Patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome due to pandemic Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)

    Authors: Julia Seeger; Volker Wenzel; Jochen Wöhrle

  91. An unusual case of delayed and recurrent bleeding after renal biopsy in a patient with malignant hypertension

    Authors: Jeremy JW Teng; Emmett TY Wong; Christopher CH Leo; Titus WL Lau; Pei Loo Tok

  92. Can I have epidural analgesia if I have tinea versicolor?

    Authors: Francesca Ciano; Matteo Biancone; Bruno Antonio Zanfini; Stefano Catarci; Gaetano Draisci

  93. Nosographic considerations on obsessive-compulsive disorder occurring exclusively during the menstrual phase

    Authors: Hicham Laaraj; Mina Ouhamou; Omar El Omari; Jalal Doufik; Khalid Mouhadi; Ismail Rammouz

  94. Co-infection with nocardia and mycobacterium tuberculosis in a patient with systemic lupus erythematosus: A case report

    Authors: Zhongji Jiang; Zhikun Xu; Jinsong Wu; Yuemei Lu; Jine Chen; Yong Xu; Xueyan Liu

  95. Tuberculosis of bilateral ankles: Misdiagnosed as rheumatoid arthritis

    Authors: Haiyao Wang; Ping He; Gailian Zhang; Jinfang Gao; Liyun Zhang

  96. Dasatinib-induced pleural and pericardial effusion: A case report and review

    Authors: Siméon Matile; Jérôme Voegeli; Gregor John

  97. Cysticercotic fourth ventricle ependymitis

    Authors: Carlos Cosentino; Miriam Vélez; Luis Torres

  98. An innovative oxygen delivery method with the help of pacifier assembly for infants

    Authors: Anish Gupta; Bhavna Gupta

  99. An analysis of eight family cluster cases in Wuhan, China: Peripheral blood lymphocyte count may predict Covid-19 mortality

    Authors: Wenzhu Wang; Dandan Cui; Lijuan Zhang; Xiwen Zhu; Heng Fan; Jiarui Wang; Jian Wang; Rui Chen

  100. A transient spinal cord ischemia reveals a silent type A aortic dissection

    Authors: Rachelle Abi Nahed; Wissam Rizk

  101. MOG-related bilateral optic neuritis in a patient with cystic fibrosis

    Authors: Rachelle Abi Nahed; Georges Succarieh; Amine Al Soueidy; Patrick Baz; Gabrielle Macaron; Karine Abou Khaled

  102. Perioperative adolescent serotonin syndrome secondary to methadone and fentanyl administration: A case report

    Authors: Emily Anne Smith Bergbower; Enoch Cheung; Caron Hong

  103. Polycystic ovarian syndrome and pituitary macroadenoma a deadly combination with good outcome

    Authors: Ansari Sumayya Shamim; Reena Jatin Wani; Hema Prakash Relwani; Kruti Doshi

  104. Duplex optogenetic stimulation system modulates compulsive behaviors bidirectionally

    Authors: Edenia Menezes; David Ashurov; Catarina Sousa Cunha

  105. An efficient multidisciplinary approach in a pregnant patient with hereditary spastic paraparesis treated by intrathecal baclofen therapy: A case report

    Authors: M Fostier; V Roland; T Dereine; T Deltombe; T Gustin

  106. Unusual cause of gastric perforation

    Authors: Jiri Cyrany; Pavel Sieber; Stanislav Rejchrt

  107. A case report of a child with autism spectrum disorder grieving after losing her father during covid-19 pandemic

    Authors: Nur Sena Uzunay; Tuba Mutluer

  108. Drug induced bullous erythema multiforme in a 75-year-old male: A case report

    Authors: Karthik R; Ravikumar PT; Saramma Mathew Fenn; Durgadevi P; Mohithan S; Sabitha Gokulraj; Kumar A

  109. A case report of entrapped angioplasty balloon in circumflex coronary artery

    Authors: Mateusz Surowiec; Sławomir Żurek; Maciej Kolowca; Monika Kosiorowska; Janusz Bąk; Marcin Rak; Kazimierz Widenka

  110. Factor V11 deficiency: A rare cause of nasal bleeding

    Authors: Georgina G Balyorugulu; Richard F Kiritta; Emmanuela Ambrose; Erius Tebuka

  111. Overt to covert follicular lymphoma

    Authors: Aaron L Niblock

  112. Ping-pong gaze in a refractory focal status epilepticus

    Authors: Laura Sánchez-Cirera; Gary Álvarez Bravo

  113. Chikungunya neonatal: A neglected disease

    Authors: Suyen Heizer Villela; Giuliana Villela Pereira; Maria Elisabeth Lopes Moreira

  114. Primary hyperoxaluria as an indication of liver and kidney transplantation: Case report and literature review

    Authors: Anastasiya Chekhovych; Jolanta Gozdowska; Magdalena Durlik

  115. The liver and thyroid gland: What’s the connection?

    Authors: Kotb Abbass Metwalley; Hekma Saad Farghaly; Kotb Abbass Metwalley

  116. Chest tube telltale: A miraculous injury

    Authors: Mohamed Shafi Bin Mahboob Ali; Ahmad Zuhdi Mamat

  117. Role of Sodium Thiosulphate in Calciphylaxis

    Authors: Meshal Qaiser; Arora Kanwardeep