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Archived Papers for Journal

Oftalmologicheskii zhurnal >>

Vol.2014, No.1

Publisher: The Filatov Institute of Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy

Publishing Date: 2014-02-20

  1. Method of preventing postoperative inflammation in the surgical treatment of uveal complicated cataract in children

    Authors: N. F. Bobrova; T. V. Romanova; E. L. Nesterets

  2. Microinvasive interventions with preservation of the transparent lens in obscure pupillary membranes

    Authors: Bobrova N F; Dumbrova NE; Dembovetskaya AN; Romanova TV; Molchanuk NI

  3. Results of the surgical treatment of associated squint with preliminary modeling of operations by using three-dimensional biomechanical model of the eye

    Authors: N. Bushueva; D. Romanenko; I. Tarnopolska

  4. A comparative analysis of the different damage of retina after eye injury in children

    Authors: Rykov S. A.; Goncharuk D. V.; Tumanova O. V.

  5. Immune system of patients with tuberculosis uveitis during treatment

    Authors: N. V. Konovalova

  6. Features of cerebral circulation in patients with primary open-angle glaucoma with difference type vegetative systeme

    Authors: Stotska L. M.; Stotskaya L. S.

  7. To the issue of prevention of acute vessel optic neuropathy

    Authors: N. V. Konovalova; N. I. Naritsyna; T. M. Serebrina; A. L. Reznichenko

  8. Efficacy of laser coagulation with a wave length of 0.57 microns in tumours of the iris and iridociliary zone (preliminary studies)

    Authors: Chechin P. P.; Safronenkova I. A.; Guzun O. V.; Repyah V. S.; Kovalchuk A. G.; Drachenko K. G.

  9. Immunocorrection effect of the drug Amixin in patients with uveal melanoma during combined organ-preserving treatment

    Authors: Velichko L. N.

  10. Differention and activation marker of lymphocyte of peripheral blood of patients with malignant ephithelial tumours of skin of eyelids

    Authors: Safronenkova I. A.

  11. State of extraocular muscles in patients with endocrine ophthalmopathy according to computer tomography

    Authors: A. Kayali

  12. Influence of the lipoic acid on the regenerative potential of thiol compounds in the retina in modeling age maculodystrophy in animals with allergic uveitis

    Authors: Savko V. V.; Vashah Zijad Mahmud Ahmed

  13. Influence on the stability of bioflavonoids cataractogenic effect of the lens for the light energy in the experiment

    Authors: Leus N. F.; Girzheva A. V.; Zhuravok Y A.

  14. Experimental study of the influence of short-term tamponade with perfluorine organic compounds on the bioelectric functional activity of the retina of the rabbit eye

    Authors: Zhmurik D. V.; Hramenko N.; Slobodjanik S. B.; Milienko M. V.

  15. Electronic ? microscopic study of the ultrastructure of the chorioretinal complex of rats in dynamics after introduction of the increased dose of methanol

    Authors: N. E. Dumbrova; N. I. Molchanjuk

  16. Influence of retrobulbar tissue acetaldehyde on changes in morphofunctional state of retina, choroid and optic nerve in experimental chronic alcohol intoxication

    Authors: O. V. Nedzvetska; D. O. Petrushenko

  17. Content of amine nitrogen and hydroxy-proline in the cornea when using an intravenous infusion of cytoflavin in the treatment of alkaline burn

    Authors: Chalanova R. I.; Kolomiychuk S. G.; Parkhomenko S. V.; Mbark M.

  18. Dynamics of immune response to exogenous Staphylococcus aureus endophthalmitis with using antibacterial photodynamic therapy with methelene blue and intravitreal antibiotic in a rabbit model

    Authors: Zborovska O. V.; Kuryltsiv N. B.

  19. Experimental modeling of eye contusion of various severity in different animals

    Authors: T. A. Krasnovid; S. K. Aslanov; N. P. Grubnyk

  20. Case of Unilateral retinitis pigmentosa

    Authors: Zborovskaya A. V.; Dorokhova A. E.; Uvarenko L. A.; Kurilyuk A. N.; Gorianova I. S.