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Archived Papers for Journal

International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Research Technology (IJESRT) >>

Vol.3, No.12

Publisher: Somil Mayur Shah

Publishing Date: 2012-12-30

  1. Rice Genomes Classification based on Efficient Distance Measures Classifiers

    Authors: S S Patil; Kiran S K

  2. Total Survey of Data Security Issues in Cloud Computing

    Authors: Sagar D. Rushi; Pragna Makwana; Kishori Shekokar

  3. An Optimal Maintenance Strategy for Effective Utilization of Engineering Workshop in Technical Institutes

    Authors: Yogesh P.Deshmukh

  4. Tea Garden Workers Perception towards Working Condition and Role Performed By Trade Unions: With Special Reference to Jorhat District

    Authors: Prasanta Sarmah; Dr Horen Goowalla

  5. A Review - Various Segmentation Techniques for Brain Tumor Detection

    Authors: Dipali B. Shah; Nimit S. Modi

  6. Design, Analysis and Fabrication of a Human Powered Vehicle

    Authors: J Abhilash; Mada Rukmini Sai Rupa Sri

  7. Comparative Study for Lipase Production by Using Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Pseudomonas Fluorescens

    Authors: Priyam Vandana; Jyotsna Kiran Peter

  8. A Brief Survey on Frequent Patterns Mining of Uncertain Data

    Authors: Purvi Y. Rana; Pragna Makwana; Kishori Shekokar

  9. Study the Effect of Heat Treatment on Abrasive Wear with Silt clay loam Soil Texture

    Authors: Abbas S. Alwan; Waleed k. Hussan

  10. Use of Bovine Whey in the Manufacture of Handmade Paintings, Creating Added Value for the Benefit of the Agrarianfood Chain

    Authors: Bracho Espinoza Hector; Bracho Hidalgo Dariany; Romero Gregoria

  11. High Performance Dynamic Load Balancing With Inter-Dependent Tasks And Dependent Tasks in Cloud Computing Environments

    Authors: B.Subramani; S.Rekha

  12. A Survey on Content Based Image Retrieval System Using HADOOP

    Authors: Urvashi Trivedi; Kishori Shekoker

  13. Corrosion Behavior of Amalgam/Cockles Shells Composites in Artificial Saliva

    Authors: Assistant Rana Afif Anaee; Assistant Aseel Basim Al-Zubaidi; Assistant Ahmed Abdulrahman Al-Tabbakh

  14. Agadir Clay Materials as a New Adsorbent to Remove Cationic and Anionic Dyes from Aqueous Solutions

    Authors: M. El ouardi; S. Qourzal; S. Alahiane; F. Sakr; A. Assabbane; J. Douch

  15. Performance Analysis of Routing Protocol in IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Network

    Authors: Sunil Patel

  16. Study the Material Characterisation of Natural and Synthetic Fiber Reinforced Polymer

    Authors: Dr.S.Jeyakumar; M.Muthu Krishnan

  17. Analysis of Parameters in Stone Slicing Machine

    Authors: B.Nageswara Rao; B.Naga Murali

  18. A Media Player Based On ARM by Porting of Linux

    Authors: Archan Agrawal; Monika S. Joshi

  19. Selection of Cutting Tool Insert in Turning of EN 8 Steel using Multiple Attribute Decision Making (MADM) Methods

    Authors: K.G.Nikam; S.S.Kadam

  20. Characterizations of Carbonaceous Aerosol in South and East Asia: A review from 2007 to 2014

    Authors: Shashwat Gupta; Papiya Mandal; Devendra Dohare

  21. Normalization For Removing Dependancies In XML Data

    Authors: Jagruti S Wankhade; Omkar V.Chandure

  22. Non-Homogeneous Cubic Equation with Three Unknowns

    Authors: M.A.Gopalan; S.Mallika; S.Vidhyalakshm

  23. Effect of Curing Profile on Fly Ash Geopolymer with Slag as Supplementary

    Authors: Debabrata Dutta; Somnath Ghosh

  24. Wireless Power Transmission

    Authors: Pragati S. Chawardol; Deepali R. Badre; Mithul S. There

  25. Emission &Performance characteristics of single cylinder CI engine using cold EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)

    Authors: Avinash M.Wankhade; Dr.S.B.Thakare; Pratik G. Sapre

  26. A Review: Fin and Tube Heat Exchanger Performance with different Fin Pattern

    Authors: S D Katkade; J H Bhangale; D D Palande

  27. Review Paper: Quality Improvement through Six Sigma DMAIC Methodology

    Authors: Patel Rumana; Darshak A. Desai

  28. Secure User Data in Cloud Computing using RSA Algorithm

    Authors: Abhishek Patial; Sunny Behal

  29. Survey of Applied Bitumen based on PG, Climatic and Traffic Conditions (A case study)

    Authors: Malek Hassanpour

  30. Applications of SCADA in Wind Power Plant- An Overview

    Authors: Revency.J; Dhanarega A.J; Booma.J; Priyanka.K

  31. Review of Major Challenges in Data Analysis of Big- Data

    Authors: Rahul R. Papalkar; Pravin R. Nerkar; Mr Umesh V. Nikam

  32. Micropiles for Structural Support

    Authors: Elarabi; Abbas

  33. An Overview on Energy-aware Clustering Technique for Maximizing Wireless Sensor Network Life Time

    Authors: Prof.Padmini G. Kaushik; Vishal D. Dahake; Baljit S. Singh

  34. Review paper on Various Techniques of Image Inpainting

    Authors: Khushbu R. Chauhan; Dipak L. Agrawal; Rima A. Patel

  35. Design and Modal Analysis of Spur Gear with Experimental Verification

    Authors: Nilofar H Pathan; Vikrama Singh; Prof.P.P.Shreshtha

  36. An Optimization Approach on Seven Layers Water Filtration Plant Using Genetic Algorithm

    Authors: Narendra Kumar Rathore; Sajid Qureshi; Vivek Bansod

  37. Monitoring of Ambient Air Quality in India - A Review

    Authors: Devendra Dohare; Vijayant Panday

  38. Fabrication of Hetarolite-ZNMN2O4 by Solvothermal Method and its Nanostructural Characterization

    Authors: S.Vijaya lakshmi; S.Pauline

  39. Biological Treatment of Edible Oil Refinery Wastewater using Activated Sludge Process and Sequencing Batch Reactors - A Review

    Authors: Devendra Dohare; Rahul Meshram

  40. Wearable Cognitive Assistance & Application Development with Google Wearable s

    Authors: Chhaya Mehar; Rakesh Patel; Srishti Mishra

  41. Study about Remote Sensing, Its Process, Types, Applications and Advantages

    Authors: Uma Patel; Rakesh Patel; Nimita Patel

  42. Study of Apache Hadoop

    Authors: Uma Patel; Rakesh Patel; Nimita Patel

  43. World Become A Genius through Sixth Sense Technology

    Authors: Meenu Rani Dey; Rakesh Patel; Renuka Bareth

  44. Study on Blue Brain with its Application

    Authors: Preeti Patel; Rakesh Patel; Ekta Agrawal

  45. Fabrication and Characterization of Low-Temperature Conductive Film Bonded Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells and PV Modules

    Authors: Su-Wung Baek a; d; Kwang-Il Choia; Suk-Ho Leea; Chan-Hyuk Cheonb; Seung-Min Hongb; Kil-Song Leec; Hyun-Woo Shinc; Yeon-Won Yangc; Cheolhyun Lim a

  46. Enhanced Load Balancing Algorithm in Three-Tier Cloud Computing

    Authors: Suneel K S; Ravichandra A J. H S Guruprasad

  47. Determination of Heart Rate from ECG Signal- A Simplified Approach

    Authors: Sautami Basu; Yusuf Uzzaman Khan

  48. A Survey on Various Methods Based On Analysis of Energy Hole and Energy Efficiency Problems in Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: Manopriya.P.C; Sugashini.S

  49. Effect of Polypropylene Fiber on Properties of Concrete

    Authors: Vinay Kumar Singh

  50. Effects of Fashion Magazines on Women in Bahawalpur-Pakistan

    Authors: Abdul Wajid Khan; Arshad Ali; Malik Adnan; Bilal Nawaz

  51. Defending Online Password Hunch Attacks Using Persuasive Cued Click Points

    Authors: D.Lavanya; Bethini Saiteja; S. Bala Moulika; P.Rakesh Reddy

  52. Design Optimization of Oil Pan using Finite Element Analysis

    Authors: Kandru Kamalakar; Talada Suresh Prakash

  53. A Review of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS): Features and Multi-Tenant Applications

    Authors: Trilochan Kumar Patel; Menka Patel

  54. Experimental Investigation on Strength Characteristics of Binary Blended Concrete

    Authors: Hashmath; Toufeeq Anwar

  55. Requirement Elicitation for Requirement in Software Engineering

    Authors: Swathine.K; J.KomalaLakshmi

  56. Enhancement of Frequencies of Spur Gear by Mass Reduction

    Authors: Nilofar H Pathan; Vikrama Singh; Prof.P.P.Shreshtha

  57. Study of Wear Characteristics of AISI D2 Steel

    Authors: Harvinder Singh; Himpreet Singh

  58. Management, Modelling & Maintenance of water and wastewater Using GIS- A review

    Authors: Er. Devendra Dohare; Er. Gaurav R. Vaghela

  59. Bioleaching of Mining Waste of Hindustan Zinc Limited, Udaipur

    Authors: Rashmi Mishra

  60. Review Paper on Application of Variable Displacement Linkage in Radial Piston Pump

    Authors: Kekare H.T; Patil S.S.; Harugade N.V.; Pol S.S.

  61. Development of a New Technique for Performance Enhancement of Switched Reluctance Motor Drive by Torque Control

    Authors: Megha Chaple; S. B. Bodkhe

  62. Development of Hybrid Ensemble Approach for Automobile Data

    Authors: M.Govindarajan; A.Mishra

  63. Priority Based Congestion Control Protocol and Fair Rate Allocation in WSN

    Authors: Jilani Sayyad; Nitin Choudhari

  64. Single/Multiple Objective Optimization of Machining Parameter in Wire Cut Electrical Discharge Machining: An Overview

    Authors: Mayur N. Patel; H.G. Shah

  65. Computational Modeling for the Diffusion of Biosensor from Collagen Matrix into Aqueous Solution

    Authors: Snehanjani Shivakumar

  66. A Review Paper on Enhancing Flexibility for ABE through the Use of Cipher Policy Scheme with Multiple Mediators

    Authors: Sartale Mrinalini.; Tidake Bharat

  67. Evaluation of Marshall Properties of Warm Mix Asphalt using Sasobit

    Authors: Renugadevi. A

  68. Big Data: Performance Analysis of Vendor and Value Creation through Big Data Analytics

    Authors: R.Kanagalakshmi

  69. An Approach to Analysis the Reusability of the Object Oriented Software

    Authors: Ashi Jain; Anushree Asodiya; Deepak Agrawal

  70. Predicting Protein Localization Sites in Eukaryotic Cells Using Yeast Data Base through Feedforward Neural Network

    Authors: Shrikant Vyas; Dipti Upadhyay

  71. Hybrid Cloud framework for Object Storage based Geo Spatial Remote Sensing Data Processing

    Authors: Rama Naga Durga Rao Khaja; Venkateswara Rao Kota

  72. Methodology for Risk Assessment and Management of Critical Bridges

    Authors: Paresh G. Mirgal; N. G. Kulkarni

  73. Low Pass Filter Design Using Bacterial Foragaing and Particle Swarm Optimization

    Authors: Rupinder Kaur; Pooja Shrama

  74. Reducing Routing Overhead Using Neighbor Coverage Based Probabilistic Rebroadcast with Multipath Routing

    Authors: S.Kaniyappan; A.Balasubramanian

  75. A Study of Software Metrices Coupling and Cohesion

    Authors: Ashrami Shukla; Aditya Bisen

  76. Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of Electrolux Refrigeration System Coupled with IC Engine

    Authors: K.Rajasuthan; M.PalPandi

  77. Three Phase Power Factor Correction Using SEPIC In DCM With Isolation

    Authors: Tony Raju; Arun S

  78. Adsorption Studies of Nitrate on Activated Carbon derived from Helianthus Annuus

    Authors: S Santosh Reddy; Shashikant.R.Mise

  79. Design and Development of Microwave Assisted Raisin Making Grape Dryer for its Drying Constant

    Authors: Priyanaka Desai; Nilkanth Shinde

  80. Image Super-resolution using Wavelet Transform and Bicubic Interpolation

    Authors: Firdous.M. Ghante; Atul.B.Ingole

  81. Friction Stir Welding of Dissimilar materials between AA6101 Aluminium and pure Copper

    Authors: Vinayak D. Yadav; S. G. Bhatwadekar

  82. PH Based Smart Sensor for Condition Monitoring of Overhead Insulators

    Authors: Hamid Naseem; Mamoon Rashid

  83. Protection and Control of Three-Phase Induction Motor using Crouzet Millenium PLC

    Authors: K.L.Priyanka; M.Chakravarthy

  84. Performance Analysis of Adaptive modulation and Coding (AMC) based WiMAX System including MIMO Technique

    Authors: Kuldip Kumrawat; Mr Kishor Kumbhare

  85. Improved Software Development Effort Estimation Based on Fuzzy Logic Functions

    Authors: Rshma Chawla; Deepak Ahlawat; Mukesh Kumar

  86. Intermolecular Interaction in the Binary Mixture of valine with Water at 303.15 K

    Authors: S.Mirikar; P.Pawar; G.Bichile

  87. Numerical Appraisal of Heat Transfer and Flow in Concentric Annuli Permeable and Impermeable Fins by using Nanofluids

    Authors: Khalid Faisal Sultan

  88. Ecologıcal Impact Of Urban Forests (Example Of Kastamonu Urban Forest)

    Authors: Nurcan Yiğit; Ayşe Öztürk; Hakan Şevik

  89. Economic Load Distribution Among Generating Plant Using Software Based on Articial Neural Network (ANN)

    Authors: Anireh; V.I.E.; Asagba; P.O

  90. Performance Evolution of Watermarked Image Transmission over MIMO Wimax System

    Authors: Nagendra Chaturvedi; Digamber Nath Tiwari

  91. Analyzing the User Navigation Pattern from Weblogs

    Authors: P.G. Om Prakash; A.Jaya

  92. A Comparative Study of Different Inpainting Techniques

    Authors: Amol Pawar; A.P.Phatale

  93. Monitoring of Geological CO2, based on Wireless Sensor Networks

    Authors: Wagh Sushama Mohan; Devi R.J.

  94. Optimized Storage Approaches in Cloud Environment

    Authors: Sri M.Tanooj kumar; A.Radhika

  95. Effect of Madhuca Indica Biodiesel Blends on Performance and Emission Parameters in a Single Cylinder Direct Injection Compression Ignition Engine

    Authors: Hariram.V; Vagesh Shangar. R

  96. A Review Paper on Metamaterial

    Authors: Priyanka

  97. A Study of Acoustical parameters of Sodium Acetate with Amides in Ethanol at Different Temperatures

    Authors: J.Asghar F. Liakath Ali Khan; J.Udayaseelan

  98. Survey On Day or Night Activity Recognition From Video Using Fuzzy Clustering Techniques

    Authors: Swapna Arote; Suvarna Pawar

  99. A Comparative Study of Sorting Algorithm Based on Their Time Complexity

    Authors: Ayush Pathak; Abhijeet Vajpayee; Deepak Agrawal

  100. Performance of Capacitor Supported SRF based DSTATCOM in Three-Phase Four-Wire Distribution System under Linear and Non-Linear Load Condition

    Authors: Juhi Choudhary; Deepika Masand

  101. An Analytical And Probabilistic Approach For Reliability/ Cost Assessment Of A Wind Power System

    Authors: NagaRaju. Annam; Dr.Bhagwan Reddy.J; Dr.Sardar Ali

  102. Experimental Study on Torsion of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete Members with Ternary Blended Concrete

    Authors: Omer Zaheer Ahmed; Mohd Zaker

  103. Comparative Studies on Folate Production and Parameter Optimization in Fermented Milk from Yoghurt Starter Culture

    Authors: Subir Kundu; Shipra Deep

  104. Examination of Proper Randomness of the Number Generated by L. H. C. Tippett

    Authors: B. K. Sarmah; D. Chakrabarty

  105. E-maintenance : A Modern Maintenance Tool

    Authors: Sachin B. Bole; Vivekanand Swami

  106. Design and Analysis of T-Shape Dovetail for Improvement in Peripheral Velocities

    Authors: ASP Goutham; Y.Dhanasekhar

  107. An Audit of Server Hardening in Multi-Tenantarchitecture System in Cloud Computing

    Authors: Venkatesan Balu; Dr .L.Josephine Mary

  108. A Review on Gain & Bandwidth Enhancement Techniques of Microstrip Patch Antenna

    Authors: Kirankumar R. Urgunde; Hemant L. Jadhav; Amol J. Pawa