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Archived Papers for Journal

Galician Medical Journal >>

Vol.23, No.2

Publisher: Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University

Publishing Date: 2016-06-30

  1. Determination of the Need and Assessment Algorithms of the Scope of Activity of Regional Centers for Diagnosis and Treatment of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia

    Authors: A. F. Shypko

  2. Evaluation of Effectiveness of Treatment of Patients with Maxillofacial Region Injuries: Results of Clinical Monitoring

    Authors: A. O. Hryhorova

  3. Improvement of Mucogingival Osteoplasty Effectiveness in the Treatment of Patients with Severe Generalized Periodontitis by Means of Periosteum Multiple Penetration

    Authors: V. P. Piuryk; S. A. Ohiienko; Ya. V. Piuryk; T. Yu. Ohiienko

  4. Improvement of the Effectiveness of Surgical Treatment of Patients with Generalized Periodontitis and Osteopenia

    Authors: I. R. Yarmoshuk; M. M. Rozhko; L. I. Pelekhan

  5. Estimation of the Risk of Developing Dysplastic Dependent Pathology of Bronchopulmonary System in Children Considering the Complex of Regional and Environmental as well as Social and Medical Factors

    Authors: A. F. Shypko

  6. Immediate Placement of Dental Implants into Fresh Extraction Socket of Periapical Lesion with Bone Augmentation Using Growth Factors (PRGF) and Graft Bone (Bio-Oss)

    Authors: V. P. Piuryk; Shujairi Ahmed Kareem

  7. Dynamics of Changes in Marker of Surgical Stress Cortisol in Transduodenal Endoscopic Surgery Depending on Method of General Anaesthesia

    Authors: I. I. Titov; S. V. Melnyk; O. L. Tkachuk; V. V. Protas; O. M. Kopchak

  8. Efficacy of Complex Preparation of the Oral Cavity for Orthopedic Treatment

    Authors: V. M. Soldatyuk; M. M. Rozhko

  9. Assessment of Parents’ Satisfaction with Quality of Nephrology Care for Children at the Regional Level (Social Research)

    Authors: V. V. Bezruk

  10. Results of Analysis of Commission Forensic Medical Examinations of Kyiv City Clinical Bureau of Forensic Medical Examinations upon Improper Performance of Professional Duties by Medical Workers

    Authors: A. Pletenetska

  11. Forensic Medical Peculiarities of Skin Damage Caused by a Large-Caliber Bullet Cartridge of Traumatic?(Non-Lethal)?Action “Teren-12P”

    Authors: V. V. Sapielkin

  12. Endoscopic Treatment of Complex Ureteral Calculi Using Ultrasound and Laser Contact Ureteral Lithotripsy

    Authors: R. V. Stetsyshyn

  13. Relationship between Abnormalities in Neurophysiological Processes in Central and Peripheral Regions of the Retina and Clinical Parameters in Patients with Different Stages of Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma

    Authors: L. M. Stotska

  14. Methods of State Qualification Certification of Medical College Graduates in “Pharmacy” Specialty

    Authors: Y. V. Botsyurko; U. B. Sikoryn

  15. Some Aspects of Palliative Medicine Teaching to the VI-Year Students of Medicine Faculty

    Authors: A. Ye. Kryzhanivska; I. B. Diakiv

  16. Analysis of Adverse Reaction of Analgesics, Antipyretics and Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Prescribed by Physicians of Health Care Facilities in Podilskyi Region during 2015

    Authors: N. H. Stepaniuk; F. V. Hladkykh; O. V. Basarab

  17. Efficiency of Local Clinical Protocols Implementation Concerning Medical Care Delivered to Children with Neprological Pathology in Ivano-Frankivsk Region

    Authors: O. O. Dashchenko; K. R. Pavlykivska; L. Ye. Dotsenko; S. I. Yakymiv; R. S. Velychkovych; O. V. Lesiuk

  18. Characteristics of Adverse Effects in Patients with Chronic Alcoholic?Pancreatitis?and Concomitant Alcoholic Liver Cirrhosis Child-Pugh Class?A and B

    Authors: K. M. Skoropad; V. H. Mishchuk

  19. Clinical Aspects of Combination of Aesthetic Fixed Orthopedic Appliances

    Authors: Z. R. Ozhohan; A. B. Biben

  20. With?Spear, Fire and Sword ? Optimal?Combination of Surgical Methods for?Out-Patient?Treatment?of Varicose Disease

    Authors: V. V. Herasymov; E. V. Herasymova

  21. Lecture as an Active Form of Education in Medical University

    Authors: N. M. Kulaiets

  22. Organizing and Practicing the Skill of Tendon Suturing in Orthopedic Postgraduate Training

    Authors: T. M. Kovalyshyn; V. S. Sulyma

  23. Dynamics of Interleukin-4 and Interleukin-8 in Young Children with Complicated Pneumonia Secondary to Iron-Deficiency Anemia

    Authors: L. I. Haridzhuk

  24. Assessment of Risk Factors for Arterial Hypertension among the High Skilled Football Referees

    Authors: T. O. Tereshchenko

  25. Role of Changes in Ca and Mg Concentrations in the Development of Heart Rate Turbulence in People with Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Events According to the SCORE Charts

    Authors: A. I. Vytryhovskyy

  26. Forming of Political Competence in Medical Students in the Process of Learning Medical Law

    Authors: U. R. Lukach

  27. Methodical Work as Means to Improve the Educational Process at the Educational Institution

    Authors: N. V. Skrobach; O. A. Shapoval; V. Yu. Vyshyvaniuk; O. P. Romaniv

  28. Features of Conservative Treatment of Acute Pancreatitis in Elderly Patients

    Authors: R. T. Kuzenko

  29. Changes in Cognitive Functions of Pupils under Conditions of Iodine Deficiency

    Authors: N. M. Voronych-Semchenko; S. V. Varunkiv; V. A. Semchenko; V. O. Voronych

  30. Effect of Echinacea Purpurea Extract and Thiotriazoline on the Muscular Membrane of the Pyloric Part of the Stomach of Rats under the Action of Epichlorohydrin

    Authors: A. S. Smirnov; S. N. Smirnov; M. A. Mirzebasov