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Archived Papers for Journal

Construction, materials science, mechanical engineering >>

Vol.1, No.71

Publisher: SHEE

Publishing Date: 2013-09-24

  1. The use of the voice signal analysis of the results of research using Diagnoscope and Voiceprints in sekyuritologii

    Authors: Y. Pivovarskij; R. Rodasik

  2. International preventive and counter-measures against the chemical and biological terrorism


  3. Highlight local technogenic-loaded sections of the territory of Dnepropetrovsk-way to ensure the safe operation of buildings and structures

    Authors: S. V. Begichev; А. S. Ishutina

  4. Determination of the thermal radiation intensity in the workplace, taking into account irradiance heat sources

    Authors: А. S. Belikov; V. A. Shalomov; S. Y. Rahim

  5. Improved safety of construction projects by reducing the fire danger of building designs and materials

    Authors: А. S. Belikov; V. A. Shalomov; Е. А. Shirokova; S. Y. Rahim; А. М. Kravchuk

  6. The methodology of the study aimed at assessing the state of the structures and the materials from which they are made with the use of special coatings

    Authors: А. S. Belikov; V. A. Shalomov; Е. A. Shirokova; S. Y. Ragіmov; Y. F. Statsenko

  7. Model of the emergence and development of a security breach of the rescue

    Authors: D. А. Burmese; N. К. Мodin

  8. Adsorption halohenzamischennyh indazolu the iron electrode and their performance in inhobuyucha sirkovodenvmisnyh electrolyte solutions

    Authors: V. Н. Voloshin; V. S. Skopenko; V. V. Voloshina

  9. Modification of humic substances for plasticizing of concrete mixtures and protect the valve from electrochemical corrosion

    Authors: V. F. Voloshin; V. S. Skopenko; V. V. Voloshina

  10. New humic substances for plasticizing concrete and inhibition casing in sirkovodenvmisnyh electrolytes

    Authors: V. F. Voloshin; V. S. Skopenko; V. V. Voloshina

  11. Adsorption poliaminoefiriv the iron electrode and their inhibitory effect in electrolyte solutions sirkovodenvmisnyh

    Authors: V. F. Voloshin; V. S. Skopenko; V. V. Voloshina

  12. Electrochemical and complexation properties of humic substances

    Authors: V. F. Voloshin; V. S. Skopenko; V. V. Voloshina

  13. Electrochemical processes humic substances with the casing and concrete constructions in underground electrolytes

    Authors: V. F. Voloshin; V. S. Skopenko; V. V. Voloshina

  14. Environmental biotechnology utilization of industrial wastes

    Authors: S. М. Germash; V. A. Gerasimenko; G. G. Runova

  15. Analysis of the scientific works of outstanding scientists on the methodology of risk management in manufacturing

    Authors: E. V. Gnennaya

  16. Conditions of work in the open and cabinet type offices

    Authors: А. N. GUSEV

  17. On the issue of safety in the construction of vertical steel tanks

    Authors: L. М. Didenko; E. А. Fishing

  18. The impact factor of constraint on the level of security in the repair and reconstruction of water supply systems

    Authors: L. М. Didenko; A. A. Klimenko

  19. Analysis of occupational injuries in the industry

    Authors: S. P. Dmitryuk

  20. Improving the method of investigation of causality phenomenon of occupational injuries at the food enterprises

    Authors: О. V. Evtushenko

  21. Some areas of work and to reduce the prediction of electromagnetic load on the production environment

    Authors: A. I. Zaporozhets; B. D. Khalmuradov; V. А. Gliva; L. A. Levchenko

  22. Disciplines human health and safety in the curricula of technical schools

    Authors: N. D. Kaslin; A. I. Bogatov

  23. Effect of heat transfer coefficient on the unexposed surface of the accuracy of the determination of fire resistance characteristics of walls of sandwich panels

    Authors: Е. V. Kackar; A. І. Kovalev

  24. Calculation method for conformity of metal structure on the level of corrosion hazard

    Authors: V. P. Korolev; Y. V. Filatov; N. G. Magunova

  25. On the issue of hazardous industrial waste in road construction

    Authors: E. V. Kraynyuk; Y. V. Buts; V. G. Kobzіn

  26. Combining redundant information for the purpose of spatial environmental monitoring

    Authors: Y. V. Kulyavets; A. І. Bogatov; E. А. Ermakova

  27. Risk assessment of the impact of air pollution on the health of the population of a large industrial city

    Authors: V. V. Nazarova

  28. Application baromembrane water treatment technology for steam and hot water boilers in order to reduce the anthropogenic impact on water sources

    Authors: V. N. Derevianko; N. P. Nechitailo; D. Е. Tyupa

  29. Creation of normal health and safety conditions in the synthesis and study of the physical properties of rare-earth metals dodecaboride

    Authors: V. V. Odintsov; E. V. Koren

  30. New ways of processing phosphogypsum as environmentally hazardous raw materials

    Authors: D. S. Pikarenya; O. V. Orlinskaya; I. V. Chushkina; G. V. Gapich; R. V. Isaenko

  31. The question of reliability and stability in the context of safety of Economy

    Authors: M. M. Plis; M. M. Plis; M. V. Rogalov

  32. Occupational safety - an important element in the preparation of engineering mechanics of agricultural machinery

    Authors: E. Y. Prasolov; Т. G. Lapenko

  33. Determination of ergonomic parameters when assessing the risk of mechanized processes in the AIC

    Authors: Y. P. Rogach; О. V. Grankina; S. V. Golovin; V. L. Lushenkov

  34. Problems of wastewater treatment from heavy metal ions in industrial centers

    Authors: T. I. Stepanenko; V. G. Lenskij; I. A. Demidov

  35. Radiological exploration and control in various industries

    Authors: Ya. V. Stepnevska; L. O. Botalov

  36. Addressing energy efficiency and environmental problems in the thermal power industry, taking into account teplogoeksergeticheskogo analysis

    Authors: Е. E. Strezhekurov; V. A. Shalomov; О. A. Vergun; І. S. Dolgopolov; Е. D. Khmelnitsky; L. О. Sovgir

  37. Thermal initiation of mechanical methods of separation of unwanted emulsions

    Authors: E. Е. Strezhekurov; V. А. Shalomov; Yu. N. Fedorchenko; А. M. Pavlenko; А. V. Koshlak; І. А. Poslayko

  38. Energy conservation as an effective direction of addressing environmental environmental issues

    Authors: Е. E. Strezhekurov; V. А. SHALOMOV; V. N. Poltoratskaya; А. А. Antonova

  39. The study of occupational injuries in the construction industry with the use of a systematic approach

    Authors: Т. N. Tairov

  40. On the need for a comprehensive assessment of the state of air in residential and public areas

    Authors: V. I. Fomenko; N. V. Gilman

  41. On the experience of the organization of educational process on labor protection

    Authors: V. І. Fomenko; N. V. Gilman

  42. Lowering the groundwater level in the areas of influence in the recessed structure

    Authors: V. A. Tsymbal

  43. Critical infrastructure analysis and research directions of Ukraine of objects of life-support systems

    Authors: V. N. Cherneta; Y. Е. Varadinova

  44. The dependence of the cost and complexity of work to restore the facade thermal insulation of houses on the degree of damage

    Authors: V. Т. Shalennyi; К. B. Dikarev; G. S. Nizhnikovsky; А. A. Skokova

  45. Ros device technology of earthquake resistant masonry structures with the completion of a frame building made of reinforced concrete

    Authors: V. Т. Shalennyi; А. А. Kovalev; А. І. Shaitanov

  46. Environmental effects of the transformation of the soil by applying to the surface of the slag

    Authors: Т. F. Yakovishina