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Archived Papers for Journal

International Research Journal of Advanced Engineering and Science (IRJAES) >>

Vol.2, No.2

Publisher: International Research Journal of Advanced Engineering and Science (IRJAES)

Publishing Date: 2017-04-07

  1. Effect of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Zinc Nutrition on Spike and Floret Development in Gladiolus

    Authors: R. L. Rao; Ram Rakha; Rannajay Singh; Rajeev Kumar; Kiran Singh

  2. Studies on Grouping of Gladiolus Genotypes in Clustering Magnitude

    Authors: Ram Rakha; Rananjay Singh; Kiran Singh

  3. Efficient Cluster Formation and Cluster Head Selection for WSN

    Authors: Priyanka P

  4. Demolition and Construction

    Authors: Bala Meena; Er. Amit Choudhary

  5. Dissipative Heat and Mass Transfer in Porous Medium Due to Continuously Moving Plate in Presence of Magnetic Field with Constant Heat and Mass Flux

    Authors: R. K. Dhal; Banamali Jena; M. Mariappan

  6. An Introduction of Data Logger Management Centre

    Authors: Anshul Srivastava; Anuj Jain

  7. Well Trajectory Optimization of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Reservoirs by the Use of Adjoint-Based Optimization Technique

    Authors: A. A. Shamsuddeen; H. Ismail; Z. Z. Ibrahim

  8. Bounds for the Moduli of Zeros of Polynomials

    Authors: M. H. Gulzar; Shaista Bashir

  9. Properties of (σ, δ)-Rings

    Authors: Meeru Abrol

  10. Performance and Emission Analysis on Compression Ignition Engine Using MTBE and TBA

    Authors: Jeevakrishnan.S; Jegan.R; Saravanakumar.B

  11. Antibiogram of Milk Sample Clinically Affected from Mastitis: A Case Study

    Authors: Subha Ganguly

  12. Detection of Real-Time Traffic through Twitter Stream Analysis

    Authors: Mahesh V. Bhosale; Ashish Adinath Vankudre

  13. Comparative Performance Analysis of AEC using Adaptive Filter and Linear Prediction Filter

    Authors: Manisha; Rajender Kumar

  14. Study of Properties of Self Compacting Concrete with Micro Steel Fibers and Alccofine

    Authors: Bletty Baby; Jerry Anto

  15. Experimental Investigation of Properties of Self-Compacting Concrete with Polypropylene Fibers and Metakaolin

    Authors: Anu Jacob; Anumod A S

  16. North Korea - An Aggressor or A Victim of Cold-War between the Super Powers (US, China & Russia) – A Critical Review

    Authors: Anand Sagar

  17. Attacks on African Students in India – A Critical Review

    Authors: Anand Sagar

  18. Assessment of Groundwater Quality and Suitability Analysis for Irrigation Purpose, Cuddalore District, Tamilnadu

    Authors: B. Kumaravel

  19. Invitro Antibacterial Activity of Lichens against Oral Microorganism of Herbivorous and Carnivorous Animals

    Authors: Priyadarshini P A; Pruthvi B; Ramya B R; Marudwati J

  20. A Comprehensive Analysis of the Chemical Characteristics of Municipal Solid Waste in Agartala City

    Authors: Tarun Kanti Debnath; Manish Pal; Pankaj Kr. Roy; Joyanta Pal

  21. Performance Improvement for Direct Torque Control Induction Motor Drives

    Authors: Abhinav G. Khandekar; J. G. Chaudhari

  22. Indian Higher Technical Education Scenario, Issues, Challenges and Achievable Suggestion

    Authors: Mahesh Waghmare; Mandar Datar; Rajendra Hire

  23. Trend of Financial Ratios in the Business Failure Process

    Authors: Inmaculada Jimeno García

  24. Space Vector Approach for Direct Torque Control Induction Motor drive

    Authors: Manjari D. Asutkar; Jagdish G. Chaudhari; S. B. Bodkhe

  25. Regenerative Braking in an Elevator Using Supercapacitor

    Authors: Priyanka Kubade; S. K. Umathe; D. R .Tutakne

  26. Magno-Peller Hydro Turbine

    Authors: Ujjawal Kohli; Vaibhav Mishra; Gagan Bansal; Manan Vohra

  27. To Control and Monitor Variable Frequency Drives Using PLC for Various Applications

    Authors: Ankush S. Dharkar; P. M. Daigavane

  28. Buckling Analysis and Parametric Study of Hemispherical and Pointed Domes with Lamella and Diamatic Configuration

    Authors: Nahar A N; Biby Aleyas

  29. Study of Properties of High Strength Concrete Prepared By Partial Replacement of Cement with GGBS

    Authors: Sreejith Haridas; Shaji M Jamal

  30. Studies on Growth Behaviour, Flower Quality and Commercialization of Floribunda Rose Varieties

    Authors: Kiran Singh; Rajeev Kumar; Ram Rakha

  31. Experimental Study on Strength and Durability of M60 mix with Metakaolin as an Admixture in Brine Solution

    Authors: Rosmy mol Vargheese; Sreeja S

  32. Alternate Source of Energy in Metro Trains Using Piezoelectric Materials

    Authors: Ankur Srivastava; Kanupriya Jain; Saurav Suman; Neeraj Kant

  33. Seismic Performance of Hyperbolic Paraboloid and Inverted Spherical Shell Foundation

    Authors: Shareena Shoukath; Rajesh A K

  34. Experimental Comparison between the Plain Reinforced Concrete Beam and High Performance Reinforced Concrete Beam

    Authors: Sanjay Gupta

  35. Parametric Analysis of Steel beam using Roark’s Computer Aided Design

    Authors: Sanjay Gupta

  36. Behaviour of Corner Beam Column Joint with Rectangular Spiral Reinforcement and Longitudinal FRP Bars

    Authors: Athira P; Remya Raju

  37. Analytical and Parametric Study of Double Box Girder

    Authors: Saumya E; Biby Aleyas

  38. Performance of High Strength Concrete Prepared by Partially Replacing Fine Aggregate with Bottom Ash

    Authors: Kylasnath M; Ranjan Abraham

  39. Finite Element Analysis of Elastomeric Bearing

    Authors: Febymol K B; Rohini G Nair

  40. Electromagnetic Metal Collecting AGV

    Authors: S. Pradeep; V. Sasikumar; K. Sivaguru; J. Yogaraj; R. Yuvaraj

  41. A Study on the Strength and Durability of Concrete with Partial Replacement of Cement by Fly Ash and Fine Aggregates by Copper Slag

    Authors: Jinson Markose; Sreeja S

  42. Role of Celebrity Endorsement in Advertisement: A Study of Cold Drink

    Authors: Ashok Kumar

  43. Analytical Study on Seismic Stability of Different Foundation Connection

    Authors: Ashida K M; Yedhu Krishnan

  44. A Parametric Study on the Effect of Multi-Corrugated Web Profile on the Performance of Steel Beam Section

    Authors: Anna Baby; Kiran Jacob

  45. Thermal and Thermo Hydraulic Performance of Three Sides Artificially Roughened Solar Air Heaters

    Authors: Ashwini Kumar; B. N. Prasad; K. D. P. Singh

  46. Localization in IoT- A Review

    Authors: Ruchi Arora; Neeti Kashyap

  47. A Novel Image Encryption Scheme based on Elliptic Curve and Rubik‟s Cube

    Authors: Salma Bendaoud; Fatima Amounas; El Hassan El Kinani

  48. Development of a Framework for Improving the Usability and Accessibility of Universities’ Postgraduate Websites

    Authors: ADEGBOYE; Olujoba James; CHRIS-ALOFE; Mary Folasade

  49. Information Retrieval Models, Techniques and Applications

    Authors: Olalere A. Abass; Oluremi A. Arowolo

  50. Implementation of Direct Torque Control Induction Motor Drive using MATLAB

    Authors: Jagdish G. Chaudhari; Sanjay B. Bodkhe

  51. Results in Generalized Hyperbolic Functions

    Authors: S. Nagamani

  52. A Survey on Brainwaves and Its Analytics

    Authors: Shankar Kantharaj; Saidutt Sharma

  53. Finite Element Analysis of Floor Deck Using Cold Formed Steel

    Authors: Bismi Shajahan; Remya Raju

  54. Design the structure of the Wireless Recharging for Wireless Sensor Network

    Authors: Samta Jain Goyal; Rajeev Goyal

  55. Current Internet Architecture Comparison with NDN based on TCP/IP

    Authors: Rajeev Goyal; Samta Jain Goyal

  56. Effect of Pylon Shape on the Seismic Response of Curved and Straight Cable Stayed Bridges

    Authors: Almas M A; Rajesh A K

  57. On Quasilinearization Method for Hybrid Caputo Fractional Differential Equations

    Authors: V. Radhika

  58. Experimental Investigation of Convective Heat Transfer through Rough and Smooth Surfaced Aluminium 6063 Pin-Fin Apparatus

    Authors: P. Kaviyarasu; C. Saravanan

  59. Performance and Emission Characteristics of CI Engine by Varying Injection Pressure & Timing Using Rice Bran Oil Biodiesel Blends

    Authors: R. Ravichandran; T. Senthil Kumar; B. Kumaragurubaran

  60. Analyzing the Parameters of SS 304 using TIG Welding

    Authors: Devendran; Sujay; Sangamithirai; Mohamed Thameem; Hari Kumaraan

  61. Pipe Measuring and Marking Machine

    Authors: Devendran; Muralidharan; Prabhu; Naveen Prashad; Kishore

  62. Heat and Mass Transfer Effects on MHD Free Convection Flow over an Inclined and Exponentially Accelerated Plate Embedded in Porous Medium with Heat Source

    Authors: R. K. Dhal; Banamali Jena; P. M. Sreekumar

  63. Assessing the Accuracy of GIS Based Multicriteria Decision Analysis for the Location of Health Care Facilities

    Authors: Bashir Ishak Yakubu; Abubakar Shaikh Danjuma; Ojuola Ajoke Abimbola

  64. Dattani’s Tara: A Reflection on Indian Society on Injustice and Inequality Bias towards Women

    Authors: Jayanthi Rajendran; Samina Mushharraf

  65. Parametric Study on the Effect of a Domestic Wind Catcher-Solar Chimney System for Arid Regions

    Authors: Hauna Ansar; Ajith Kumar Arumugham-Achari; Jobin Johnson

  66. Semantic Similarity between Documents Using Tree View Ontology

    Authors: Anju Kundu; Mamta Kathuria

  67. Modulus Approach of Image Steganography

    Authors: Kirti

  68. An Energy Efficient Cost Aware Virtual Machine Migration Approach for the Cloud Environment

    Authors: Trapti Aadkane; Sandeep Monga

  69. An Investigation and FEA Analysis of Dissimilar Joints with Alloy Steel and SS409

    Authors: C. Sasidharan; A. Mohan Kumar; J. Jayakumar

  70. To Optimize Model of Elbow Draft Tube for Maximizing Efficiency

    Authors: Jitendra Gupta; Santosh Sahu

  71. Statistical Interpretation on Alzheimer's Disease

    Authors: Juhwan Suh

  72. Water Quality of Houses in 13 Municipalities in the State of Mexico

    Authors: Esperanza Robles; Lorena Flores; Blanca Martìnez; Guadalupe Sáinz; Ángel Durán; Elizabeth Ramírez; Ma. Elena González

  73. An ECG Beat Classification Using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System

    Authors: Pramod R. Bokde

  74. Effect of Filler Wire on Properties of Dissimilar Welding of SA213TP-347H with SA213 T23

    Authors: O. K. Thirugnanasambandam; T. Senthil Kumar

  75. Study on the Properties of Alumina Based Sulfur Concrete Made with Waste Granite Aggregates

    Authors: Varsha Shaji; Chinku Alphons Tom

  76. The Economic, Social, and Environmental Benefits of Monolithic Form Work Systems in Construction

    Authors: Ibrahim Salloum