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Archived Papers for Proceeding

5th International Conference on Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability (IMES)

Publisher: Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze

Editors: Ondřej Dvouletý; Martin Lukeš; Jan Mísař

ISBN: 978-80-245-2216-6

Date: 2017-05-22 - 2017-05-23

Conference Venue: Prague, Czech Republic Czech Republic

Proceeding URL:

  1. Financial Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development in Lagos State of Nigeria: Challenges and Prospects for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises

    Authors: Chukwunonye Anyakoha, Chinyere Nwolisa

  2. The Analysis of Variables Influencing Satisfaction and Motivation of Employees in The Working Process

    Authors: Radovan Bačík, Richard Fedorko, Jakub Horváth, Marek Propper

  3. The Role of Social Media in the Light of Building a Strong Online Brand Awareness

    Authors: Radovan Bačík, Ludovit Nastisin, Beata Gavurova

  4. Support of Innovation Activity of SME as a Factor of Competitiveness Growth of Slovak Republic

    Authors: Irina Bondareva, Jana Plchová

  5. Innovative Entrepreneurship in Poland against European Countries

    Authors: Arkadiusz Borowiec

  6. The Impact of the Presence of a Code of Ethics on the Economic Prosperity of a Company

    Authors: Zdeněk Caha, Marek Vokoun

  7. Implementing Sustainability in a Large Mining Community: Sudbury (Canada) - From Cluster to Innovation Center

    Authors: Jean-Charles Cachon

  8. A Comparative Analysis of Direct Marketing Strategies Used by Retail Chains in the Pardubice Region

    Authors: Jan Chocholáč

  9. Increasing the Competitiveness and Performance of Enterprises Focusing on Innovation Activity – Empirical Survey

    Authors: Simona Činčalová

  10. Innovative Digital Communication of Small and Medium Wine Companies in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany

    Authors: Lucia Coskun, Branislav Mišota, Jozef Chajdiak

  11. Organizational Development: Case of Retail Enterprises Structure

    Authors: Igor Denisov, Alexander L. Bobkov

  12. The Role of Global Cities in Creation of Innovative Industry Sectors. Case Study – Life Sciences Sector

    Authors: Sławomir Dorocki, Piotr Raźniak, Anna Winiarczyk-Raźniak, Marta Boguś

  13. Key Competencies in Sustainability: Assessment of Selected Academic Programmes in Management

    Authors: Nataliya Dubrovskaya, Felipe Martinez

  14. Foreign Direct Investments as a Tool of the Expansion of Chinese Corporations in V4 Countries

    Authors: Tomas Dudas

  15. Are Publicly Supported Companies in the Czech Food and Drink Industry Performing Better? Initial Findings from the Microdata

    Authors: Ondřej Dvouletý, Ivana Blažková

  16. Who Is Really Residing in the Czech Business Incubators?

    Authors: Ondřej Dvouletý, Michal Andera, Martin Lukeš, Zuzana Oravcová

  17. Entrepreneurship Lost and Found

    Authors: Daniel Ericsson, Patrik Persson

  18. Analytical View of the Determinants that Affect the Customer Satisfaction in Accommodation Business Based on Online Customer Reviews

    Authors: Richard Fedorko, Radovan Bačík, Jakub Horváth

  19. The Analysis of the Importance of Online and Offline Marketing Communication Tools when Searching for Business Entities from the Point of View of Consumers

    Authors: Richard Fedorko, Radovan Bačík, Jakub Horváth, Ján Mihál

  20. The Impact of Selected Changes in Business Environment on Small Enterprises in the Czech Republic

    Authors: Vendula Fialová, Andrea Kolková, Andrea Folvarčná, Radim Maňák

  21. Technology Innovations as Drivers of Hotel Attractiveness

    Authors: Tamara Floričić, Nadia Pavia

  22. New Approaches to Optimization of Logistic Processes

    Authors: Ivo Formánek, Radim Farana

  23. Supporting Sustainability and Innovation by Value-oriented Leadership

    Authors: Patricia Girrbach

  24. CSR as a Marketing Area of Higher Education Stakeholders

    Authors: Hanna Hall

  25. Project Management In the Czech Republic: Is It Time for Innovation?

    Authors: Majra Hodžić, Helena Hrůzová

  26. Factors Affecting Performance of Employees in SMEs

    Authors: Darja Holátová

  27. What Drives Student Entrepreneurs? Guesss Evidence from V4 Countries

    Authors: Marian Holienka, Peter Gal, Zuzana Kovacicova

  28. Utilization of Financial Support Programs by Slovak Enterprises

    Authors: Lenka Hvolková, Vladimíra Klementová

  29. Application of Mystery Calling Method in Car Dealerships – Polish-Czech Research

    Authors: Katarzyna Hys, Liliana Hawrysz, Roman Kozel, Šárka Vilamová

  30. Evaluating Level of Enterprise Innovativeness Through Innovation Ratios

    Authors: Hana Janáková, Róbert Tomčík

  31. Building Lean Bodies With Lean Management: Implementation of Lean Principles in Entrepreneurship

    Authors: Jan Janečka, Felipe Martinez

  32. Developing Entrepreneurial Skills under the Current Conditions of the Educational System

    Authors: Filip Ježek, Zdeněk Vavrečka

  33. Do Management Innovations Yield in Higher Employees’ Satisfaction?

    Authors: Kateřina Jiřinová, Lucie Vrbová

  34. Category Management Implementation in The Retail Market of Fast-moving Consumer Goods

    Authors: Larisa Mikhailovna Kapustina, Andrei Drevalev, Karolina Ilyenkova

  35. Risk in the Internationalisation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises – Selected Aspects

    Authors: Witold Kasperkowiak, Joanna Małecka, Teresa Łuczka

  36. State Support System of Innovations in Slovakia

    Authors: Ladislav Klement

  37. Design Thinking: The Case of Banking Services

    Authors: Cyril Klepek

  38. Entrepreneurship on the Financial Markets Based on the Selected Indicator Technical Analysis

    Authors: Andrea Kolková

  39. Innovation and Quality as the Tools for Managing for the Sustained Success

    Authors: Marcela Kovaľová

  40. The Influence of Diversity on Organizational Effectiveness

    Authors: Laurencia Krismadewi

  41. Barriers of Using Corporate Social Networks in the Czech Republic

    Authors: Markéta Kubálková

  42. Research and Development Performance Management and Managerial Tools

    Authors: Marie Kubáňková, Jaroslava Hyršlová, Jan Nedělník

  43. Employment of Foreigners in Poland from the Point of View of Entrepreneurs - Opole Voivodeship Study

    Authors: Sabina Kubiciel-Lodzińska

  44. The Value Orientation of the Czech Companies in the Frame of Sustainable Corporate Responsibility

    Authors: Dušan Kučera, Jana Müllerová

  45. Corporate Sustainability Reporting

    Authors: Vilém Kunz, Štěpánka Hronová

  46. Causal Alternate Pathways for High Performance. A Study of University Spin-offs from Poland

    Authors: Anna Kwiotkowska

  47. Women on Boards: Does Gender Composition Affect Financial Results of Companies?

    Authors: Jolanta Maj

  48. Newconnect as a Source of Financing for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

    Authors: Joanna Małecka

  49. Reflection of Ethical Principles in Czech Codes of Ethics

    Authors: Radim Maňák, Martina Nikolskaja, Tomáš Tykva, Monika Jones

  50. The Effect of Gender, Age and Education on Entrepreneurial Curiosity

    Authors: Miha Marič, Ivan Todorović, Mladen Cudanov, Gašper Jordan

  51. Interrelation between Corporate Social Responsibility and Company Performance

    Authors: Maria Markhaichuk

  52. Startups Role in National Industry 4.0 Implementation

    Authors: Felipe Martinez, Ivana Svobodová, Miroslav Lorenc

  53. South Moravian SME´s Performance in Relation to Maturity of Leadership: Results of a Quantitative Research Study

    Authors: Lukáš Mazánek, Jan Pekárek, Josef Veselý

  54. Challenges in Promoting Migrant Entrepreneurship: First Empirical Evidence from Germany

    Authors: Hartmut–Heinrich Meyer, Anna Pilková

  55. Using Competitive Technical Intelligence Patent Search Methods to Uncover Automotive Industry Trends

    Authors: Zdeněk Molnár, Jan Černý

  56. Technology and Knowledge Transfer as Third Mission Activities at the Slovak Universities

    Authors: Danka Moravčíková, Štefan Rehák, Martina Hanová, Libor Vozár

  57. Wine Marketing: The Case of Micro and Small Wine Companies in the Czech Republic

    Authors: Anastasia Murínová

  58. Environmental Responsibility in Marketing Activities of Companies

    Authors: Zdenka Musová, Hussam Musa

  59. Early and Fast Internationalisation of High-tech Start-up Firms

    Authors: Michael Neubert, Augustinus (Stijn) van der Krogt

  60. International Pricing Strategies of High-tech Start-up Firms

    Authors: Michael Neubert

  61. Sustainbility in the Economic Sense

    Authors: David Novak

  62. The Innovation Centers Development in the Regional Context of Russia

    Authors: Ekaterina Panarina

  63. Innovative Development for Northern Regions: Russian Case

    Authors: Svetlana Panikarova, Maxim Vlasov

  64. CSR and Tax Planning: Case Study of Football Club

    Authors: Igor Perechuda, Assidi Soufiene

  65. Regional Aspects of Inclusive Entrepreneurship in Slovakia: GEM Evidence

    Authors: Anna Pilková, Juraj Mikuš, Marian Holienka

  66. The Role of Organizational Culture in the Process Reorientation of the Company

    Authors: Natalia Potoczek, Anna Ujwary-Gil

  67. Effective, but Inefficient? Public Support Granted to Social Enterprises for Employment

    Authors: Oto Potulka

  68. Innovation Strategy and Access to Capital in SME and Large Companies – Evidence from Survey

    Authors: Katarzyna Prędkiewicz

  69. Trends and Problems of Investment in Intellectual Capital in Russian Economy

    Authors: Irina Prosvirina, Aleksey Ivanov, Galina Ostapenko

  70. Assessment of the Innovation Factors Impact on Economic Growth in Russian Regions

    Authors: Svetlana Rastvortseva

  71. Innovative Industry Sectors in World Economic Centers

    Authors: Piotr Raźniak, Sławomir Dorocki, Anna Winiarczyk-Raźniak

  72. Sustainable Entrepreneurship: How to Measure Future Sustainability Impact for Early Stage New Ventures

    Authors: Malte Recker, Ingo Michelfelder

  73. Do Senior Entrepreneurs Differ from Youth Entrepreneurs? Evidences from Global Entrepreneurship Monitor.

    Authors: Ján Rehák, Anna Pilková, Zuzana Jančovičová, Marian Holienka

  74. Organizational Culture of SMEs in Serbia, Influence of National Culture on Entrepreneurial Leadership Style and Philosophy

    Authors: Dusanka Rodic, Ondrej Jasko, Mladen Cudanov

  75. The Economic Consequences of Students Inflow for Local Enterprises

    Authors: Diana Rokita-Poskart

  76. Critical Evaluation of Czech Municipal Spending Predictive Models

    Authors: Pavel Rousek

  77. Life Cycle Assessment – A Tool for Evaluating the Level of Technological Eco-innovation

    Authors: Magdalena Rybaczewska-Błażejowska

  78. The Role of the Academic Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Building Entrepreneurial and Innovation Potential. Conclusions from Chosen Polish Universities

    Authors: Anna Sęk

  79. Corporate Social Responsibility from the Perspective of Companies Providing Express Courier Services in the Czech Republic

    Authors: Dana Sommerauerová, Tomáš Kučera, Jaroslava Hyršlová

  80. Sustainabilty Information from Swedish Tourism Companies – What, Where and for Whom?

    Authors: Anna Sörensson

  81. Strategic Management of Open Innovation in the Service Sector

    Authors: Miroslav Špaček

  82. Business Ethics in CEE: Analysis of Research Results

    Authors: Włodzimierz Sroka, Richárd Szántó

  83. Nepotism and Favoritism in the Steel Sector: Are These Phenomena Prevalent?

    Authors: Włodzimierz Sroka, Jolita Vveinhardt

  84. The Role of Sensory Marketing in Product Innovation

    Authors: Adriana Starostová

  85. Job Satisfaction in the Czech Republic

    Authors: Marek Stříteský, Václav Stříteský

  86. Using Kohonen's Neural Networks to Identify the Bankruptcy of Enterprises: Case Study Based on Construction Companies in South Bohemian Region

    Authors: Petr Šuleř

  87. Exploring the Impact of Knowledge Management Process On Innovation By Means of Structural Equation Modeling: A Research in Automotive Industry

    Authors: Çağatan Taşkın, Dilek Taşkın

  88. Exploring the Influence of Entrepreneurship Personality On Entrepreneurial Intention: A Research in Turkey

    Authors: Çağatan Taşkın, Onur Öztürk, Ahmet Akif Karadamar

  89. Does Envy Influence the Enterprise Potential and the Entrepreneurial Intentions?

    Authors: Edit Terek, Milan Nikolić, Dragan Cockalo, Sanja Božić, Aleksandra Nastasić

  90. Are Customers Ready for Evolving Digital Disruption?: Empirical Evidence from Banking Sector of Serbia

    Authors: Vesna Tornjanski, Mladen Cudanov

  91. The Topography of Intra-organizational Networks

    Authors: Anna Ujwary-Gil, Natalia Potoczek

  92. Necessity Driven Entrepreneurs. Does Unemployment and Precarious Employment Lead to Increasing Entrepreneurial Intentions Among Young People in Spain?

    Authors: Mihaela Vancea, Mireia Utzet

  93. New Business Model Innovations and Collaborations to Support the Circular Economy

    Authors: Vesela Veleva, Gavin Bodkin

  94. Knowledge-generation Strategies in the Real Sector of the Economy: Russian Case

    Authors: Maxim Vlasov, Svetlana Panikarova

  95. Inventory Management Using Artificial Neural Networks in a Concrete Case

    Authors: Marek Vochozka

  96. Modeling the Future Development of Top Company Indicator EVA Equity Using Indicator Breakdown and Sensitivity Analysis on an Example of a Specific Company

    Authors: Jaromír Vrbka

  97. "The Key Is We" – Refining Co-creation Indicators to Assess Innovation Processes

    Authors: Christina Weber, Klaus Sailer

  98. Barriers to Green Products Purchase – from Polish Consumer Perspective

    Authors: Lucyna Witek

  99. Open Innovation Intermediaries – Current Roles and Benefits

    Authors: Marián Zajko

  100. Long Tail Theory Validity On Secondary Cultural Goods Market

    Authors: Martin Zelený, Jan Hanzlík

  101. Trends in the Area of Responsibility and Justice in the Activities of Enterprises: Implications for The V4 Countries

    Authors: Wojciech Zysk

  102. Behavior Dimensions: An Organizational Study

    Authors: Zafar Ansari Yalman