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Archived Papers for Journal


Vol.16, No.1

Publisher: Marco González Tous

Publishing Date: 2011-01-04

  1. ¿Quién puede ser autor de un artículo científico? ¿Yo, tú, el, ellos, nosotros? ¿Quién sabe?

    Authors: Salim Mattar V; Marco Gonzalez T.

  2. Distribution of ectoparasites of Canis lupus familiaris L. (Carnivora: Canidae) from Panama

    Authors: Sergio Bermúdez C; Roberto Miranda C

  3. Effects of high temperature on production in layer chickens supplemented with vitamins C and E

    Authors: Joachim Ajakaiye J; Alcides Pérez B; Angel Mollineda T

  4. Effect of supplementing with protected fat on meat production and quality of mexican dual purpose steers

    Authors: Juan Reyes D; Omar Hernandez M; Efrén Ramírez B; Isabel Guerrero L; Gilberto Aranda O; German Mendoza M

  5. Tolerance to heat and atmospheric humidity of different breeds groups of cattle

    Authors: José Espinoza V; Ricardo Ortega P; Alejandro Palacios E; Ariel Guillén T

  6. Dental enamel micro-hardness for permanent central incisors in two beef cattle genotypes

    Authors: Eduardo Fernandez T; Nidia Abbiati C; Jorge Cabrera A; Rubén Martínez M

  7. Induced spawning of Pimelodus pictus with carp hypophysis extract (CHE) and Ovaprim®

    Authors: Elizabeth Aya B; José Arias C

  8. Some aspects of the population dynamics of the crevalle jack Caranx hippos (pisces: carangidae) in Bocas de Ceniza, colombian Caribbean

    Authors: Itala Caiafa H; Juan Narv

  9. Stational variation on seminal characteristics in bagre rayado Pseudoplatystoma metaense (Telostei, pimelodidae)

    Authors: Juan Ramirez-Merlano; Víctor Medina-Robles; Pablo Cruz-Casallas

  10. Trophic ecology of Brycon henni (Pisces: Characidae) in the Portugal de Piedras river, upper Cauca basin, Colombia

    Authors: Alvaro Botero-Botero; Hern

  11. Aflatoxicosis in chinchillas (Chinchilla lanigera)

    Authors: Sandra Cepeda A; Hansen Murcia G; Gonzalo Diaz G

  12. Activation and comparative kinetics of Ovis aries plasmin with human plasmin

    Authors: Omaira Cañas B; Alfonso Quijano P; Fernando Arbelaez R

  13. Performance of growing swines fed with a diet containing rice subproducts

    Authors: Victor Hurtado N; Rita Nobre S; Julien Chiquieri

  14. Expected progeny difference as a tool for selection for weaning weight in Brahman cattle

    Authors: Donicer Montes V; Oscar Vergara G; Wilson Barrag

  15. Etection of heavy metals in cattle, in the valleys of the Sinu and San Jorge rivers, department of Cordoba, Colombia

    Authors: Aura Madero G; José Marrugo N

  16. Residual organochlorinated compounds in two fish species from Ciénaga Grande del Bajo Sinú, Córdoba, Colombia

    Authors: Edineldo Lans C; Basilio Díaz P; Manuel Paez M

  17. The bovine genome, methods and results of its analysis

    Authors: Janeth Ortega T; Luís García P