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Archived Papers for Journal


Vol.18, No.2

Publisher: Marco González Tous

Publishing Date: 2013-05-01

  1. Emerging zoonosis of a novel avian influenza A (H7N9) Virus. Are we prepared in the neotropics?

    Authors: Salim Mattar V; Marco Gonzalez T.

  2. Microbiota of Vibrio sp. in the hepatopancreas of cultured white pacific shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei)

    Authors: Renata Albuquerque C; Giselle Cristina S; Rayza Lima A; Edirsana Maria RC; Regine Helena SFV

  3. Nutrient absorption in lambs fed diets containing different amounts of phosphorus

    Authors: René Patiño P; Tanimara Soares da Silva; José C. da Silva Filho; Mohamed Emad Nasser; Dorinha Smith Vitti; José A. Moreira

  4. Bromatological composition of rabbit meat supplemented with mataraton and palm-press fiber

    Authors: Auristela Malavé A; Ph.D; Luis Córdova R; Lic; Arlene García R; TSU; Jesús Méndez N

  5. Factor affecting the useful life of dual-purpose cows

    Authors: Leidys Murcia R; Gonzalo Martínez G

  6. Productive performance and carcass yield of turkey fed feather meal treated with NaOH

    Authors: Enrique Loyra T; Ronald Santos R; Luis Sarmiento F; José Segura C

  7. Diagnostic assessment of liver enzymes in blood profiles from dairy cows

    Authors: Mirela Noro; Pía Cid T; Catalina Wagemann F; Verónica Arnés V; Fernando Wittwer M

  8. Analysis of mdr1-1Δ mutation of MDR1 gene in the “Cimarron Uruguayo” dog

    Authors: Rosa Gagliardi B; Cristina García G; Silvia Llambí D; María Arruga L

  9. Anatomopathologic study of Leptospira spp., isolated in Nicaragua in Mesocricetus auratus as biomodel

    Authors: Luis Rosario F; Daniel Arencibia A; Niurka Batista S; Willian Jirón T; Juan Infante B

  10. Performance of sedimentation tanks in a recirculating system for tilapia production

    Authors: Yemall Maigual E; Iv

  11. Biogeographical affinities of Colombian Caribbean and Pacific galateoids (Decapoda: Anomura)

    Authors: Gabriel R. Navas S; Adriana Bermúdez T; Catalina Ángel-Yunda; Néstor Hernando Campos

  12. Evaluation of induced breeding of Pimelodus blochii nicuro (telostei, pimelodidae) using different inducing hormone

    Authors: Juan Ramírez M; Cristian Cifuentes C; Yinet Parrado S; Mónica Avilés B

  13. Growth and reproduction of yellow mojarra (Caquetaia kraussii Steindachner, 1878) in the Urrá reservoir, Colombia

    Authors: Delio Solano-Peña; Fredys Segura-Guevara; Charles Olaya-Nieto

  14. Injuries in post-weaning pig organs, induced by the E. coli lipopolysaccharide

    Authors: Cristian Gutiérrez V; Albeiro López H; Jaime Parra S

  15. Evaluation of first feeding of capaz larvae Pimelodus grosskopfii under laboratory conditions

    Authors: Rubén Valbuena V; Beatriz Zapata-Berruecos; Angélica Otero-Paternina

  16. Evaluation of the lipid metabolic profile and its relation with fetal nutrition in gestating sows

    Authors: Pamela Duque G; Rómulo Campos G; Arnobio López G

  17. Clinical and histopathology evaluation of cutaneous Pythiosis in calves the department of Cordoba, Colombia

    Authors: José Cardona A; Marlene Vargas V; Marco Gonzalez T

  18. Linoleic acid effect on PGF2a and PGE2 prostaglandin production in endometrial cells

    Authors: Yasser Lenis S; Martha Olivera A; Ariel Tarazona M

  19. Analysis of agricultural projects funded by Colciencias during 2010

    Authors: Edison Suarez O; Monica Baquero P

  20. Laparoscopic cryptorchidectomy in two dogs using ultrasonic scalpel

    Authors: Carlos Hernandez L

  21. Bidirectional communication between neuroendocrine and immune systems through growth hormone, prolactin and hepcidin

    Authors: Cruz Enríquez V; Paola Paez R; Rómulo Campos G