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Archived Papers for Journal

I.P. Pavlov Russian Medical Biological Herald >>

Vol.29, No.2

Publisher: Ryazan State Medical University

Publishing Date: 2021-06-30

  1. Effects of metabotropic glutamate receptor antagonists on a rat model of maximum electroshock

    Authors: Bashkatova V.G. Sudakov S.K.

  2. Experimental study on disorders in the activity of macrophages in the acute period of different severities of cerebral stroke

    Authors: Kulchikov A.E. Morozov S.G. Musin R.S. Grinenko E.A.

  3. Experimental study on the proliferating activity and differentiation of renal stem cells in superinvasive opisthorchiasis

    Authors: Uruzbaev R.M. Bychkov V.G. Vikhareva L.V. Molokova O.A.

  4. Pathophysiological mechanisms of resistive breathing

    Authors: Byalovsky Y.Y. Rakitina I.S.

  5. Assessment of the radiation safety of drinking water and surface water bodies used for recreational purposes in the Voronezh region

    Authors: Mekhantyev I.I. Stepkin Y.I.

  6. Completed cases of provision of medical care and lethal outcomes in insured individuals with respiratory diseases in the Ryazan region

    Authors: Manukhina E.V. Yurina S.V. Gladkih S.I.

  7. Polymorphism of CYP3A4 isoenzyme gene in patients with chronic rheumatic heart disease

    Authors: Petrov V.S. Nikiforov A.A. Smirnova E.A.

  8. Clinical effectiveness of bioflavonoids in the treatment of secondary lower limb lymphedema

    Authors: Kalinin R.E. Suchkov I.A. Maksaev D.A.

  9. Genetic predictors of an unfavorable course of obliterating atherosclerosis of lower limb arteries

    Authors: Kalinin R.E. Suchkov I.A. Chobanyan A.A. Nikiforov A.A. Shumskaya E.I.

  10. Causes, diagnosis, and treatment of postoperative obstructive jaundice

    Authors: Gulov M.K. Ruziboyzoda K.R.

  11. Possibilities of the early diagnosis and prognosis of complicated clinical forms of chronic pancreatitis

    Authors: Tarasenko S.V. Natalskiy A.A. Peskov O.D. Bogomolov A.Y. Nikiforov A.A. Avilushkina E.O. Tarakanov P.V.

  12. Experimental study on an alternative to suturing the laparotomy wound with a mesh thread

    Authors: Fedoseev A.V. Cherdantseva T.M. Inyutin A.S. Glukhovets I.B. Lebedev S.N. Muraviev S.Y.

  13. Pathomorphology of gravid endometrium in patients with recurrent miscarriage in early periods with underlying chronic endometritis and the presence of low-functional alleles in folate cycle genes

    Authors: Peretyatko L.P. Fetisova I.N. Fateeva N.V. Kuznetsov R.A. Fetisov N.S.

  14. Case report of a massive pseudoaneurysm of the anterior tibial artery

    Authors: Dorn A. Galkin P. Kalmykov E. Majd P.

  15. Rare clinical case of the diagnosis of idiopathic pulmonary artery hypertension

    Authors: Ignatenko G.A. Grekov I.S. Grushina M.V. Dubovyk A.V.

  16. Review of dura mater substitutes in neurosurgical practice

    Authors: Mai R.B. Popov V.E. Osidak E.O. Domogatsky S.P. Nalivkin A.E. Mishina E.S.

  17. Natural and anthropogenic biogeochemical province of the biosphere over Cherepovets

    Authors: Artemenkov A.A.

  18. COVID-19-induced psychosis: new challenges for early career psychiatrists

    Authors: Maiti T. Essam L. Orsolini L. Ramalho R. El Halabi S. Nguyen V. Gürcan A. Jakhar J. Pinto da Costa M. Ojeahere M.I. Shoib S. Fedotov I.A.