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Archived Papers for Journal

Mekhanika tverdogo tela >>

Vol.41, No.1

Publisher: Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics of NAS of Ukraine

Publishing Date: 2011-12-15

  1. Existence of a function with non-positive derivative along trajectories of a non-autonomous system of differential equations

    Authors: A.M. Kovalev; V.N. Nespirnyy; A.S. Suykov

  2. Power expansions of solutions of the equations of motion of a gyrostat

    Authors: I.N. Gashenenko; D.N. Tkachenko

  3. Types of critical points of the Kowalevski gyrostat in double field

    Authors: M.P. Kharlamov; P.E. Ryabov; A.Yu. Savushkin; G.E. Smirnov

  4. On gyrostat motions characterized by linear in angular velocity invariant relations

    Authors: O.S. Volkova

  5. On two linear invariant relations of gyrostat motion equations with a variable gyrostatic momentum under the action of potential and gyroscopic forces

    Authors: A.V. Maznev

  6. On the three invariant relations of motion's equations of the symmetric gyrostat in a magnetic field

    Authors: S.V. Skrypnyk; E.K. Schetinina

  7. Parametric resonance in problems of a dynamically symmetric rigid body suspended on a length string.

    Authors: E.V. Ocheretnyuk; V.I. Slyn'ko

  8. Limit deviation of the rotor axis of a balanced gimbal mounted synchronous gyroscope

    Authors: Yu.B. Konosevich

  9. Analysis of self-oscillations of wheeled module in rectilinear motion

    Authors: N.A. Velmagina; V.G. Verbitskii

  10. Analysis of forced vibration modes of a one-disk rotor on a nonlinear flexible base

    Authors: N.V. Perepelkin; Yu.V. Mikhlin

  11. Mathematical modeling of the behavior of a plate in a wind tunnel

    Authors: A.A. Ilyukhin; S.A. Schreter

  12. The estimation of eigenvalues for linear mechanical 2-DOF system

    Authors: V.E. Puzyrev; N.V. Topchiy

  13. Estimating the region of attraction of dynamical systems using numerical simulation data

    Authors: A.S. Suykov

  14. On the stability of a system of nonlinear differential equations in the critical case at $q$ pairs of imaginary roots

    Authors: S.R. Hambardzumyan

  15. Necessary conditions for stability of uniform rotation of asymmetric rigid body with liquid

    Authors: N.V. Kiselyova

  16. Asymmetry in the closed elastic-systems

    Authors: I.A. Bolgrabskaya; N.N. Shchepin

  17. The stretching-compression problem for a naturally twisted rod in the framework of the moment theory of elasticity

    Authors: A.A. Ilyukhin; A.K. Popov

  18. Small oscillations of a Kirchhoff plate with two-dimensional control

    Authors: A.L. Zuyev; Yu.V. Novikova

  19. Optimal deceleration of rotation of asymmetric quasi-solid body in a resistant medium

    Authors: L.D. Akulenko; D.D. Leshchenko; A.L. Rachinskaya

  20. The problem of optimal stabilization of linear dynamical systems on the priority optimal control

    Authors: V.R. Barseghyan; S.G. Shahinyan

  21. Reduced observer for mechanical systems

    Authors: V.F. Shcherbak

  22. Stationary modes of spherical pendulum with movable suspension point

    Authors: V.N. Nespirnyy; V.A. Korolyov

  23. New 2D integrable families with a quartic second invariant

    Authors: H.M. Yehia

  24. A new class of nonstationary motions of a system of heavy Lagrange tops with a non-planar configuration of the system's skeleton

    Authors: D.A. Chebanov