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Archived Papers for Journal


Vol.17, No.02

Publisher: Université sétif2

Publishing Date: 2020-07-15

  1. التوظيف الأسري للطفل مفرط النشاط الحركي

    Authors: ريمة جاب الله فريدة قماز

  2. يناميكية تنمية صفة السرعة للرياضيين الناشئين باختلاف مراحل التدريب المرحلة التحضيرية

    Authors: سعيد عروسي احسن قاسمي

  3. التخطيط الحضري ألية لإبراز جمالية المدينة الجزائرية -وسط مدينة سطيف أنموذجا-

    Authors: بن مهني خالد أمقران عبد الرزاق

  4. Le Procédé Des Scénographies Multiples Dans La Construction De L’ethos Politique De Barak Hussein Obama

    Authors: Baba Saci-redouane Souad

  5. Vêtements Et Coiffures Des Femmes Dionysiaques à Travers Des Mosaïques De Cuicul Et Sitifis

    Authors: Serradj-remili Nedjma

  6. قراءة في التعديل الدستوري 2016

    Authors: نصر الدين معمري

  7. مقدمات عن الحرف وتنظيماتها في مدينة معسكر خلال العصر الوسيط

    Authors: العربي لخضر

  8. The Status of Indigenous Peoples in the context of International Negotiations on Climate Change

    Authors: سيد علي صلاب جازية لشهب صاش

  9. The Approach of the European Court of Human Rights in Reconciling the Freedom of Media in Expression and States Exercise of their Right to Protect National Security from the Dangers of Terrorism

    Authors: صلاح الدين بوجلال

  10. The level of the cognitive style (Independence / dependance) of the first year learners. In the light of the gender and academic specialty variables

    Authors: بلدية بن زطة

  11. The subject of women in the electronic press -The Newspaper El Bassair in Model-Analytical study of the page "The world of the family"

    Authors: زكية منزل غرابة

  12. The contact group during crises between embodying tasks and facing challenges and difficulties

    Authors: نادية عياري أمال نواري

  13. The role of elected officials in the municipal financial decision making process; between the legal provision and the composition of communal people’s assemblies in Algeria

    Authors: جلول بن سديرة

  14. State Support for the Finances of Local Authorities

    Authors: علي بوخالفة باديس

  15. The definition of poetry between Aristotle and Averroes

    Authors: رياض بن يوسف

  16. Amnesty Measures for Violations of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law Applied to internal armed conflicts: Between the Justifications of National Reconciliation and the Requirements of the Enforcement of Justice

    Authors: شافية بوغابة

  17. Reality and fantasy interaction in the novel " Valley of darkness" by Abdelmalek Mortadh

    Authors: ربيحة بزان

  18. The impact of the organizational climate on the job expatriation in the Algerian industrial establishment- A field study at the African Glass Company in Taher, Jijel State-

    Authors: بوجمعة كوسة حنان بوشلاغم

  19. The legal system for the contract to use the trademark in the legislation of Algeria and the TRIPS Agreement

    Authors: سفيان رمازنية

  20. Pilgrimage Standards in Interpreting the 'Spirit of Meaning' for Alusi Religion

    Authors: نوال نمّــيـر

  21. Media treatment of economic issues via television. An analytical study of the program network of the third Algerian channel

    Authors: سميرة كتفي نصر الدين غراف

  22. Media Coverage of Climate Change through Environmental Blogs - Blog of the World Organization for the Protection of the Environment (OMPE) as a Model: Analytical Study

    Authors: سوسن سكي

  23. Civil society and the bet of reinforcing participatory democracy: A comparative study between Algeria and Morocco

    Authors: بلال موزاي

  24. Liberalism between individual interest and collective values from Montesquieu perspective, as Leo Strauss sees it

    Authors: عبد الفراج نصر الله

  25. Fundamental rules and their impact on the weightings of the scholar Khalil through his book clarification

    Authors: احسن كافي

  26. Supersegmental phonemes and their grammatical and semantic functions at Kamal Bishr

    Authors: أنور طراد

  27. Geopolitical fluctuations in the Arab region and the Sahel and its implications for Algerian national security

    Authors: محمد رزيق

  28. Commitment to professional ethical standards in the Algerian online press - an analytical study of Echorouk Online

    Authors: يعقوب مليزي بيران بن شاعة

  29. Local Elections Litigation in the Light of Organic Law No.16-10-Analytical Study -

    Authors: خالد بوكوبة نورة موسى

  30. Self-sufficiency in the narrative process between concept and foundation

    Authors: أوريدة عبود

  31. Social responsibility in the economic institution- A Field study in the service institution ooredoo setif-

    Authors: سامية عواج كنزة حامدي