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Archived Papers for Journal

Reporter of the Priazovskyi State Technical University. Section: Technical sciences >>

Vol.26, No.1

Publisher: State higher educational establishment

Publishing Date: 2013-06-13

  1. Determination of arsenic diffusion in molten iron

    Authors: O.A. Kharlashina; A.V. Bendich

  2. Research of influence of degree of the softening of sintered ore and FeO content on restoration kinetics

    Authors: V.P. Russkih; S.О. Lipunov

  3. Analysis of influence of blast furnace smelting intensity upon indices of reduction processes

    Authors: V.B. Semakova; D.I. Gavryloglu; M.I. Antonenko

  4. Investigation of thermo-physical properties of alloys used for deoxidation and alloying of steel in ladle-furnace unit

    Authors: S.L. Makurov; Yа.V. Budovskaya

  5. Influence of CCM secondary cooling zone nozzles location on conditions of slabs non uniform cooling

    Authors: A.V. Fedosov

  6. Research of low-frequency hydro-impulse impact influence during steel crystallization process on macrostructure and non-homogeneity of large steel ingot

    Authors: S.L. Makurov; D.V. Silkin

  7. Perfection of methodology and development of an applied program for calculation of balance of oxygen of the converter melt

    Authors: A.V. Sushchenko; E.S. Popov; R.S. Sidorchuk; M.P. Orlichenko; О.S. Gritsenko

  8. The method of introduction of wire, stripe e into iron-carbon melt

    Authors: L.I. Tarasyuk; V.V. Morneva; E.O. Kazachkov

  9. Surface modifications for wear resistant steels by methods of induced metastable austenite structures

    Authors: Yan Cheiliakh; Oleksandr Cheiliakh; Valeriy Chigarev; Kazumichi Shimizu; Toru Noguchi; Abubaker Abulgasem Odenay; Abdulmagid Kabellu

  10. The effect of alloying with secondary material upon carbide phase steel 3X2B8Ф

    Authors: О.A. Glotkа

  11. The influence of the quantity and the stability of retained austenite on wear resistance and mechanical properties of steels with 18% Cr

    Authors: N.A. Solidor

  12. Regularities and mechanisms of corrosion dissolution of steel AISI 321 in weak acid chloride solution

    Authors: O.E. Narivskiy

  13. The particularities of manganese distribution in high-chromium cast irons

    Authors: V.V. Netrebko

  14. The impact of hardening from inter-critical temperature interval (ITI) and subsequent high tempering on the structure and properties of steels 40HN and 40HN2MA

    Authors: L.S. Malinov; D.V. Burova

  15. Decarburization of high-chromium cast iron during quenching heating

    Authors: V.G. Еfremenko; Yu.G. Chabak; V.G. Gavrilova; B.V. Efremenko

  16. The influence of the liquidus temperature of melted steel and heat above it on mechanical properties of metal

    Authors: О.M. Skrebtsov; J.D. Kuzmin; О.O. Sekachev; О.S. Kachikov; V.V. Terzi

  17. Modification of an aluminium alloy by disperse particles

    Authors: A.I. Trotsan; V.V. Kaverinskiy; I.L. Brodetskiy; V.A. Voronich

  18. Experimental study of the kinetics of single coal particles

    Authors: E.O. Khadzhynov; B.I. Bondarenko

  19. Optimization of materials consumption for ventilation systems air ducts outlay with dynamic programming in spreadsheets

    Authors: O.J. Shaganov

  20. Evaluation of the influence of the value of residual stresses in welded joints of double-sheet steels

    Authors: V.V. Chigaryov; I.V. Kovalenko

  21. The formation of the weld pool in the process of submerged arc surfacing using composite strip electrode

    Authors: V.M. Matvienko; L.K. Leshchinskiy; V.O. Mazur

  22. Increasing of the efficiency of electric arc overlaying process with control the hydrodynamics of the weld pool

    Authors: Ivanov V.P.

  23. The development of harmonic precessional drives with rolling elements

    Authors: M.V. Margulies; Y.O. Gordienko

  24. The principles of improvement plasmatron design for the surfaces of strengthening treatment of machine-tools guides

    Authors: S.S. Samotugin; V.О. Gagarin

  25. Determination of parameters of power intensity of the processes of mechanical machining of non-ferrous metals

    Authors: F.V. Novikov; О.О. Andilahay; O.S. Klenov

  26. Modeling of stress-strain state during upsetting of cylindrical billet by conical plates

    Authors: V.V. Kuhar; R.V. Suglobov; B.S. Kargin; R.S. Nikolenko; E.A. Mkrtchan

  27. Identification of technological opportunities for improvement of the efficiency of the grinding process

    Authors: I.Е. Ivanov; F.V. Novikov

  28. Strength analysis of metal lifting cranes with application of Solid Works

    Authors: Yu.G. Sagirov

  29. Methods of reactive power compensation in networks with non-linear load

    Authors: Y.L. Sayenko; T.K. Baranenko; E.V. Baranenko

  30. Three-phase switchmode direct conversion type welding power supplies with active power factor correction

    Authors: V.V. Burlaka

  31. Monthly power consumption forecasting of electrified sections on the basis of the selection of principal components of the series

    Authors: V.G. Kuznetsov

  32. Cast iron fusion quality control functional monitoring

    Authors: Z.J. Vorotnikova; M.A. Novoselzev

  33. Improvement of modern software packages of scheduling of route passenger transport of the cities

    Authors: E.V. Nagorny; P.F. Gorbachov; O.P. Kirkin

  34. Technological safety and corrosion protection quality assurance: regional aspects

    Authors: V.S. Voloshyn; V.P. Korolov; Yu.V. Filatov

  35. Estimate of the probability of thermal dissociation of the metal chlorides when processing of melts steel

    Authors: L.I. Tarasyuk; V.V. Morneva