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Archived Papers for Journal

Reporter of the Priazovskyi State Technical University. Section: Technical sciences >>

Vol.27, No.1

Publisher: State higher educational establishment

Publishing Date: 2013-12-27

  1. Methods of measuring the strength of granules of pelletized sinter charge

    Authors: E.V. Dorogyi

  2. A new view on the gradients of concentration of elements in steel-smelting bath of metal

    Authors: О.М. Skrebtsov; U.D. Kuzmіn; V.V. Terzie; O.A. Sekachov; О.S. Kachikov

  3. Comparative analysis of methods for calculation of material and thermal balances of oxygen-converter melting

    Authors: A.V. Sushchenko; I.О. Fieiiereizen

  4. Oxygen lance nozzle block optimization and converter melt blowing mode improvement with changing the charge and production conditions in oxygen-converter shop of PAS “MK “Azovsteel”

    Authors: A.V. Sushchenko; E.S. Popov; R.S. Sidorchuk; М.М. Ligus; M.P. Orlichenko

  5. Influence technological factors on converter slag oxidization

    Authors: A.V. Sushchenko; E.S. Popov; R.S. Sidorchuk; A.S. Gritsenko

  6. Comparison of productivity in broach on the mandrel of combined and cut-out strikers

    Authors: B.S. Kargin; E.S. Kotova

  7. Investigation of temperature fields in the work piece for ?bottom? part when moving it from the furnace to the press

    Authors: B.S. Kargin; O.O. Lypchanskiy

  8. Research of hot deformation of steel and titanium billets with thermal and insulation spacers

    Authors: О.S. Anishenko

  9. Investigation of axial defects in forged ingot forging shafts

    Authors: B.S. Kargin

  10. Leporskaya N.V

    Authors: Coefficient of friction in thin

  11. Non-typical heat treatment of steels 09G2S and ЕН36, including heating in the inter-critical temperature interval (ITI)

    Authors: L.S. Malinov; D.V. Burova

  12. The modeling of influence alloying elements on point Ms and phase composition of surfacing Fe-Cr-Mn metastable steels

    Authors: Ya.O. Cheiliakh; O.P. Cheiliakh; O.V. Krivenko; G.V. Sheichenko

  13. Regulation of the phase compositions at the submerged-arc deposition under flux by addition of filler wire

    Authors: V.L. Malinov; O.S. Mak-Mak

  14. Application of thermochemical treatment for creation of metastable modifications realizing the effect of self-strengthening at steel wear

    Authors: Ya. Cheiliakh; O. Cheiliakh; K. Shimizu; T. Noguchi

  15. Properties of protecting coating based on solutions of polystyrene in turpentine

    Authors: L.О. Dan; I.M. Oleynyk; L.О. Trofimova; О.L. Dan

  16. Features of the interatomic bonds and the formation of crystal structure in double Fe-C alloys

    Authors: K.I. Tkachenko; M.A. Ryabikina; F.K. Tkachenko

  17. The influence of preliminary heat-treatment on the tensile properties of normalized rolled low alloy steels

    Authors: I.F. Tkachenko; M.A. Uniayt

  18. Analysis of the practical use of the lime cooler designed by OOO SNPP “Izvesta” in conditions of metallurgical plant “AZOVSTAL”

    Authors: I.A. Lentsov; D.I. Lentsov

  19. Study the of dependence of the electric resistivity of the defects of the copper to steel welds at fatigue tests

    Authors: V.V. Chigarev; P.A. Gavrish; V.S. Pikuz

  20. Transverse magnetic field structure generated by input devices for arc welding process

    Authors: О.D. Razmyshljaev; M.V. Mironova; S.V. Yarmonov; P.О. Vydmysh

  21. Study of current distribution lines on physical model for twin-ar welding

    Authors: B.I. Nosovskiy; V.M. Chudinov

  22. Analysis of deflected mode the main links of harmonic precessional drives with rolling elements in workloads transfer process

    Authors: M.V. Margulis; Y.O. Gordienko

  23. Design of the shape working container with the purpose of optimization of the modes of treatment

    Authors: V.I. Burlakov

  24. Development of a new design of power transmission harmonic drive wave with intermediate rolling bodies

    Authors: M.V. Margulies; A.A. Prokopchuk

  25. Investigation of regularities in formation of micro sections at abrasive treatment with submerged jets

    Authors: О.О. Andilakhay

  26. Research of strain in the slag cars walls

    Authors: D.O. Rassokhin; V.V. Chigarеv; A.V. Loza; V.V. Shishkin

  27. Research of a possibility repairs of large-size locking fittings

    Authors: V.V. Vodzyansky; V.A. Barsukov; S.V. Vodzyansky

  28. Research of motion stability of the folding forklift

    Authors: T.М. Karpenko; I.О. Nefyodov; D.K. Porohovnik

  29. On the question of the methodology of designing of machine drives with elastic supports

    Authors: O.A. Loza T.M. Karpenko; R.O. Тynenik

  30. Modeling of time series of process parameters

    Authors: Z.J. Vorotnikova

  31. Modeling of management processes in integrated production and transportation system

    Authors: Y.I. Nefyodova; J.V. Bulgakova

  32. Passenger service technologies at airports of Vietnam

    Authors: K.V. Marintseva

  33. To decision of problem of treatment of small parts of cars

    Authors: G.Yu. Burlakova

  34. Implementation of city logistics solutions in the transport system farmers mark

    Authors: V.K. Gubenko; I.N. Mayorova; M.V. Pomazkov; A.A. Lyamzin

  35. Аnalytical review various ways of gas production sources in Ukraine

    Authors: V.S. Voloshin; V.G. Mnacakanyan; G.B. Ryazantsev